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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 186: The princess and the queen! Mine shuraba…

(Tl: shuraba, is a scene of carnage)

Maybe because he admitted that he had loved ones in front of Shokuhou Misaki. Mikoto's anger died down a bit.

"Anyway, get away from that woman. She's not as simple as you think, she might just auction you off without you being any wiser."

Of course, he knew what Mikoto is talking about. With her ability, she can easily pull off something like selling the victim and making him count the money for her…

Mikoto is warning him about Shokuhou Misaki due to her past experiences of falling into her schemes. It's because she got conned so many times that Mikoto absolutely hates to deal with her.

However, it's not her style to blatantly criticize people, that's why she changed her wording to say that she is not a simple woman. Actually, she's worried that Wu Yan will get manipulated by her.

Of course, it would be impossible for him to fall under her control. Otherwise, he wouldn't have accepted her invitation and came here despite knowing Shokuhou Misaki's cards. A major reason that he went and meet up with Shokuhou Misaki was because he had faith that his ability which is identical to Mikoto's can block her abilities.

"As the ace of Tokiwadai, Misaksan sure is quite impolite isn't she…"

Shokuhou Misaki caught the hidden undertone in her words and it struck too close to home since her original plan was to use Wu Yan to get to Mikoto, that was the intention of her invitation anyway.

Mikoto didn't spare any pleasantries as she cut her off.

"This isn't the first time you did something like this, am I overstepping any lines here? Aren't you protesting too much here? I don't care what you're up to, if you harm anyone close to me, I am not going to forgive you!"

Shokuhou Misaki narrowed her starry eyes and replied without taking any offense.

"Oh, but I do have something to say. Misaksan, don't you think it to be overstepping the lines to barge into someone else's date?"

Mikoto grinned but the sarcasm in her smile gave Wu Yan a jump, he can't help but exclaim inwardly how uncharacteristic of Mikoto to express something like this towards any individual, this goes to show just how much she can't stand Shokuhou Misaki.

"Interrupting your date? Weren't you listening? Yan said it's because I didn't go on a d-date with him that he came out here with you, you're just a backup!"

"Well, now that you already said it. You couldn't go on a date with him, now I believe it's high time you leave. Stop bothering us, we still have some swimming to do…"


Mikoto gnashed her teeth and yelled back at her.

"I can do it now! I am about to go on a date with him here! The one who should leave is you!"

"Oh? Is that right? I believe that is not something you yourself can decide though…"

Shokuhou Misaki placed her head on his shoulders while rubbing her chest against his body. She whispered seductively into his ears.

"Hey, my dear Yan, what say you continue your date with little ol' me, well?~~~"

He had goosebumps. The words were said at such a close distance that her smell assaulted his nostrils. Not to mention, her body kept rubbing against him that he is now embroiled in a mix of pleasure. But, that dear Yan part really got to him…


Wu Yan glared at her. Shokuhou Misaki is very hot that is for sure. However, Mikoto is his real partner here, if he pissed her off, it won't end well for him.

Too bad, Shokuhou Misaki is having none of it, she wanted to fight to the end with Mikoto. She ignored him and entwined his neck with her arms while pressing her orbs of meat against his chest.

"Little Yan, why don't you just say it ~~~"

Her voluptuous body wriggled in front of him, she drew her face closer to his and soon she would be able to kiss him. She is so entrancing!

Her actions turned him on to no ends but of course, Mikoto is not amused. When she saw how she's using her slabs of fat (Author note: From Mikoto's perspective) to rub his body, she got really mad and yelled at them at the side of the pool.

"Yan! Your call! A date with that woman! Or a date with me!"

"No… Onee-sama… Kuroko, I can go on a date…"

The one who got sunk a while ago rose up slowly, stimulated by Mikoto's words. She feebly raised her arm in protest but all she got was a quick stomp and she's down for the count, again.

"Now! Who's it gonna be? Choose now! Yan (Little Yan)!" x 2

His lips twitched when he saw the two staring intently at him. He can't even be himself at this point, tearing up at the thought of how the bomb got passed to him, he silently screamed.

Why!!! Shuraba, why me?!!!

Under the persuading gaze of their eyes of death perception, he shivered and helplessly answered.

"If I had to choose, I would go with Mikoto…"

The two girls had different reactions. Shokuhou Misaki gnashed her teeth, she looked like she isn't satisfied with this result. Is she disappointed? A bit, since he left just a bit of impression in her heart.

Mikoto beamed. Not just because she finally snatched a win from Shokuhou Misaki, but also because she didn't make the wrong choice. He is a playboy but at least he's not a douchebag when it comes to dumping girls…

Shokuhou Misaki stopped embracing his neck and continued with a hint of dissatisfaction.

"Didn't know your judgment was this poor. you would choose that flat as a landing strip lightning bolt throwing girl over me…"

Mikoto's smile froze. Her attack is both vicious and hit her at just the right spot. Wu Yan shrugged and laughed.

"Maa, Mikoto is my girl so of course I have to choose her!"

Mikoto's expression froze again before a wave of red slowly made their way up her neck and spread across her face. She's so bashful that smoke almost came out.

"Oh? Is that so?"

Shokuhou Misaki lightly flinched but she soon returned to her normal state. She felt a slight sense of dejection but that was only for a fleeting moment.

He nodded plainly and then started chuckling in a funny way.

"Plus, when I go on dates with her, I can have a lot of meaningful interactions…"


His chuckle and his unusual emphasis made her remember some stuff that she went through, why wouldn't she know what he is implying?

When she recalled what they did in that cinema, she flushed a deep red. Her mouth opened and closed with nary a word coming out of her. Shokuhou Misaki isn't a maiden of pure thoughts, she knew what Wu Yan was talking about given his words and Mikoto's reactions. She is astounded by the implications of his words.

"Don't tell me you guys already had…"

What she is going to say is obvious, she was gonna ask the two if they did the deed.

"No no no no… it's not that!"

Mikoto backpedaled and smoke started coming out of her head. She leered at him while silently cursing him.

This despicable fellow, he said it, how embarrasing…

Shokuhou Misaki in deep disbelief looked back and worth between Mikoto who is blushing deep red and Wu Yan. A sense of great envy brewed forth from within her.

She remembered how Wu Yan defended Mikoto and said that she won't be joining her little "games". How he said something about this not being her stage to shine…

She also remembered how he referred to her eyes which were called abominable and eyes befitting a monster amongst many other things, beautiful. She recalled how he changed her perception of other people pointing their fingers at her, showing a side of the world she had not seen. The time when they held hands and shared an ice cream, how they laughed and fooled around…

Today was a day which is vastly different to any she had experienced before.

The one who made this all possible is already an item with her arch nemesis. Seriously why do the stuff she enjoys always get taken from her…

Shokuhou Misaki thought about it as she looked at Mikoto who is flushed red while she flailed around in a fluster. She clenched her teeth and mumbled quietly, not accepting what is before her.

"Hmph, what a bland taste, he prefers her type of body over mine?"

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