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"It's coming." Bai Ning Bing's gaze shone as her expression was nervous, quickly mobilizing the dog group.

The still dog army started moving, like a giant millstone. As for these Gu Masters, they became the green bean and yellow beans, in a short amount of time, they were grinded to paste. More than half were dead, some saw the danger and retreated immediately.

The demonic army suffered a huge lost, investing over a thousand men, but only a few hundred returned.

"Young master Wu Tian, did you really see clearly?" Li Qiang questioned: "I charged in according to your instructions. We did encounter the steel armor dog on the first wave, and we retreated towards the left, but we met with the assault of both lightning symbol dogs and chrysanthemum akita dogs. The numbers were too great, we can't deal with that. After a fruitless slaughter, we could only come back!"

Bao Tong's temper was even more irascible: "I brought eight hundred people, but did not hear the shouting sounds from the northwest side. But towards the southeast side, I heard people fighting. I brought my troops there and met with the combined attack of the lightning symbol dogs, hedgedogs and corpse dogs."

Hu Mei Er's expression was also ugly: "Young master Wu Tian, I listen to you and prepared to attack. But eight hundred steps in, I did not see any dog groups. Just when I was confused, dog groups came encircling us, luckily we managed to turn around and fight our way back, if not my life would've been lost there."

Li Xian was expressionless, standing at one side. His group was meant to protect the returning Gu Masters, and fight the approaching dog groups.

Although there were lots of retreating troops, not a single dog came over, causing him to waste his time waiting.

Mo Wu Tian's expression was solemn, after a while, he spoke: "I can see the actual scenario much more clearly than all of you. There is someone manipulating these dogs, it is not a fixed formation but an ever-changing one. That is why all of you failed."

Everyone was shocked: "There is someone controlling them? Who is it?"

Mo Wu Tian shook his head: "The fog is too dense, I can only see a faint figure, I can't tell the identity of the other party. But there is definitely a mastermind, only a human's intelligence can react so perfectly. But no matter, I have some understanding of the enslavement path, from now you, you have to attack like this, to break through their encirclement and obtain the Gu Immortal treasure!"

Everyone's face had blood stains as they looked at each other, nodding reluctantly due to Mo Wu Tian's rank five strength as well as the allure of the immortal treasure.

But this time, they still returned in defeat, suffering even greater losses than before.

"The person behind this has high attainment in enslavement path, I underestimated him." Mo Wu Tian frowned, he had thought of a perfect plan, using all four routes to cooperate, but the other party reacted quickly and found out his intentions. Purposely controlling his troops to intercept the four routes before they converged, such movements were at the level of a master.

"Mo Wu Tian, you have to give an explanation! We fight with our lives and lost so many people, but we have not even seen the shadow of the treasure. Are you standing here for fun? You are a rank five Gu Master, you should put in some effort too!" Bao Tong was furious as he screamed while gripping his injury.

"Oh? You want an explanation? Hehe, then I'll give you a satisfactory answer." Mo Wu Tian laughed sinisterly, as his purple eyes shone.

"You!" Bao Tong was caught by surprise as he stared at Mo Wu Tian, unable to move.

A moment later, he fell on the ground.


The Gu Masters went into a commotion.

Fiery Star Bao Tong, he was a famous rank four fire path Gu Master. Mo Wu Tian did not even attack, he killed him with a single stare!

"You want an explanation, I gave you an explanation, are you satisfied? If you are unhappy, you can tell me." Mo Wu Tian looked at his corpse as he waited for an answer.

"You're not speaking, it seems you are satisfied." Mo Wu Tian laughed, looking around: "Hehehe, Bao Tong is satisfied, what about you guys? Do you want an explanation from me too?"

It was complete silence all around.

Mo Wu Tian killed people in the blink of an eye, Bao Tong was rank four upper stage but he could not even take one hit, dying immediately.

The demonic Gu Masters were scared and shocked, regretting their greed, why did they follow Mo Wu Tian?

Now that they were roped in, they want to leave? Hmph, too late!

Hu Mei Er and the others lowered their heads, not looking at Mo Wu Tian's eyes. Mo Wu Tian's killing technique caused fear in them.

They had thought that he had just advanted to rank five, and might not have true rank five prowess, but to think his fighting strength was on par with Wu Gui and the others!

How old was he?

Number one genius of the demonic path, without a doubt!

After establishing his dominance, Mo Wu Tian laughed sinisterly again: "Bao Tong's Gu are still around, you guys can split up among yourselves, treat it as a compensation from me."

As he said so, the Gu Masters' eyes glowed.

Li Xian was the first to react, with a swoosh, he moved like a rabbit, pouncing on Bao Tong's corpse and taking his Gu.

Almost at the same time, Hu Mei Er and Li Qiang reacted and started their plunder as well.

The others could only watch, not daring to contest.

The three split Bao Tong's fortune among themselves, earning greatly as the grudge in them dissipated, turning into reverence for Mo Wu Tian.

Mo Wu Tian could kill people with his gaze, that was not surprising, it was a sight-based killer move.

This type of killer move directly competed souls against each other, the loser would have their souls scattered, not even given the chance to self-detonate their Gu.

