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They appeared before a thick forest which was verdant and lush, the foot of the mountain was serene and fog filled the place.

Fang Yuan had already activated lion fur armor to protect him tightly. He used all his concentration to quickly scan his surroundings and discovered that he had appeared on the waist of a mountain.

Surrounding him were tall ancient trees, and even his six meter tall immortal zombie body could not reach one-third of these giant trees.

Raising his head, he gazed at the sky through the opening between the lush leaves.

The sky was a tranquil green color. There were six giant shadows of stars in the green sky, they appeared to be six round moons in the color of red, brown, yellow, blue, purple and white.

Fang Yuan opened his immortal aperture, and Hei Lou Lan shortly appeared outside, stepping on the mountain stones.

Her eyes flashed with bright light as she looked around: "This is inside Starry Sky grotto-heaven?"

"It is indeed, let's go. The desolate beast that I want to kill, star demon bat, should be nearby."

The two did not know the exact location of the star demon bat, thus they casually chose a direction and moved along it.

While moving forward, the two used investigative methods to scan around them all the time. After advancing to a Gu Immortal, they had unlimited primeval essence and could use mortal Gu freely.

The two had also made ample preparations before they had come here.

Although they did not have investigative killer moves, they had prepared large numbers of investigative Gu worms of all paths to not only enhance their vision and hearing, but also to sense the slight tremors when they walked, and to smell any odd odors when they breathed. At the same time, they spread out their divine senses to cover their surroundings, attaining completion in all aspects of scouting.

Time flowed little by little, but this forest did not seem to have any end.

"Five minutes have already gone by, there seems to be something wrong!" Hei Lou Lan stopped and solemnly asked Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan nodded, saying in a deep voice: "Indeed, we have already been in Starry Sky grotto-heaven for some time now but haven't actually encountered a single wild beast. There are only trees or fog. Whether we go up the mountain or down, or move in any direction, things all look the same."

Hei Lou Lan looked up: "Let's fly."

The two carefully flew up.

The green sky was completely empty; if the two flew high up, they would be very conspicuous and it would be extremely easy for them to be discovered by beast groups and get surrounded.

Thus for safety purposes, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan had chosen to move along the ground.

Right now, the two took the risk to attempt flying, but the result was disappointing.

The higher they flew up, the thicker the fog became. Finally, the fog became so thick that they could not even see their own fingers.

Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan's investigative methods were greatly restricted in this fog.

The two discussed and chose to be cautious, not willing to continue taking this risk, they descended to the ground.

"Has the Starry Sky heavenly spirit already begun to target us?" Hei Lou Lan guessed.

"The situation here, if it is not a unique law of the grotto-heaven, then it is an illusion, quietly disturbing our sense of direction and obstructing our true senses. Unfortunately, I don't have any investigative killer moves." Fang Yuan replied.

"Don't you have wisdom path methods?" Wisdom path is also specialized in resolving these kinds of circumstances." Hei Lou Lan asked while frowning.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "I indeed have some wisdom path methods, but they are rather special, they cannot deduce directions. How about you, do you have any investigative killer moves?"

Hei Lou Lan snorted lightly and raised her two delicate fists: "I don't have any investigative killer moves, but I do have offensive killer moves! Self Strength!"

She suddenly punched out with her two fists, sending out majestic fist qi.

The fist qi surged all around and rapidly condensed into strength path phantoms.

These strength path phantoms had fat bodies like bears with triangular eyes and jagged teeth. It was the male shape Hei Lou Lan had disguised as before.

Fang Yuan took a few steps back to give Hei Lou Lan sufficient space.

These strength path phantoms pounced at Hei Lou Lan's main body. The phantoms merged together and soon covered Hei Lou Lan, forming a giant strength path phantom.

This killer move had astonishing might, Hei Lou Lan had used it before in Northern Plains to destroy the flying bear phantom.

She again raised a fist.

The giant fist ruthlessly smashed at an ancient tree on the side.

The thick and sturdy ancient tree immediately broke into two; the lower half remained at the ground but was shaking intensely, the soil around it splattered to reveal the tree roots. The upper half was directly sent flying, cutting through the wind as it collided with another ancient tree, smashing two to three branches.

Boom boom boom...

Hei Lou Lan punched and kicked, the heavy punches and kicks shook the earth, stones flew, trees toppled down and the fog dispersed.

Fang Yuan flew into the sky, his sight was now much more clear.

He saw this forest only had the range of a hundred li, he and Hei Lou Lan had been moving in a circle.

Outside of this forest, he saw a scene abundant in nature and life; the wild beasts roaming around, the cries of birds and insects, the gurgling of streams and wild flowers swaying with the wind.

"It seems this forest itself was special, it should be an extinct tree species. Your information source is somewhat dubious, our entry was actually in this forest." The giant strength path phantom transmitted its divine sense to communicate with Fang Yuan.

Even Fang Yuan, with his plentiful experiences from his previous life and broad vision, did not recognize the origin of this kind of tree.

He gave a bitter laugh and changed the topic: "After the trees became sparse, this forest no longer has the bewilderment effect. We should take some and plant it in our own blessed lands, maybe we can make some profits."

