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As Yun Bixue said that, she remembered what she had tasked Meng Xintong to do. Meng Xinyan had set a trap for her the other day; she had asked Yun Mengshi to find Yun Bixue, and then she brought Su Lengxian and Su Lenghan over to expose her violent and cruel side to Su Lenghan.

Yun Bixue was only playing her part back then. After experiencing so many things, she was no longer someone softhearted. Of course, she would seek revenge on the people that offended her. Meng Xinyan had purposefully come to provoke and annoy her. Naturally, Yun Bixue would give her a taste of her own medicine.

The good thing was that the data she found was useful. The Meng family had another Miss Meng, Meng Xintong, who was the offspring of the first wife. It was just that the turtle-dove had taken over the nest of a magpie.

She had felt pity towards Meng Xintong from the start. However, Yun Bixue had only approached Meng Xintong and spoken of her view and goals—she left the choice up to Meng Xintong. To her surprise, Meng Xintong really did want to help her, or perhaps Meng Xintong was really trying to help herself.

Hearing Yun Bixue's question, Meng Xintong's lips curled into a self-mocking smile. She said calmly, "Chen Pei is not someone to be underestimated. After rising to power from her position as a mistress, she can't really go overboard. All these years, they have all forgotten that there's another Miss Meng in the Meng family. The title of 'Miss Meng' only refers to Meng Xinyan. But I don't care for any of this. Even so, they refuse to leave me be. As a 'Miss Meng', as long as the blood running in my veins belongs to the Meng family, then I will be sacrificed to an arranged marriage for the Meng family. It all amounts to letting the Meng family gain even more power." Meng Xintong's hands clasped the teacup tightly as she said all this, and her face was slightly pale.

Yun Bixue looked at her expression and reached a few conclusions. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Is Chen Pei in such a hurry to marry you off?"

"It's not that she's in a hurry. The problem is that she doesn't even care about her own daughter, much less about me. She only cares about making things easier for her son."

Yun Bixue now understood enough of the situation. A strange light flashed across her eyes. "I think your brother is still in junior middle school. Is she really that impatient? She should take care not to be too clever for her own good."

"Regardless of what she thinks, I can only ask you for help now. I don't want to have to marry someone that the family arranged for me. I don't want to end up like my mother." That's right—all these years, Meng Xintong had hidden in the shadows, accommodating Chen Pei, and letting everyone forget her. She did all this because she didn't want to be a pawn given to an arranged marriage.

But she was still too naive—she might have underestimated Chen Pei's schemes.

Yun Bixue's gaze met with Meng Xintong's anxiety and determination. Her expression grew serious. After sipping some coffee, she said clearly and succinctly, "I can help you. However, as long as you remain a member of the Meng family, you cannot remove yourself from them. Are you willing to live out the rest of your days as a nameless person? Are you willing to endure the fact that you can never be with the man you love in public?"

After hearing this, Meng Xintong's heart skipped a beat. She raised her head quickly, "How... How did you know?" She thought that she had kept her relationship with Lin a well-hidden secret. How did Yun Bixue know about it? She really believed that she had concealed the matter quite well.

All of Meng Xintong's reactions were seen by Yun Bixue. She sighed. Looking at Meng Xintong now, she was reminded of her previous innocent and foolish self. The other girl was too young after all. "Meng Xintong, you're clever, so I will make things clear. Before I approached you, I thoroughly researched everyone in the Meng family. Since I was able to find out this much, those looking for the same information must be able to find them too. You can't hide it from everyone. Therefore, what you need to do is not to run from the matter, but face it head on."

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