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Chapter 646: Road of Life
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The wind veil of assimilation was constantly getting closer, that was why Giant Sun's will tried to get Fang Yuan to surrender.

If Fang Yuan surrendered and returned Giant Sun's immortal essence, everything would be easy to settle.

But if Fang Yuan was adamant and refused to surrender, Giant Sun's will would have to fight him to the death!

"Hei Lou Lan, I am giving you this strength path Immortal Gu, release your dark limit seal and display the true might of one of the ten extreme physiques. Your Great Strength True Martial Physique has the highest recovery speed in the world, it greatly surpasses the other nine extreme physiques. Don't worry, even if you self-detonate, I have my ways to save you." Giant Sun's will said, handing Hei Lou Lan a strength path Immortal Gu.

Obtaining the Immortal Gu that he had been dreaming of, Hei Lou Lan was unable to conceal his excitement: "Thank you lord ancestor!!"

At the same time, Giant Sun's will promised the other Gu Masters many benefits, handing out Gu worms one by one.

Giant Sun's will raised the morale: "This scoundrel has committed many evil deeds, you will all be great heroes renowned in northern plains after eliminating him! Your act of bringing peace to the people will make sure you are well respected wherever you go."

"We know that being basked in the light of wisdom would reduce lifespan. But in this situation, if we continue delaying it, we will be killed by the wind veil of assimilation. How can losing a bit of lifespan compare to death?"

"Furthermore, you just need to restrain him, I will strike and deal the finishing blow!"

Everyone looked at each other.

Giant Sun's will had incomparable reputation, he was left behind by the old ancestor, under benefits and reputation, forced by the situation, everyone summoned their courage and looked at Fang Yuan, ready to strike.

"Strange, why isn't he dead yet? After being in the light for so long, he should've expended all his lifespan already?" Suddenly, someone asked this.

Because if Fang Yuan was dead, they would not need to take a risk.

"That is because he is already dead. After completely becoming a zombie monster, he is among the living dead. The dead have no lifespan, no matter how long he stays there, he would not die of old age." Hei Lou Lan explained, destroying their fantasies.

"So that's it!!"

Everyone was taken aback, they finally understood that this fight was unavoidable.

The air seemed to turn frigid, the Gu Masters' killing intent surged, without doubt, this was the final battle!

They had great confidence in killing Fang Yuan. After all, there was the Great Strength True Martial Physique as well as Giant Sun's will. However, they were still nervous.

Fang Yuan's terrifying battle strength was ingrained into their hearts.

"Of course we have to kill this demon, but there are bound to be casualties in battle, oh great Longevity Heaven, please don't let it be me!" Those were the inner thoughts of everyone.

The atmosphere was getting more solemn, the battle was going to commence.

But right at this moment, there was another surprising twist.

Wisdom Gu suddenly stopped sending out the light of wisdom, and flew into the sea of Gu worms.

Earlier, it had displayed its rank nine aura at full force, but now it had completely concealed itself, hiding with the Gu worm group, it quickly vanished.

Everyone was shocked.

Giant Sun's will was the first to react, laughing heartily: "Excellent! This wisdom Gu's wild will is a newborn, it is still very immature. Earlier, it created the halo to prevent other lifeforms from getting near it, but now that it sensed the battle was near, in order to avoid getting dragged into this, it escaped first!"

Everyone was overjoyed at this, there was no better situation.

Without wisdom Gu's halo causing trouble, Giant Sun's will could enter battle directly.

"Demon, the wisdom Gu that you entrusted your life to has run away!"

"Your time of death is now, come and receive your death!"

"Demon, you have committed many heinous sins, landing in this situation today, you are dead meat!"

Everyone shouted, their morale surging.

Giant Sun's will was ready to strike.

"Hahaha, hahahaha!" Fang Yuan broke the silence, he raised his head and laughed. His laughter boomed over the surroundings, giving off a wild aura, he suppressed all other voices.

He had a green face with sharp fangs, and his eyes were shining with a ruthless light.

Although his recovery ability was strong, his previous injuries were too severe, his body was still in bad shape.

He was left with one arm, his body was crooked, yet his imposing attitude burst out, causing everyone to take a slight step back.

"Damned demon, still being arrogant before your death?"

"What are you laughing for!"

Hei Lou Lan took a big step forward, his body was like a bear, he stared with his eyes opened wide: "Demon, committing evil acts will lead to your own doom, you have no way out but death!"

"Fang Yuan, I had already given you your only chance of surrender, but you did not grab onto it. Now, there is no way out for you anymore." Giant Sun's will shouted resolutely.

Mo Yao's will also said: "Lad, no need to continue acting secretive. Your fake imposing aura cannot stop them. Don't you want to see Red Lotus Demon Venerable's secret inheritance ground? The battle is going to commence, if your mind becomes muddled against Giant Sun's will, I will not be able to save you again. Give up, this is a dead end, there is no way out! Quickly use the Spring Autumn Cicada!"

Fang Yuan's laughter ended, his voice was coarse: "Isn't there a saying, heaven will always leave a path for you, as long as I want to walk, there will be a road for me to step on!"

