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"It is time." Fang Yuan willed, as the night wolf myriad beast king brought over a dozen night wolf thousand beast kings and entered the battle, blocking the Yan tribe Gu Masters.

Under the wolf group's attacks, Yan tribe suffered their first death.

Wolf howl Gu!

Fang Yuan howled at the sky, crying like a wolf as his voice spread far and wide, increasing the wolf group's battle strength.

Wolf smoke Gu!

Immediately after, he emitted dense smoke that engulfed the battlefield, healing the wolves' injuries.

Yan tribe were shocked.

Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's face became pale and white.

Earlier, Fang Yuan merely dispatched his wolves, now that he joined in, he turned to advantage into a victory.

Tens of hateful, frightened, furious, and icy gazes shot towards Fang Yuan. Under everyone's stare, Fang Yuan smiled lightly as he moved backwards with the hump wolf, pulling some distance from Yan tribe's gang.

To prevent the 'beheading the leader' tactic, Fang Yuan had many wolves around him, he even had a white-eyes wolf, although it had not matured yet, it still surpassed ordinary hundred wolf kings in terms of battle strength.

Seeing Fang Yuan's movement, the trapped Gu masters felt their hearts sinking as their spirits dampened, they had a feeling of being captured by a demon, and had no way to escape.

TIme continued to pass, Yan tribe Gu Masters seemed to have fallen into a swamp as they sank deeper as they struggled.

Fang Yuan had used cannon fodder wolves earlier to expend their primeval essence, the effect was starting to show.

Yan tribe elders died in battle one by one, as a sad and angry atmosphere took over the battlefield.

"Chang Shan Yin, I will not let you off even as a ghost!" An elder screamed, cursing before his death.

But this curse only made Fang Yuan scoff coldly in his heart: "You have no chance to be a ghost, your soul will become fertilizer for Dang Hun mountain."

"Wolf King, fight me alone if you dare!" Yan tribe's battle hall elder screamed.

"Come, you coward, you chicken!" He tried to provoke Fang Yuan, using the last drop of his primeval essence to charge at Fang Yuan for the final time.

Fang Yuan looked at him expressionlessly, as he willed, the wolves charged over like a wave and ripped the battle hall elder to shreds even before he got near.

As the wolves dispersed, his broken corpse remained on the ground. His bones were showing as blood poured out, his furious eyes were staring wide towards the air.

"Battle hall elder…" Yan Tian Ji growled, his body was trembling. With the sacrifice of each elder, an intense pain assaulted his heart every time, he was turning numb from the anguish.

"Chang Shan Yin, you will die a painful death! In spite of being a righteous hero, you actually assaulted your comrades! You will not have a good ending, young master Liu Wen Wu will take revenge for us!!" Yan Tian Ji's face was full of hatred, his expression twisting into an ugly sight. If it was possible, he would love to eat Fang Yuan's flesh and drink his blood.

"Hmph, the curses of a loser is just like the whimpering of a dog before death. Entrusting your hopes of revenge to others, that is a weakling's mentality." Fang Yuan evaluated coldly before waving his hand, as the night wolf myriad beast king burst out like a dark lightning, sending Yan Tian Ji flying.

Yan Tian Ji's primeval essence was expended, after this blow, almost all his bones were broken.

He was like a kite with its strings cut, flying far away and drawing an arc of red blood in the air. When he landed, his entire body was smashed as he no longer breathed.

"Lord!" Ge Guang led a band of elders as he hurried over.

"Wolf King is mighty! After this battle, Yan tribe's higher-ups were all exterminated, there was only one rank three elder left in Yan tribe camp. The letter Gu that Yan Tian Ji sent out was obstructed by us, Yan tribe has no idea what just happened now. It is a good time to assault them." Ge tribe's battle hall elder shouted.

"It is a pity that Water Demon Hao Ji Liu escaped, Lord Wolf King, do you think we should chase after Water Demon or take down Yan tribe camp?" Ge Guang asked.

Fang Yuan smiled indifferently: "Of course we attack Yan tribe camp."

A clam Gu spun its body as it dived in crescent lake rapidly.


The clam drilled out of the water surface as its shells opened, shoot out two people who were inside.

They were a male and a female, the male was Water Demon Hao Ji Liu, and the female was Yan tribe's big missy Yan Cui Er.

"Huff huff huff…" Hao Ji Liu's breathed roughly as he looked behind with lingering fear. He only relaxed after seeing there was no one chasing him.

This was a floating island on crescent lake, when Hao Ji Liu was scouting the area, he chose this as his third route to escape.

"Wolf King Chang Shan Yin…" Hao Ji Liu muttered this name in his heart. Hatred, anguish, fear, and shock were flashing in his eyes as he showed a complex expression.

Until now, he had never faced such a huge loss.

With rank four upper stage cultivation, he could roam northern plains freely. But today, he met Fang Yuan and felt an unprecedented weakness, helplessness, and loneliness.

"This is the strength of an enslavement path Gu Master? This is not even his peak condition. Back then, Chang Shan Yin could kill Ha Tu Gu who was a realm higher than him, and exterminate the entire group of bandits, how great was his strength back then?"

Hao Ji Liu thought about this as he felt difficulty in breathing.

Fang Yuan's wolf manipulation skills made him think of Jiang Bao Ya, Yang Po Ying and Ma Zun.

