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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 309: Enemy? Here comes the trouble…

"Oh, it hurts…"

Lulu got up from the ground while rubbing her hooters. She blew air towards them as if she is afraid she might have flattened her exquisite holy peaks after that fall.

Wu Yan maintained his 囧 expression, Fei Fei felt a bit embarrassed for her. She wanted to walk away and pretend she didn't know who she is.

Twitching his lips, he turned his head to other direction while erasing any thought of helping her. His expectations were again met with disappointment as his 囧 expression stayed on.

Hinagiku and Mikoto were focusing on Lulu. Specifically, they were focusing on her jugs. Jealousy, hatred, and animosity could be seen in their eyes as they watched Lulu massage her holy mountains. They wished that they could support their fall with a certain area of their body when they fall like her.


Wu Yan facepalmed, this is too hard to watch. Fei Fei did the same thing as well, the two exchanged awkward smiles.

Fei Fei Lori: Level 69

Looking at the information he got from the scouter, he was startled.

"Sister Fei Fei, you leveled up?"

"Level up?"

Fei Fei asked in confusion.

"What is this level up thing?"

Wu Yan realized what he said and he hurriedly shook his hands.

"Er, no, I mean, sister Fei Fei, your strength had…"

Fei Fei grinned as she lifted Night Elf.

"You can feel it huh?'

Wu Yan nodded and Fei Fei returned a helpless smile.

"After that fight with you, I had a bit of an epiphany so my strength increased. I was planning on not telling you for a while…"

Wu Yan scratched the back of his head. Without the System, he wouldn't have been able to tell if there were any change.


Fei Fei scrutinized Wu Yan and she stared right into his deep red eyes.

"It seems to me that you have experienced quite a change yourself…"

Wu Yan dodged her eyes as he didn't feel like explaining about vampires to someone who probably had no clue what vampires are.

If he told his eyes became deep red because he's a vampire, Fei Fei would probably go bonkers trying to figure it out…

"Hey hey hey, don't ignore me!"

Lulu looked petulant.

"I fell down and you guys actually have the time to chat away? Not cool."

Wu Yan and Fei Fei exchanged looks before shrugging, fueling Lulu's sullen mood. She snorted and she ran to Mikoto and Hinagiku.

"Mikoto! Hinagiku! Long time no see!"

"Lulu, no time no see as well…"

Hinagiku and Mikoto greeted her. They were also not too sure how to deal with her but the person herself isn't aware of this. She looked around before asking them.

"Hmm? I thought there were 10 special students? Where are the rest?"

Fei Fei remembered her purpose of coming here. She turned towards Wu Yan with a grave expression.

"Yan, there's something I have to tell…"


Lulu's shriek disrupted Fei Fei. Fei Fei finally became angry after getting cut off by Lulu.

When Fei Fei turned around to chastise Lulu, the fury on her face died down and she became as surprised as Lulu is.

The reason: Flandre-chan who returned from her adventure around the villa.

Lulu's eyes turned into starry eyes when she saw Flandre-chan. A bit more and there would have been hearts in her eyes. Lulu yelled out loud.

"Shooo cute!!!"

Lulu practically teleported in front of Flandre-chan and she violently hugged Flandre-chan while rubbing her head.


Engulfed by those ridiculous twins of hers, Flandre-chan flailed her limbs trying to make her protest known through her muffled moans. Meanwhile, Wu Yan held his head trying to figure out a mathematical problem, what dimensions would those knockers have to be able to make an immortal vampire flail around like that.

"Lulu, let go of Flan!"

Hinagiku and Mikoto hurried to Lulu's side and they managed to save a traumatized Flandre-chan from Lulu's demonic valley. Had there been any slower, Flandre-chan might have gone to the afterlife.

"Oh come on, don't be so stingy, it's just a hug, nothing's going to happen…"

Lulu still had a very passionate expression on her, judging by Flandre-chan's pale face, she did not want to touch Lulu, even with a 60-foot pole.

Flandre-chan worked her tiny legs and jumped straight into Wu Yan's protection. She buried her face in Wu Yan's face while sobbing.

"Onii-chan, she is so scary…"

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed. Nothing is going to happen she said, yet, here were have a terrified Flandre-chan. It would appear Lulu might be unaware that she has quite a sadistic self in her.

He looked at Fei Fei and he felt a bit of strength leave him.

"Sister Fei Fei, please tell me you are not experiencing an urge to 'hug her just a bit'?"

Fei Fei flinched and she quickly looked away in a bashful manner. Lulu, Hinagiku, and Mikoto wasted no time in amusing themselves with her behavior.

Fei Fei had a stiff smile on her face but she quickly put on her serious expression.

"Yan, there's something you have to know…"

Today just isn't Fei Fei's day. Someone interrupted her again, it's not Lulu this time, it's Ikaros who stood behind Wu Yan.

Her peridot-green eyes turned deep red for a brief moment before returning to normal. A bunch of data streamed pass her eyes.

"Master", Ikaros reported with her usual expressionless face and soft tone.

"Hostiles approaching…"


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto shot back. They were befuddled by the turn of events. On the other hand, Fei Fei had a grim face as she helplessly continued.

"I didn't make it in time…"

Wu Yan frowned at Fei Fei's words.

"Sister Fei Fei, who are these enemies you refer to?"

Fei Fei nodded and she thought for a bit before shaking her head. Her attitude confused Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.

"So do you know who they are?"

Hinagiku asked.

"Sister Fei Fei, could it be…"

Lulu grabbed Fei Fei's hand, she seemed anxious for some reason. Lulu who is a ditz half the time actually had some idea who these enemies are.

Wu Yan continued frowning as he questioned Fei Fei and Lulu.

"What's going on? Sister Fei Fei…"

Fei Fei voiced her thoughts.

"Actually, I am not too sure who came. But, I am sure trouble just found you."

Wu Yan lowered his head before he sighed and shrugged.

"I knew our lives in Silvaria World Institute won't be peaceful, I never knew it would take place so fast. We just chose our villa like, barely half an hour ago?…"

Fei Fei bitterly laughed.

"I am surprised they took as long as half an hour. If only you guys know the insider's perspective of Silvaria World Institute, you guys wouldn't be so surprised."

Fei Fei looked at Wu Yan with consternation.

"What are you going to do now? Yan…"

Wu Yan laughed.

"Ikaros deemed them hostile, therefore, let's fuck them up!"

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