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"Unravel mystery Immortal Gu… unravel mystery Immortal Gu…" Fang Yuan muttered, his finger was tapping on the handle of his seat as it made soft noises.

Bidding could be heard all over the auction hall. At the end of the auction, such a huge treasure like the Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe appeared, this was an unexpected surprise.

Ordinary lone cultivators did not need to consider it, only the rank seven Gu Immortals in super forces or rank eight great experts could have any chance in competing for it.

Especially the super forces, the allure of the Immortal Gu House was extremely great for the super forces.

The price rose at an absurd speed, climbing rapidly. Even though this was the open transaction, everyone was fighting for the good, they subconsciously returned to the auction format that was used previously.

Qin Bai Sheng laughed bitterly.

The regulations were set by him, but seeing these experts screaming their lungs out, he chose to watch on the sidelines. At this point, talking about regulations would just offend all of these powerhouses.

"Do you see, this is the attraction of the Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe, your Zombie Alliance was simply too stingy!" The seller acted arrogantly upon seeing this, sending a message to the two leaders of Zombie Alliance.

Dragon Commander Ye Cha's face darkened.

Yin Liu Gong was sighing helplessly, looking at this price, it was already higher than what the Zombie Alliance was planning to pay. And this was not the end, the price was still climbing.

Yin Liu Gong was a sensible person, he knew that at this point, the Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe could not belong to Zombie Alliance. When leader returns, who knew would she criticize him, for being so incapable in handling this matter.

As Fang Yuan listened to the bids, he assessed quietly in his mind.

"I have four Gu Immortal captives left. One of them is Wu Hao, known as Rushing Thunder Hand, he is the only rank seven captive I have. There are three others, they are the three Hua Hai immortals, they cultivate wood path."

Evidently, there was little chance of success if he wanted to use these four Gu Immortal captives to trade for Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's unravel mystery Immortal Gu.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was an enslavement path Gu Immortal, with a different path, the allure of these four Gu Immortal captives was greatly lowered.

The other point was, Immortal Gu were unique, and unravel mystery Immortal Gu was very useful, if not for the attraction of the Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu would not have exposed such a good Gu.

"If I try to trade it directly, it would not work. The strength path Immortal Gu that I just obtained have no use to Heavenly Lord Bai Zu. If I use calamity beckoning Immortal Gu, I will be exchanging a rank seven for a rank six, that exchange would be at a loss. As for Fixed Immortal Travel and Connect Luck, they are indispensable to me, I cannot trade them away."

But Fang Yuan did not want to give up on unravel mystery Immortal Gu.

If he missed this chance, if he missed this situation, even if he had the resources in the future, it would be hard to trade for it.

Unravel mystery Immortal Gu was not a necessity to Fang Yuan. But in his memories, he had to way to use this Gu as the core, in combination with other rare supplementary Gu worms, he could conjure a dream path killer move!

A dream path immortal killer move!

At this time, the prophecy of the three venerables had spread throughout the five regions, because of Great Dream Immortal Venerable, almost all of the super forces and rank eight powerhouses were researching dream path.

Although their research results were shallow, dream realms were already starting to manifest.

There were already two dream path Immortal Gu he knew of in this life.

One was in Feng Jin Huang's hands, the other was in Lady Poison Scorpion's possession. To speak of it, the latter was more problematic. Feng Jin Huang was still a mortal lass, but Lady Poison Scorpion was in her blessed land, slumbering as she explored a dream realm.

Everyone knew that dream path was the trend of the future. Thus, they treasured anything relating to this path greatly, many dream path mortal Gu that they refined were not shown to the world, they were the greatest mysteries of each force.

Those who were able to become Gu Immortals were dragons among men, they had good foresight and were very shrewd individuals.

Even in an auction of such scale, there had been no dream path related treasures sold.

Fang Yuan knew about the Gu recipes of many dream path mortal Gu. But mortal Gu were not helpful towards the exploration of dream realms. Otherwise, the major forces would have started exploring dream realms en masse already.

The truly useful ones were dream path Immortal Gu.