Mo Wu Tian was a soul path Gu Master, the strength of his soul was way above his peers, dealing with Bao Tong and the others was extremely easy.

" Cough, cough ." Li Xian coughed, saying: "Since there are beast groups guarding, that area has to be where the central control hall is, the Gu Immortal's fortune is most likely there But how do we get in with all these dogs?"

He was wise like a ghost, as the person who obtained the most benefits out of Bao Tong's body, he immediately expressed his support towards Mo Wu Tian.

Speaking of the Gu Immortal treasure, Hu Mei Er and Li Qiang's attention were brought back to this.

Mo Wu Tian looked at this group of people, they were all injured and exhausted, together with some lingering fear, the morale was at an all-time low.

He sighed: "Truly a motley crew. It seems I can only recruit more people to have the hopes of breaking in. Spread the news, regardless of righteous or demonic… just say that Tie Mu Bai and the others have entered the hall and obtained King Quan Inheritance, those Gu Masters are blocking us outside the hall and are trying to hoard the treasure."

"This…" Hu Mei Er hesitated.

Mo Wu Tian laughed coldly: "Time is running short, once the blessed land collapses, we will have nothing left. Without more people, can we break through?"

"Young master is right." Hu Mei Er quickly replied.

"Finally stopped." On the mountain slope, Bai Ning Bing breathed out a sigh of relief, but lightly frowned.

The methods Fang Yuan handed to her were already half used up. After a few more attacks, she would be at her wits' end.

"Hahaha, my tactic at finding a chance in the chaos succeeded. After blowing up this wall, I will get King Bao, Wang Ba Dan's inheritance!" Xiao Mang laughed loudly.

Right now, he was alone in a hidden cave.

Before him, there was a tall and sturdy stone door. As long as it is blown apart, King Bao's final inheritance will be obtained.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Light shone as explosions went off.

A moment later, Xiao Mang stopped his attacks while panting, staring at the stone door hatefully.

The door was intact, there was no traces of any cracks.

"Light path focuses on speed and purification, the destructive power does not match fire path. King Bao evidently wants to find a fated person who can use fire type Gu to break through. But I do not have such Gu." Xiao Mang gritted his teeth, feeling indignant.

At this moment, a Gu Master came to report.

"Go out, who let you in! King Bao Inheritance is mine alone. Eh? What did you say!"

Xiao Mang scolded but suddenly heard his subordinate's report and grabbed his collar, lifting him up: "You say there is a Gu Immortal treasure hidden in the thick fog, and people are trying to take it down now?!"

"Yes, this information has circulated, countless Gu Masters are gathering, how would I dare to lie to you second young master?" The subordinate quickly replied.

"Hmph, don't call me second young master! I hate that title!" Xiao Mang scolded, looking at this stone door reluctantly, as his gaze turned from hesitation to determination.

Wang Ba Dan was only a rank five Gu Master, although he was called King Bao, he was only the same rank as Xiao Mang. How could his inheritance compare to a Gu Immortal Treasure?

"Go, let's go!" Xiao Mang led his subordinates and moved quickly.

"The number of people is increasing." On the slope, Bai Ning Bing's frown deepened as there were almost ten thousand people gathered outside the fog.

These people had differing cultivation levels, there were even rank one and twos. But there were still Gu Masters, gathered together, they formed a tidal wave that could sweep everything in its path.

Although she controlled a hundred thousand dogs, she was a sole person.

Outside, countless gazes looked inside with a burning desire. They were all attracted by the Immortal's treasure.

As the people created a commotion, Mo Wu Tian smiled without speaking a word.

His motive was achieved, birds die for food and humans die for fortune , this was human heart!

"Over at the righteous path, they are organising people and charging into the fog." Hu Mei Er looked far away, worried: "Young master Wu Tian, all the demonic Gu Masters are here already, are you going to stand up and direct them to form groups? We can't let the righteous path steal the treasure."

"No worries, no worries. There is such a thick fog, with steel armor dogs acting as steel walls, what can their vanguards do?" Mo Wu Tian laughed coldly, refusing to act.

Righteous path was superior to demonic path, they were more united,and more easy to unite, while demonic path members were loners. Although he Mo Wu Tian had rank five cultivation, he was still young and this was the first time he was leading, he could not subdue everyone. Old demonic experts like Kong Ri Tian and Li Fei Le would not listen to him easily.

Only when they realize that cooperating had benefits, could he use that chance to take over easily!

But now, in the hall, the Gu refinement had reached the crucial period.

After half a day, the golden peanut shell collided with divine travel Gu.

Bam bam bam!

Fang Yuan and Feng Wu Yu's vision turned black as thunder roared in their ears.

"Divine opportunity is unlimited, travel through the lands! Activateeeeeeeeeee!" Fang Yuan screamed, using all his energy to activate divine travel Gu.

Divine travel Gu was an Immortal Gu, how could he, a mortal, activate it easily?

But thankfully, the land spirit helped him secretly, as the immortal essence poured out, the divine travel Gu turned into light speckles as it entered the golden peanut shell.

The qualitative change had begun!

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