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Immortal killer move — Life Chasing Fire!

Old Lord Can Yang looked solemn as he slowly opened up his hand, revealing a weak flame.

The faint yellow flame swayed, appearing dim and weak, as if it would extinguish at any moment.

Old Lord Can Yang's pupils, however, let out a sharp and bright radiance, and as he gazed at this flame in his hand, a proud expression appeared on his face.

This was the supreme technique which he had used to make his name and shake Central Continent!

"Life chasing fire, go." Old Lord Can Yang lightly shook his palm; the life chasing fire made a whooshing sound as it shot out rapidly.

The star will quickly opened up a path.

The unremarkable-looking life chasing fire moved out of the blood veil and pierced into the cold iceberg.


Almost at the same instant, there was a large yellow flame that blazed to the sky and burned the whole iceberg.

Almost all the demonic path Gu Immortals in the air were taken aback at this change.

Soon, they revealed odd expressions.

The reason was, although the fire was fierce, it had no heat; the iceberg covered in the fire was completely undamaged with no signs of melting down.

Some demonic path Gu Immortals were just about to ridicule it, when the rank seven demonic path Gu Immortal, Pi Shui Han, suddenly let out a miserable scream.

Everyone followed the voice and saw a sight that gave them a great shock.

Pi Shui Han was covered in fire, of such intensity that his whole face twisted in pain. Great amounts of cold air were being let off from his body and a river of water started flowing around him, like a dragon coiling around his body. The faint yellow fire, however, did not weaken, instead looking like it was growing even fiercer.

"What move is this?"

"How did Pi Shui Han get attacked, why didn't I see it?"

"Such a strange fire, everyone evade it!"

The demonic path Gu Immortals retreated one after the other, while looking with lingering fear at Pi Shui Han exerting all his efforts to extinguish the fire.

"This fire, could it be… life chasing fire? Not good!" Fang Yuan's mind was shaken as he realized something amiss, and quickly withdrew the eight strength path giant hands.

But it was already too late.

The fire burned the iceberg and quickly had spread to the eight strength path giant hands.

The strength path giant hands were completely unharmed, but a faint flame had emerged out of thin air in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture, quietly burning his one hundred and sixty thousand strength path phantoms!

These strength path phantoms had their arms raised, they had been providing the strength to form the eight strength path giant hands in the outside world.

They were bathed in the fire, but were completely safe.

Fang Yuan's heart shivered at this sight.

"This is truly that killer move, life chasing fire!" Fang Yuan was aware of the terrifying power of this move, he quickly made a decision and willed, the one hundred and sixty thousand strength path phantoms collapsed.

Without these strength path phantoms, the eight strength path giant hands pulling the iceberg also crumbled apart.

Boom, the ruin bat's corpse mountain heavily fell down, producing a huge tremor, the surrounding ground cracked and countless stones were splattered, leaving dust swirling everywhere.

Fang Yuan suffered an intense backlash from forcibly halting use of Pulling Mountain! He felt intense dizziness and nausea, his body shook and he almost fell down from the air.

Hei Lou Lan saw this and quickly moved to support him.

Fang Yuan, however, evaded and shouted: "Don't approach me!"

He quickly retreated backwards, a faint yellow flame started to burn his body like Pi Shui Han.

At the same time, Unfettered Scholar turned pale. He was also struck by this move and his body was similarly burning in fire.

"This fire path immortal killer move can actually detect auras and follow our attacks back to the source, directly reaching our immortal apertures!" Unfettered Scholar was greatly shocked.

Unfettered Scholar realized at this moment why Pi Shui Han was in a panic.

Not only were their bodies burning, the fire was spreading in their immortal apertures as well. The former was okay, but the latter was a Gu Immortal's headquarters, their foundation that had been managed meticulously for countless years, and also where innumerable cultivation resources had been stored inside.

Now that this foundation was being burned, it was like the fire was burning directly at the Gu Immortal's heart, make them bleed from the heartache.

Pi Shui Han not only was extinguishing the fire on his body, he was even more importantly putting out the fire in his immortal aperture. But the strange thing was, this fire could not be extinguished by water or ice.

The surrounding demonic path Gu Immortals started to move away from Fang Yuan, Unfettered Scholar and Pi Shui Han, fearing this strange fire would spread to them as well.

"Why are the flames on Fang Yuan weaker than the other two?" Hei Lou Lan was bewildered.

The remaining Gu Immortals soon discovered this difference. Immediately, Fang Yuan looked even more unfathomable to everyone.

Unfettered Scholar's gaze also paused on Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's situation was much better than the other two. There was only a thin layer of flames on him, as if they were the fires of an oil lamp, while the flames on Pi Shui Han and Unfettered Scholar were blazing like a torch.

In just a few breaths of time, Unfettered Scholar's body was already mostly burnt and started to emit the smell of burning meat.

Unfettered Scholar himself was calm and not particularly panicked, the reason was that he still had a trump card!

Immortal killer move — Thousand Disintegrations!

He wildly activated the killer move, the light in his white pupils turned even more vigorous.

But this time, the light did not shine on the iceberg and the blood veil, instead it shined on himself, on his immortal aperture.

The faint yellow flame started to disintegrate continuously under the white light, weakening rapidly.

Soon, the flames on his body completely dispersed and the fire in his immortal aperture was also suppressed.

Thousand disintegrations was very useful, it could not only be used to attack enemies, but could also be used for defense. Offense and defense in one move, and its power was also extraordinary.

