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Chapter 177
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 177: Hound Dog gets routed.

The screams from outside surprised Mugino Shizuri and Kihara Amata who were busy examining the chips.

“What the hell is going on?”

Kihara Amata frowned at the sudden sense of unease brewing within him. He’s a man who always trusted his gut and so he commanded a subordinate with a wave of his hand.

“Go and check it out!”

Just as Kihara Amata finished giving his orders, Takitsubou Rikou looked outside the window while continuing.


Mugino Shizuri who had worked long enough with her to know what she meant turned austere.

“The target?”

Takitsubou Rikou shook her head, even the person herself seemed to be unsure of what she’s sensing as she hesitated.

“It’s not the target but it’s two unfamiliar AIM field…”

Mugino Shizuri failed to notice Takitsubou Rikou is a bit off. However, Frenda and Kinuhata Saiai noticed it and the two girls exchanged curious glances.

They didn’t know why Takitsubou Rikou hesitated on her report. The reason is because of the sudden appearance of the AIM field and how they gave her a feeling of something being out of place, that’s why she subconsciously wavered.

If Wu Yan knew what Takitsubou Rikou is thinking he would be very stunned…

Ikaros and Astrea are both not Espers, their AIM diffusion fields are fake. Ikaros is classified as a lv4, if she didn’t have an AIM field it would

be very weird.

Since Astrea forgot her cover identity, Wu Yan told her to make one up just in case. Even if she’s a lv0 before she can say that she suddenly developed esper ability as a convenient excuse.

As multi-purpose angeloids, it’s pretty much a walk in the park to fake something like an AIM diffusion field, A highly precise detector will not be able to sniff out their fake AIM fields.

And yet, Takitsubou Rikou managed to spot an oddity…

Well, it’s not like Mugino Shizuri would know what she’s thinking. A light orb appeared in her palm, she gleefully laughed while holding the light orb that’s shining bright green in her hand.

“Great timing, I am in a very bad mood!”

Before Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou could react, Mugino Shizuri went out.

Listening to the screams and sound of battle coming from outside as well as the sound of his subordinate firing off their rifles, anxiety started seeping into Kihara Amata.

He’s not worried about his subordinate that’s for sure.

Without saying anything, Kihara Amata walked out as well.

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda looked at each other before turning to Takitsubou Rikou.

“Say, Takitsubou, that dude hasn’t appeared right?”

Kinuhata Saiai sounded every hopeful when she asked this, it should be noted that Frenda looked at Takitsubou Rikou with the same expecting gaze.


Takitsubou Rikou awkwardly shook her head. Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda sighed in

in relief.

“Well isn’t that super swell, I can super go all out at this rate!”

When they got out, they were stunned by what they were seeing.

Hound Dog members were shooting at two unknown females.

One of them bombarded the members with pink missiles from afar, leaving many casualties. The remaining one swung her light blade and decimated the encroaching members with her flawless movements and maneuvers.

In just a short period of time, they did away with a little over 100 members.

“Who the super hell are these 2 chicks?”

Kinuhata Saiai’s eyes popped at the sight of the two girls on offense. She is equally stupefied by both the destructiveness of the girl with missiles as well as the girl with ridiculous combat prowess.

Kihara Amata raised his hand and coldly laid his order.

“I don’t care who they are. Since they are here, kill them!”

Of the four girls representing ITEM, 3 didn’t give a damn about what he said. A talented and smug guy like Kihara Amata who had no abilities and is a lv0 is someone who they looked down on, much less even considering following his command.

Mugino Shizuri who was itching to fight even put away her Meltdowner and stood to the side as she watched Hound Dog members get their ass handed to them.

Kihara Amata responded with a hateful glare with killing intention on the side. The feeling of

feeling of looking down is mutual between the two groups. In his eyes, espers are nothing more than lab rats.

But, this is no time to be squabbling with Mugino Shizuri and her group. He endured his discontent making it no less apparent with that sour expression of his. He cursed silently at his subordinates for struggling against the two entities.

“What are you guys doing! Surround them!”

Kihara Amata shouted at them.

“Squad 1 and 2, shoot down the sword-wielding one with long-range weaponry! Squad 3 and 4, rush the one with missiles!”

Got to hand it to the guy, he’s not the leader of Hound Dog for nothing. His team that was struggling to put up a defense suddenly begun reorganizing into a more effective form.

Facing the Hounds which changed tactics, Ikaros and Astrea felt slightly upset. Kihara Amata noticed this and called out to a few of the members.

“Bring that out!”

ITEM got confused by what “that” referred to. The members affirmed and brought a van.

The side doors opened up and instruments that looked like loudspeakers popped out.

When they saw the speakers, Ikaros and Astrea scanned it and data started flashing across their eyes. Soon, they resumed attacking like nothing happened.

While ITEM is busy wondering what the contraption will do, Kihara Amata sneered.

“Capacity Down! Start!”

A high pitched noise boomed out and the soundwaves got emitted. Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda trembled and Frenda trembled before squatting down on the ground as they held their aching heads.

“What is super going on?”

Kinuhata Saiai moaned in pain. Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou are in even worse state. They can’t even speak.

Looking at them writhing in pain brought not a frown but a smile on his face as he laughed.”Who would have thought that chick’s invention would be so damn useful!”

“You bastard!”

Mugino Shizuri got up but she knelt down while holding her head in just moments, she couldn’t even muster up the strength to leer at Kihara Amata.

He grinned like he had served the revenge he was saving in his fridge. But, the screams that is no less in magnitude than before he had deployed the instrument came again, they sure froze his grin good.

In his mind, the two girls who had been enfeebled should have been torn to shreds by his subordinates yet his eyes and ears are telling him that they are still serving asses as well as they did before.

“Fuckkkk! Capacity down my ass, this thing can’t do shit!”

Kihara Amata turned pale, he didn’t think about the possible reasons why Capacity Down failed to work on the two girls. Instead, he blamed everything on the equipment used!

Ikaros and Astrea didn’t even have any esper abilities, of course Capacity Down wouldn’t work on them. The AIM diffusion fields Takitsubou Rikou picked up are faked…

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