Everyone was shocked, these words were very familiar, thinking about it, they realized it was from <>.

<< The Legends of Ren Zu>> chapter three, section three states —

Luo Po valley was a very wide and complex labyrinth, Ren Zu searched for Northern Dark Ice Soul, who was missing, but he got lost in the labyrinth himself, even after several days, he did not find a way out.

He was extremely tired, he had sprawled on the ground, his back leaning against the walls of the labyrinth.

A feeling of boundless loneliness quickly engulfed him.

This was because he had given his original heart to hope, right now, he only had a heart of loneliness left.

The feeling of loneliness was unbearable, Ren Zu was afraid of being lonely, he had once dug out both of his eyes and turned them into a son and daughter to accompany him.

But right now, he could only endure the torture of loneliness.

Amidst the loneliness, Ren Zu felt intense desolation, loss, and pain. Time seemed to have stopped, he was all alone in this world, there was nobody he could rely on, there was no fire that he could gain warmth from.

Ren Zu felt suffocation, but as time passed, he got used to the feeling of loneliness, he even started to savor it.

He started to feel that loneliness was not that scary.

In his loneliness, he felt serenity, peace, and quiet.

He talked to himself: "Oh human, what is the purpose of your existence? Struggling here in this world, rushing about everywhere."

Next, he heard a voice from beside him: "Oh human, you are the spirit of all beings. You are lonely, thus you wanted to be comforted, to be understood, to be recognised. Right now, the thing you want to do most is to find the way out of this damned place."

Ren Zu was shocked: "Who, who is talking to me?"

That voice laughed as it said: "I am a Gu, called 'self'. If you look inside yourself, you will find me."

Ren Zu quickly inspected his heart of loneliness, as expected, in the deepest part of his heart, he saw a Gu worm.

This Gu looked very real, almost like himself, but it was many times smaller than him, like the size of an ant.

Ren Zu was curious: "Eh, you are a Gu worm, why are you inside my body?"

Self Gu said: "Ever since you gained life, I had been inside your body, you just did not discover me. It is not easy to find me, you will need to inspect your inner heart of loneliness.

"Is that so." Ren Zu had little interest, he was quite indifferent about this as his mind was entirely concerned with Northern Dark Ice Soul.

Self Gu saw Ren Zu's lack of concern and laughed: "Oh Ren Zu, you should be happy. You should know, finding yourself and understanding yourself, that is the most important thing in life. You yourself are the most reliable thing in the world, let me help you leave this place."

"You can help me leave this place? No way, can you bring me out of Luo Po valley, and travel in the reverse flow river?" Ren Zu was shocked and excited.

Self Gu laughed heartily: "Oh Ren Zu, why must you walk on this road? The door of life and death's entrance and exit are the traces left behind by fate Gu when it visited fairness Gu. When you walk on this road, you will be under the manipulation and arrangement of fate. If you want to revive, to leave this place, you should walk on a brand new road."

Ren Zu was perplexed: "Isn't there only one road? Wisdom Gu had already told me that, where can there be a second road?"

Self Gu said: "Oh Ren Zu, as long as you wish to walk, there will be a road for you to step on."

Ren Zu was even more confused now: "Then how should I walk?"

Self Gu said: "Didn't I say it already, first, you have to 'think' about leaving."

"Think?" Ren Zu tried using his brain, thinking of how to move on.

He thought for half a day, his head was bursting, when finally, a Gu jumped out of his mind.

This Gu was an old friend of Ren Zu, it was cognition Gu.

"Where there is cognition, there is me." Cognition Gu said: "Oh human, you seem to have gotten into trouble again, let me help you think."

Saying so, cognition Gu gave off a bright light, enlightening Ren Zu.

Cognition Gu had an ability, that was to enlighten all beings. Any lifeform enlightened by cognition Gu would gain wings.

Back then, Verdant Great Sun obtained the wings of "self", flying into the sky.

When the light dispersed, Ren Zu obtained a pair of wings.

This pair of wings was located at his heels, they were very delicate.

Cognition noted: "Mm, this pair of wings is called independence, Ren Zu, it will help you walk on a new road. You have to be careful, a new road is hard to walk on, other Gu are unreliable, you can only rely on your self Gu."

Saying so, cognition Gu vanished.

Ren Zu was still very much confused: "How should I walk?"

"Walk ahead, and carve the path of your road of life. This is a road that is unique to yourself! Only you can walk on it!" Self Gu said excitedly.

Ren Zu took the first step forward.


The next moment, his vision changed.


Everyone heard Fang Yuan and reacted, flying into a rage.

"This demon has lost his mind!!"

"Kill, we have to work together and kill him!!"

"Hehehe, how dare you compare yourself to Ren Zu? Go ahead and walk, let me see what road you can walk on?"

Everyone lost their patience, they shouted as they charged towards Fang Yuan.


At this moment, Hei Lou Lan suddenly showed a pained expression, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Good timing." Fang Yuan smiled, showing an eerie aura.

He raised his remaining hand as he punched directly.


With a loud explosion, fist qi burst out as a strength path phantom materialized in the air.

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