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Fang Yuan's mind entered his aperture.

After the white bone wheel entered his aperture, it floated along the waves of his true gold primeval sea, half sinking and half floating, showing a lifeless appearance.

Gu worms naturally get hurt, damaged, or even die.

"This white bone wheel is already on the verge of destruction and can no longer be used, unless I can find the bone bamboo Gu and combine it with the ghost fire Gu to repair it." Fang Yuan thought in his heart.

There are many healing Gu which are not intended for human bodies.

Some Gu, such as wolf smoke Gu, are specifically used to treat the injuries of wolves, while other Gu, like pig iron Gu are used to treat chainsaw golden centipede.

Bone bamboo Gu, combined with ghost fire Gu, can repair the damage of the white bone wheel, so that it can function again.

"Speaking of the battle bone wheel Gu, it's actually quite famous, since it was used by the rank eight Demonic Gu Immortal Shen Jie Ao. He was also known as the Proud Bone Demon Lord. His talent was outstanding and shocking. When he became a rank six Gu Immortal, he lacked a rank six Gu. He came up with a killer move known as White Bone Chariot. The white bone chariot consisted of many rank five Gu, such as the white bone wheel, and had power comparable to a rank six Gu!

"By the virtue of his ingenuity, Shen Jie Ao reached rank eight realm, and made his killer move 'White Bone Battlefield' famous in the world; it was a killer move that combined three Immortal Gu's power, it was even more powerful than before. He used this to dominate the world, killing an uncountable number of Gu Immortals, his fierce name spread wide as he caused the righteous path to be helpless. Sigh, when can I reach such a stage?"

In his past life, Fang Yuan lived for about five hundred years, and became a rank six Gu Immortal, one step away from rank seven. When he later refined the Spring Autumn Cicada, he was attacked by the righteous path and consequently self-detonated.

Every time he thought about Blood Sea Ancestor, Proud Bone Demon Lord, Soul Specter Demon Venerable, all of them were amazing characters, Fang Yuan could not help but be impressed.

"As a man living in present age, I should be like this, unrestrained by the mortal realm, doing things without worry, killing whoever I dislike. When my heart is evil, I slaughter all beings, and when I am virtuous, I bless the world. The world moves according to my emotions, I dominate everything, any enemy who resists me are trampled underfoot. Oh, this is a true freedom, a cheerful and carefree life!"

Fang Yuan let out a heartfelt sigh and took out a bright pearl Gu from his pocket.

Bright pearl Gu was already dusty, its light was dim. Sealed inside was fixed immortal travel, the aura of the Immortal Gu was also fading.

Fang Yuan took out the dark toss Gu.

This Gu and dusty Gu looked almost the same, a silkworm cocoon like shape, except it was deep black in color.

Fang Yuan transferred his primeval essence, the black silkworm cocoon wiggled up, ten tendrils twisted out, twisting like snakes, and climbed on the bright pearl Gu.

In just a short moment, the bright pearl Gu was enveloped by a black silkworm cocoon.

This was known as "tossing pearls in the dark", it was developed during the battle of the five regions, to completely conceal the aura of Gu worms.

Because of this, fixed immortal travel's aura was even fainter now.

"Warrior Chang Shan Yin, you are trying to seal this beautiful jade butterfly?" Ge Yao stood to the side and gradually understood Fang Yuan's intention.

Fang Yuan gave her a mysterious smile and kept the dark pearl into his pocket and continued to be buried in his research of the battlefield.

This battlefield was created twenty years ago, after the battle between Chang Shan Yin and Ha Tu Gu.

Chang Shan Yin was a rank four peak stage Gu Master, while Ha Tu Gu was already a rank five initial stage Gu Master who also lead a large band of subordinates.

The two were originally childhood friends, but they fell in love with the same woman. The woman ultimately chose Chang Shan Yin, and from then on Ha Tu Gu became filled with a jealous rage. This led to an unceasing hostility growing between the two of them, a hatred that could only be washed away with the blood of the other.

After Ha Tu Gu poisoned Chang Shan Yin's mother, in order to find the snow wash Gu, he lead the wolf packs deep into the poisonous plains.

When he reached the plains, Chang Shan Yin set up an ambush there. When Ha Tu Gu brought his gang of bandits and came, as large groups of wolves attacked from all directions.

This was a bitter fight to the death, until the sun went down.

Eventually, the wolves were all killed, along with all the horse bandits, who were either killed or fled. Chang Shan Yin was at his limits, and Ha Tu Gu's primeval essence was exhausted. The two resorted to fighting with their bare hands.

Both men fought till their eyes turned red and made use of everything in their surroundings to gain the advantage.

They wrestled together, biting with their teeth, clawing with their hands, until they finally expended all their strength, and collapsed to the ground, with barely enough strength to breathe.

The life and death enemies, once incomparably close friends, were only two or three steps away from each other, but all they could do was gasp for air and stare at each other.

They were powerful Gu Masters, one a righteous hero, the other a demonic devil, yet both had lost their strength. At this moment, both were as fragile as a child, if a rabbit came running and blocked their face, they would suffocate to death.

They were at a deadlock, when suddenly Ha Tu Gu suddenly burst into hearty laugh. He was, after all, a rank five Gu Master, and his primeval essence recovery rate was quicker compared to Chang Shan Yin's.

His primeval essence recovered first, enough for him to cast a poisonous bone spear.

Seeing the bone spear being shot towards him, Chang Shan Yin's eyes widened, as a miracle burst of strength emerged in him.

