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Li Yunmu felt that his current situation was crazy. He had never thought that after advancing past only ten levels, he would be able to gather the 250 tower badges required to exchange for Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood.

This was why the War God Temple of the Central Continent had taken Li Yunmu so seriously. It wasn’t because of the influence of the Tower of Glory’s supreme glory, but rather because of the personal combat strength he had displayed.

Besides, Li Yunmu wasn’t aware that earning tower badges wasn’t that easy. The reason why he had earned 273 so quickly was because the majority of the hell rat battle generals and hell rat emperors had all dropped some.

It could be said that killing these small boss monsters was the only way to make a profit in the Tower of Glory. But is making a profit ever easy?

The answer is no. Because only when it is an ordinary crystal fluxer who kills a boss monster at the tenth level that the drop rate of tower badges is 100%. If it’s a black crystal fluxer who kills them, then the drop rate is only 50%. For a silver crystal fluxer, it’s a mere 25%.

As for a golden crystal fluxer?

Embarrassingly, there would be no drops for them. With a cultivation at the golden crystal layer, killing these monsters wasn’t anything special.

Thus, Li Yunmu was completely unaware of how difficult it was to make profit in this place, because the drop rate of tower badges had been 100% for him through the first ten levels.

Once Li Yunmu had collected the necessary amount of badges, he didn’t say anything and immediately walked to the stone stele on the tenth level. After he found the Shadow Sacred Female’s virgin blood, he chose to exchange his badges for it.

The next instant, the stone stele shone brightly and a beam of light moved shined on Li Yunmu’s body, from top to bottom, as if searching for something. After a few seconds, a door to a special passage opened up.

Li Yunmu resisted his desire to release a cry of surprise. This tower incarnation of the flux ancestor was certainly a heavenly world. Who knew how many other independent spaces were there. Moreover, the special passage’s door, which had opened just then, should lead to a region where Li Yunmu could exchange badges for rewards.

He didn’t hesitate and stepped through the door. At that moment, his mind went blank. When he recovered, he was already standing in the exchange region.

A ruthless and icy voice echoed within the space. "The challenger is invited to offer their tower badges and choose the item they want to exchange for them."

Li Yunmu listened with some concentration. Apparently, this voice really did belong to the low-intelligence creature which the system had told him about.

Not long after he arrived, ancient copper scales was placed on a nearby table. Following the instructions of the intelligent life form, Li Yunmu counted 250 tower badges and placed them on one side of the scale. 

"I want to exchange them for Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood. Please make it quick!" Li Yunmu said anxiously.

He wasn’t anxious because of his situation, but rather because among the rewards of this Tower of Glory, there was only one portion of Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood. He was worried that it might be snatched by someone else before him and wished to be safe rather than sorry.

After all, the fluxer association had established transfer channels to the heavenly world on all six continents. In such a huge world, who could guarantee that there wouldn’t be any such unlucky coincidences?

Fortunately, this sort of unlucky event didn’t happen.

As soon as Li Yunmu placed the required 250 tower badges on one side of the balance scales, a translucent triangular bottle appeared on the other side. 

The bottle was emitting a pure white light, as if it was sacred. After inspecting it carefully, Li Yunmu discovered that, in the deepest part of the light, there indeed was a drop of deep-blue-colored blood.

It was apparent that this was the virgin blood of Sacred Shadow Female that he had been seeking.

Li Yunmu hurriedly grabbed it. After searching high and low, far and near without any success, he had finally obtained this motherf*cker now!

At this moment, Li Yunmu was extremely excited. Before long, he was transferred back to the tenth level.

There he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He immediately opened his heavenly world and disappeared from the tenth level.

Although this Tower of Glory was an incarnation of the flux ancestor, this did not stop Li Yunmu from entering his heavenly world. After all, it had merged with his body long ago; his body was the heavenly world, and the heavenly world was his body.

Moreover, the consciousness of the flux ancestor had disappeared long ago, so the system had informed him that he didn’t need to worry about his secrets being revealed. Thus this region, which seemed to be the most dangerous place to enter the heavenly world, was instead the most secure place on the whole earth, as he didn’t need to worry about people spying on him.

After entering the heavenly world, Li Yunmu reached into his storage bag. He took out the special dimensionality box which he had obtained after killing the king grade dimensional beast.

Inside it, calmly lay the seeds of mysterious origin. Although Li Yunmu didn’t have any information on them, the system had appraised them as more valuable than the underworld raven destruction sage bow.

From this, it was clear that where these seeds appeared, they would attract the attention of deities and gods alike. Li Yunmu had waited for a long time, and now he would finally be able to learn their secret.

Since the matter was decided, he casually chose a corner on the land of the heavenly world and buried the seeds.

Then he took out the triangular bottle which he had obtained recently and opened it. He poured down the drop of blue-colored blood essence of Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood on the seeds.

After it was poured, the extremely stable and not so large heavenly world was completely illuminated by the sacred blue light.

"My god, this thing is really scary."

Li Yunmu retreated back a few steps, but his gaze still remained focused on the seeds which had already absorbed the Sacred Shadow Female’s blood essence.

After being irrigated by the virgin blood, they began to grow at a speed which could be tracked with the naked eye, and a small sapling, one meter in height, broke through of the ground.

It continued to grow—two meters, and then three!

After the sapling reached three meters, it suddenly produced a shadow fruit at the top of the tree. This fruit started absorbing light, and in the next instant, all the light in Li Yunmu’s world was sucked in and absorbed.

The heavenly world turned completely dark in an instant. It was so dark that Li Yunmu couldn’t even see his own hands. He felt as if he was reaching the limit of his endurance.

At that moment, the shadow fruit suddenly blossomed with a dazzling blue light, and the heavenly world’s normal order was restored. 

[Congratulations host, you have successfully cultivated Shadow Clan’s God Tree, which requires a millennium to give birth to roots, a millennium for the tree to bloom, and another millenium to bear a fruit. Because you used the virgin blood of Sacred Shadow Female to grow it quickly, you have successfully harvested the Shadow Female Ancestor Fruit. Would you like to awaken this fruit?] the system said in Li Yunmu’s ears. 

However, he was too distracted to pay any attention to it. At this moment, his whole focus was captured by the God Tree.

This was an unusual tree. Its height wasn’t more than three meters, and it was completely dark blue in color. At this moment, it had already produced a fruit, which was also dark blue in color and appeared to be translucent.

Li Yunmu could vaguely see an elegant and graceful female who was sitting inside in a lotus position. This charming and strange fruit had completely captured Li Yunmu’s attention.

He felt as if he was watching the birth of the world’s most mysterious, unique, and secretive female. Words like beautiful and stunning were no longer sufficient to describe the weird fruit.

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