In a short while, Fang Yuan also stood up, the fire on his body completely dissipated.

Only Pi Shui Han was still trying out all sorts of methods, but the flames on him were instead burning even more. His whole body was darkened from burns, the intense odor of burnt meat was spreading everywhere. He had no choice but to activate healing Gu to heal his injuries and also endure the burning of the fire.

He shouted furiously, he felt pain not only physically, but also heartache mentally.

The fire was spreading in his immortal aperture, large amounts of resources were being burnt to nothingness, but he still had no way to put out this fire.

"What to do? What to do!" Pi Shui Han thought rapidly in extreme anxiety.

Fang Yuan and Unfettered Scholar just watched on coldly and silently. The remaining demonic path Gu Immortals stood further away, some gazes were flickering, eager to make some trouble.

If Pi Shui Han were to be seriously injured and weakened, these demonic path Gu Immortals would absolutely be moved and interested in attacking Pi Shui Han, adding on to his misfortune.

Suddenly, Pi Shui Han gave a loud shout before soaring high, and with his whole body in flames, he shot far away like a meteor.

This fire was giving him enormous trouble, and there were many demonic path Gu Immortals present, he could not stick around. Pi Shui Han's retreat was a wise choice.

Seeing him rapidly disappear into the horizon, several demonic path Gu Immortals at the periphery also stealthily left, following the trail of Pi Shui Han.

In the hall, Old Lord Can Yang laughed heartily, saying to Dong Fang Chang Fan's star will: "How was that?"

"Truly worthy of being called life chasing fire." The star will nodded, "This fire has the ability to trace auras back to their source. Gu Immortals normally place Gu worms in their immortal apertures, thus this fire would burn their immortal apertures. This fire also uses life as the fuel, as long as life has not been extinguished, it will keep on burning. Thus, special methods must be used to extinguish this fire, like the technique of thousand disintegrations. If one doesn't have such methods, then they have to be resolute in cutting off the burning part, restraining it from burning sources of life force within their body as much as possible. As long as the life force is used up, this fire will disperse. Unfortunately, this Pi Shui Han did not think of this point and continuously healed himself which increased his life force, increasing the intensity of the fire."

The star will chuckled as it said this, and praised: "Old Lord Can Yang, your move is a truly unique and innovative method. As long as this fire strikes the enemy, they will fall into chaos. If it is allowed to keep on burning, even the wealthier Gu Immortals will have their foundations greatly damaged and have no battle intent."

Listening to the star will praise his method so much, Old Lord Can Yang's pleased expression instead disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy look.

The reason for Old Lord Can Yang's fame was the killer move life chasing fire.

Once this fire burned, even if it was eliminated, the enemy would be low in spirits. If they attacked, the fire could follow the attack and burn their immortal aperture.

Immortal apertures were the foundations of Gu Immortals, and it would be greatly damaged if it was burned a few times. Even if the fire did not burn the enemy to death, it could ruin them.

Thus, Old Lord Can Yang had already been able to roam unhindered around Central Continent in his early years, and was very well known. Gu Immortals fighting him would have a headache.

After becoming rank seven, Old Lord Can Yang did not wander around much, but just based on his battle strength, he was in the top five of Immortal Crane Sect! The matter of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building's collapse was simply too important, so Immortal Crane Sect had sent him to Northern Plains to investigate the culprit.

Once life chasing fire was used, it restrained Fang Yuan and Unfettered Scholar, and caused Pi Shui Han to retreat in a miserable state. Old Lord Can Yang was repelling the enemies on the surface, but was covertly also trying to intimidate Dong Fang Chang Fan.

However, Dong Fang Chang Fan was aware of the details of life chasing fire, his words were appreciative, but in truth were a counterattack against Old Lord Can Yang.

If Old Lord Can Yang could still show a good expression, that would be strange.

"Life chasing fire… Old Lord Can Yang… why is he here?" Fang Yuan hovered in the air, looking at the blood veil below in uncertainty and doubt.

He might have his previous life's memories, but there was an extremely large difference between having them and being all-knowing and omnipotent, Dong Fang Chang Fan's possession scheme was kept in extreme secrecy and Fang Yuan was not aware of it.

Now that he saw a Central Continent Gu Immortal mixed up with Dong Fang Chang Fan's inheritance, he naturally felt surprised and bewildered.

When Old Lord Can Yang repelled him, he had done so evasively, and had not revealed his identity at all.

Old Lord Can Yang had methods to conceal his aura and with them being used, his aura was the same as a Northern Plains Gu Immortal's. The other demonic path Gu Immortals did not discover anything wrong, which showed how ingenious Old Lord Can Yang's methods were.

'Not good.' Fang Yuan inwardly shouted, thoughts of retreating rose up inside him..

He knew Central Continent's forces had secretly infiltrated into Northern Plains to search for him, the culprit. He also knew someone had gone to Northern Plains Zombie Alliance with suspicions about his Sha Huang identity.

"The reason I could resolve life chasing fire was because I knew the details of this move and made the decision quickly. And as an immortal zombie, I am among the living dead, my immortal aperture is a dead land with sparse life force, thus it could not be burned. Old Lord Can Yang has plenty of experience, he might have already discerned that I am an immortal zombie. Hiding myself like this, perhaps he might become suspicious!" The more Fang Yuan thought, the heavier his state of mind.

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