Using all his strength, he managed to turn half his body, but the poisonous bone spear, which had been aimed at his head, still pierced his chest.

The intensity of the pain made Chang Shan Yin roar, but by relying on the wolf strength Gu to increase his strength, he managed to break the bone spear and clutched it tightly in his hand. Slowly, he dragged his body towards Ha Tu Gu's side.

In the end, Chang Shan Yin took the poisonous bone spear and stabbed it into the eyes of Ha Tu Gu, ending the life of his mortal enemy.

Although Chang Shan Yin had won, the poison of the bone spear had already spread throughout his whole body.

By utilizing all the primeval essence that he had just recovered, he activated the wolf fetus burial Gu.

This Gu utilized a hundred and eight different species of pregnant female wolves, and its specialty was to save a life. If long as they had one breath left, the user could be saved.

Chang Shan Yin used the Gu, drilled into the ground, and fell asleep.

About thirty years later, a rank three Gu Master, Ma Hong Yun, was chased to the battlefield by a pack of wolves. In his desperation, he coincidentally managed to find the buried Chang Shan Yin.

After Ma Hong Yun saved Chang Shan Yin, the latter not only helped him repel the wolves, but also helped him become one of the four great generals. In the future struggle for power in the grassland, Chang Shan Yin contributed countless merits, and Ma Hong Yun who was born as a slave became the lord of the imperial court.

Chang Shan Yin experience both ups and downs of life, his tale was quite legendary. His story spread widely throughout the north, it was no secret.

Later, with the aid of Ma Hong Yun, he became a rank seven Gu Immortal, receiving the title of "Sky Wolf General", gaining even greater authority.

Ultimately, while resisting the invasion of the Central Continent, he died in battle, and his descendants passed down his biography — this is also why Fang Yuan was so knowledgeable about his history.

"Hmm? I found it!"

His long search had finally come to an end.

Fang Yuan stepped forward and found a huge wolf tail on the grass.

The wolf tail, covered with mud, was covered by poisonous grass and could hardly be seen. If it wasn't for Fang Yuan's persistence and careful search, it would have been impossible to find.

"Originally, while Ma Hong Yun was escaping, he tripped on this wolf tail. When he pulled on the wolf tail, he saved not only Chang Shan Yin, but also himself."

Fang Yuan was feeling overwhelmed by emotions, he grabbed the wolf tail and forcibly pulled it out.

Suddenly, the land writhed, and a huge female wolf's body appeared out of the ground, its eyes were closed, the whole body covered in purple fur, with a white belly.

It was humongous; even while it was lying down, it was taller than a person.

Ge Yao hurriedly ran over, her face flushed with surprise: "What wolf is this, why is it so big? Ah, it looks like a female wolf, look at its belly, it must be pregnant!"

"It's not a wolf, it's a Gu." Fang Yuan said, taking out a sharp knife from moving perspective cup Gu.

He sliced open the belly of the wolf, causing a long gash to appear.

Immediately, the wolf's bulging belly was torn open, and a large amount of amniotic fluid, mixed with blood, spewed all over the ground; the lower part of Fang Yuan's body was soaked.

Ge Yao saw what was happening, and hurriedly jumped out of the way to avoid becoming a victim of the filth.

She then widened her mouth in surprise, crying out, "Why is there a man inside the wolf's womb?"

As the amniotic fluid continued to flow out, a person also came out. It was the true Chang Shan Yin!

His eyes were closed, and his body was full of injuries, especially the part with the half-bone spear sticking out. He was covered in thick amniotic fluids, his expression showing great pain, and his skin was green.

Fang Yuan quickly squatted down and extended his hands. It looked like he was observing the injuries of Chang Shan Yin, but in fact, he secretly pinched the neck of Chang Shan Yin.

Poor Chang Shan Yin, a hero who succeeded in killing his enemy, and lived for another twenty years using his Gu worm. After another ten years or so, his fated lord appeared and saved him. But now that Fang Yuan had stepped in, the future of this man, the famous 'Sky Wolf General' and the future rank seven Gu Immortal was killed.

Chang Shan Yin died while he was unconscious, unable to resist, letting out only a faint breath.

When Fang Yuan killed him, his body did not even tremble. Needless to say, since he was unconscious, he could not self-detonate his Gu worms.

Fang Yuan's mind entered his aperture and immediately found several tortoise breath Gu inside.

Tortoise breath Gu was a storage Gu, like the bright pearl Gu, it was used to seal Gu worms.

Before Chang Shan Yin entered the belly of the wolf, to prevent his Gu worms from starving to death, he seal his Gu worms one by one in the tortoise breath Gu.

They were rank four Gu, shaped like oval stones, and were slightly larger in size than a fist. The surface of the stones was covered with markings, similar to that of a tortoise shell.

By leaking the aura of the Spring Autumn Cicada, Fang Yuan instantly refined these tortoise breath Gu.

He took all the tortoises out, and under the watchful eyes of Ge Yao, he crushed them all one by one to reveal the Gu inside.

There were a total of eight Gu from the enslavement path, all of which were precious rank four Gu worms. Some of them were even more precious than ordinary rank five Gu. Chang Shan Yin meticulously arranged this collection, and with this set of Gu, he made a reputation for himself in northern plains. Using this set of Gu, he killed rank five Gu Masters before.

And with the help of Spring Autumn Cicada, all of them became Fang Yuan's possession.

"And now, I finally have an excellent set of rank four Gu from northern plains!" The corner of his mouth curled into a faint smile.

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