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Chapter 605 - The Lovely Little Black

Her chest was not small, and was only covered by a bra.

There was a difference between a foreign girl's breasts and those from the mainland …

Damn, Qin Chao wanted to slap himself. What was he thinking at this moment? Where is this, MIT! Su Ji's bedroom! The reason he came here, was to bring Su Ji home!

Qin Chao, oh Qin Chao, you are truly a pervert.

Men can make mistakes, but they can't make low-level ones like that. Qin Chao had already let him down several times. He could not continue any longer, otherwise, it would be too unfair to Su Ji.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know how to use my powers to heal. You should go wipe some of the red potions yourself."

Qin Chao's shoulder shook, and Catherine, who was sticking closely behind him, was shaken out, and he walked out of the bedroom door.


Catherine laid on the bed, and watched Qin Chao rush out, tears in his eyes.

He felt too wronged, as if he was a shameless b * tch. However, all of these were for Anna's sake. When he thought about how he had been bullied quite a few times when he had just arrived at school, it was Anna who had helped him out.

Now, it was Catherine's turn to report back!

Anna, don't worry, I will definitely save you.

Thinking of this, she steeled her conviction and began to think of the next method.

As for Qin Chao, he now walked into Su Ji's bedroom and looked at the arrangement of his own girl's room.

The walls inside had been painted pink, giving off a very warm feeling.

In the middle of the room, there was a swing, and it was unknown how Su Ji did it, but it looked rather graceful.

Beside her bed, there was a picture.

On top of it was a picture of Qin Chao and Su Ji together. As the two walked on the road, Qin Chao was still laughing heartlessly, no one knew what he was laughing about.

"I'm dizzy. When did this happen?"

When Qin Chao saw the picture of him laughing in the sunlight, he felt a bit dizzy. She herself was one of the few people who rarely took photos, probably one of Su Ji's students.

However, he could tell that this girl really missed him.

In order to feel Su Ji's smell, Qin Chao took off his jacket and laid on the soft bed.

As soon as he laid on it, Qin Chao felt extremely comfortable. Usually, when he was alone, he didn't sleep very well. Often, he would have strange dreams.

But lying here, for the first time, Qin Chao felt sleepy.

He really wanted to sleep comfortably here, because this was Su Ji's bed.

Just as he was about to take a nap and wait for Su Ji to return … That Catherine, once again walked into the room.

Unknowingly when, Catherine had already changed into a loose nightgown, and standing beside Qin Chao with his two large, white legs swinging.

Qin Chao smelled a fragrant smell and could not help but open his eyes. He saw the beautiful French lady in front of him.

"Miss Catherine, what do you want to do now?"

"Dear Qin Chao." However, this Catherine, was actually filled with deep emotions. Both his hands touched Qin Chao's face, "From the first time I saw you, I knew that my heart already belonged to you."

"Don't, don't joke with me." Qin Chao immediately pushed Catherine's hands away, "I'm Su Ji's boyfriend, you should know that."

"What does it matter!" Catherine said loudly, "Could it be that because I met you later than her, I will lose the chance to pursue true love! No, God is fair, and love is fair! "I don't ask for anything else, I just want to have a good time with you. I'm satisfied!"

As she spoke, Catherine lifted her snow-white thighs, revealing the black hollow underwear underneath. She actually straddled over and sat on Qin Chao's body.

F * ck me!

Qin Chao really wanted to kick Catherine off the roof!

It wasn't that he didn't know how to appreciate women. It was that he didn't have emotions. coincidentally walked in from the door, and upon seeing this female knight, he covered his mouth in shock.

"Kai, Catherine … "You all..."

"Su Ji, I …" Without waiting for Qin Chao to speak, Catherine started shouting loudly again and started struggling against his body.

"We can't do this! I'm Anna's good friend, you can't treat me like this! Let go of me, you beast! "

Qin Chao and the woman all felt the urge to die together.

"Qin Chao! You bastard! I hate you! "

Tears fell from Su Ji's eyes, she stomped her feet and immediately ran down the stairs.

"Su Ji!"

Qin Chao wanted to stand up and chase after him in panic, but Catherine had tightly pressed down on his body, not letting him get up.

"Now that Anna is gone, we can do whatever we want!"

As the woman spoke, her eyes flashed with a cunning light.

Qin Chao did not have time to bother with this crazy woman. He glared at her, and with a thought, he ejected Catherine's body and stuck it to the ceiling.


Catherine was so frightened that he let out a scream.

Qin Chao took this opportunity to stand up, and then, with a wave of his hand, Catherine fell down from the sky while screaming in shock, landing on Su Ji's bed.

"Su Ji, listen to my explanation!"

It was too late to take the stairs, so Qin Chao immediately jumped out from the window on the second floor.

He landed on the ground with a gust of wind, startling the two students who were just strolling around.

Wow, this guy jumped down from a height of five meters and was completely fine.

"It's Chinese Kung Fu! It was a master worker! It's a master worker! "

A white guy exclaimed.

"Idiot!" That's celebration! "

A black man next to him gave him literacy.

Qin Chao also did not have the time to correct the duo's pronunciation. As a cultivator, Su Ji did not know where she had run off to in the blink of an eye.

"Come out! "Nine Hell Demonic Hound!"

An array appeared around Qin Chao, followed by a black wolfhound that floated out from it, and then lingered around Qin Chao's left and right as if it was fawning on him.

"What, what is this?"

The two foreigners were frightened.

