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“…yeah, thanks. You can come back now.”

I told Panda to get back from his hiding spot near the broken barrier magitool.

I used to only be able to know where my kins were, but now I could even share their senses and use my [Causality Alteration] through them. Perhaps it was due to my level increase into [Archdemon], strengthening the bond I had with them.

Originally, it had been a power I could use as long as there was a connection — internet or otherwise — and magic, but now, this new development had opened up even more options in my plans.

I was actually short of hands now. If only I got a few more kins. Sadly, normal monsters either just ran away from me or tried to fight me. Monsters like those two were really rare, it seemed.

The shoddy plan I was using this time was nothing more than a gamble beholden to luck. I couldn’t even call it a real plan. But well, luck was something I could handle.

To be honest, while it’s true the plan was meant to hide my existence, I had to admit that destabilizing a spell from afar to destroy the magitool was quite a bit easier than directly modifying the magitool to do what I wanted it to.

And then I tried to get a group of players to lure in monsters. I think I saw them before somewhere… what’s his name… Cardi? Anyway, apparently the “trickster and guide of man’s fate” part in my description had worked a little too well. They actually got the Troll King himself.

His combat power was 36000. That’s a Dark General all right. Before, he would have made for a tough opponent even for me.

If I’d known they’d managed to bag the Troll King, maybe I wouldn’t have needed to go through all that trouble to get those monsters inside the barrier.

…well, whatever. You can never have too much preparation.

The swarm of Rock Lizards I chased into the station was tearing up the place.

Just like the tricks I’d used before, the more I repeated it, the better the humans would respond, and the more stringent their security would become. Still, I think I could use this a few more times.

Honestly, places with Saplings generally had more security anyway, both in terms of personnel and magic. Even if I could break through, I’d need time, which the humans could use to summon more reinforcements. It’s a pain in the ass. Now, with the monsters showing up at the station, some of the guards in the building housing the Sapling had to be sent there.

All these were what one of the younger guards told me. I pretty much just asked. Disguising as an adventurer really made things simple. If anything, maybe my grown-up look actually helped out here?

Also, according to what Panda told me on his way here, the Troll King’s army had split into two. The one led by the Troll General was attacking the Republic of Savanhuit, while the Troll King’s was heading here. I anonymously fed the info to the adventurer’s guild.

They probably wouldn’t just believe it out of hand, but once they got confirmation, they’d most likely be forced to share most of their military supplies.

Anyway, until the Troll King gets here, maybe I’d deal with the buzzing watcher drones I’d been seeing all over the place. Just enough to not be suspicious, of course.

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