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The battle that the Gu Masters had been fighting with their lives on the line was settled in the blink of an eye. Their mortal enemies had instead become their allies.

"Is this the ability of lord Chang Shan Yin?"

"Terrifying, terrifying…"

"Leading myriad wolf groups by himself, no wonder he is called Wolf King!"

Gu Masters looked at Fang Yuan with stupefied gazes. Their gazes looked at his receding figure, leaving this place towards another battlefield.

Moving unhindered, truly unhindered!

All those who dared to block his way were completely swept away.

Under his will, tens of thousands of wolves rushed forward. Under his indication, his troops moved everywhere, unrivalled!

With just his lone strength, he was overturning the crisis, changing the whole situation; he was the light of the enslavement path!

Outside the battlefield, Man Hong, Man Hao and the rest all lost color in their face.

Under their complicated gaze, Fang Yuan's wolf group rapidly expanded like a rolling snowball, getting bigger the more they killed. Everywhere they moved, they would leave behind ruins and a group of stupefied Gu Masters, before they swaggered off.

This wolf commanding tactic was simply unreasonable and also extremely domineering!

Under this huge strength, small hindrances were directly crushed.

Fang Yuan intentionally avoided the myriad wolf king's battlefield and circled around the Ge tribe camp, subduing three thousand wolf kings. In total, the number of thousand wolf kings he had reached eight.

As for the number of hundred wolf kings, they had almost doubled, reaching fifty-nine.

Fang Yuan's wolf formation was like a mythical beast, swallowing all turtleback wolves on its path and expanding itself.

After repeatedly subduing these wolf kings, Fang Yuan's soul also suffered from backlash; he felt jittery and nauseous.

Fang Yuan endured this feeling and gathered the wolf group before returning to the ranch.

The ranch could not hold these wolves anymore.

There were too many wolves, Fang Yuan also did not know the exact amount clearly, he could only guess the amount had surpassed twelve thousand.

Fang Yuan did not hurry to join the battle.

The situation was already determined now. He got off the hump wolf and closed his eyes to rest his spirit.

Every set interval, he would open his eyes to observe the battlefield through the white-eyes wolf's vision and keep an eye on the situation of Ge tribe leader and the others. These higher-ups of Ge tribe could not die. If they died, Man tribe might be roused into making a move.

After resting for a while, although Fang Yuan had not fully recovered, there was no problem in commanding the wolves. He joined the battlefield again.

This time, he only mobilized the eight thousand wolf kings to the battle. Ordinary wolves was too low of a threat against the myriad wolf king.

On his way, every Ge tribesmen would call out his name loudly.

"Chang Shan Yin has come to assist!" Hearing such voices, Ge tribe's higher-ups who were surrounding the myriad wolf king all felt their spirits invigorated.

"Everyone, please take a step back and rest for a moment, let me handle this!" Fang Yuan reached the battlefield and under his will, the eight thousand wolf kings encircled the myriad wolf king.

Myriad wolf king already had the intention to retreat, but whether it charged left or right, it could not break through the encirclement.

"Such wolf manipulation skills!" Seeing the myriad wolf king being played around by Fang Yuan, Man Hao, Man Hong and the rest revealed astonished expressions.

Previously, Fang Yuan had charged with grand troops, flattening everything on his way, so they were not able to see his wolf manipulating skill. Now, he was commanding the wolves meticulously, revealing the top-tier wolf manipulation skill of the northern plains.

There were merely 8 thousand wolf kings, and seven of them could not display their full strength due to the pressure from the myriad wolf king.

However, under Fang Yuan's control, the myriad wolf king felt like it was encircled by thousands of soldiers, as if it was a fly that was trapped in spider web.

Finally, the myriad wolf king was thoroughly exhausted to death by Fang Yuan, and in its final counterattack before death, it took away a thousand wolf king's life.

"Wolf King! Lord Chang Shan Yin is truly the Wolf King!" Looking at the myriad wolf king's enormous body falling down loudly, all the Gu Masters cheered loudly.

"Wolf King!"

"Wolf King! Wolf King!"

With this battle, everyone felt the nickname of Wolf King was truly fitting.

The shouting surged one after another and soon many joined in, shouting loudly with fervent gazes, and some even had tears falling from their eyes.

This was a type of emotional feeling, a type of worship towards the heroes, reverence towards the strength.

"With this person here, it is easier said than done for us to annex Ge tribe!" Man Hong's expression looked ashen to the extreme, this battle had thoroughly dispelled his ambitions.

"Wolf King…" Man Hao who had felt contempt towards Chang Shan Yin, absent-mindedly muttered this name. He had never felt how heavy the weight of this name was as much as this moment!

On the battlefield, Ge tribe leader brought the elders towards Fang Yuan.

"The might of the former hero still remains! Today's battle really makes me prostrate in admiration. I, on behalf of the whole Ge tribe, express my utmost gratitude to your favor of helping us!" Ge tribe leader deeply bowed towards Fang Yuan.

"Brother Ge, you speak too highly of me. Let's clean up the battlefield quickly." Fang Yuan smiled.

The myriad wolf king's corpse was lying on the ground, but Fang Yuan did not take the matters into his own hand to avoid suspicion.

"If I had a rank four wolf enslavement Gu, I could have taken in this turtleback myriad wolf king, such a pity." Fang Yuan felt regret in his heart.

Rank four beast enslavement Gu could control myriad beast kings. A myriad beast group was a huge force to a tribe.

