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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 192: Tokiwadai midsummer festival. The start of another trollfest…

Academy City, School district 7…

Wu Yan is currently sitting at a table staring at two invitation letter laid out on the table. He scratched his head and felt a bit helpless as to what to do next…

The letters aren't the "Let's have a nice chat" invitation letters sent by Shokuhou Misaki last time. It's an invitation letter to come and see the midsummer festival at Tokiwadai middle school.

He knew about this event because it was a special event that was displayed in the original work before. He remembers that Mikoto performed a violin piece on that day as well…

He's looking forward to her playing the violin no doubt about that. More importantly, however, the theme of Tokiwadai Midsummer festival this time is maids!

Just imagine, cute girls and moe blobs prancing around in maid attire. Standing at doors and greeting people with an all so tender voice, lines like "Welcome home, master", appealing isn't it?

He had already spent enough time in the company of more than 3 girls. Even now, he is still ecstatic about seeing it in real life.

Now, why is he looking so troubled when there is so much to look forward to you ask? Well, let's start with the invitation letters.

Tokiwadai midsummer festival is an event that restricts access to only those invited by the Ojou-samas studying here. The invitation letters serve as a ticket of sorts to enter the event that is known as the midsummer festival at Tokiwadai.

With a lv5 wife in Tokiwadai, an invitation letter is something he need not worry about. Now the trouble begins with the next letter…

Here we have one from Mikoto and one more Shokuhou Misaki.

Looking at the two names on the front page of the invitation letter, he really can't find the words to express how at odds these two names looked just by being put together like this…

He's surprised by the fact that Joou-sama actually took the initiative to invite him. He's also a simple man, he sees that a beautiful lady is thinking about him, he gets happy (secretly).

The amount of confusion greatly outweighs his surprise or giddiness though.

Shokuhou Misaki should have understood that he already has Mikoto. Furthermore, she should have figured it out by now that based on his conversation with Mikoto last time, he had other girls like Hinagiku and Ikaros, Astrea is also included. It shouldn't have been too hard for her.

Even so, here she is still hung up over him. Could this be another plot devised by her?

If someone were to tell him that his actions that day captured her heart and she would rather risk it all to join his crystal palace harem, he would still not think so even if he was force-fed mental retardation pills. This is the queen we are talking about here, would she really lay down everything she has to join his crystal palace? Even with someone like Mikoto, her arch nemesis as a member of this crystal palace? Surely not. The next logical conclusion should be that this Haraguro queen is up to something.

And if all that wasn't enough, he saw the destination written very clearly on both invites as "Tokiwadai dormitory". Slight recap, that's where most of the girls who wanted to humanely dispose of him are at its most numerous…

And so, his conundrum continues…

Still pondering over his problem, Kaichou-sama, Ikaros, and Astrea came to his side and took a look at the invitations. Kaichou-sama picked up one of the invites.

"Are you going or not? It's going to start soon!"

Said Hinagiku, unamused by his delayed decision making. This event which resembled Hakuo Academy's culture festival is something Hinagiku looked forward to.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed and lightly slapped his cheeks. He shook off the thoughts bedeviling him and walked to the entrance…

"Fuck it."

♦ ♦ ♦

Academy City, school district 7.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Ikaros, and Astrea stood at the entrance to Tokiwadai's dormitory. They saw some that walked in after handing in their invites and they also saw haters who didn't get any and had to watch from a distance, those eyes were grudgeful eyes that could pierce the soul of anyone who looked at them. They exchanged glances and laughed.

"So many people! This place is so rowdy!"

Astrea's eyes are practically stars now, she looked around at all the people while beaming. Males and females were stunned and some shrieked out of moephylactic shock. The person herself isn't aware that she caused a lot of people to faint from moe shock as she kept on looking left and right.

She's probably the one who is most excited about the midsummer festival. It's not just the playful kid in her that expressed herself. It's also because of something Wu Yan told her before coming here.

"The food at the midsummer fest is all-you-can-eat!"

Astrea instantly got fired up.

Bringing with him 3 stunningly pretty girls, he waltzed his way over to the checking booth and gave them his invitation letters. He then entered Tokiwadai dormitory while bathing in the glares and leers of the haters and butthurt people.

"Welcome, masters!"

With 4 maids at one side each, at the center of the 2 lines of maids, they flinched at their tender voices. The reasons for their flinching differed.

Observing the maids at two sides, he rubbed his chin and sniggered. He's looking forward to what Mikoto looks like in maid uniform.

"Don't tell me Mikoto is dressed like them as well?"

Hinagiku frowned, Wu Yan could see that she is still more excited about Mikoto's appearance than not…

"Where's the food?"

Astrea looked left and right before asking the most important question to her. Wu Yan and Hinagiku suddenly felt strength leaving their body.

The maids took a closer look and yelped. One of the maids pointed at Wu Yan before yelling out loud.

"Isn't that the scum who baited Misaksama and Shokuhou-sama?"

Time stood still as he felt his lips twitching. He endured the looks that were given to him after that shout, he almost snapped. Hinagiku and Astrea were surprised as they didn't why they said what they said. Only Ikaros remained silent throughout the whole shebang.

He wanted to protest the words the girl had used like "scum" and "baited" but he soon found that he didn't have the spare time to think about that!

A petite figure appeared in front of him, her pink pigtails were fluttering and she had a frosty countenance. She slammed her tiny palms at him.

He had already sensed this yuri girl when she first appeared. He didn't want to make a scene because he's in a public place as he didn't want his abilities to be found out.

He can't move, nobody said anything about other individuals doing the same thing…

A pale blue crystalline shield consisted of what appears to be materialized data shielded Wu Yan from the incoming palms. Ikaros had her hands stretch out at shoulder height, she looked like she didn't even sweat the whole thing.

Before the assailant can recover her momentum, he grabbed her and pinned her arm behind her back.

He suppressed her by pressing his other hand against her forehead. It's like how he suppressed her the last time as well, history repeated itself.

"Damn you, scum! Let go of me this instant!"

Shrieked the pink-haired twin pigtails girl with a name that is written as Kuroko but pronounced as a pervert. She struggled in vain within his grasp. Her pink eyes were burning with animosity against Wu Yan.

He helplessly patted her head and caused further "reeeee" shriek from Kuroko before he continued.

"I say, Kuroko, just where have I offended you, what's with coming after the minute you see me huh."

"Don't get all chummy with me and calling me Kuroko!"

Kuroko protested vehemently.

"Give me a second and I will bury you six feet under like the scummy little turd you are. I will remember to burn some underworld paper with a p.s. on it that says why I did what I did."

He rolled his eyes and replied.

"Even if you don't say it, I can more or less guess why you are so antagonistic to me, it's Mikoto right?"

"Well, now that you know, why don't you just sit tight and let me bury you down under!"

"Only a fool would let you do that! I think you want me to tie you up like last time eh?!"

"I dare you mofo!"

She said, but her body that stopped struggling determined that to be a bluff. Looks like she's still pretty afraid she will get tied up like before…

Kuroko still insidiously spat out a line.

"Damn, this does not work for me. I must find a chance and get rid of that scum, he must not be let anywhere near Onee-sama!"

"Hey, mind muttering your threats at a lower tone?"

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