But the amazing thing was, be it the two that appeared now, or the dream path Immortal Gu that appeared in the future according to Fang Yuan's memories, they were all in the hands of women.

Perhaps this was explained by the Prophecy of Three Venerables, stating two male Venerables and one female Venerable. With this, one could deduce that Great Dream Immortal Venerable would be a female Immortal Venerable.

Within a short time, Fang Yuan would not be able to obtain a dream path Immortal Gu. But if he had a dream path immortal killer move, then that could substitute for the effect of a dream path Immortal Gu!

Gu are the essence of heaven and earth, man is the spirit of all living beings.

One could say — the use of Gu depended on the user. There was no strongest Gu worm, only a strongest Gu Master. Genius Gu Masters could often match different Gu worms together, unleashing a greater effect from that.

For example, Fang Yuan did not have a strength path Immortal Gu previously, but he used the soul path cleanse soul Immortal Gu, combined with other mortal Gu, to form the immortal killer move myriad self, creating a starting point of the path formed from the convergence of enslavement and strength.

This dream path immortal killer move was the same case, the core Immortal Gu was of wisdom path, Unravel Mystery, but it was a dream path killer move.

"If I can obtain this Gu, I will be able to collect dream realm Gu materials and refine the various mortal Gu. Even though it would spend some time, but once I succeed in forming my killer move, the rewards will be immensely more profitable! I will be able to make up for the regret during my previous life, becoming a pioneer in the exploration of dream realms, being ahead of all the forces in this world, being ahead of the superpowers!"

Fang Yuan's mouth turned dry as he thought about it.

He estimated, the potential value coming from this dream path killer move was in no way lower than wisdom Gu. It was only beneath what had come from Spring Autumn Cicada and Hu Immortal blessed land, but higher than all-out effort Gu.

Among the countless opportunities in Fang Yuan's previous life, the most valuable one was Spring Autumn Cicada. Even though it was rank six, far inferior to wisdom Gu's rank nine, it could allow Fang Yuan to be reborn and start again. Even if there was a chance of failure, didn't he succeed every time until now? If he failed the first time, it would have been the worst opportunity he ever had. But it had succeeded, it was deserving of being his greatest fortune.

Next was Hu Immortal blessed land. It had allowed Fang Yuan to have the foundation of a Gu Immortal despite being a mortal, standing on the shoulder of a former Gu Immortal. After becoming an immortal zombie, it made up for his weakness in his aspect. It was because of this blessed land that Fang Yuan had ample foundation. The cultivation of Gu Immortals was not just about fighting and killing, economic management was the biggest foundation base.

Third was wisdom Gu, using the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan gained unlimited inspiration, it rapidly pulled him out of his slump. But that was built on the blessed land and his own foundation. In the future, if he truly controlled it, it might bring Fang Yuan a pleasant surprise. But for now, it was third.

The fourth was all-out effort Gu, even though this mortal Gu was only rank four, he obtained it at a very crucial moment. It was the first springboard since Fang Yuan's rebirth. Without all-out effort Gu, Fang Yuan would not have had such incredible battle strength. Without his battle strength, he would not have been able to participate in the three kings inheritance.

As for the dream path killer move, if he obtained it, Fang Yuan would be able to use it well and the value would be equal to the current use of wisdom Gu.

After this time period, the value of dream path killer moves would fall drastically. When dream realms undergo complete external manifestation, and dream path would be thriving all over, this killer move's value would fall beyond belief.

The value of opportunities depended on the timing.

Spring Autumn Cicada was very valuable, but if Fang Yuan became a Demon Venerable and was invincible in the world, why would he need it?

This was also the case for Hu Immortal blessed land, if Fang Yuan obtained it after becoming a Gu Immortal and had his own healthy blessed land, the value he received from it would be far lower.

The same logic applied to wisdom Gu, all-out effort Gu, and this dream path killer move.

"But I definitely need the core Immortal Gu, Unravel Mystery, to use this dream path killer move, otherwise, all of this is empty talk." Fang Yuan looked at the auction again.

