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"Eastern sea?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng was surprised.

"Right. There are many sea areas in eastern sea, the culture and style there are greatly different from northern plains. You will certainly have great benefits when you go there. Especially in one of the sea areas, air bubble sea. This sea produces abundant air bubble fish but due to a fight between Gu Immortals recently, it has been poisoned. The owners of this sea area, Ni clan, Qiu clan and Ba clan are having headaches because of this." Fang Yuan explained.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately became excited: "This feels like a major business opportunity. Junior brother, you are right, we can't move in northern plains but we can go to eastern sea. There are regional walls between the five regions, and the higher one's cultivation, the more difficult it is to cross these barriers. But we have Fixed Immortal Travel and can thus ignore the regional walls."

"However, Old Bai, you need to be careful. Gu Immortals might not be able to casually travel between regions, but the disturbance in northern plains is too large and is already known by the other four regions, too. Central continent's ten great sects have deep foundations and even their own pawns in all the other regions. I had planned to seize Immortal Gu Dark Limit before going to eastern sea, but there has not been much progress at Hei Lou Lan's side. Danger will lurk everywhere in this trip, you need to be extremely careful." Fang Yuan sincerely reminded.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was deeply moved: "I understand, but junior brother, you don't need to worry. I have been wandering around in northern plains for most of my life, I might not be too skilled in a head-on confrontation but I still have more than enough ability to protect myself."

Fang Yuan nodded. He also acknowledged this point, otherwise he would not have arranged for Tai Bai Yun Sheng to go to eastern sea.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was experienced and knowledgeable along with being a flying master, thus his escaping ability was top-notch. Moreover, he now possessed a formidable cloud path defensive killer move, nine cloud ring.

"When you enter eastern sea, don't immediately make dealings with Ni, Qiu and Bai clans, instead proceed to Hai Shi blessed land. Among the five great trading markets in the world, treasure yellow heaven is first and Hai Shi blessed land is second. Hai Shi blessed land should have missions for saving air bubble sea, you can then use this pretext to get in contact with the three clans and save a lot of trouble." Fang Yuan reminded.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng agreed: "I will definitely go make a trip to Hai Shi blessed land."

Fang Yuan continued: "I need some specific food to feed my Immortal Gu: tens of thousands of underworld jellyfish and thousands of deepsea lightning eels. These two are specialities of eastern sea. Also, see if there are any laughter stones in Hai Shi blessed land, the blood of the desolate beast, six headed snake, and cloud dragon scales. This is the list of items I require, here."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng accepted the list and revealed a serious expression: "Junior brother, your matters are my matters as well. I will be sure to settle this with all my effort."

Fang Yuan gave a bright smile: "Old Bai, just do your best. Before departing, I hope you can make a trip to Dang Hun mountain and consume some guts Gu. This Gu is among the highest quality Gu around for strengthening one's soul, it is always best to be prepared just in case."

"Junior brother, here we go again! I have said it many times, these guts Gu are your property, how can I covet your wealth as a senior brother!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately refused. This was already his sixth time refusing such an offer.

Fang Yuan was already his benefactor, he, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, placed this favor deep in his heart, never to be forgotten, so how could he covet Fang Yuan's guts Gu?

Fang Yuan mumbled before conceding: "Strengthening the soul is extremely beneficial for you, how about this, I will sell these guts Gu to you for one immortal essence stone. It just so happens that I lack immortal essence stones to buy food for my Immortal Gu."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng wanted to say something but Fang Yuan waved his hand and continued: "Senior brother, danger will be lurking on all sides during this trip to eastern sea, I hope you will arm and prepare yourself properly, otherwise, if some accident occurs to you, I will feel guilty. I try to pay attention to all details when I do something, I hope you can understand."

His words contained sincerity and genuine friendship.

Especially when Fang Yuan called him 'senior brother' which he rarely said, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's eyes reddened, he rapidly blinked his eyes and breathed out: "Alright, I understand your intent, junior brother, we will make this transaction."

A day later, Tai Bai Yun Sheng had made all the preparations and left Hu Immortal blessed land together with Fang Yuan, arriving at eastern sea.

"I will hand over both moving perspective cup Gu and stargate Gu to you. We will maintain contact frequently, if there is any significant matter, please inform me beforehand." Fang Yuan reminded.

"Junior brother, go back without any worries. If Immortal Crane Sect attacks, don't forget to call me!"

Fang Yuan nodded and without saying anymore, he activated Fixed Immortal Travel, disappearing from the spot.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng stored the stargate Gu and looked at the surrounding sea, after identifying the direction, he rapidly began flying.

When he appeared again, Fang Yuan had arrived at western desert.

He was standing on an exceedingly tall sand dune, all around him was a boundless desert with countless sand dunes extending everywhere.

The scorching sun shone down, there was no wind and the temperature was so high it made one have the feeling of being broiled. But Fang Yuan had an immortal zombie body and did not feel even a trace of warmth.

The coarse and fine sand granules shone like gold under the sunlight.

Fang Yuan looked at the sand dune under him. This sand dune was several times taller than other sand dunes. It shone with golden light and its contours were soft and smooth; the whole sand dune was a scene of nothingness except for a short tree on the peak.

This tree was not even eight feet tall, the branches were short, thin and twisted like monstrous claws, making it look extremely ugly. But the strange thing was, it had an enormous shadow of light.

