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After Fang Yuan obtained change form Immortal Gu and merged it into immortal killer move vaguely familiar face, he could now take a much greater variety of appearances.

Thus, he wanted to blend into Northern Plains Zombie Alliance again, but the situation was far from good.

Because his Sha Huang identity was exposed, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance was now extremely vigilant, and it was not possible for him to smoothly join Zombie Alliance by repeating his previous method.

Therefore, Fang Yuan got the idea of using other Zombie Alliance members.

As long as he secretly killed one of them and changed into the appearance of this unfortunate fellow, he could infiltrate Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

Fang Yuan had become an immortal in Northern Plains, his body was filled with Northern Plains' aura. Zombie Alliance's large door could stop Feng Jiu Ge, but it could not obstruct him.

However, this secret assassination would be filled with difficulties and danger.

First of all, the entire process of killing a Zombie Alliance member had to be carried out in secret, without letting any trace of it leak out.

It was difficult to accomplish this.

Fang Yuan currently had rank seven battle strength, it was easy for him to defeat an ordinary immortal zombie, and killing them was also possible.

But to secretly kill them was exceptionally difficult.

Because the commotion during the battle would be huge and could not be controlled. If the immortal zombie wanted to flee, Fang Yuan would have to give chase, but true solid bat wings was not very reliable. If the immortal zombie used information path Gu worms to request for reinforcements, then in the midst of the battle, Fang Yuan would need to have sufficient and accurate means to exterminate these Gu worms.

In summary, Fang Yuan had outstanding power in offense, but was still lacking a lot in other aspects. Most of all, he lacked a battlefield killer move.

Battlefield killer moves could create an independent battlefield environment that was isolated from the world.

Within a battlefield killer move, Gu Immortals were usually unable to use information path Gu worms to request reinforcements. Naturally, this was not absolute, there was no such thing as absolute in this world.

Also, superior battlefield killer moves could limit the space, thus could prevent the enemy from running everywhere.

Immortal battlefield killer moves had another name, they were known as 'quasi blessed lands'. Once they were used, they could temporarily replicate countless dao marks, creating a temporary unique battlefield.

Most Gu Immortals, in fact, did not have immortal battlefield killer moves, only relatively few Gu Immortals were in possession of them.

Fang Yuan did not have an immortal battlefield killer move, it would be very difficult for him to secretly kill a Northern Plains Zombie Alliance member by himself.

Even in his previous life he did not have one, because when he had just obtained his first Immortal Gu, he was besieged and had no choice but to self-detonate.

Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng also did not have one.

They had only recently advanced into Gu Immortals, even if their immortal apertures were of superior grades, they needed to accumulate their foundations for a long time.

However, Fairy Li Shan had one.

Pear orchard was her battlefield killer move.

If they could lure an immortal zombie into pear orchard, then it was very likely they could secretly kill them.

Naturally, even if they succeeded, there were risks.

Fang Yuan did not forget Old Lord Can Yang and rest of the group, they were sure to have wisdom path Gu Immortals amongst them. And the possibility of them deducing Fang Yuan re-entering Zombie Alliance was very likely.

Once the truth was exposed or even a slight trace of it was leaked out, Fang Yuan entering Northern Plains Zombie Alliance would be like entering a tiger's den.

Thus, Fairy Li Shan's help was highly necessary.

However, Fairy Li Shan rejected Fang Yuan's request, and just as Fang Yuan was thinking of other strategies, a request for reinforcements appeared in his immortal aperture.

Ever since Northern Plains' grand auction event ended, Fang Yuan had stopped contacting Lang Ya land spirit frequently.

This time, however, Lang Ya land spirit had taken the initiative to contact Fang Yuan, it was to ask for reinforcements.

This greatly differed from Fang Yuan's expectations.

In Fang Yuan's mind, Lang Ya blessed land had an extremely deep foundation.

In his previous life, Lang Ya blessed land, this ownerless blessed land, had resisted seven entire waves of invading Gu Immortals. Moreover, at the seventh wave, even Feng Jiu Ge had died in Lang Ya blessed land.

Although Lang Ya blessed land only had twelve cloud buildings on the surface, under each cloud building was a desolate beast, that meant twelve desolate beasts.

And as long as one was not an idiot, they would understand these twelve desolate beasts were only the outermost defensive measures, one should not forget Lang Ya blessed land's original owner was Long Hair Ancestor.

He was known as possibly the number one refinement path immortal, he had refined thirty-eight Immortal Gu throughout his life, not lacking rank seven and rank eight among them. This was only the officially recorded number. If his unofficial records were noted, if rumors and so on were taken into consideration, the amount surpassed a hundred!

Thus, Fang Yuan had already surmised that Lang Ya blessed land's true defenses were the vast number of Immortal Gu left behind by Long Hair Ancestor.

It was not the desolate beasts.

Lang Ya blessed land was vastly different from other blessed lands. Even without an owner, Lang Ya land spirit had an unending supply of immortal essence which he could use.

It was because Lang Ya blessed land had the Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus that could produce immortal essence.

And due to the support of Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus, Lang Ya land spirit could boldly activate Immortal Gu, displaying their unique powers.

"Now, Lang Ya land spirit is actually taking the initiative to ask me for reinforcements? In my previous life, he could resist until the seventh wave, and this should only be the fourth wave of attacks. Is it because of me that the structure of Northern Plains' situation has changed to such a large extent? Has it caused Lang Ya blessed land to face a much fiercer attack?"

Fang Yuan's brain worked rapidly.

For Lang Ya land spirit to ask for reinforcements, it could certainly be imagined that the strength of the invaders absolutely surpassed Fang Yuan's individual ability.

But often, precious opportunities were hidden in dangerous situations.

