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If it had been a golden crystal fluxer’s full power attack, then maybe Li Yunmu’s present defense would’ve barely endured it. But this wasn’t a human fluxer. Instead, it was a high class dimensional beast with extremely formidable body.

Yet Li Feng didn’t need to defend alone. He still had Li Yunmu and Li Yun by his side.

Arrow Evasion, Insect Step, Insect Step, Insect Step, Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms Skill….

Whenever the hell rat emperor launched his terrifying attack, regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu himself or Li Yun or Li Feng, all would unleash the Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms Skill which had become an A grade skill after being repaired.

If anyone couldn’t resist the attack, then they would immediately use Insect Step four times to nimbly move away and let the others do the blocking.

If the four layer defense system couldn’t resist against the all out attack of hell rat emperor, then adding in the active defensive skill of Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms would make them able to stand it. After Li Yunmu’s cultivation of the A grade skill Tyrannical Cross-Shaped Arms reached the tenth level, every time he crossed his hands in front of his chest in a defensive gesture, flux energy would burst forth and wrap around them, turning into two enormous arms in energy form. 

One person and two shadows kept resisting against the increasingly terrifying counterattacks of the hell rat emperor by relying on the defensive skill. 

Naturally, even though it was a hell rat emperor, it still hadn’t broken through to twelve rainbow light king grade dimensional monster. Neither did it have the body protecting rainbow lights nor the infinite rainbow energy.

Thus, this battle on the tenth level of one person and two shadows against a monster simply turned into an extremely close and intense fight which lasted for more than half an hour.

The hell rat emperor, which was as large as a house and looked terrifying, was unable to withstand the continuous violent attacks of Li Yunmu and the other two. He fell, and Li Yunmu finally cleared the tenth level by relying on his own power.

He hadn’t used the underworld raven sage bow or the Wind God Tornado Kick or even the Critical Danger Strike, which was triggered in the most desperate straits. In this way, the last Boss of the tenth level, hell rat emperor, fell down on the ground.

Its incomparably huge corpse gradually disappeared, revealing thirty tower badges on the ground. This time, it could be said that Li Yunmu’s harvest was huge, extremely huge!

As for the remaining hell rats and hell rat generals, most of them had died after getting caught up in the extremely fierce battle. What concerned the still alive cannon fodder, Li Yunmu waved his hand and the flock of underworld ravens instantly dealt with them.

Once they finished eating all the hell rat corpses in the tenth level, the strength of every single raven in this ever increasing flock had increased by a large margin, temporarily entering the silver crystal layer. The first nine underworld ravens were obviously the most powerful though

Although they didn’t advance to the golden crystal layer after eating the corpse of the hell rat emperor, but the presence exuded by them was already of the peak of silver crystal layer.

Apparently, after devouring flesh continuously, the highest layer they could temporarily attain was the one they had attained now. However, Li Yunmu knew that this wasn’t truly the endpoint for the underworld ravens. 

Because they still could eat the flesh and blood of their comrades and absorb their vitality, temporarily breaking through to the fourth layer. Yet he didn’t know whether they could also advance to the next step and reach the fifth layer, the rainbow crystal layer.

It was normal for him not to know though, because he himself hadn’t tried this. The past few levels had been comparatively easy, apart from the recent battle with the hell rat emperor.

However, this battle had increased Li Yunmu’s confidence. He now possessed real strength when going all out. It even wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that if he used dark flux energy, one person and two shadows could prevail over a golden crystal fluxer.

Regarding the results of this test battle, Li Yunmu was completely satisfied. Because this meant that from now on he could walk confidently within the Fifth Dimension.

Why could he walk confidently?

Because as long as he was in the Fifth Dimension, who would dare to try and harm even a hair of his. If he and both shadows went all out, then even a golden crystal fluxer would be chopped down.

If anyone dared to attack him, there was only one outcome waiting for them—being chopped!

Chopping one person after another, or killing one group after another—in front of Li Yunmu’s absolute defense, golden crystal human fluxers, regardless of their numbers, were just floating clouds. As long as they couldn’t break his defense, and as long as he could kill them, their numbers didn’t matter.

