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Fang Yuan was a shrewd person, he immediately shook his head: "The value of these two services is not equivalent at all. For you two, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's Landscape as Before is a necessity. In my case, I can fully undergo the earthly calamity alone. Furthermore, Old Ancestor Xue Hu is currently staying in Snowy Mountain blessed land now, and you, Hei Lou Lan, are not a member of Snowy Mountain blessed land, you are an outsider, you cannot stay there anymore. Using the excuse of the earthly calamity, you can hide inside my Hu Immortal blessed land, I have not even asked you for rent yet, but you actually want to use this as the payment for Tai Bai Yun Sheng's help!"

Fang Yuan exposed Hei Lou Lan's awkward position, Hei Lou Lan was unabashed, she laughed, continuing to argue with Fang Yuan.

The two sparred verbally, until a while later, they came to an agreement: Hei Lou Lan would stay in Fang Yuan's place for the time being, contributing strength qi without any compensation. The guts Gu produced during this period would not have Hei Lou Lan's share. At the same time, when Hu Immortal blessed land faces the earthly calamity, Hei Lou Lan would need to help and defend it alongside Fang Yuan.

After this transaction was completed, Fairy Li Shan was not anxious to leave, she talked to Fang Yuan regarding immortal materials.

Fang Yuan obtained countless immortal materials in the auction, Fairy Li Shan wanted to buy them to deal with Old Ancestor Xue Hu's mission of obtaining immortal materials.

After Fairy Li Shan obtained Miniscule Mountain, Old Ancestor Xue Hu only borrowed it to have a look, he did not take it from her.

After Old Ancestor Xue Hu defeated the two rank eights, Snowy Mountain blessed land's status rose rapidly, its reputation had soared to an unprecedented peak.

Old Ancestor Xue Hu summoned Fairy Li Shan, using the reason that he had acted to protect Miniscule Mountain from Yao Huang, he requested for her to increase her contributions, he gave her many missions to collect immortal materials.

Fairy Li Shan's current state was very awkward, she had just obtained Miniscule Mountain, even though she asked Tai Bai Yun Sheng for help to heal Miniscule Mountain and saved a huge cost, she was still very heavily injured.

Originally, she had a lot of savings due to mountain pledge Gu, she was quite affluent. But by funding Hei Lou Lan intensively, her savings were slowly depleted, and at this point, she was running dry.

The cultivation of one person expended countless resources, it was not easy. Many Gu Immortals did not have a steady source of revenue, their income did not match their expenses, they could only offer their services and travel everywhere.

Even if they had a source of revenue, there were often earnings and losses in trading. Things like mountain pledge Gu and the guts Gu trade were very rare and unique, how could theirs be so widely demanded?

Most importantly, there were heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities, each time they occurred, a lot of resources and hard work would be destroyed. Even if the Gu Immortals survive the heavenly tribulation or earthly calamity, when they see their immortal aperture in bad shape, they would feel a strong sense of dejection.

Fairy Li Shan was very bold, other than supporting herself, she even helped Hei Lou Lan. Hei Lou Lan did not have a source of revenue, the two of them had huge needs for cultivation, she was providing for them both. But no matter how great her resolve was, her finances were starting to dwindle.

Other than material objects like immortal essence stones and immortal materials, Fairy Li Shan still had a lot of other things.

Many precious pieces of information were very valuable.

Fairy Li Shan had a huge network, she was a top tier information collector.

Fang Yuan's immortal materials were meant to be used in the Refinement Path Convention, but he had a huge quantity of them, it was fine to sell some to her.

Fang Yuan nodded, but he requested for an immortal killer move from Fairy Li Shan. He had been wanting this immortal killer move for ages, right now was the chance to extort it, Fang Yuan had to make good use of the chance.

Fairy Li Shan heard Fang Yuan's request and knew it was coming, she felt extremely bitter.

But circumstances were stronger than people, even if Fairy Li Shan did not want to, what could she do?

Time assist luck.

This was the name of the immortal killer move that Fang Yuan requested from Fairy Li Shan.

This immortal killer move used time luck Immortal Gu as the core, to steal other people's lifespan and boost the luck of oneself temporarily.

Fang Yuan had obtained time luck Immortal Gu from Fairy Li Shan earlier. He had wanted to use inch of time Gu in place of lifespan to activate time luck Immortal Gu, but the result was failure.

Inch of time and time luck Immortal Gu, although they could be used together, the former was expended too intensively. Later, Fang Yuan wanted to deduce an immortal killer move to reduce the expenditure of inch of time Gu.

But he still failed.

Although he could use the light of wisdom and gain unlimited inspiration, he had too few thoughts in his mind, it was not enough. Memory thought Gu and malicious thought Gu were still being refined, but the expenditure was greater than the production, he had little in storage.

Even if he had enough thoughts, Fang Yuan's time path attainment level was too low, there was little hope of getting any success.

But Fang Yuan knew that Fairy Li Shan had such an immortal killer move from the start, it used time luck Immortal Gu as the core. If he could use it well, it was a source of revenue not inferior to mountain pledge Gu.

Thus, Fang Yuan used this extremely rare opportunity to ask for this immortal killer move.

After obtaining it, he checked it and felt some curiosity, he asked Fairy Li Shan: "Where did you get this killer move from?"

