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Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

The sky was clear and bright. Countless exquisite halls made of white jade emitted translucent light.

A rank eight Gu Immortal, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, slowly pushed open the large door of the discussion hall.

He walked into the hall while leaning on a walking cane.

In an instant, the wills of over twenty Gu Immortals inside the hall turned towards him.

"Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, you have worked hard for the last hundred years…"

"After completing this segment of fixing fate Gu, please take a good rest. Heavenly Court needs a senior expert like you."

"There aren't any unexpected situations in this Refinement Path Convention, right?"

The Gu Immortals' wills started talking, breaking the silence.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord opened his cloudy eyes and looked around, before fixing his gaze on a will seated at a high position.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord spoke: "Lian Jiu Sheng, you should awaken. The current Refinement Path Convention is reaching its end, we still need some preparations for the recovery of Fate."

Lian Jiu Sheng's will nodded as he slowly stood up.

He then spoke: "To restore Fate, it won't be possible with just myself and Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, we still need the power of two rank eights. I wonder which friends will lend a hand?"

"My main body is suppressing the immemorial desolate beast group in Falling Heavenly River, I am unable to help."

"My physical body has rested for long enough, but my soul is researching a rank nine Immortal Gu recipe and is at the crucial moment…"

"Let me help, maybe this time, I can find several portions of profound eerie wind in the underground depths."

The wills communicated for a while, finally two wills decided to wake up.

"It's decided then." Lian Jiu Sheng's will nodded towards Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, before soaring to the sky.

Following him were other two wills.

These three wills flew into the sky, towards the entrance leading outside, before vanishing from everyone's sight.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord turned around to leave, the door to the discussion hall slowly closed behind him.

Three days later.

Central Continent, Hairy Foot Mountain.

Four figures suddenly appeared in the air above Hairy Foot Mountain.

They completely concealed their rank eight auras as they looked down at the mountain below.

It was the four Gu Immortals from Heavenly Court!

"Hairy Foot Mountain…" The white haired man with a young appearance, Lian Jiu Sheng, sighed: "Unknowingly, another hundred years have passed in Central Continent."

"Let's start quickly. I am pressed for time during this period of awakening, I still have many things to do." Bi Chen Tian who had red eyebrows and green pupils, urged.

"Alright, let me start this off." Bai Cang Shui was the only female immortal among the four. She stretched out her hands, instantly, white fog started rising slowly in the surroundings.

Immediately afterwards, Bi Chen Tian opened his eyes, emitting two bright pillars of light that shot straight at Hairy Foot Mountain.

Hairy Foot Mountain looked ordinary, it was small and lacked resources, even the surrounding small to middle sized forces did not want to occupy it. However, right now, it looked mystical as it shined under the immortal killer move of Bi Chen Tian.

Space fluctuated intensely, creating countless ripples.

The entirety of Hairy Foot Mountain shook slightly.

Bi Chen Tian's attacking immortal killer move had terrifying might, but was not the least bit effective right now.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was the third to make a move, after which was Lian Jiu Sheng at the end.

Four rank eight Gu Immortals were working together, but it was still far from enough. The Gu Immortals already had an estimate, thus they continued to undertake a second round of attacks, a third round.

Finally, at the sixth round, Lian Jiu Sheng cried out and dealt the crucial blow, he triggered a qualitative change, producing an effect.

Hairy Foot Mountain disappeared from its spot, and a blessed land opened up in front of the four Gu Immortals.

"This is Infallible blessed land, which holds the Infallible inheritance!" Lian Jiu Sheng sighed as he spoke.

Bi Chen Tian looked several times, speaking with a smile: "There are more mortal failure Gu than the previous time, it seems the scale of the Refinement Path Convention is becoming bigger and bigger."

Bai Cang Shui took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat on her forehead: "Every time, we have to spend so much energy to open this place. Lian Jiu Sheng, can't you completely take down this blessed land?"

"It is difficult, you are also aware that the owner of this blessed land is a refinement path great expert who made things difficult for Ren Zu." Lian Jiu Sheng sighed.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord nodded: "Heavenly Court has made moves against this blessed land for thousands of years but even until now, we could only take out thirty success dao marks. Every time the infallible inheritance accumulates to the limit, it will have thirty-six success dao marks. We have taken away thirty, which leaves behind six dao marks for those participants of the Refinement Path Convention, and even if we want to seize these, we can't."

Lian Jiu Sheng added: "This blessed land is extremely special, it is perfectly enclosed and has no entrances at all. It is not that we cannot break open this blessed land, but if we forcibly cause mayhem, it will be hard to reproduce the wonders of this blessed land. Under this restraint, we can only proceed this way. To capture this blessed land, we not only need refinement path Gu Immortals but also rule path great experts. Unfortunately, whether it be refinement path or rule path, there are extremely few who can cultivate to rank eight."

The four were silent for a while, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord spoke: "Fortunately, after restoring fate Gu this time, it will be able to display fifty percent of its might. This is a qualitative change compared to before! From now on, we can search for even more fate escapees, and restore the Immortal Gu even faster."

