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As it turned out, in the Tai Qiu battlefield, after Fang Yuan and the others left, Dong Fang Chang Fan gradually controlled his internal danger, the situation was turning around for him.

He was an old schemer, after Fang Yuan left, he realized this problem. He immediately guessed that the three mysterious black robed Gu Immortals were going to attack his base.

But he had made arrangements in Jade Pool blessed land, he was not worried, instead, he was glad that these demonic path Gu Immortals were splitting up, he could deal with Unfettered Scholar more easily this way!

But soon, he was shocked to find out that he had lost his connection with Thatched Hut!

This shock was no small matter.

Thatched Hut was Dong Fang Chang Fan's biggest treasure, it was heavily guarded by Dong Fang Chang Fan's arrangements, even against a rank eight Gu Immortal, it could hold on for a while. How could it lose its connection to him in such a short time without any warning?

Dong Fang Chang Fan immediately changed his plans, he gave up on the Tai Qiu battlefield, flying towards his base to salvage the situation.

Unfettered Scholar saw that Dong Fang Chang Fan was escaping, he had to chase after him relentlessly.

Dong Fang Chang Fan had not told Old Lord Can Yang the final critical steps yet, thus the latter also followed him, fighting as they traveled.

The two sides flew as they engaged in a huge aerial battle, the battlefield quickly shifted, after spending a lot of time, they reached Jade Pool blessed land.

Thatched Hut was missing, Jade Pool blessed land was broken open, as a hole appeared connecting to the outside world.

Seeing the demonic path Gu Immortals scavenging for resources openly, Dong Fang Chang Fan was extremely furious. He next saw the enslavement path Gu Immortal, Qie Shi Min, using his unique method to capture Dong Fang tribe's Gu Masters.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was so angry, countless star thoughts were flying out of his head, causing the hat on his head to fall off.

He was truly fuming.

"You demonic path scoundrels are truly unforgivable!" Dong Fang Chang Fan pointed his finger, disregarding the huge amount of immortal essence expenditure, he used his trump card killer move — Myriad Star Fireflies.

Hei Lou Lan and the others were still attacking captivating sea, they saw the countless starlight specks, starlight filling the sky like snow, it was extremely beautiful.

Such a beautiful sight instead made everyone on alert, they quickly stopped their previous actions as they changed their attacks, flying into the sky and attacking Dong Fang Chang Fan.

The current situation was very different from the circumstances in Tai Qiu.

In the Tai Qiu battlefield, the band of demonic path Gu Immortals were competing intensely for a wisdom path inheritance. But Dong Fang Chang Fan had used possession, the wisdom path inheritance would only be in his mind, there was little hope of them taking the inheritance.

But now, the huge Jade Pool blessed land had countless resources that were openly available to everyone, they could seize anything they wanted.

With such huge profits here, as long as they killed Dong Fang Chang Fan, they could continue looting the place, the band of demonic path Gu Immortals stopped fighting amongst themselves and worked together, they were extremely excited, and acted like a united group.

The demonic path Gu Immortals attacked together, Dong Fang Chang Fan's expression became very ugly, he felt his pressure intensifying as he shielded himself from all directions, he was at a disadvantage.

"Kill him and the entirety of Jade Pool blessed land would be ours!" Half Moon Brutemaster shouted.

"Other than this Jade Pool blessed land, there is still old scoundrel Dong Fang's wisdom path inheritance, that is the number one wisdom path inheritance in Northern Plains!" Peacock Flying Immortal He Ruo said with shining eyes.

"I can give up even the wisdom path inheritance, what I want is his possession method!" Pi Shui Han's expression was cold as he attacked unceasingly.

After Dong Fang Chang Fan retreated several times, he finally stabilized his situation after getting help from Old Lord Can Yang.

Being suppressed like this, the anger in him was reaching an extreme. After getting some time to rest, he smiled in spite of his anger: "I will make sure all of you die here!"

Saying so, an intense tremor occurred in Jade Pool blessed land.

The heavens shook and the earth trembled!

The demonic path Gu Immortals realized that all of their mortal killer moves lost much of their effectiveness.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was Dong Fang tribe's first supreme elder for so many years, he held a large amount of control over Jade Pool blessed land. Even though the blessed land was publicly owned by the tribe, and he could not manipulate it entirely, he had enough authority to use Jade Pool blessed land to repel these demonic path Gu Immortals.

Jade Pool blessed land was Dong Fang tribe's headquarters, Dong Fang Chang Fan had an advantage when he fought here.

It was only that the thieves came in when the owner was not around.

The demonic path Gu Immortals' attacks weakened, but Dong Fang Chang Fan did not continue to engage them, he flew down towards a certain gap in space.

He directly flew down into captivating sea, breaking the illusion and seeing that the sea of peach trees was in a pathetic state, the peach wolf group had mostly been killed until two or three were left, some wolf corpses had yet to be taken away, they were lying down near the peach trees, it was a miserable sight.

Dong Fang Chang Fan looked upon this, feeling his heart bleeding, many years of exhausting efforts had gone down the drain!

He suppressed his pain as he shouted: "Brother Fang, I protected your tribe for hundreds of years, we have an agreement to look after one another, I have never oppressed or harmed you. Now that my tribe is at a point of crisis, I need your help."

Dong Fang Chang Fan's voice reverberated in the air.

A few breaths later, a sharp voice resounded in the air, answering: "That is only natural."

After this was said, everyone saw a jade green light emerging from captivating sea, landing in Dong Fang Yu Liang's hands.

The jade green light faded, and a small mountain could be seen.

It was Miniscule Mountain!

"This is Miniscule Mountain!" Many demons were extremely excited.