Lang Ya blessed land had a deep accumulation of wealth, and was so rich that even Heavenly Court's greed was incited in Fang Yuan's previous life, forcibly taking down this blessed land. Heavenly Court might have suffered huge losses, but they also benefited a lot even after calculating the loss of Feng Jiu Ge.

Cooperating with Lang Ya land spirit had many benefits.

This was already clear from the past dealings.

Fang Yuan had bluffed and deceived to seize many benefits from Lang Ya land spirit. Lang Ya land spirit had a huge hand in his rapid progress after becoming a Gu Immortal. Especially in transitioning between the early to middle stages, which was a difficult point to make progress.

It was a pity, after the auction in Northern Plains, Fang Yuan's greed and excessive demands led to the land spirit's aversion towards him, which caused the relation between both sides to worsen and reduce to a freezing point.

Fang Yuan had tried to cooperate with the land spirit several times, but was answered with an unyielding attitude by the land spirit, asking Fang Yuan to search for a poisonous flower type immortal material.

"If I can help the land spirit now, our tensed relations will definitely ease up."

"What's more, I have Fixed Immortal Travel and only need three breaths of time to return to Hu Immortal blessed land. Even if the enemies are very strong, I should be able to buy three breaths of time, right?"

Fang Yuan pondered, although Lang Ya land spirit had asked for reinforcements, the situation might not be so bad.

He had always felt that Lang Ya blessed land's foundation was very abundant. In his previous life, it could resist seven waves of attack, even a powerhouse of this generation like Feng Jiu Ge was sacrificed here. This was only the fourth wave of attacks.

As he considered it thoroughly, Fang Yuan decided to help Lang Ya land spirit.

He was not a rash, hot-blooded child like Yu Fei who, when his friends suffered harm, would stand up regardless of gains or losses.

He was Fang Yuan, a demonic path Gu Immortal.

He emphasized profits, coldly calculating gains and losses; allies were used to bring benefits, what was the point of making friends with each other?

As far as Fang Yuan was concerned, allies were only special tools to gain benefits.

Coincidentally, Tai Bai Yun Sheng also came to inquire about the letter.

Lang Ya land spirit had also sent him a letter for reinforcements.

In fact, since Tai Bai Yun Sheng had restored Lang Ya blessed land for the land spirit, his relationship with the land spirit was much better than that of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan informed Tai Bai Yun Sheng of his decision, which Tai Bai Yun Sheng approved of.

Fang Yuan immediately used a stargate to go to Lang Ya blessed land.

Even though Tai Bai Yun Sheng had passed the earthly calamity, he still required some time before he could take back his immortal aperture and move around.

"You're here, Fang Yuan." Lang Ya land spirit appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan noticed Lang Ya land spirit did not appear tired and had no injuries on his body, and felt even more certain of his previous guess, he laughed: "This is your attitude to your life saving benefactor?"

"Hmph! You think I am not aware? Rascal, you wouldn't have even thought of helping me without benefits involved! If not for this situation being urgent, I would not have requested help from you." Lang Ya land spirit rolled his eyes.

Although he said this, Lang Ya land spirit's attitude was already much warmer than before.

"I will give you the rank six Immortal Gu recipe for all-out effort Gu as a reward for repelling the enemies!" Lang Ya land spirit continued.

Fang Yuan snickered, shaking his head: "Let's talk about the reward later, after we repel the invading Gu Immortals."

Fang Yuan did not talk about reward and was worried about the invading enemies, not taking advantage to blackmail, this immediately made Lang Ya land spirit very pleased and feel his opinion of Fang Yuan becoming much more pleasant.

"Follow me." Lang Ya land spirit grabbed Fang Yuan's arm, and instantly, they arrived at the highest floor of a cloud building.

It could be seen from this that there were large numbers of space path dao marks in Lang Ya blessed land.

If it were like Star Form blessed land where there were not many space path dao marks, Star Form land spirit could only fly rapidly with no ability to teleport.

Fang Yuan observed the surroundings that had already changed greatly.

Previously, Lang Ya blessed land had a vast area of cloud soil with clear skies, twelve cloud buildings standing adjacent to each other among them. But right now, Fang Yuan's sight was filled with boundless fog, which was so dense one could not even see their hands.

The sky could not be seen above, the ground could not be seen below.

Lang Ya land spirit explained with a serious voice: "This is the Gu formation activated after the blessed land was attacked — Twelve Wave Cloud Confusion Formation. The twelve cloud buildings are all mortal Gu Houses and serve as formation cores of this formation. Look! Those are the invaders."

The land spirit waved his sleeve, several mirrors appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

Each mirror showed a Gu Immortal moving slowly in the vast fog, or charging forward.

'They are!' Fang Yuan's pupils could not help but shrink when he saw these Gu Immortals.

Qin Bai Sheng, Jiang Yu, Hei Cheng, Xue Song Zi and He Lang Zi!

There were also two others, one was a green robed wind path Gu Immortal who was moving forward rapidly, another was a black robed Gu Immortal who was wearing a mask and was very mysterious.

"You recognize them?" Lang Ya land spirit sensed the strange expression on Fang Yuan's face.

Fang Yuan nodded, saying with a serious expression: "These people have extraordinary strength, especially the leader, Qin Bai Sheng, he is a famous rank seven expert in Northern Plains."

"I know. If not for this, most of my twelve wave cloud confusion formation would not have been broken down. Now only five buildings are left, two are already guarded by two of Inkman City's Gu Immortals. You will guard this one, while I will personally guard another one. The remaining one is left for Tai Bai Yun Sheng." Lang Ya land spirit distribution the workload.

Fang Yuan frowned: "The enemies are too strong, the cloud buildings are only mortal Gu Houses, it will be quite difficult to obstruct these people while also protecting the cloud buildings!"

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