This shadow of light was extremely large, reaching five or six hundred feet. The shadow of light was like a flourishing tree with many branches and leaves. The tree branches were white as snow, the flowers were pink like cherries. There were clusters of small fruits among the floral leaves that had yet to ripen, with all sorts of colors.

This tree's origin was huge; it was an ancient desolate tree, named thousand wish.

It would finish growing in three hundred years, flower at its six hundredth year and bear fruit at the nine hundredth year.

The number of fruits it produced was always precisely one thousand.

Right when the fruits completely ripened, people could bring Gu recipes and make a wish under the tree. If the wish succeeded, the fruits would open and the corresponding Gu worms would fly out.

These Gu worms could be mortal Gu and also could be Immortal Gu!

But if a wish for Immortal Gu succeeded, the amount of fruits would decrease accordingly.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, this desolate tree had caused a huge battle among western desert's Gu Immortals. Finally, several super forces came to an agreement and tried to partition this tree between themselves.

But on the day the fruits ripened and fell down, all sizes of forces, big and small, allied and burst through the blockade created by the super forces, causing chaos throughout the place.

A lone cultivator rank five Gu Master, with the surname Han and name Li, unexpectedly became the first to arrive under the thousand wish tree, his wish gave him a space path Immortal Gu named Phantom Heaven.

Fang Yuan was a rank four Gu Master back then who sought to obtain profits in the chaos. After experiencing great dangers and difficulties, he arrived before the ancient desolate tree, and was also able to obtain a Gu worm.

But this Gu worm was only a rare rank four Gu.

Even so, this rare rank four Gu gave a tremendous boost to Fang Yuan's battle strength.

"Back then, I had to fight through such a tight siege defense to arrive in front of this tree, and the fruits were already sparse by then, only fifty or sixty were left. I have now arrived here in this life, but it's too early. The fruits still require over two hundred years to completely mature."

Fang Yuan's heart was deeply moved and he smacked this ancient desolate tree, but the thousand wish tree did not even budge.

This desolate tree had astonishing defense and could continue to stand tall against the attacks of Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan had a deep impression of it.

The regretful thing was that not long after that chaotic battle, Xi clan's rank eight ancestor, Xi Jian Ping, exited his seclusion and suppressed all the experts forcefully, his might awing the entirety of the great desert; the thousand wish tree was taken away by Xi clan and planted at Xi clan's blessed land. Since then, Fang Yuan had not been able to see the thousand wish tree again.

Fang Yuan did not have methods to transplant the thousand wish tree, even if he had, he did not have any place to plant it in.

Hu Immortal blessed land had a terrain of grassland and not desert terrain.

The thousand wish tree required this kind of extreme environment to survive. Moreover, if the thousand wish tree was moved impulsively now, the floral leaves along with the thousand wish fruits would wither and fall, wasting the previous millennium of effort.

Fang Yuan walked down the sand dune and left this place.

Only after walking for a whole half a day and countless li, he had truly left the range of the thousand wish tree.

Fang Yuan glanced back; there was only flat desert with no signs of sand dunes let alone the gorgeous shadow of light of the five to six hundred feet tall tree.

He was not surprised.

This thousand wish tree had an ability of shrouding a radius of a huge distance in illusion. When leaving this illusion, one must leave on foot. And approaching it was extremely troublesome; the illusion would emerge repeatedly and could even make people move around the same spot without realizing.

"It was because of this that I and others could fish for benefits." Fang Yuan smiled. He had Fixed Immortal Travel so he could ignore this illusion.

However, the goal of this trip was not this ancient desolate tree.

It was instead the person who had gained enormous benefits from a thousand wish fruit and became a Gu Immortal expert later.

This person's name was Han Li.

"Han Li was a mortal. But after repeated fortuitous encounters, his nature became steadfast and courageous. His starting point was much lower than mine, when he had just started his cultivation, I was already a rank three Gu Master in southern border. But at the time of my self-detonation, he had already become a Gu Immortal at the peak of rank seven, a famous powerhouse of western desert. Many influential figures of central continent's ten great sects suffered losses from him. But right now, he is only just a child. According to the , he should be living in a mortal hamlet near Huang clan."

Fang Yuan's target was Han Li.

Ever since Fang Yuan understood the effect of connect luck Immortal Gu, he had intended to use his rebirth advantage to get rid of the weakness of Spring Autumn Cicada wearing down his luck.

He planned meticulously and ruled out many people, leaving behind only a few targets.

Han Li was one of them.

These targets were people who would attain great success in the future, having large potential, as well as huge luck.

People like Hunting King Sun Gan of southern border, who would only be at rank five all their lives, were simply ignored by Fang Yuan.

Little Immortal Xing Luo was a Gu Immortal but her luck was not good and she would at most reach a small scale of fame, Fang Yuan ignored her too.

There was Shi Chao Yu, who would be able to become a rank seven Gu Immortal, but his journey was filled with ups and down, his luck was definitely not good and he was also excluded.

Only people like Han Li and Ma Hong Yun, who had smooth journeys with repeated fortuitous encounters, were Fang Yuan's targets.

However, Ma Hong Yun's whereabouts were unknown at present and Fairy Li Shan was exerting her full efforts to investigate it; Fang Yuan's first target thus became Han Li.

After leaving the thousand wish tree, Fang Yuan used mortal Gu to disguise as a man with a yellowish face and a robust body. Then he directly flew towards Huang clan.

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