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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 184: The heaven within the garden of eden. What we hath dreamt…

Walking on the street, he had a bag in his hand but all of a sudden he felt a chill coming from nowhere. He shivered and looked around frantically to locate the source of this sudden chill, determined to see where is the danger coming from.

"What's the matter?"

Shokuhou Misaki held hands with him so she could feel him shivering. She curiously looked at him while holding an ice cream in another hand.

He rubbed his head and knocked his head before sighing in relief.

"It's nothing, probably my imagination…"

She rolled her eyes at him.

"You're so spooked, are you that worried about my subordinates?"

His expression changed and Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Well, god knows how they managed to locate us so fast, If I wasn't fast enough back then…"

He recalled her the queen's guards approaching them with various weapons including scissors, the implication of their movements made his hair stand on ends.

"You are right, I wonder how they managed to find us?"

Shokuhou Misaki frowned, understanding other people's thoughts is her forte, she subconsciously wanted to use her ability to immediately find the answer she is looking for.

Wu Yan shrugged and laughed.

"Who knows, perhaps it's not just them, everyone in Tokiwadai probably caught wind of me having a date with you…"

When he said that, he instantly felt something off. Of course, the ominous sense came and go pretty quickly, he didn't manage to process it quick enough before the feeling was gone…

Tapping his chest and not understanding the source of the ominous feeling, he decided to just put the matter at the back of his head. Then he saw how Shokuhou Misaki is preoccupied with her own thoughts that he can't help poking her head a few times. She misunderstood this as him preparing to flick her head, she almost yelled out as a result.

"Don't think too hard about it. They probably can't pose a threat to my life, there's no point thinking about it too much is there?"

He yapped on and on but he got quieter as he noted the fallacies in his words. The tools the girls had were enough to castrate him for life, his lips twitched in response.

" No, you know what. Those girls are very dangerous!"

She can't help laughing out loud when she heard him, she couldn't resist his weird antics. The girl didn't know that she laughed more today then she did in her entire life up till now. Granted, fake smiles to deal with others were excluded.

Since he put it like that, Shokuhou Misaki dropped the subject and licked her ice cream before positioning it close to his mouth, prompting him to take a bite. They repeated this action many times already.

Their intimate actions probably wouldn't make people think that they only met today. 100 out of 100 people told about this probably wouldn't believe they just met today.

Hell, even the two didn't completely understand just how did it lead to this…

They walked on the street until Wu Yan stopped at a certain point and looked at a building nearby. His eyes stayed fixed as he looked up at the sign of the shop, his silence didn't help.

"What now?"

Wu Yan stopped so Shokuhou Misaki who was holding on to his hand also stopped. She looked at the direction he was looking at and she was stunned.

"Hey, you're not planning on going in there are you?…"

Shokuhou Misaki let out a sigh and asked him with a smile. It was a smile that was as forced as can be.

Wu Yan didn't take time thinking about it and nodded straightaway. His eyes were practically shooting out beams at this point, his dangerous grin made Shokuhou Misaki shiver in fear. He then continued.

"Looks good, let's go inside and play…"

Shokuhou Misaki was rendered speechless as she gawked at him. She stared at the sign that said "Indoor swimming pool", she then turned and gave him the worst judging glare she could muster.

"Even if I don't use my powers, I can guess what is going through your mind…"

She said.

He rubbed his nose and laughed.

"Oh come on, I haven't swam in such a long time…"

She drew her face closer to his and said it to his face.

"Are you sure your intention of coming here is only to swim?"

He curled his lips and replied.

"You going in or not!"

"It's on!"

She stuck out her chest and the dangerously well-developed part of her chest moved in an even more dangerous manner as if to emphasize her point.

♦ ♦ ♦

Sitting on a bench, he sat there in his swimming trunks looking at the empty pool in front of him, the words wouldn't come out of his mouth no matter how hard he tried.

Joou-sama said something along the lines of, 'I don't want to squeeze between some other males in some stinky pool', she told him to reserve the whole pool. He is swimming in gold but it is not his style to throw it around like some obnoxious fuck and disrupting other people's fun, he would like to avoid doing so. Luckily for him, this place is huge and there are other pools around so he just reserved one of the pools…

While he eagerly waited, the fitting room's door finally opened and Joou-sama walked out from within…

He instantly got his money's worth for reserving the whole pool, the scene unfolding before him was so beautiful that if other males saw it, he reckons there would be a ton of breakups tonight…

That bikini! Hot damn, it's a simple bikini but those leopard prints yo!

She wore leopard prints bikini, combine that with her size D weapons of mass destructions, smoking hot boday, pretty face, blonde hair, and starry eyes. It was a knockout no matter how one looks at it. He even thought that if there was even a bikini made for anyone, this bikini is certainly made for her, no doubt about that.

When she saw him being mesmerized, Shokuhou Misaki felt proud. She still recalls how he only paid compliments to her starry eyes while completely overlooking her charms. Now that she got complimented by him again, she felt a certain sense of rapture. It was the feel-good of getting back at someone…

He examined her with all his might. Finally, he laid eyes on those cute ass rabbits on her chest (Tl: rabbits= boobays), Shokuhou Misaki didn't back off in shyness, she stuck them out proudly and those rabbits sure can bounce, his eyes almost burst out while beholding that spectacular scene.

Seeing his reactions, Shokuhou Misaki donned a foxy smile as she whispered.

"Want to cop a feel?"

That whisper drew him back and shook him down to the core, he instantly lifted his guard. This girl ain't a cheap hoe, she is definitely planning on screwing him over for this…

Thinking about this, he didn't realize that he had already taken advantage of her multiple times. For example, sharing an ice cream and whatnot…

"What are devious snares are you weaving…"

He vigilantly looked at her. His frightened appearance drew an amused laughter from her.

Before she can further her machinations, he cut her off.

"Okay, no more talking, into the waters with you!"

He grabbed her by the hand and walked over to the pool, her plans foiled, she acquiesced and got dragged down to the waters.

Happily frolicking around in the water, he didn't know that at this very moment, danger is fast approaching…

♦ ♦ ♦

At the main entrance of the indoor pool, two visitors came…

The visitors were wearing Tokiwadai uniform, one of them had tecolored hair and the other is a redhead with two pigtails. They are Mikoto and Kuroko respectively.

"That is correct, he is here somewhere!"

Closing her eyes, she sensed him and pointed that out decisively. Her eyes had a vicious glint in them, streaks of lighting would arc around her once in a while, the signs were clear as day, she is out for blood.

Kuroko who cannot be anymore pleased by the turns of event had at first jumped for joy and talked shit about him. Now, she's cowering behind Mikoto, trembling at the sight of Mikoto's present state of mind.

She had spent so much time with her Onee-sama that she recognized today is not the day to appear on her Onee-sama's radar. Lord have mercy on her soul if she even bump into her right now…

Thinking about the ramifications, she dryly laughed and mumbled.

"Uu… Kuroko, I dare not eat Onee-sama's whips today…"

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