Thus, normally, rank four beast enslavement Gu was not sold in the markets of northern plains.

For the price of many Gu worms, once they reached rank four, would rise sharply. Beast enslavement Gu was one of them, there was also relic Gu besides this.

Fang Yuan had only been able to purchase rank two and rank three wolf enslavement Gu in the market, and did not get a rank four wolf enslavement Gu.

"Right now, I have a large amount of rank two and three wolf enslavement Gu. But it seems I will have to refine the rank four wolf enslavement Gu myself."

Fang Yuan currently lacked rank four wolf enslavement Gu; with rank four wolf enslavement Gu, he could control myriad wolf king, and the burden on his soul to control the wolf group through the wolf king would decrease by a lot.

His mutated beast white-eyes wolf was currently an infant and could be enslaved by rank three Gu. But once it matured, it would require rank four enslavement Gu, otherwise it would not listen to commands and could even flee.

"Lord, we have found a rank four wolf enslavement Gu!" Right at this time, a Gu Master that was searching through the myriad wolf king's corpse shouted loudly.

"What?" Ge tribe leader's eyes flashed brightly and soon after, laughed, "Haha, precious Gu should fit a hero, this Gu should be given to brother Chang."

Although there was a great probability for a rank four beast enslavement Gu to reside in myriad beast king, Fang Yuan was still happy.

There might have been some flaws in today's battle, but the outcome still made Fang Yuan very satisfied.

It was regretful to have killed the myriad wolf king, but he was still able to obtain a rank four wolf enslavement Gu.

This Gu worm's arrival was really at great timing, it had been a long time since Fang Yuan had such a good thing happen to him.

He carefully accepted this Gu worm and said his goodbye to the Ge tribe's higher-ups, he did not even join in the celebratory banquet, using the excuse of refining this rank four Gu to evade it.


The celebratory bonfire outside the tents was burning brightly. The victorious shouts and the cries for the casualties mixed together and spread towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged on the ground, his mind was calm as he looked in his aperture. 

The ninety percent primeval sea was tranquil, the water shining brightly like gold. Unfortunately, Fang Yuan had still not completely adapted to the northern plains, thus there was still the suppression, causing his cultivation to temporarily stagnate; the true gold primeval essence looked amazing but was useless right now.

However, cultivation was only one part of strength.

There were other ways for Fang Yuan to increase his strength.

For example, the strength of ten jun Gu he was currently holding.

This Gu was also a rank four Gu, but its price was much lower than a rank four beast enslavement Gu. And because it could be easily refined and the manufacturing costs were also low, it was rather common in the market.

Strength of ten jun Gu did not look anything special, looking just like a common iron weight.

Fang Yuan poured primeval essence to it, it then floated above Fang Yuan and let out dreamy light which shone upon Fang Yuan's whole body, engraving some Dao marks of the strength path on Fang Yuan's body.

After a while, the strength of ten jun Gu suddenly let out a slight explosion and broke into pieces, falling down on Fang Yuan's hair.

Strength of ten jun Gu was an expendable Gu, this was the third strength of ten jun Gu Fang Yuan had used.

Fang Yuan shook off the iron pieces and grasped his fists, feeling an increased strength: "The strength increase has reached a bottleneck. Next, I need to enhance my skeleton, skin, tendons and so on, to cause the water bucket - my body - to become deeper, larger and firmer, so it can hold even more strength.

Fang Yuan's gaze flashed as he took out a wolf soul Gu.

"This is the final wolf soul Gu."

Fang Yuan poured his primeval essence into the wolf soul Gu; the wolf soul Gu burst and changed into a grey wolf soul that smashed into his body.

Hundred man soul and wolf soul tangled with each other, the difficulty this time was many times more than before. Previously, when Fang Yuan used the wolf soul Gu, he only had over three thousand wolves under him. Now, after today's battle, he had taken in many wolf kings and thus the burden on his soul was much bigger.

Fang Yuan's brows furrowed into a knot, sweat perspired out of his forehead and he gritted his teeth to persevere; finally, the hundred man soul and the wolf soul merged together.


A soft sound echoed in his ears, the long term quantitative accumulation had brought a qualitative change at this moment.

Hundred man soul had thoroughly changed into the wolfman soul.

The wolfman soul looked like a grey color that had been condensed to an extreme. The soul's appearance was mostly like Fang Yuan's, except the bridge of the nose was longer, eyes sharper and his body thinner. There were two sharp wolf ears, long hair that reached his waist and a hairy wolf tail that grew out of his butt.

With the formation of the wolfman soul, Fang Yuan felt relaxed as if he had gotten rid of a very heavy burden.

In his mind, the connection to the wolves became much more close, and he could even feel a faint familiar feeling from the wolf kings' souls.

This was not there when he had the hundred man soul.

After forming the wolfman soul, Fang Yuan gained the aura of a wolf, causing these wolf kings to think him as one of their species. Thus, it was no longer the pure suppression using the hundred man soul, but also a feeling of approval from the wolves.

"Hundred man soul was almost reaching its limits after enslaving so many wolves. Now, with wolfman soul, I can take in three times more wolf kings!"

"It is just that there will probably be few opportunities like today. But the grassland is so big and the wolf groups are plenty, I will at least be able to double this wolf group on our way to the heroes assembly."

Looking at the large amount of rank two wolf enslavement Gu in his aperture, many rank three wolf enslavement Gu and one rank four wolf enslavement Gu, Fang Yuan was full of expectations towards the future.

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