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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 262: Taking over Railgun's position

"No.3, Dark Matter a.k.a. Kakine Teitoku was defeated by a new Lv5, Lightning Flash a.k.a. Wu Yan! The lv5 ranking has been adjusted according to this transition of events. Wu Yan is now No.3 followed by the delisting of Kakine Teitoku!"

Everyone started making a fuss the moment they saw the news, all 2.3 million of Academy City's residents.

The researchers and the girls at Tokiwadai can't wrap their heads around the news.

The scientists and researchers were raking their brains out trying to figure out how this situation came to be.

These smartasses probably would go nuts at even the prospect of an eighth lv5, it's their bread and butter after all.

A new lv5 not only signal the increase in military strength of Academy City,  It also meant that the researchers suddenly had a topic or research aim they can base their research on.

Any time an lv5 appeared, the researchers would go nut with each other to seize exclusive rights to conduct experiments or research on their subject. It wouldn't be weird if they used underhanded means to get rid of competition.

They didn't have a chance to do that because they are still too preoccupied with this news. They got their hands on any info they could find on Wu Yan after failing to recall anything about Wu Yan in recent academic papers.

Imagine the shock when they found out that prior to being dubbed an lv5, he was a mere lv0.

A person who had been dubbed lv0 by system scan, he was supposed to be this way until the end of his life.

What did this mean?

This meant that this is the second time the supposed infallible scan turned out to be wrong after the issue with Mikoto.

Sure, it caused quite a stir when Mikoto beat the estimates and made it to no.2 from no.3. Wu Yan had beat the results and went straight up to lv5 from lv0!

They could have dusted Mikoto's case off with unexpected variation in measurement as an excuse but Wu Yan's case is totally out of whack with their known body of knowledge.

The researchers also discovered an uncanny link between Mikoto and Wu Yan, that both of them are lovers. Surely this isn't just a coincidence, surely, somehow or the other, Mikoto had found a way to beat the estimates, the infallible Parameter List.

Or maybe, it's Wu Yan who cracked the code?

If that is so, won't Academy City be able to mass produce lv5 individuals?

The mere idea alone is enough to blow the researchers' mind. It isn't odd that many of these people approached either Mikoto or Wu Yan to rope them into their "research programs". Granted, they were all rejected. Some of them had the bright idea to use less than legal means and some of them got dispatched to meet Hades as a result.

The ladies over at Tokiwadai were hysterical, some of them were close to jumping off buildings just to make sure this wasn't all just a dream.

The gangster who had no power somehow stole the hearts of Misaksama and Shokuhou-sama. Then, the fucker ups the ante by jumping straight to Lv5, a status they wished to attain while beating Kakine Teitoku and becoming no.3

How should they feel? What about their plans to quarter Wu Yan? These issues were especially relevant to a certain character who had the character black and white in her name, a certain yuri life form.

"Noooo! This can't be real! That human scum can't be an lv5! To think he managed to defeat Dark Matter just like Onee-sama, how enviab-enviable! Ah, Onee-sama, how far will you go on without me! Ah, Onee-sama!"

The above ranting drew the attention of the dorm supervisor who promptly snapped her neck for disrupting dormitory peace. Her body was left in front of Tokiwadai main gate.

When the blimp displayed the news, Shokuhou Misaki was in her dormitory room. When she caught wind of this news, she laughed while covering her mouth.

"Arara, things have gotten interesting…"

After Shokuhou Misaki would be Mugino Shizuri who saw the news while hiding out in one of the many alleyways.

She looked up at the display and one couldn't tell whether she had a hard time believing the news or she is trying to figure out whether there were any discrepancies to the displayed information.


Mugino Shizuri lowered her head. She subconsciously recalled how she tracked Kakine Teitoku down in an ill-advised attempt to beat Kakine Teitoku only to get one-sidedly slaughtered, almost losing her life in the process.

Mugino Shizuri couldn't believe that the guy that almost ended her got defeated by that detestable punk.

From the fact that Kakine Teitoku got removed from the ranking altogether, Mugino Shizuri could deduce that he must have been killed in the confrontation with Wu Yan.

Otherwise, Kakine Teitoku would just be forced down to no.4 and she would be demoted to no.5.

Deeply inhaling, she lifted her legs to continue while enduring the pain coming from her body. If one were to examine closer, one would find heavy frustration in her eyes.

Hinagiku Katsura and Mikoto were shocked by the news. Meanwhile, Ikaros wasn't fazed, she just looked at the news with her usual emotionless expression, Astrea beamed up when she saw her master on the screen. The two girls exchanged glances.

"Yan got promoted to no.3?"

Mikoto slapped her cheeks in disbelief.

"Who knows…"

Hinagiku Katsura frowned.

"Let's ask him for the detail when he comes home…"

Hinagiku Katsura didn't think Wu Yan would give them a huge surprise when he comes home.

While the whole city is an uproar, Wu Yan calmed down after a slight surprise.

Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou saw him bringing Kakine Teitoku over so of course, it wouldn't be a surprise if he got promoted to no.3

Wu Yan calmed down but he frowned at a certain idea.

His promotion meant that Kakine Teitoku's defeat and his victory is already a known event.

Specifically, Aleister already knows!

He had just killed Kakine Teitoku like 30 minutes ago, Aleister managed to obtain information about his death in such a short time?

Under_Line should be ineffective against him so, how?

Aleister probably had other ways of finding out. Wu Yan's real concern is what could Aleister's intention be in divulging the fact that he ended Kakine Teitoku? To bind him to Academy City? The person himself should know that this is a meaningless endeavor.

Or maybe, this is Aleister's way of saying he has got his eyes on Wu Yan.

He could more or less suppress Aleister with his Meteor Storm, but an intellectual duel would only result in his utter defeat. At least, Wu Yan didn't think he could beat Aleister in terms of who could produce the most elaborate plan.

His best course of action would be to deal with Aleister's scheme in a manner he sees fit. After all, he is not alone…

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