Even if a powerful rainbow crystal layer person came, so what?

Relying on his abnormal and modified defense, Li Yunmu could fight back or at least run away with his life. He had discovered that the four layer defense system was not able to endure the full-power attack of the hell rat emperor. The reason for this was due to the flesh of such a high level dimensional beast being extremely tyrannical. According to Li Yunmu’s estimation, an all out offense of a rainbow crystal human fluxer would be roughly comparable to such an attack, even if the human rainbow crystal fluxer was a layer higher in cultivation than the hell rat emperor.

Li Yunmu had already made a decision before entering the Tower of Glory this time that he would certainly spend the space elements required to learn another defensive cultivation method. He knew that he needed to increase the layers in his defense one by one. If he did that, apart from the king grade dimensional beasts, no one would pose a real threat to him.

But he had to admit that the earnings of the Tower of Glory’s tenth level weren’t really huge. After all, adding his profits in the eighth, ninth, and tenth levels, he had only accumulated 50,000 experience and ability points.

Without any hesitation, he once again used the 50,000 ability points on the underworld raven sage bow. Instantly, another five layers of seals were opened, and of the 333 minor layers, presently, he had already lifted the seals on seventeen of them.

This meant that in other worlds he could summon a maximum of seventeen underworld ravens using his blood summoning. Then if his number was added those of Li Feng and Li Yun, the total would reach fifty one. Such a number of ravens was quite frightening!

Instead of a single sage bow, there were three!

Once this seventh dimension frightening sage weapon had fallen into Li Yunmu’s hands, it proved to be extremely terrifying. While the sage bow itself was powerful, it wasn’t the strongest thing around. The really terrifying thing was the shadow’s ability to synchronize with the main body’s strength.

However, Li Yunmu also knew that going too far was as bad as not going far enough. The frightening number of underworld ravens which could be summoned had already far surpassed the limit of a fifth dimensional treasure weapon.

People back then had believed that his underworld raven sage bow was a fifth dimensional weapon because he had only summoned nine underworld ravens at that time. This feat was still under the limit of a fifth dimensional treasure weapon. The highest number of beings it could summon was restricted to thirty.

In other words, other than in an emergency, Li Yunmu absolutely couldn’t summon more than thirty underworld ravens in front of other people.

"System, show my profile," Li Yunmu suddenly said.

Soon he noticed a little anomaly in his present stats. Apart from Admiralty Cover, which had been upgraded to the eighteenth level, all other flux methods were only at tenth level.

This wasn’t too troublesome.

Apart from that, all the foundation skills which he had comprehended had reached the fourth level. They hadn’t been upgraded for a long time because they all required 5,000 proficiency points to reach the fifth level, "Realm of Perfection".

However, he also noticed that the Violent Blade Skill, which had been the first to breakthrough to the fourth level, required only 300 proficiency points to upgrade to the next level. Insect Step required 500, while Arrow Evasion required 1000.

The others were comparatively farther away. All of them lacked at least a couple thousand proficiency points.

Among all the skills, the ones which were worth a mention were World Killing Fist and the newly comprehended Archery Foundation Skill. Because Li Yunmu had been focused on hacking, they had been quickly upgraded to the third level of ‘Experience Makes Progress Easy’.

The world crushing energy of the World Killing Fist had greatly increased. Furthermore, after the Archery Foundation Skill had reached the third level, Li Yunmu discovered, to his surprise, that he could now shoot three targeted arrows in succession.

When it was first level, he could shoot one arrow. When it had reached second, he could shoot two targeted arrows, and now three once it leveled up again. In other words, he could now shoot three arrows, one followed by another, which was really quite formidable. 

This Archery Foundation Skill really had huge potential. Even if the system had given it a terrible name as was the usual, as long as his proficiency with it increased, it would become extremely impressive.

After clearing the tenth layer, Li Yunmu had in his possession 273 tower badges, more than what he had originally needed for Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood!

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