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Chapter 620: Stopped by himself?
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Fang Yuan truly experienced the might of fortune rivalling heaven Gu now.

This was a form of helplessness, like being played by destiny, where one would not know whether to laugh or cry, and the more they struggled, the deeper they would fall into despair!

Forced by the situation and in order to avoid calamity, it seemed Fang Yuan could only choose to maximize his benefits.

The distance between the two sides rapidly shortened.

To save them, or not to save them?

Mo Yao repeatedly screamed in Fang Yuan's mind: "Save, save them!"

Reason also told Fang Yuan that saving Ma Hong Yun would make him stand on the same side as Fortune Rivalling Heaven and he could borrow its strength to deal with Giant Sun's will.


There was a voice in Fang Yuan's heart. This voice growled, shouted and roared!

"Save!? Am I going to surrender? Am I going to lower my head? I can kill him with one slap! What am I afraid of? Afraid of these two trash? Even Fortune Rivalling Heaven cannot obstruct me!!"

Fang Yuan's ears were buzzing non-stop, but this voice kept on getting louder, gradually suppressing every other sound.

He felt bursts of intense headaches.

He felt his mouth go dry in front of these choices.

That voice in his heart, however, was getting louder and clearer till his heart started to tremor!

Every howl, every roar, every shout, seemed to throw a bundle of firewood into the fury in Fang Yuan's heart.

The burning flames surged!

That was the fire of ambition, his fighting spirit, his unyielding, obstinate spirit of challenging the strong!

The flames soared; Fang Yuan's eyes turned bloodshot, his blood boiled and surged like the surging waves!

"Come, let me send you off personally!" Fang Yuan spoke, his voice hoarse like sand gritting on iron.

He did what he would normally not do, going against his style of prioritizing benefits.

With a malevolent expression and eyes shining with sharp killing intent, he smashed apart the giant treemen in front of him, tearing the countless twisting and coiling vines.

He reached Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun.


He lifted his fist!

Before his punch even struck out, the terrifying fist aura already condensed into solid. The brutal killing intent almost solidified even the air!

"Ahhh!" Ma Hong Yun's eyes opened wide, never having expected Fang Yuan to have such resolute killing intent. He turned pale with fright, and in his panic, he unexpectedly stumbled and fell to the ground.

"Ouch!" Zhao Lian Yun had been holding hands with Ma Hong Yun, and was thus also pulled down to the ground.

This unforeseen event shocked Fang Yuan.

He was already extremely vigilant because of the repeated accidents. But he soon found that this small accident only prolonged the time he struck them by a little.

At the same time, two giant treemen also reached Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun.

No matter which treeman it was, it would only need one foot to crush these two to pieces. But Giant Sun's will truly did not want to harm Ma Hong Yun, and could only mobilize vines to scuttle to Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, to separate them and then kill Zhao Lian Yun!

Five treemen suddenly pierced out of the ground at this moment and coincidentally blocked Fang Yuan's way.

This strong defense required Fang Yuan to waste at least a dozen breath of time.

Giant Sun's will was using his previous tactics again.

At present, the extremely weak land spirit was already booted from the playing field.

False emotion fake will Gu was safe as it was being protected by Hei Lou Lan.

Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun might have become the owners of the blessed land, but as long as Zhao Lian Yun was killed, this connection would be cancelled.

At that time, it would not be too late to salvage the situation by using false emotion fake will Gu to make Hei Lou Lan and Ma Hong Yun the owners of Imperial Court blessed land.

Thus, Giant Sun's will was obstructing Fang Yuan from killing Ma Hong Yun.

"Damn it! This kind of feeling again, always at the crucial place and at the crucial time…" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, and used all his strength to forcibly break through the defensive line.

Thud thud thud…

Thunder-like collisions occurred one after another. Fang Yuan was like a tiger let loose, his fierce offense directly breaking the treemen's defense.

The whole process only lasted less than ten breaths!

However, Fang Yuan also had to pay a heavy price. Three enormous wounds were added to Fang Yuan's body; one ran through his chest, another pierced his back, and another formed a bloody hole on his stomach with the size of a baby's fist.

His right forearm was severely fractured, his left leg was twisted grotesquely to the side.

"Hahaha!" Fang Yuan, however, howled with laughter!

He could not use his hand and leg for a while, but he still had movement Gu, he could still fly!

He rapidly chased after Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun through the air.

Ma Hong Yun hunched over, protecting Zhao Lian Yun tightly under him. Vines were coiling around them from outside.

These vines wanted to separate the two without harming Ma Hong Yun.

Ma Hong Yun faced off against the vines. But naturally, he was weaker and looked on as he and Zhao Lian Yun were forcibly separated. He bit his lips and glared with furious eyes, but he was powerless!

"No—!" He roared with bloodshot eyes. Despair and pain filled him as he saw his lover about to die in front of him, appearing like a beast forced into a corner.

"Save him quickly, now is the best time to save him! As long as you save them, Ma Hong Yun will definitely feel grateful to you, you can then borrow the strength of his fortune that rivals heaven! Just think, why is Giant Sun's will not killing Ma Hong Yun - it is to use his luck!!" Mo Yao shouted again, persuading Fang Yuan.

