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Gao Ge's face is wet with early morning dew which makes him wake up from his deep sleep. He finds him wearing a black coat with a gust of perfume on it while the owner of the coat is shivering against the stone with a thin hoodie. Even in deep sleep, she is still curled up and held her arms tightly.

Gao Ge thinks that Rui is a stupid woman but indeed there is something inside him. After covering her with her coat, he finds that Rui's face is red. He reaches out to touch her forehead subconsciously and is surprised again.

"No wonder you have a fever. Didn't you know to find a cave to hide?" It's still very cold in March. Gao Ge sighs and hurries to take out some fruit from his backpack.

"There should be no problem with your fever after eating these fruits." Gao Ge mutters.

Rui is really very weak. She had eaten a lot of wild fruits before but she still had a fever last night.

"Hum? You are awake?" Rui opens her eyes slowly and looks at Gao Ge in front of her. She is a little delighted but soon becomes vigilant, "Did you do anything to me?"

Gao Ge chuckles, "You think too much."

Rui, "..."

Damn straight man!

How could there be such a kind of person in the world? The brain circuit is really novel!

"Eat these fruits quickly." Gao Ge urges.

"Why? I won't eat them." Rui answers directly and firmly without thinking.

Gao Ge looks at her with a doubtful look.

Rui sighs and says sincerely, "The wild fruit is poisonous, and you don't eat it too."

Gao Ge laughs, "How do you know it is poisonous?"

"Did you know that you ate the wild fruit and almost died yesterday?" Rui raises her voice. Looking at her energetic look, Gao Ge wonders if she has a fever.

After listening to Rui's words, Gao Ge's face dims down obviously.

In fact, the first moment he woke up, he immediately explored his martial pulses.

36 channels of martial pulses have been opened originally, but now there is only one left.

Besides, there are no 35 martial pulses for him to open.

He is puzzled.

Everyone has 36 martial pulses in his body. Why is he special?

Only one channel?

Although this channel of martial pulse is slightly thicker than that of ordinary people, but what's the use of it?

No matter who look at the deal, it is a loss, isn't it?

What makes him angry is that the auspicious air absorbed in his body originally also disappears without trace at this time, as if it had never existed before.

He is itching to clench and pull up the tree lurking beneath his heart in his body.

I let you live in my body, but you hurt me instead giving me some benefits.

Wouldn't your conscience hurt?

Ho Ho.

Star Tree, I advise you to be kind!

"Stop talking about that. You eat these fruits first. I can assure you that there is no poison!" Gao Ge says.

Rui still looks at him with suspicion.

"If you don't eat, you'll die here." Gao Ge scares her with a black face.

After entering the secret realm of Mount Duanlong, Rui is on the verge of collapse. If Gao Ge says at ordinary times, she will regard it as a fart directly. But now she is really scared, so she picks up the fruit and gnaws it quickly without thinking about it.

Only then does Gao Ge feel relieved.

He looks around and finds that the fog begins to disperse gradually.

"It won't take long time for you to go home." Gao Ge sighs.

"Really?" Rui is obviously excited after hearing the words.

Gao Ge nods and feels a little bitter.

He thought originally that Mount Duanlong would be his chance to turn over. But the result is just as his father said, "The salted fish turns over in order to be cooked on both sides." A sense of frustration sweeps over and his mood almost collapses. Fortunately, he is snapped out of pain by a tiger roar.

Gao Ge frowns his eyebrows immediately with a tight face.

"Here comes the tiger again?"

He hastens to stand up and pulls up Rui sitting on the ground.

"What's wrong? I just heard the roar of beasts..." Rui is so frightened that she hides behind Gao Ge subconsciously.

"We're in trouble." Gao Ge says with a bitter smile.

How can this be the Thunder Tiger?

It should be Mellivora capensis, the most fearless animal in the world.

It did not catch up with him before, but now it has come back again. However, he really has a wonderful relationship with the Thunder Tiger, just in line with the sentence: The fate is wonderful. Unfortunately, it's a fatal relationship.

There is a rustling sound in the grass.

Gao Ge grabs Rui's wrist and begins to run away at once without hesitation.

The sound of the tiger's feet landing on the ground can be heard behind them.

Unfortunately, Gao Ge doesn't encounter the fleeing herd this time, otherwise there is a glean hope of survival.

"Big tiger!" Rui looks back. She is so frightened that her red face because of a fever turns pale in a moment.

Gao Ge is really surprised at this stupid girl.

At such an urgent moment, she still has the mind to look around.

The distance between the male Thunder Tiger behind and them is narrowing rapidly. It's about 20 meters apart.

Gao Ge falls into an inner battle.

If he runs away with Rui, he and she will die.

But if he leaves Rui, he may be able to escape, let alone the Thunder Tiger will swallow Rui left behind first. Just like the joke said, I don't have to run past the tiger, I just have to run faster than you.

It sounds interesting, but every word is like a bloody knife.

He turns his face and looks at the black coat on Rui rather than the Thunder Tiger.

He shows a smile on his face.

Anyway, he has only one martial pulse now which is not as good as preexistence.

Even if he was a stupid loser in the preexistence, he had two martial pulses. Such a rebirth is meaningless.


Even if he's going to die, it's no big deal.

At least, Meng Jing survives.

He hurls Rui forward after having made his mind.

"Run by yourself and leave me alone!"

Rui is shocked. She turns her face and looks at Gao Ge, but Gao Ge has turned around with his back to her.

"Gao Ge, run quickly..."

"You run quickly, I will kill the tiger and eat it!" Gao Ge hums and then says.

Don't talk about Rui.

Even Gao Ge himself does not know where the heroism comes from.

Probably, even if he dies, it's not a big deal.

He leaded a lousy life in the preexistence, if let him follow the path of his preexistence once again...

It will be better to die.

The Thunder Tiger leaps high at this time, its body is like an open bow. Its goal is Gao Ge who stands there like an ocean-calming magic needle.

The tiger's growl brings gale.

Gao Ge is no longer afraid. He walks forward instead of retreating with the determination to die.

He begins to mobilize the strength in his body and then the martial pulse trembles violently. The Star Tree lurking beneath his heart suddenly starts to convey the required strength for Gao Ge...

At the same time, his forward impact accelerates a lot, just like the sudden pull of Bugatti's engine. The instant impact makes him somewhat difficult to control. But before the tiger's claws come up, his punch just falls steadily on the jaw of the Thunder Tiger.

He hears a crack.

He hears the sound of broken bones.

It's not his fist but the Thunder Tiger.

The huge monster falls sideways from tens of meters high.

"punch Superman?" Gao Ge still keeps the posture of punching, but his brain can hardly think.


Am I so fierce?

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