There was absolutely no issue with the information source.

Because he himself was the information supplier.

In his previous life, Starry Sky grotto-heaven had shattered into many parts which then fell towards Central Continent. When Fang Yuan had sent people to explore the grotto-heaven's fragment world, this forest was already in a different shape, much of it had been damaged and thus it did not show any special effects.

This was an warning to Fang Yuan — although he had previous life's memories, however he had come early to Starry Sky grotto-heaven in this life, the situation was different, and he could not blindly rely on these memories.

The giant strength path phantom gazed at these ancient trees: "Even if you had not said it, I intended to do it."

When the two had just taken four to five trees, a dog shaped desolate beast charged down from the top of the mountain.

The dog shaped desolate beast growled, not concealing the fierce glare of its eyes as it looked directly at Hei Lou Lan. Hei Lou Lan's strength path phantom giant was not concealed by the trees and was exceptionally conspicuous.

Fang Yuan looked at the source of the growl and saw the desolate beast. Its body was as large as a small hill, and glossy azure fur covered it. Whether it was its head, stomach, back, tail or its limbs, they were all covered with star shaped stripes. These stripes were emitting faint blue radiance.

Fang Yuan recognized this beast with just one glance, immediately reminding Hei Lou Lan: "This is a star desolate hound, it should be this mountain's overlord. Let's check how powerful the desolate beasts in Starry Sky grotto-heaven are. If it is weak, don't kill it, it is best if we capture it alive, I have other uses for it!"

Hei Lou Lan frowned.

She had an extreme physique strength path immortal body and possessed several great strength path Immortal Gu; it was not difficult for her to kill a desolate beast, but she still had some difference between the level of capturing a desolate beast alive.

However, Fang Yuan continued: "You take the lead, I will support. Decide it according to the situation, if we can really capture it alive, I will use immortal essence stones to pay you."

"Alright, then let's do it like that." Hei Lou Lan was not an irresolute person, with a loud shout, the giant strength path phantom took large and loud steps as it charged towards the star desolate hound.

The star desolate hound fiercely charged down from above and pounced at the giant strength path phantom.

Hei Lou Lan was not to be outdone and immediately punched and kicked, clashing with the star desolate hound. The two huge figures rolled down from partway up the mountain towards the foot, like a rolling gourd.

It was like a giant compactor had steamrolled through a path, as the trees were toppled, protruding boulders were smashed and beast and birds who had not time to escape were crushed into paste.

Fang Yuan flapped his bat wings and flew down.

Eight lumps of starlight condensed separately on his eight monstrous claws, but they did not crash down yet.

Hei Lou Lan's giant strength path phantom was rolling and turning around at times as it clashed with the star desolate hound, like a rolling wheel. The fight was fierce but the situation was still not decided, the attacks moved so quickly that even an old demon like Fang Yuan was not able to find an opportunity to interfere.


Dust flew up, the giant phantom and the desolate beast rolled down to the foot of the mountain before finally stopping.

The star desolate hound fiercely pounced on the giant phantom. It raised its head and opened its mouth, revealing the snow-white canines that were as sharp as swords and long as halberds, and bit down.

Fang Yuan saw the chance, his eight arms moved and the eight lumps of starlight that had accumulated enough energy slammed down.

Bam bam bam...

A series of explosions resounded, the star desolate hound furiously barked, its attack was interrupted.

The giant hound head shook in every direction, flinging off the starlight lumps.

However, Hei Lou Lan obtained the critical opportunity due to this, letting out a fierce attack.

The giant strength path phantom bent its knee and fiercely struck a crucial part between the star desolate hound's rear legs.


The star desolate hound immediately let out an extremely painful cry, its giant body fiercely jumped like it had been electrocuted and bounced around in the lush forest.

Fang Yuan immediately fluttered over, not giving the star desolate hound any time to recover.

He flapped his wings in the sky, moving nimbly like a fly as he threw down lumps of starlight right at the star desolate hound's vital areas like eyes, mouth and anus.

The star desolate hound bounced around everywhere but it was gradually not able to hide from Fang Yuan's crafty attacks and started to whine in pain.

The star desolate hound had defensive wild Gu on it.

But facing a killer move like icy drill stardust, a defense from ordinary wild Gu would not work, instead the defensive Gu would rapidly die when facing icy drill stardust.

Hei Lou Lan controlled her giant strength path phantom and stood up.

"As expected of a desolate beast." Hei Lou Lan sighed in her heart.

The strength path killer move that had never failed her before was actually not able to resist the tyrannical strength of the star desolate hound. Especially this giant strength path phantom, which was the pinnacle transformation of her killer move, and yet was actually not a match against the star desolate hound in terms of strength.

"Since that is the case, then let me use self strength Immortal Gu." Hei Lou Lan gave a sinister smile and was about to attack.

Suddenly, familiar barks came down from the nearby two mountain peaks.

Shortly afterwards, two female star desolate hounds charged into Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan's sight.

Fang Yuan's movement slowed down, Hei Lou Lan's pupils shrunk, and as if they had identical thoughts in mind, they transmitted the same message to each other: "Run!"

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