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Takitsubou Rikou is a pretty attractive girl. She’s not just pretty, she has got a bombastic body as well, something the two moe blobs on the side can’t hope to attain.

It’s just that she looks so tired all the time. She seems like she’s out of it almost any time of the day. In any case, she is still pretty alluring even though she looked like that.

The very same girl that is acting coy in front of him. Forget Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda who couldn’t believe what they are seeing, even Wu Yan’s eyes almost popped out in response.

He stared at her with a loose jaw, this is clearly the look of a girl who yearns for love. And from the looks of it, the target of affection seems to be him…

Wu Yan is surprised by this scene, when did he manage to complete her route? Did he master the ultimate skill of picking up girls without being consciously aware of it? Or might this be the effect of his MC aura? Or maybe he somehow developed a harem aura?…

At this point, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou already agreed to their arrangement. There remains one more individual of concern…

“So what are you going to do? Little brat, the others had already agreed…”

Wu Yan told her in a teasing manner.

“You’re going to be left all alone at this rate, ya know?…”

Kinuhata Saiai clenched her fists and she shouted at Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou with a frustrated tone.

“You girls are super insane, don’t you girls know what this super pervert is up to?”

Kinuhata Saiai gnashed her teeth while glaring at Wu Yan’s smug mug. Oh, how she wanted to punch him right there and then with a Nitrogen Armor infused hit, of course. Let’s see him stay smug with that beaten up face of him afterward.

When she said thought about that, she blushed like mad. She’s the one who got a preview of what that is. Well, it’s only her first kiss that got taken.

Takitsubou Rikou blushed as well, surprising the others yet again. Takitsubou Rikou didn’t say anything regarding Kinuhata Saiai’s statement. She just lowered her head and it seemed like she isn’t going to budge from her decision.

Frenda opened her tiny mouth as if she is surprised. After a bit of deliberation, Frenda swallowed her words and silently cried inside.

If at all possible, Frenda really wanted to tell Wu Yan not to stare at her with such a vicious gaze.

Kinuhata Saiai stomped her feet when she saw that they didn’t want to protest. She is so frustrated she could cry, she had never thought that her friends would be so easily taken down.

Kinuhata Saiai shrugged with a dejected yell.

“Ah!!! I don’t care about you girls anymore! I won’t stand for this!”

Wu Yan lifted an eyebrow before he approached her face, he stared into her eyes with his deep red eyes while continuing in an insidious tone.

“Oh? Is that so? It looks like the impression I have given you is not deep enough…”

His evil eyes made Kinuhata Saiai jump in fright, she retreated with her face tinged red. Push into a corner, Kinuhata Saiai blushed hard and bit down on her lips before risking it all with a shout.

“It’s going to super end in the same way if I said super yes, you’re probably going to super do it anytime you felt like it anyway. Might as well be super done with it super here and now!”

Wu Yan almost planted his head to the ground. He didn’t know what to say. This girl is just that hard to handle.

As expected, she’s going to be the most troublesome one to deal with.

With Takitsubou Rikou, Frenda, and Joou-sama, he had already fulfilled the bare minimum of mission 3. But, if he let Kinuhata Saiai get away just like this he would not be Wu Yan!

Wu Yan approached her and she retreated almost at the same time. Pretty soon, a big pair of hands grabbed her petite body and drew her over into his embrace.

Kinuhata Saiai was surprised by this development, she tried to punch his face with her small fist but a zap of electricity and she lost her strength due to being paralyzed.

Wu Yan shook his head in a disappointed manner. He acted like he had no choice in the matter.

“Fine, if you say so, what can I do but do as you say!”

Kinuhata Saiai flinched. She continued as if she didn’t want to believe that line came out of his mouth.

“You-you’re not seriously planning on…”

Wu Yan grinned and grabbed her butt. Kinuhata Saiai started panicking and the two girls at the side were shocked to say the least.

Frenda lowered her head while mumbling.

“In the end, he’s not going to wreck her here and now right?…”

Kinuhata Saiai who got wrapped up in Wu Yan’s “Thot killer hug” heard what they said and she froze up while looking at Wu Yan who is also very still in a sinister manner. She decided to rampage like her life depended on it.

“Super let go of me now you super pervert! Super lecherous wolf! Super H type lifeform! Super let go of me now!!!”

She desperately struggled, forgetting the fact that she had never escaped his bear hug before. Frenda’s words obviously made her very terrified.

Although she said to settle it once and for all here, how can she do it in this kind of place? What’s more, to do the deed in front of 2 pairs of spectating eyes.

Moreover, Kinuhata Saiai knows from the very few encounters she had with Wu Yan that he can really do that kind of stuff here and now!

If Wu Yan knew about his image in the eyes of Kinuhata Saiai, he would probably be so ashamed he would suicide. Well, not that Kinuhata Saiai is wrong in her judgment of his character anyway.

He rubbed her little butt, draining Kinuhata Saiai strength. He grinned at her as he teased her.

“What’s the matter, Kinuhatchan, didn’t you say we might as well settle it right now? Why are you going back on your words?”

Kinuhata Saiai shrieked at him.

“Super choose an appropriate venue, goddamnit!”

Wu Yan shook his head and continued as if he’s on the moral high ground.

“How can I possibly do that, my wives are waiting for me at home for dinner, it’s also already very dark now and we don’t have much time to choose a place!”

Kinuhata Saiai was flabbergasted.

“You already have super wives, why are you still gunning for us? I just can’t believe that someone as shameless as you exist on earth!”

He lifted an eyebrow while rubbing her butt.

“Of course, the more the merrier when it comes to how many wives you have!”

Kinuhata Saiai’s veins started popping on her temples. She endured the seething sensation coming from her butt and she kept struggling against this shameless individual in front of her. Pretty soon, she ended her struggle after freezing up.

The reason, the hand that was on her posterior had slowly inched up towards her breasts.

Before she can even yell, a familiar warmth had visited her pair of tiny hooters. The way the fingers moved has got her moaning and cooing.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou tried covering their eyes with their hands, the heavy tinge of blush on their face and the gaps between their fingers that were bigger than their mouths determined their attempt to be a futile one.

Inside her slightly baggy clothes, a hand alternated between her two tiny cans, making it seem as though something is rustling around under her clothes. Slowly, Kinuhata Saiai blushed furiously.

When his other hand started reaching for her inner thighs, Kinuhata Saiai gave in.

“I get it already! I super get it already! I agree! I super agree so just super let go of me!”

“Should have done this in the first place…”

Wu Yan stopped moving his hands and let go of Kinuhata Saiai while not hiding how smug he is after getting what he wanted.

Once freed, Kinuhata Saiai collapsed onto the floor with hands on the floor. Her face was a dusty white color signifying her utter defeat.

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