At this moment, there were few competitors left.

Feng Jiu Ge and Old Ancestor Xue Hu were out of the competition. These two had spent a great amount to buy Ma and Zhao, their foundations were shaken and they no longer were able to compete.

Yao Huang had backed out regrettably as well. He had purchased some refinement path Immortal Gu, as well as many Gu Immortal captives. With the huge resource consumption of refinement path, all sorts of restrictions forced him to back out.

Five Elements Grandmaster had stopped long ago, he had bought many Immortal Gu of the mainstream paths, and he was also a lone cultivator.

The last ones remaining were Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, the Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortal, and three super forces, they were: Yuan tribe, Murong tribe, and Chanyu tribe.

Soon, Chanyu tribe left the competition as well. Even though Yuan tribe's Yuan Rang Zun was screaming that he wanted to sell all of the true martial carps away, he could not make up his mind. After all, Yuan tribe already had their own Immortal Gu House.

Thus, only Murong tribe, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, and Heavenly Lord Bai Zu were left.

"Murong Jin Xiao, my force has no Immortal Gu House to defend it, this is very dangerous. If you can let go today, I will definitely compensate you well." In the secret room, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortal urged.

Murong Jin Xiao shook his head, paying respects as he smiled: "Lord, my Murong tribe's Immortal Gu House is lacking a core Immortal Gu, everyone in Northern Plains know that. This matter involves huge benefits for my tribe, please forgive me for my insolence, I want to fight for it, whether it ends in success or failure, I do not want to be resigned."

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortal sighed faintly, he no longer said anything apart from raising the bid.

"It seems that I still have some hope!" The price was already at two Immortal Gu, it had far exceeded the value of four Gu Immortal captives, but Fang Yuan's gaze was becoming more excited.

"Even though the Red Fiend Divine Boat is good, no core Immortal Gu are being sold. The Immortal Gu that the three of them are offering are rank six, they have little use. Two Immortal Gu are the limit, those three are already thinking hard, their bids are increasing very slowly. After all, even if they obtained this Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe, it only involves the entirety of the Immortal Gu recipes, they still needed to spend a huge sum refining the Gu."

"The seller is a wood path cultivator, he wants resources useful to his cultivation. Among these six Immortal Gu, only one is wood path, it comes from Murong tribe, but it is an investigative Immortal Gu. Hehe, this is great. Forget about the last Gu Immortal, Rushing Thunder Hand Wu Hao, that I still have, but the three Hua Hai immortals are wood path Gu Immortals, I can make good use of this situation in a plan."

Fang Yuan moved quickly, he immediately informed Qin Bai Sheng and contacted Heavenly Lord Bai Zu.

"The three parties are in a stalemate now, I do not have a wood path Immortal Gu, and Murong tribe has the greatest chance now, maybe I can use this to break the stalemate?"

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu was moved, he changed his bid, he first took down unravel mystery Immortal Gu and put up the three Hua Hai immortals.

The seller's eyes brightened, he hesitated for a bit before choosing Heavenly Lord Bai Zu.

He was an astute person.

To him, even though the other two sides had an additional Immortal Gu, only one of them had a wood path Immortal Gu. But in Heavenly Lord Bai Zu's bid, there was a movement Immortal Gu and three wood path immortal apertures, he could swallow them and gain a huge boost in cultivation level!

He sold the Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe, he had already offended Zombie Alliance, his current concerns were to protect his life and develop in secret.

What suited himself had the greatest value.

Heavenly Lord Bai Zu did not have any interest in the three Hua Hai immortals, but the seller needed them urgently.

As for Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, he did not make any losses, he still paid a price of two Immortal Gu. Since he had already decided to give up unravel mystery Immortal Gu, did it matter who it ended up with? Selling it to Fang Yuan, he broke the stalemate and obtained the Red Fiend Divine Boat recipe.

As for Fang Yuan, he finally obtained unravel mystery Immortal Gu.

"This is a mutual win for three parties. Hahaha." He laughed heartily.

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