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With a yelp, Mikoto got thrown onto her bed by Wu Yan in the blink of an eye. When she turned around, her face was already flushing red.

Sealing the door to her dormitory room, he looked at Mikoto, still dressed as a maid, as a sense of excitement came onto him. He walked slowly over to her.

Hinagiku and Ikaros accompanied Astrea as they made their way over to the dining area. Eating until she’s bloated up is one of Astrea’s objective of coming here after all. With that as the excuse, Wu Yan persuaded them away before he brought dragged Mikoto back to her dormitory.

He’s interested in what Railgun’s dorm room looked like but now is not the time to do some surveying work. It’s time to get straight down to business!

Mikoto panicked at the sight of Wu Yan encroaching upon her. She hid under her covers as a subconscious move. She looked like a girl that is about to be ra[censored]-ed and her futile struggle only served to increase his horniness. (Tl: the censor was in the raw so…)

Mikoto gulped before laughing in a forced manner.

“Yan, we shouldn’t ditch Hinagiku and the other girls like that, what if they can’t find us after they’re done? Let’s go back…”

“Oh, don’t you worry sweet child. With Astrea’s avarice for food, it will be quite some time before they leave the dining area, so we still have a lot~ of time to ourselves…”

With one knee already on the bed, he continued his advance towards Mikoto, his words like a prelude to a hot forbidden polka. Mikoto shifted back again while blushing a deep red. She desperately looked for any excuse she could.

“Then what about Saten and Uiharu-san? With nobody to guide them, they would be lost!”

“With so many Ojou-samas here, it’s pointless to worry about whether there’s going to be a guide when any one of them could serve the role well enough!”

He is now very close to Mikoto and she had her back against the bedhead, there is no escape now.

Mikoto whimpered, she knew there is no exit for what fate had in store for her this time but she didn’t give up because she is just that shy…

Wu Yan rolled his eyes and told her off.

“Don’t waste your time, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. You will not be able to dodge this one. Just accept your fate!”

He is telling the truth. In the original work, Railgun would wear her school uniform for most of her screen time. Mikoto in her uniform is very cute but seeing the same old outfit day in and day out will turn anyone blase to them.

After watching that one episode about Tokiwadai Midsummer festival, he had fantasized multiple times about doing the four-legged foxtrot with Railgun in maid uniform…

Now that the opportunity has presented itself before him, why would he let a big juicy meat escape from him?

Seeing Wu Yan’s face approaching hers, she turned a deep red before shouting out loud.

“As expected! I can’t do it!”

She shoved him away and jumped down from the bed before making a beeline for the door. But, she miscalculated her physical abilities relative to Wu Yan.

Before she actually moved any meaningful distance, she felt her hands being pulled back as she lost balance and fell onto Wu Yan’s body with her back facing him.


The moment she landed on him, she felt her earlobe being sucked by something. A soft tongue licked her earlobe making her yell out of surprise.

A set of hands locked her hips onto him, preventing her from escaping his embrace. She closed her eyes while blushing as if accepting her fate.

The tongue had its way with her earlobe before proceeding to her cheeks, prompting her to shrink ever so slightly away from the tongue. He rubbed her head and then took her lips after taking aim.


With her lips sealed, Mikoto felt her tongue being held captive by his and although this isn’t the first time they had done this, she still looked pretty shaky as Wu Yan did all the moving of the tongues…

Since their mouth was already busy with the dirty business, Wu Yan decided that the hands need to do their parts as well. His hands danced around on top of Mikoto’s uniform. He wanted to frickle-frackle her because her uniform turned him on, it is only a given that he would not remove them so early into the game. The hands parted ways and went for two different hostile territories.


Feeling that familiar sense of heat on that important part of hers, Mikoto issued a muffled moan. Bashful of the intimate contact, her lips parted away from his control as she panted.

“No… Not there…”

She failed to stop him and instead inadvertently egged him on. He sped up and her cans fell under his demonic claw’s control.


She grabbed his hands with her hands in an attempt to pull them away but her attempt is naught but a weak attempt that was easily ignored and he bulldozed his way with her.

Separated only by her uniform, he gave her hooters a good massaging session. She moaned and whimpered as she fell deeper and deeper into the abyss of pleasure. Her eyes started to lose focus and glaze over…

He liked her maid uniform but they are getting in the way of him messing with her racks. Hence, he slipped his hands into her uniform from the sides and grabbed onto the white rabbits there hopping around in there.


The direct skin to skin contact made her leak out a moan as her breathing sped up. At this rate, even if he let go of her, she wouldn’t think about running away, would she?

With one hand fondling her cute little apple personally cultivated by him, he reached down under and slipped past her skirt and into the place where the sun doesn’t shine.


Vigourously pressing down on her skirt with her hands, she shut her eyes as her face flushed red. She was so embarrassed tears almost came out from her eyes, she trembled and resisted the pleasure taking over him…

Almost at Shangri-la, another wall hit him as he grumbled.

“Why are you wearing a safety short under here!”

She glared at him while still blushing red, the person herself didn’t know what she did is the epitome of cuteness, the impact she had on him was amplified by her maid uniform, it could probably knock out a lot of people if she showed this side of her in public.

Well, she can wear all the shorts in the world. In the end, it’s going to have to come off…

Eliciting another yelp from Mikoto, he smoothly removed her safety short and pulled down her panties as well.

He pulled her maid uniform down from her shoulder and exposed her pretty little rabbit to the air much to her surprise.

“Mikoto, hands on the wall…”

He whispered into her ears, his enthusiasm can be deduced from his heavy breathing.


Covering her rabbits with her hands, she made her last stand but it only stopped his advances for a while as she was quickly pressed against the wall.

He grabbed onto her waist and he lifted her body slightly, making her protrude her perky little butt in his direction. If he looked closer, he could see her divine slit just like that.

Made to pose in this manner, she was so embarrassed she could die. The amount of shame she felt is comparable to that one time they did it in the cinema.

In his beast mode, Wu Yan is peerless whereas Mikoto will turn soft. With a hard one smashing a soft one, of course, the hard one would come out on top. The softer side can only accept the pounding that comes after.

His friendly weapon pitted up against her vajayjay, the objective is at hand. Heaven awaits beyond the paltry gate, with the friendly weapon armed and ready, the time to charge is now!

With explosive vigor, the paltry gate of the enemy got parted quite easily as his lancer squad entered her inner city. The losers of the war lamented their defeat before quickly being subjugated by the incoming lancer squad…

Humping her, he grabbed her titties and squeezed them like he’s milking them. She moaned with every movement and the moans didn’t stop coming…

Who would have guessed that the Ace of Tokiwadai, the No.3 of Academy City, the Railgun, Misaka Mikoto, the very same Misaksama the Ojou-samas at Tokiwadai lost their panties over would actually be getting her pink fortress assaulted by a man.

She moaned and begged for mercy but those sound never stopped echoing in that room. There is still much time…

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