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Lilia’s grades in magic could be described as above average, or rather less than great. They weren’t bad per se, but it was unfortunate that her target of comparison were her relatives. Lilia’s mother, Ascha, gave birth to countless new magics. As a matter of course, it seemed her grades at the academy were consistently at the top. With such a mother, Lilia was constantly being compared to her by others.

If it were Madam Ascha, she would quickly understand such a thing though.

If it were Madam Ascha, she could write a magic formation of this degree even without looking though.

If it were Madam Ascha. If it were Madam Ascha. If it were Mother.

Compared to her, Miss Lilianne is… Compared to her, I am…

“Mistress Lilia.”

At Alisa’s call, Lilia came back to her senses with a gasp. Alisa seemed worried as she peered over into her face.

“Are you alright? You are not feeling ill anywhere are…”

Lilia shook her head and gave a bitter smile.

“I’m alright. Alisa, will you teach me magic?”

Alisa blinked several times before happily nodding.

Sakura listened to Alisa’s lecture through Lilia. Lilia’s existing foundation in magic often came in handy. While listening, Sakura recalled a portion of the things she had heard before coming here. Things regarding magic.

The magic in this world was not omnipotent like those found in novels or games. What was known as magic here, was interacting with the spirits that made up a part of the world, contracting them, and making use of their powers through magic formations. For the spirits, attached to each and every magic were their specific conditions for lending out their power. Breaking even one of these requirements would render everything null, even if you had prepared the magic formation.

The idea of “Magical Power” was non-existent in this world, where ability was measured only by one’s talent for interacting with the spirits and the amount of knowledge one had in writing magic formations. This was the “magic” of the world.

Conversing with spirits and magic formation creation being the requirements, the skill of actually “using” magic was not needed. It was actually quite a simple thing in a certain sense.

“How nice…”

Sakura listened through Lilia to Alisa’s explanations. She listened, it seemed, with great interest and apparent envy.

“I wish I could try it out as well…”

What a wonderful thing it was, that having a magic formation prepared meant anyone could use it. In that case, without a doubt, even she herself would be able.
Alisa opened up some sort of book and proceeded to explain the magic formations contained within one by one. While Lilia seemed to simply be listening to the explanation, Sakura was staring intently at the formations as if to consume them, driving their entirety into her head.

“It would be great if I could use them one day.”

Those enthusiastic words, if one were able to see her face, were muttered through a penetratingly cold smile.

With the setting sun, the streets began to quiet down into slumber, and with this, Lilia finally closed the book before her. Alisa was sitting across from her and, despite being before her own master, had fallen prostrate, limply splayed out on the table. Lilia herself was without anger, simply giving a wry smile thinking it was unavoidable.

“Alisa. It’s about time, let’s get some dinner.”

“Yes… I will… go bring something from the dining hall…”

Getting up, she headed for the door with uneasy footsteps. Lilia watched her back with concern, silently sending her off until she finally made her exit. Glancing at the small clock placed on top of the table, she tilted her head, as if slightly taken aback by how early it still was.

“How pitiful, to be exhausted from just this much.”

—Ahaha. What a luxurious confusion of common sense. For a normal person, studying without rest for six hours straight would leave them exhausted for sure.

—Wait just a minute. It’s almost as if you’re saying that I’m not normal. Besides, in the first place, you were the cause of all this.

—Whatever could you be talking about?

At Sakura’s delighted voice, Lilia pressed her forehead as she sighed.
Lilia’s life back at the mansion would start with waking up early every day and, other than meals and baths, consisted solely of studying. At least twelve hours were dedicated to studying every day. At the start, Lilia was also completely exhausted by the end of the day, but she started to get used to it after three days, so now she had no trouble at all with this lifestyle.

—Well hey, you don’t exactly hate studying. That’s why you grew accustomed so quickly and could continue.

—I haven’t exactly expressed my dislikes in general though.

—…Now that you mention it, that is true.

Sakura whispered to herself wondering if this too was different from her previous knowledge, but for now, Lilia chose to pay it no heed.

A short while later, Alisa, accompanied by another person dressed in maid attire, brought in the meal. The maid was employed by the academy, so without any single master, she took care of all the residents living here. Naturally, she wasn’t alone in her work, and they weren’t employed by the residents, so students like Lilia couldn’t actually give them orders. At the very most, if they required the maids’ help, it would simply be more of a request.

“Mistress Lilia, thank you for waiting.”

Alisa set up the meal upon the table before Lilia. Displayed on the table was a meal resembling the menu of an Aldis family breakfast.

“What is this…”

“My deepest apologies, Mistress Aldis. Since it has become this time already, what could be prepared could only amount to this much.”

The woman lowered her head deeply. She remained in that position awaiting Lilia’s response, as if awaiting Lilia’s angry shout to erupt at any moment. And thus, with wrinkles gathering between her brows and about to shout as if it were the natural thing to do,


With Sakura’s voice, she calmed down.

—There, deep breaths.

With Sakura’s urging, she slowly took in a breath, and let it out. Once again bringing her gaze to the woman, she met the eyes of the confused maid.

“Mistress Aldis?”

Perhaps unable to comprehend the silent Lilia, the woman stared at her with doubt in her eyes. Lilia steadily returned her gaze and spoke.

“Don’t mind it. It is unreasonable of me to request dinner at a time like this.”

The woman’s eyes went wide, and Alisa was smiling widely. Lowering her head again, the woman departed from the room.

—Is this okay for you?

—That was perfect! As expected of Lilia, seems like I’ll fall for you!

—Eh, no way.

—Hey hey, don’t reject my joke so seriously, that hurts…

At Sakura’s weeping reply, the corners of Lilia’s mouth raised just a tad bit.

“Well then let us dig in. You should take a seat over there, Alisa.”

“There as in… Facing you, is it? Is it really alright?”

“I am saying that is it alright.”

“Yes. Excuse me.”

Alisa seemed happy from top to bottom. While thinking it somewhat strange, she simply reached out her hands to begin her late dinner.

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