"It seems that among the first-rate enslavement masters in northern plains, they would no longer be just three people, but it would be a contest among four. Luckily, he did not have many water wolves with him, otherwise I would be dead meat today."

Thinking of the dangerous scene when he escaped for his life, Hao Ji Liu felt a great fear.

"But why do I have the feeling that Chang Shan Yin purposely gave me a way out?" Hao Ji Liu was a vigilant person, when he recalled the scene, he felt a sense of suspicion.

"A pity that Yan tribe's higher-ups were all killed by Chang Shan Yin, I can no longer extort them. But forget about that, I have already obtained backwater battle Gu, this trip was a success. Now, I should follow my original plan and escort this Yan tribe missy to young master Hei Lou Lan, as a gift." Thinking so, Hao Ji Liu's eyes shone with brilliance.

The ten year blizzard of northern plains, it was a huge challenge even for lone travelling demonic Gu Masters.

But with the lack of resources, Hao Ji Liu wanted to use the heroes assembly to join a certain force. If he was lucky enough to enter the imperial court, not only will Hao Ji Liu keep his life, his cultivation would even go a step further.

There were a few favourite candidates in this contest to be the lord of the imperial court.

Hao Ji Liu thought about it and decided to bet on the most popular person — young master Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan's lecherous nature was known to all. If Hao Ji Liu gave Yan Cui Er to him, he would be handsomely rewarded. Yan Cui Er was not only beautiful like a flower, she also had a special identity, the fiancée of young master Liu Wen Wu.

And Liu Wen Wu was one of Hei Lou Lan's fiercest competitors in this contest for the imperial court.

Making your arch-enemy's fiancee part of your harem, this was an irresistible temptation to Hei Lou Lan.

"If Yan tribe was still around, this gift would be extremely importantly. Unfortunately, after Wolf King killed Yan tribe's higher-ups, he would definitely deal with Yan tribe." Thinking of this, Hao Ji Liu gave a mocking gaze at the dazed Yan Cui Er, whistling.

He made fun of her: "Little beauty, you have to thank me. If I did not save you, you would've died in the hands of Chang Shan Yin."

Yan Cui Er's thick brows moved as she seemed to have woken up from a nightmare: "What do you mean?"

"Hmph, what meaning is there? Chang Shan Yin killed your father and all the elders with him. He will definitely take over Yan tribe, the wolf group must be on their way to Yan tribe camp already. Hehehe, you were a young missy, but now, you're going to be alone soon."

"No, no way!" Yan Cui Er shook her head, her expression was pale. She tried her best to deny it, but her logic told her that Hao Ji Liu's conjecture was accurate.

"Chang Shan Yin is a great righteous hero, how could he do something like this?" She refused to face such a cruel reality, her tears fell like pearls as they flowed down her cheeks, onto the ground. The crying of a beauty, the weeping of a lady, it was a painful scene.

"Righteous hero?" Hao Ji Liu sneered: "Sometimes, righteous heroes are more terrifying than us demonic path cultivators. I only kidnapped you and extorted your tribe, but when Chang Shan Yin strikes, he would destroy and devour your tribe. The worst thing is, he has a proper reason to do so, claiming he is taking revenge, he is the ultimate victor. Once Yan tribe is gone, who can rebuke him? Hmph, this is the truth of this dogshit world!"

Yan Cui Er was in shock as she listened, suddenly she kneeled on the ground as she grabbed Hao Ji Liu's pants, begging: "Please, please save my Yan tribe. My father's letter Gu were all blocked, Yan tribe is without a leader now, and have no clue what is coming, they don't know the danger waiting for them."

The world was wondrous and cruel, Yan Cui Er had never thought that one day, she would kneel down on the ground and beg the enemy she had hated the most.

"My father is dead, I am Yan tribe's next leader. Hao Ji Liu, help me, send a letter for me and inform them. As long as Yan tribe remains, I am Yan tribe leader, I can decide on this and make you Yan tribe's external elder, all of our resources will be yours to use!" Yan Cui Er gave her side of the deal.

The words made Water Demon Hao Ji Liu's heart jump, external elder? Yan tribe's resources?

It was a good suggestion!

But when Fang Yuan's figure appeared in Hao Ji Liu's mind, he shuddered.

"Hmph, you dare to tempt me?" His expression changed as he gave Yan Cui Er a tight slap.

Yan Cui Er grabbed her face as her tears fell, completely stunned by this as she looked at Hao Ji Liu blankly.

"Don't worry, I have already found a good partner for you. Hehehe…" Hao Ji Liu laughed as he grabbed Yan Cui Er, tossing her into the clam Gu.

The large clam's shells closed, as Hao Ji Liu stepped on the water surface, giving the shore one last look.

At Yan tribe camp's position, there were huge fires as smoke rose into the air.

"Yan tribe is finished!" Hao Ji Liu was gloating but he also felt a chill in his heart.

This world worked on the survival of the fittest, there is one mountain higher than a mountain, and a person stronger than another person. Yan tribe was a huge force to him, but to Chang Shan Yin, it was just a plump juicy meat.

"In the following competition for the imperial court, northern plains will definitely be shook as heroes and conquerors arise, I wonder how many people will lose their lives?"

Hao Ji Liu sighed and exclaimed as he travelled west on the large clam.

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