"I am unable to answer that." Fairy Li Shan's expression was cold, her mood was terrible. Fang Yuan was taking advantage of the situation, but she had to ask him for help, she could only give in.

'The concept of this killer move is very familiar, is it from a lone cultivator of Northern Plains, Zhou Ye Zi? This person was very famous during the five regions chaotic war. He was originally a secluded cultivator that did not bother with worldly affairs, but when Northern Plains and Central Continent Gu Immortals fought a huge battle, the battle went to the area he was staying in, causing him to rage and instantly capture three Gu Immortals on the spot. Northern Plains asked him to fight, he refused, but because they were on the same side, he used a time path killer move on the Northern Plains' Gu Immortals, to protect their lives.'

This killer move had a weird name, it was very short, only one word. Not long after, it spread across the five regions, and Fang Yuan had heard of its famed name in his previous life, it was called — Delay.

The effect of the killer move was to delay damage, leaving some time for the Gu Immortals to find ways to heal themselves.

For example, a Gu Immortal who had 'delay' used on him would not die from a fatal blow, the damage would be delayed for a time period before taking effect.

Thus, the Gu Immortal would have a chance to seek help. During this period, the Gu Immortal can escape to get some time to recuperate and save himself. He can also fly to his ally and seek help. If it was a certain death situation, he could pass his cultivation resources to his descendants in the tribe, and place his blessed land in a secluded spot to not give his enemies any advantage.

Even though Northern Plains Gu Immortals had great battle strength, their numbers were fewer than those of Central Continent. Central Continent made the first moves, they formed arrangements and killed a batch of Northern Plains Gu Immortals first, causing Northern Plains to be at a disadvantage, facing defeat time after time.

But the appearance of 'delay' reduced Northern Plains' casualties greatly, it affected the battle situation to a large extent. In the end, Northern Plains and Central Continent were in a deadlock, Central Continent's plan of attacking and taking down Northern Plains rapidly was destroyed.

"If it really is Zhou Ye Zi, then Fairy Li Shan's ability to delay the damage of the alliance agreement would be the killer move delay. I really cannot ignore Fairy Li Shan's connections, she could actually get this lone cultivator to help, I wonder what price she paid?" Fang Yuan felt that this guess was quite probable.

Among Gu Immortals, there were many who hid their presence, they did not travel around, battle, or attend gatherings, they usually stayed in seclusion and cultivated.

Many people would be unknown to the world after their deaths, even if they had astonishing achievements. For example, the owner of Starry Sky grotto-heaven, when he was alive, he concealed himself very deeply and did not have much of a reputation, only until Starry Sky grotto-heaven was exposed, did his high cultivation level get revealed.

There were quite a number of such Gu Immortals. They were present among rank six, rank seven, and even rank eight. At least, Fang Yuan knew that there were more than five rank eight Gu Immortals in Northern Plains, only that they were hiding themselves.

Fang Yuan also thought about Purple Mountain True Monarch, this mysterious Gu Immortal did not show himself even once during the five regions chaotic war.

He could not but be moved, thinking to himself: "Countless streams flow into rivers, there is simply no end to the number of heroes and champions in this world!"

From start to finish, Fairy Li Shan did not expose any information regarding Zhou Ye Zi. This transaction, even though she paid a high price, was still successful, she had reached her goal.

Fairy Li Shan brought the immortal materials back to Snowy Mountain blessed land. For the following period of time, she was going to recuperate from her injuries, and resolve the issue of the alliance agreement. She also had to find out about methods to raise minimen, to gain the most benefits in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, Hei Lou Lan stayed behind.

Fang Yuan brought her along as they flew, in a short while, they reached their destination.

The two looked down from above, they saw that on the ground that was lush and green with vegetation, there were three humongous black-grey structures.

These were the three stone nests in Hu Immortal blessed land.

The stone nests had countless rooms inside, each room had at least one hairy man, they were refining Gu constantly, in an orderly fashion. This was the idea of a production line that was borrowed from Earth, resulting in a huge Gu refinement base that was created.

Splitting the refinement procedure of a Gu worm into dozens of steps, or even hundreds, and making each hairy man in charge of each step. Not only could the Gu recipe be kept as a secret, the familiarity of the hairy man will be higher, the success rate and quantity of the Gu refinement would be higher.

In the stone nests, airsac Gu were being produced.

Of course, there were explosions in the stone nests, they could be both mild or serious, fire could even break out, as the hairy men were engulfed in flames, crying in pain.

But the screams and cries would not travel to other rooms and interfere with the refinement from the other hairy men.

Each room had perfect soundproofing methods, not only were disturbances minimized, the hairy men were also prevented from communicating, this made them easier to control, they had no choice but to refine Gu.

Gu refinement carried risks, in fact, it was of similar danger to fighting.

Once explosions occurred due to accidents, the room would be filled with Gu worms that spat out water to eliminate the fire, or to heal the injuries.

When Gu refinement failed, the hairy men which suffered backlashes would be lucky if they survived.

The price for failure in some cases was death. In other cases, their brains might wither, they might go crazy, they might become handicapped, unable to refine Gu anymore.

Fang Yuan would heal mild injuries. But if they were heavily injured and became vegetables, the price for treating them would be too great, Fang Yuan would abandon and euthanize them.

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