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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 141: Invited over to Judgement 177 branch office for tea.

A vigorous and young male in a small alley with no one in sight but a frail young girl. The girl is even crying at the moment, so if anyone saw this scene, they would probably think it’s one of those situation where a lewd man is taking advantage of an innocent woman.

Well at least that’s what the girl from judgement would think upon seeing this scene.

“ I received a call from here and I would advise against futile resistance!”

Listening to that tsundere esque voice, Wu Yan and the girl expressed different expressions. The girl lifted her teary but still beautiful face and looked at her with joy. Wu Yan on the other hand had frozen expression, again.

Oh god no, not her! Not her! Please for the love of god not her! NOOOOO!!!

Praying for the help of his ancestors from his great grand papi to his papi during the ape human age, his only wish is that this voice which he had heard eight thousand and eight hundred times before on flat screen is merely a hallucination. He slowly turned his head over with machine like movements, creaking at the neck.

However, when he saw the owner of that voice, he knew, his ancestors are beckoning him over to their side….

With a height of around 1.5 meter, tawny twin curly pigtails, wearing a school uniform, she had Judgement armband around one of her arm. the petite little girl looked pretty stern, she would look perfect with “justice” written on top of her.

And it is this figure that made him wish he could find a hole to crawl into and bury himself. Better die and reincarnate than this…

Of all the individuals that can appear, why did it have to be her!!!

How can he not recognize this young girl standing before him. That cute appearance of hers can fool anyone, her heart is as twisted as his grandma’s panties. Technically, she’s a love rival of his, her name’s Kuroko, and the epithet reads: Hentai shoujo, Shiroi Kuroko.

At the moment, this girl that might very well teleport him into a sewer upon finding out that he tapped her precious onee-sama, is standing there looking at him like he’s dirtiest scumbag in town. Wu Yan didn’t know where to look now.

Shiroi Kuroko tugged her Judgement armband and showed it to him. She squinted and yelled at him in a tender tone.

“That barbarian over there, unhand the young maiden from your vile clutches!”

Wu Yan’s hand trembled and his knees lose their strength. He was that close to collapsing down on the floor. Now he understood what it felt like for Tie Li when Wu Yan yelled at him:”Put down that loli in your hand!”…

Even the girl who was happy to see Shiroi Kuroko looked stunned thinking whether or not she had put her hopes in the right person…

Shiroi Kuroko doesn’t seem to have noticed anything wrong with what she said. Instead she fixed her gaze on him and her hand started moving towards the inside of her skirt. Wu Yan definitely didn’t think she’s going to give him some fashion show that’s for sure…

Looking at the girl and then at Shiroi Kuroko, Wu Yan smiled, the radiance of which could blind anyone. He then turned to Shiroi Kuroko and said.

“If I say this is all a big misunderstanding, would you believe me?”

When he finished, he saw a look on her face that represented her absolute prejudice against him. His bright smile then turned into a mournful look.

“It really is a misunderstanding…”

Wu Yan felt like he’s going to cry at this rate.

“If you want to complain, you can talk all you want at the branch office!”

She took out a handcuff and judging by the dangerous look in her eyes, she’s going to apprehend him…

Perhaps noticing the aura coming off of Shiroi Kuroko, the girl looked at Wu Yan with a frightful expression and then ran with all her might as she pitter pattered over to Shiroi Kuroko’s side and hid behind her. Due to the height difference, Shiroi Kuroko couldn’t completely hide her from view…

“Oh? Not stopping the hostage frome scaping…”

Only when the girl ran to her side did she put down her hand that was going for the steel darts inside her skirt. She looked at Wu Yan with slight confusion.

“I already said it, it was a misunderstanding…”

Wu Yan felt so wronged but who could he blame? That son of a bitch System of course. But how can he shift the blame to System, he could only take it like a man.

Upon listening to him, Shiroi Kuroko’s suspicion remained but she had a bit of trust in him since he didn’t stop the girl from running away. She didn’t say anything else and walked on over to the front of Wu Yan and continued.

“Well, follow down to the branch office for a little walk!”

“Must we do this?”

Wu Yan looked like he got kicked in the balls. He didn’t think this kind of shit would happen so shortly after coming to Academy City.

However, Wu Yan should be glad for what he has. At least the System didn’t give him an identity of some mass murdering arsonist, super dangerous inmate type background. In a way, it’s a silver lining of sorts…

“If you really want to prove your innocence, then you will go with me!”

Shiroi Kuroko’s implication: If you don’t, then you have something to hide…


Treating him as if he would run any moment, she kept her eyes on him. Wu Yan had the urge to call someone a mofo at the moment but…


Dejected, he felt strength leaving along with that sentence he uttered…

Shiroi Kuroko didn’t put down her guard against him. She brought him along and off they went, over to Judgement branch office, the legendary Judgement 177 branch office!

Looking at Shiroi Kuroko and her elegant stride, one would get the notion that she was brought up as some noble’s daughter. Wu Yan meanwhile, retorted silently.

Damn you, yuri girl. Stop acting so graceful, you only need to drool and tackle Mikoto while moaning like a beast in heat, that will do…

♦ ♦ ♦

At the Judgement 177 branch office…

Coming here, Wu Yan admitted it. Although the process was a bit wanting, at least he somehow got himself here to a base where Railgun and her 3 friends operated. This answered a part of the curiosities he had in mind.

It’s not that different from what he saw on flat screen, it’s like a small companies’ office. There are desks, information, computers, it is a stylish place in its own rites.

And then he saw two people…

A rocking hot figure, a pair of glasses, not to mention those twin peaks on her that lost relative to Ikaros or Astrea, but still way bigger than peers her age, an onee-san looking woman without the onee-san air around her,

Short black hair, a stature almost the same as Shiroi Kuroko, wearing a Sakugawa uniform with a headband made of artificial flower, called the “protector goddess” and sometimes referred to as the “walking vase”,

All famous people…

While exclaiming those thoughts silently, Shiroi Kuroko “invited” him inside. Very soon, the two girls who were busy with work saw them coming inside.

“You’ve worked hard, Shiroi-san!”

Uiharu told her in a tender voice. She sounded like a wife receiving her husband. Wu Yan can’t help but suspect that maybe she got done in by that yuri girl….

“It’s nothing much, the criminal didn’t offer up any resistance and surrendered in good conscience.”

Shiroi Kuroko said thusly, and Wu Yan felt pain coming from his balls again…

“Erm, could you please don’t call me a criminal?”

Wu Yan objected while raising his hand.

“You attempted to molest an underage girl. That, Mister, is a felony!”

Konori Mii said in a stern tone. He agrees that the content had reason to it but somehow, as the subject of said felony, he felt odd.

“I’m not a criminal! I never molested any underage girl!”

He yelled in frustration. Wu Yan must clear his name here, he can’t handle the consequence of bearing such an infamous title…

“Maa, let’s leave it like that, according to him, he said it was a misunderstanding…”

Shiroi Kuroko said nonchalantly in a tone that made him want to hit her.


Uiharu looked at Shiroi Kuroko and then at Wu Yan before saying.

“But, in the records, Mister Wu Yan, you have more than 10 counts of molesting underage girls…”

Wu Yan felt his mind blanking out and despaired at the sad truth of this transcript world. Because those records Uiharu mentioned are indeed within the memories given to him by the System….

Konori Mii, Uiharu Kazri and Shiroi Kuroko looked at him like he’s the dirtiest maggot there is. He wanted to cry so he cried out loud.

“It’s really a misunderstanding this time!!!!!!!!!”

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