"Speaking of which, how many escapees did you discover this time? Have you already dealt with them?" Bi Chen Tian asked.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord replied: "I discovered several, I cannot do anything against those in Southern Border and Northern Plains, but the two over here in Central Continent are already being dealt with."

> states, after Ren Zu climbed the giant tree and walked out of ordinary abyss, he left behind his daughter, Boundless Forest Samsara.

Ren Zu wanted to save her, but there was nothing he could do.

He had become extraordinary, no longer able to enter ordinary abyss.

Ren Zu saw that pacing around this place was not going to help. He decided to set out again to find a way to rescue his eldest child, Verdant Great Sun, and his fourth child, Boundless Forest Samsara.

He started a new journey, beginning his road of life.

On this day, he came across a hairy man.

The hairy man stopped him, and was clearly happy: "Ren Zu, I had a tough time looking for you."

Ren Zu felt strange: "I don't recognize you, why are you searching for me?"

The hairy man explained: "It is like this, Ren Zu. I am the leader of all the hairy men in the world, no hairy man can match my Gu refinement attainment. But I have recently encountered a problem when refining Gu. I want to refine success Gu, but I am unable to confirm if it is success or failure."

Ren Zu had wanted to continue traveling, but he had a thought well up in his mind, if the hairy man leader could truly refine success Gu and he borrowed this Gu, couldn't he rescue his eldest child or his fourth child?

Therefore, Ren Zu stopped and talked with the hairy man: "But what do you need from me?"

The hairy man cautiously took out a Gu.

This Gu resembled an ordinary rock and was covered with a thick layer of hair, the hairy man spoke: "I do not dare to break it. If it is success Gu, that is fine. But if it is failure Gu, the moment I break it, I will completely lose my sense of self. But Ren Zu, you are different. You are walking on a path that solely belongs to you, this means you have self Gu. Since you have self Gu, even if you break the failure Gu, you will not lose your self. So I want to request you to appraise it."

Ren Zu was happy: "So it is like that. I can help you, but if it is success Gu, please give it to me. I have an urgent need for it."

The hairy man said: "Alright! That is no problem."

Ren Zu touched the Gu worm in front of him. He made a wish upon this Gu: "Please return my fourth child, Boundless Forest Samsara, to my side."

At the next moment, the Gu worm crumbled.

"Failure." The hairy man was dejected: "It seems I refined a failure Gu."

Courage Gu on Ren Zu flew out: "Ren Zu, you are a failure. I am leaving you."

Courage Gu left Ren Zu and flew away.

The hairy man, however, was invigorated: "It doesn't matter, I can improve the Gu recipe. Ren Zu, wait a moment, I will refine it again."

Ren Zu wanted to chase after courage Gu and take it back, but he had an even greater desire for success Gu to rescue his children.

He thought for a moment, and decided to wait for the hairy man leader to refine the Gu.

The hairy man refined the second Gu and gave it to Ren Zu for inspection.

Ren Zu touched the Gu and made a wish, the Gu worm crumbled again.

"Another failure Gu." The hairy man sighed in dejection.

Faith Gu on Ren Zu flew out: "Ren Zu, you are a failure, you are not worthy of me."

Faith Gu also left Ren Zu.

Ren Zu stamped his foot, and wanted to chase after it, but the hairy man tugged him: "Don't be in a hurry, I have thought it through, this time I can definitely refine success Gu!"

Faith Gu had already flown far away, Ren Zu realized he could not catch up to it, and said with a sigh: "Hairy man, refine it quickly, this is the last time I am trusting you."

The hairy man's third Gu worm was still the failure Gu.

Strength Gu also flew out: "Ren Zu, you are a failure, you are unworthy of possessing me."

Strength Gu flew away, Ren Zu felt bitter as he knew chasing after it would not give any result, so he could only gaze as strength Gu flew far away.

However, right at this time, self Gu in his heart suddenly flew out and bit strength Gu.

Strength Gu shrieked and flew even faster as a piece of it was bitten away. It soon disappeared like a streak of smoke.

Ren Zu and the hairy man watched with stupefied expressions.

Self Gu leisurely flew back, and said proudly to Ren Zu: "Any failure has its value. Ren Zu, I went through repeated failures and absorbed them to become stronger. Just now, I took a bite of strength Gu; from now on, you will have your own strength! I can still become stronger, I can devour any Gu worms to possess all their strength!"

Ren Zu was shocked.

The hairy man leader slapped his thigh, shouting: "I know how to refine success Gu, it is through failures. The more failures there are, the closer I will be to success! I understand, I understand now."

He shouted happily as he rushed away, leaving Ren Zu behind.

According to the research of the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, this Infallible blessed land was the possession of the hairy man leader. Hairy Foot Mountain was the place where the hairy man leader had once resided.

After his death, the hairy man leader left behind an inheritance.

It was to gather other people's failures and refine them into mortal failure Gu. As the mortal Gu increased in numbers, they would then condense into success dao marks.

After Heavenly Court discovered this, they captured the blessed land and used it as the foundation to develop and urge the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention to help the Infallible inheritance quickly accumulate mortal failure Gu. They will then use the gathered success dao marks to restore fate Gu.

This was the origin of it all.

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