"You really speak a lot of nonsense." Fang Yuan replied with ruthless coldness.

Success was in front of him, but he instead calmed down, he had no expression on his face, not even the previous malevolent look.


When Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun was in his range, Fang Yuan immediately struck out with a fatal attack.

This attack had earth-shattering power, bursting all the air in front of it.

The incomparably violent power was like an evil dragon rising to heaven, as it shrouded over Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun.

"No!" This time, it was Giant Sun's will who let out a helpless and desperate shout.

He immediately mobilized the surrounding treemen to use their own bodies to protect Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun.

The tree vines no longer separated the two, instead they attempted to rapidly evacuate them.

But Giant Sun's will was still feeling dejected.

He knew all these would be of no use. This strike filled with Fang Yuan's pent-up wrath, how could it be so easily blocked and avoided?

The treemen's trunks were smashed apart, the vines also did not have enough time to evacuate Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun. In the end, the attack that still had its peak offensive power was about to directly smash them into pieces.

Even though there were countless treemen filling the vast forest, it was all too late!

Fang Yuan was resolute, erupting with all his strength to break through the defensive line and succeeded in grabbing the crucial moment.

The treemen's movement was slow and they were not good at providing swift reinforcement.

Ma Hong Yun was definitely dead meat!

At this moment, not only Fang Yuan, even Giant Sun's will also thought this so.

Not only did they think so, even Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun did not have any hope of surviving the attack.

Any factors that could influence the situation had seemingly already played their part.

Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Giant Sun's will, Frost Jade Peacock, Fang Yuan, Mo Yao…

All these people or things had shown all their strength by this point.

Time seemed to slow down, Fang Yuan's lips curled up to reveal a smile: "Now, is there anything left that can save Ma Hong Yun?"

However, at the next moment!


A loud sound rang out, causing huge tremors and making countless trees creak.

Dazzling golden rays of light shone over the whole round.

"Has Giant Sun's will entered True Yang Building?!" Fang Yuan turned grave, but soon discovered that was not the case.

Giant Sun's will was still taking a beating outside the building. Central continent's Gu Immortals had planned for countless years to create the third method; it could never be underestimated.

If not for this, central continent's Gu Immortals would not have been able to overthrow Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and return victorious in Fang Yuan's previous life.

The enormous golden light lump moved like a meteor and before the sound even registered in one's ears, it crashed onto the ground, instantly destroying the surrounding treemen and protecting Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun within it.

"This, isn't this — that luck path supreme true inheritance!" Mo Yao was so shocked she involuntarily screamed out.

"What's going on? Shouldn't this supreme true inheritance be in true inheritance secluded domain, how did it suddenly crash into this round and throw itself towards Ma Hong Yun's body?!" With no choice, Fang Yuan could only stop his footsteps.

He had already experienced the might of a supreme true inheritance in true inheritance secluded domain.

This was not something he could touch.

'But why, Ma Hong Yun is covered by this light, but why has nothing happened to him?'

For a moment, Fang Yuan could not help but feel extremely dejected.

He had used all his strength in his third attempt to kill Ma Hong Yun; he had even seen hope a moment ago, the success had seemingly been right in front of him, but he still failed in the end.

"Why did the supreme true inheritance move to Ma Hong Yun? Impossible, this is impossible!" Mo Yao completely lost self-control as she scratched at her head, causing her long hair to become messy, resembling a crazed woman.

This was not surprising.

She had suffered untold hardships, expended all her energy and effort but was only able to open a crack in the luck path true inheritance from which fortune rivalling heaven Gu escaped. Finally, she had no choice but to refine calamity beckoning Gu.

But this calamity beckoning Gu was not able to assist her husband, Bo Qing, causing her and Bo Qing to perish.

But at this moment, she was watching this luck path supreme true inheritance throwing itself at a rank three mortal!

Even if you had fortune that rivalled heaven, isn't this going overboard?!

'Why was it not me, I put in so much effort, paid such a huge price, why was it not me?'

'Why was it this mere mortal, a fool, a kid!'

It is a comparison that could make one die from anger!

Fang Yuan forcibly calmed down and tried hard to remove the unneeded emotions, reflecting on this event.

A bright flash of inspiration seemed to roam around in his mind, but was extremely hard to get a grasp on.

"I understand!" Suddenly, Fang Yuan's body shook as he grasped this flash of inspiration, and understood this seemingly impossible event.

This supreme true inheritance recognized Ma Hong Yun and not others as its master of its own accord. This was because, Ma Hong Yun had the power of fortune rivalling heaven Gu on him.

Fortune rivalling heaven Gu was the true essence of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's luck path, the quintessential crystallization of luck path. To the supreme true inheritance, it was the leader and the emperor.

But why did the supreme true inheritance not come earlier or later, but chose this exact moment?

Luck path supreme true inheritance was located in true inheritance secluded domain, how could it come here for no rhyme or reason?

These two questions actually pointed to the same factor — Giant Sun's will!

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