Pi Shui Han, Hei Lou Lan, and some others had tense expressions.

Listening to the words exchanged between Dong Fang Chang Fan and the miniman Gu Immortal, it appeared that Miniscule Mountain was not actually owned by Dong Fang tribe, instead, the miniman tribe and Dong Fang tribe had come to an agreement, they were allies.

To be able to become Dong Fang tribe's ally, the miniman tribe should have corresponding foundation and power.

With Miniscule Mountain in his hands, Dong Fang Chang Fan laughed, his sharp gaze swept through the band of demonic cultivators.

He had no hesitation, his inner fury was urging him to take revenge!

"Today is the day you all die!" Dong Fang Chang Fan held Miniscule Mountain as he moved his fingers, manipulating myriad star fireflies to attack the demonic path immortals.

Countless starlight specks moved, it was like a huge blue wave, his sleeves were fluttering in the air, as if he was a transcendent being among men, his aura surged as it made the demonic cultivators feel fear.

Fading Heavenly Flower!

Thousand Disintegrations!

Ice Dragon Lock!

Strength Path Giant Hand!

The rank seven battle strength experts attacked at once, four immortal killer moves were aimed at Dong Fang Chang Fan.

Mortal killer moves were unusable already, only immortal killer moves had any useful effect.

'Final afterglow', Old Lord Can Yang muttered inwardly, he reinforced both him and Dong Fang Chang Fan, before waving his sleeve and shooting out the life chasing fire.

The life chasing fire went after Unfettered Scholar, who was the biggest threat, he was forced to retreat as he lost his attacking position.

Unfettered Scholar bellowed angrily, this had already happened many times, life chasing fire always forced him to use thousand disintegrations on himself to cancel out the attack. Dong Fang Chang Fan had been struggling at death's doors many times already, but he refused to die!

After thousand disintegrations was diverted, the remaining ice dragon, strength path giant hand, and heavenly flower was still going after Dong Fang Chang Fan.

Dong Fang Chang Fan raised Miniscule Mountain up high, the closer the demonic path Gu Immortals' killer moves approached Miniscule Mountain, the weaker they became.

In the end, the ice dragon turned into an ice snake, the strength path giant hand shrank to less than one percent of its original size, and the heavenly flower faded and wilted.

When these attacks finally reached Dong Fang Chang Fan, he waved his sleeves and blocked them easily.

"Immortal killer move — Big to Small!" Pi Shui Han's expression was cold, he found out the enemy's method immediately.

It turned out that the miniman race Gu Immortal with the surname Fang in Miniscule Mountain was a rule path Gu Immortal, he had the rule path Immortal Gu 'Small'!

He led the miniman tribe and made an alliance with Dong Fang tribe, to obtain space for his tribe to live. At this point, when he made his move, he used an extraordinary method and suppressed the demons' surge of power.

All of the demons frowned.

Hei Lou Lan was already feeling regret, if she knew that Miniscule Mountain would be so strong, she would not have gone all in. Many demons attacked captivating sea forcefully, even though they defeated the peach wolf group, that was not enough for Miniscule Mountain to use that killer move.

"This is somewhat troublesome, to solve this problem, we will have to rely on you, Unfettered Scholar." Pi Shui Han turned back, talking to Unfettered Scholar.

Unfettered Scholar snorted coldly: "At this crucial moment, who else can be relied upon but me?"

Pi Shui Han's eyelids trembled, but he did not rebuke him.

Unfettered Scholar was also a rule path Gu Immortal, he had the rule path Immortal Gu 'Disintegrate', he similarly had the immortal killer move 'thousand disintegrations'.

To counter rule path with rule path was the most effective option.

At once, the demons battled Dong Fang Chang Fan, Old Lord Can Yang, and the miniman Gu Immortal with Unfettered Scholar at the lead.

The demons attacked one by one, trying to provide an opportunity for Unfettered Scholar.

Unfettered Scholar grabbed onto the opportunity and used thousand disintegrations on Miniscule Mountain.

Thousand disintegrations was used against big to small, but it was countered by the latter.

"Your rule path Immortal Gu is only rank six, my 'small' Gu is rank seven, how can you beat me?" The miniman Gu Immortal's laughter could be heard coming from Miniscule Mountain, it was smug and arrogant.

Unfettered Scholar's expression was grim, he could not refute it. His foundation was weaker compared to the miniman tribe.

The situation was becoming worse for the demonic path's side.

Dong Fang Chang Fan had Miniscule Mountain, he also had Old Lord Can Yang watching out for him, he was in an impregnable position. As the killer move, myriad star fireflies, became stronger, his battle strength would surge with it. Eventually, it would end in a victory for him, he would defeat the band of demons and return to the world of Northern Plains' Gu Immortals with a domineering display.

The demons thought hard, but they had no way to counter big to small.

The only tactic left for them was to attack forcefully, using their advantage in numbers to drain all of the enemy's immortal essence.

But demonic path Gu Immortals were loners, they usually only considered their own interests, they did not want to expend too much of their own resources, it was not worth it.

Just as they were worrying, the demonic path Gu Immortal Zhou Ping shouted angrily: "Damn it, my literature carps were taken away!"

The demons looked over following the voice and saw that at the periphery of the battlefield, Fang Yuan, who was above a deep pool, was drawing the water into his own immortal aperture.

Seeing this, even Hei Lou Lan transmitted a message to Fang Yuan in fury: "Fang Yuan, what are you doing!"

The demons were fighting a tough battle, in the end, they realized that someone was stealing resources while they were occupied.

This was like a situation where everyone was in a boat, paddling and moving forward. In the end, one of their companions decided to start fishing and even caught a big fat fish, keeping it for himself!

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