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“All right. Panda, if you’d please.”


The little monkey confidently nodded. He gave me a banana.

It turned out that by leaving a part of me inside the Sapling and having one of my Kins near it, the network link to that Sapling would then be partially available to me. With Panda staying back, I used the now-active Quarrevingts connection to go back to the World Tree.

“Let’s go.”


We immediately left for the continent above Quarrevingts. That one had the large country Quasix, but it wasn’t a country I could conquer quickly enough in a head-on fight. That left the two other small countries.

As usual, I bounced off the barrier and landed somewhere unfamiliar. With the awareness of the Tree’s and Panda’s locations in my mind, I quickly gained an approximation of my location. I moved toward the small country Chisept to the east.

According to the guidebook, the three countries on this continent were allied nations, with very strong ties to each other.

I arrived at Chisept after half a day’s travel. The security they had was still only to defend against other humans, so I easily slipped through. I did the same thing to the Sapling there, sending a part of me inside it to take over the connection. I left Blobsy there, then transit through the World Tree to go to Xontdix.

Finally, it was time to crack the trap wide open.

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