"This is magic!" Qin Chao rolled his eyes at the two of them, then returned to the apartment with the Nine Hell Demonic Hound.

When Catherine saw Qin Chao walking in, he let out a startled cry and curled up on Su Ji's bed while trembling.

"F * ck, isn't laozi trying to rape you!" Qin Chao scolded her unhappily.

The Nine Hell Demonic Hound ran like a wisp of smoke and followed behind Qin Chao. Under Qin Chao's instructions, he took a sniff of Su Ji's small bed.

"Woof woof!"

It called out to Qin Chao twice.

"Oh? Have you found it? " Qin Chao thought that Su Ji was hiding somewhere nearby.

Who knew that the Nine Hell Demonic Hound would have nodded its head a few times before lying on the bed, scratching Catherine on the bed with its front paws.

"F * ck!" Qin Chao immediately kicked the Nine Hell Demonic Hound out of the window, "I am not looking for this woman, continue looking for her!"

The Nine Hell Hound fell from a height of five meters, and with a '*' sound, it crawled back up and began to run.

"No way!"

Those two foreigners were still standing outside, "Even a Chinese dog can celebrate? But we don't, it's too unfair! "

At this time, Qin Chao also landed, he did not have the time to bother with these two resentful foreigners, and chased after his Nine Hell Demondog.

The sense of smell of the Nine Serenities Demon Hound was much more sensitive than that of Qin Chao after his Possession. It did not hesitate to chase in a certain direction.

This damned dog ran away as fast as a thief. In order to prevent himself from shocking the world, Qin Chao had no choice but to take out his 28 year old bicycle to chase after his own black dog.

Along the way, everyone was pointing at his old bicycle.

Qin Chao thought. Damn, I have never seen anyone riding a dog.

Not long later, the Nine Hell Demonic Hound brought Qin Chao out of the campus. It turned and turned, and soon, it came to a small street.

What did Su Ji come here for?

As Qin Chao was thinking, the Nine Hell Demon Hound's speed suddenly slowed down, as it sauntered towards a food store to the side.

Su Ji came here? Could it be that this girl was hungry?

Just as he was puzzled, he saw the Nine Serenities Demon Hound raise its paws and lie down on the trash can, beginning to search for the flesh and bones hidden inside.

"F * ck!"

Qin Chao reached out his hand and Silver Lotus Chop descended from the sky, directly cutting the trash can into two.

"Do you want to die!?"

The Nine Serenities Demon Hound was so scared that its entire body trembled. With two sounds, it began to jog again.

"If you can't find Su Ji this time, I'll f * cking eat dog meat tonight!"

Qin Chao ferociously stomped on the ground as he chased after the dead dog.

Because of this, a hilarious scene appeared on the street.

A small black dog was running in front, followed by a black, worn-out bicycle.

The surrounding pedestrians were all wondering, was it a human walking the dog, or a dog sneaking away?

Qin Chao did not care about the gazes of these people, he chased after his Nine Hell Demondog, and in a short while, turned into another street.

At this time, the speed of the Nine Hell Demonic Hound slowed down, and it slowly walked towards a hardware store.

Qin Chao instantly pulled up his car brake, and stopped at the side of the road, casually putting his car away.

He could see that in the hardware store across the way, a familiar girl was asking the owner.

"Boss, do you have a large pair of scissors?" This is too small, no, I want the big one! Right, the kind that cuts branches! "

After Qin Chao heard this, he couldn't help but shiver.

What the heck!

This old paper even thought that this girl was so sad that she wanted to jump into the lake to commit suicide!

Well, she didn't even think about it. Now she wanted to castrate herself!

"Nine Hell Demonic Hound, come back!"

Qin Chao hastily called over his Nine Hell Demonic Hound. He already had the urge to escape.

At this time, the shop owner walked out of the shop. She saw a small black dog lying at the entrance of the shop. It was still looking around and sticking out its tongue. He casually threw him a piece of meat bone that he planned to give to his neighbor.

"Lovely little fellow, why don't you try the ribs I made!"

As the demonic dog saw the fragrant meat and bones in front of it, its eyes turned green.

It even forgot about Qin Chao's call and started to bite on the flesh in front of it.

At the same time, Su Ji walked out aggressively with the pair of big scissors that the gardener used to build the branches in his hand.

She immediately saw the Nine Hell Demon Hound that was gnawing on the bone beneath her feet.

The Lady Boss thought that this was an ordinary puppy, but Su Ji recognised this guy.

"Eh? Isn't this the Nine Hell Demon Hound? Why did it come here? "

She bent down and patted the black dog on the head.

This Nine Hell Demonic Hound also knew its own limits. It knew that the person who patted her head was its own mistress. Thus, the dog licked Su Ji's hands ingratiatingly, bringing all of the meat pieces up to the surface.

But Su Ji did not care, and she giggled.

"You really know how to act like a spoiled child, much better than your damned master! Doggy is still the best. In this life, he will only be loyal to one master. "Right, since you're here, your master is definitely not far away …"

Su Ji stood up with a murderous look in his eyes, holding the big scissors. "Xiao Hei, listen to me, bring me to your damned master … Today, I will help him overcome his tribulation and allow him to ascend to heaven! "

Dear Nine Hell Demonic Hound, please don't betray your master … Qin Chao watched from afar, and continuously prayed in his heart.

"Woof woof!"

The Nine Hell Demonic Hound barked twice, picked up his flesh and bones, and then excitedly ran towards Qin Chao.

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