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Chapter 127
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 127: One finger! A stupefied Hughes…

Silence, the whole place went as still as death!


Every spectator there except for Lulu, Fei Fei, Hinagiku & others all held their breath lest they gasp even once. This is all because they already know how it’s going to end.

Right now, what they’re most interested in is how would the tier 5 Hughes react after getting wrecked by this tier 7 young man who came out of nowhere that nobody ever heard of.

Tigre and Grey who were supposed to be the main characters today stood on the side as they watched the developments.

Grey feels like he can’t meddle in this situation. Even if he wanted to help Wu Yan, he didn’t dare take any reckless acction against a big figure such as the Lori family. Plus, with the young miss of the Lori family’s attitude towards him, he reckons that even if the situation went to hell, she would still cover for him.

Meanwhile, Tigre looked fine but he is actually laughing out loud deep inside.

His original intention of getting back at Midobia family had already become a total mess after the various discrepancies in development that led here. But now that it has become like this, Tigre felt like this isn’t so bad after all.

He knows that Wu Yan can destroy Hughes with room to spare but if he did, he would have committed a faux pas against the disciple of Lori family head.

If he’s aimed by the top family in the empire, even if he boasts the strength of a tier 7, he would still be left with no chances of winning!

Can’t take revenge against Midobia family notwithstanding, getting rid of this pesky bastard is not bad in itself….

“Haha, hahahaha!”

Hughes can’t hold himself back from laughing out loud.  He’s laughing as happily as he is furious. He’s not even holding back his killing intention anymore, he’s letting it all out.

Originally, he wanted nothing more than to rip him to a ten thousand pieces but seeing as Lulu is standing at Wu Yan’s side this time, he is helpless to actually take any action. But now, the guy is actually asking for it!

How can Hughes hold back his laughter? How can he resist from missing this chance and letting Wu Yan go?

“Good! Very well!”

Hughes laughed, those eyes staring at Wu Yan as if he’s a dead man walking. He then used a cold voice.

“If that is so, let me see how are you going to prove this ‘right’ of yours!”

“Yan!  You, how can you be so reckless!”

Lulu stomped in frustration, only she knows how worried she is inside.

Wu Yan’s words touched her but she’s not too sure how strong Wu Yan really is. However, she does recall some 2 to 3 months ago, Wu Yan’s strength when he is still in the supply town is just at tier 2!

Now that 2 or 3 months had passed, she herself had practically risen to another tier altogether but what about Wu Yan? Even if he achieved the same feat as her that would only make him a tier 3!

A tier 3 vs a tier 5?

Lulu might be a bit silly and innocent but one could surmise from such a simple comparison of strength that a 2 tier difference isn’t a joke!

It’s true that it’s a 2 tier difference. It’s just that, who is the stronger one and who is the weaker one here…

Lulu is panicking so bad that tears are about to come out of her eyes. She pulled Wu Yan back.

“No, you can’t! I object!”

Lulu grudgingly stared at Hughes before shouting.

“Hughes! You wanna fight? I will fight with you!”


Lulu turned around and saw Wu Yan grinning at her.

“Settle down Lulu, just watch by the s

ide for now.”

“But you..”

Lulu became gloomy and kept switching expression as well as pacing around. Seeing this, Wu Yan decided to pull her to one side and then walk to the front.

Surprised, Lulu wanted to chase him but she felt someone pulling her shirt. Turns out, it was Fei Fei doing that.

Fei Fei’s hand is pulling Lulu but her eyes are on Wu Yan as she said.

“Lulu, let’s see how this turns out…”

“Sister Fei Fei….”

Lulu turned her worried face towards Fei Fei before asking.

“You’re not gonna stop him?”

Listening to her, Fei Fei smiled.

“Nn, relax. I might not know Wu Yan for a long time but I have the feeling that he’s not someone who would make foolish decisions. So, let’s just see where this goes before taking any further action.”

Seeing as Lulu still look worried, Fei Fei noted to herself.

Seems like Wu Yan has become an important friend of Lulu.

Fei Fei then continued.

“Relax, if it really becomes necessary, I will step in and stop the fight!”

Lulu could finally put down a bit of her worries when she heard this. She nodded and then she looked at Wu Yan in front of her as well as Hughes who’s facing Wu Yan. She muttered in her heart.

If you win, I’m treating you to an icecream… 

On the otherside, Hinagiku and Mikoto….

“That Lulu girl seems to be very conscious of Yan…”

Mikoto said why fiddling with her bangs, a slight hint of jealousy escaped her. From the looks of it, this jelly little girl seems to be envious of Lulu.

Hinagiku shook her head.

“The pretty girl does seem to be into Yan but I don’t think it’s to the extent that she likes him…”

“And how do you know that?”

Mikoto curiously asked Hinagiku after turning to her.

Hinagiku laughed.

“Because, there’s no love or fondness in those eyes of hers when she’s looking at Wu Yan….”

“You can tell just from that?…”

Mikoto dryly laughed from what seems to be disbelief at Hinagiku’s idea. Hinagiku flared up and rolled her eyes at Mikoto before remaining silent.

Should she have said she looked at Wu Yan with those kinds of eye so she could tell them when she sees them? If she could do so with a straight face, she wouldn’t be Kaichou-sama….

On the battleground, Hughes changed his magic staff to another one. This one is relatively fine and the craftmanship seems to be more exquisite as well. Other than that, it looked no different than the one before.

However Wu Yan could tell the two are completely different.

The one before is merely a Mainstream Armament but this one is a Rare Armament!

A tier 5 magician who is in the middle of the power scale and he already has one Rare Armament?

Wu Yan thought.

As expected of the Lori family, the number one family in the empire, they are loaded…

While Wu Yan is busy being impressed by the guy’s deep pocket, he didn’t realize that the real part to be amused about is not that but instead the Rare Armament in Hughes’ hand.

Rare Armament might be one level  higher than Mainstream Armament but its power cannot be described in the same breath.

If one were to say an unarmed Hughes is at 100% power, when equipped with Mainstream Armament, his power is at 120%, and with a Rare Armament his power is at 150%!

Close to doubling his powers already…

But Wu Yan didn’t bat an eye that’s for sure…

Hughes coldly smirked at Wu Yan. He didn’t say anything as he lifted his staff and with a few quick and hastened chanting came out of his mouth. Lulu’s face changed when she saw this.

Hughes, that guy wants to kill Wu Yan this bad?!

At this point, stopping it is impossible, the chant might not be short but Hughes is clearly very familiar with it as he finished it in a very short time. A green magic circle appeared in front of him and then a giant green lion appeared in front of the spectators.

Giant amount of magic power pulsed from the lion and the surrounding people could feel its power. Hughes’ eyes turned steely and he waved his staff.

“Savage wind beast strike!!!”

The lion roared at the same time as a huge gale started stirring. It leapt and charged at Wu Yan with ferocious momentum!

“Watch out!”

Lulu screamed subconsciously and Fei Fei lifted her weapon.

Wu Yan indifferently looked at the roaring green lion currently charging at him with tremendous force. He didn’t draw Nietono no Shana, instead he stretched an hand out and pointed a finger outwards.

Under the spectator’s eyes, lightning arced up from Wu Yan’s body and crackled with biribiri sounds before they streamed towards his finger.

“A lightning magician!”

Hughes cried out. Lulu is stunned as well, but before everyone could regain their senses, Wu Yan aimed at the oncoming lion’s head and slightly jerked his finger upwards.

And then along with a loud thunder, the green lion exploded and dissipated along with the winds.

“This can’t be!”

Cried a stupefied Hughes.

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