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The earliest record of hairy men was in <>.

It was said that Ren Zu dug out his two eyes which turned into a son and a daughter; the son was Verdant Great Sun and the daughter was Desolate Ancient Moon.

Verdant Great Sun liked to drink wine a lot, one time he caused an incident while being drunk and was trapped at the depths of the ordinary abyss. In the end, he profited from the disaster and obtained reputation Gu which looked like chrysanthemum, and was able to escape alive.

Because of reputation Gu, Verdant Great Sun's reputation gradually became bigger. Soon, news that Verdant Great Sun was a huge drunkard spread all over the world.

One day, a group of tiger-striped honey bees brought their beehive and found Verdant Great Sun.

"Verdant Great Sun, we heard you really liked drinking wine and you have been saying the wine made by the four heaven and earth monkeys are the most delicious in the world. But how could the wine they brewed compare to our honey wine? Today, we have specially brought our honey for you to have a taste."

Each of these honey bees was the size of a leopard with patterns on their body resembling tiger stripes; golden with black stripes on top. They were speaking politely but their tone contained a threatening and forceful intent.

Verdant Great Sun complained in his heart, this was truly misfortune befalling on someone who merely stayed home . Tiger-striped honey bees were very powerful, he was not a match against one of them, let alone a whole group.

Verdant Great Sun could only reluctantly taste the honey wine inside the beehive.

He had only taken a sip when his eyes brightened.

Honey wine was sweet but not overly sweet, the wine fragrance was mellow and very delicious, absolutely a treasure of the world!

"Delicious, delicious, really delicious. This honey wine makes one feel like the most fortunate person in the world!" Verdant Great Sun drank a mouthful of wine, praising it to the high heavens.

Tiger-striped honey bees laughed, feeling very happy.

The leader asked Verdant Great Sun: "The tell us which tastes more delicious, our honey wine or the wines of the four heaven and earth monkeys?"

Verdant Great Sun was already drunk and forgot about the terror of the tiger-striped honey bees, speaking frankly: "They all have their own merits, it is very difficult to compare them."

Tiger-striped honey bees were furious: He said our wine is actually at the same level as those mere monkeys? This Verdant Great Sun is too hateful, we need to teach him a lesson!

They were just about to attack when suddenly Verdant Great Sun disappeared.

This intoxication of Verdant Great Sun lasted for seven days and seven nights.

In his haziness, he heard a voice call calling out for him from the darkness: "Verdant Great Sun, wake up quick. If you don't wake up, you will be eaten…"

Verdant Great Sun was startled awake.

He discovered he was bound up and was being carried by a group of savage people.

This group of savage people had hair all over their body and their two eyes were dark blue. There was already a bonfire burning and above the bonfire was a cauldron.

The savage people quietly sat down, speaking pleasant sounding words.

"We are refining eternal Gu and were just lacking a human to be the catalyst. Now heaven has sent us Verdant Great Sun, it is truly worthy of celebration!"

"Human is the spirit of all living beings, Ren Zu is the spirit ancestor. Verdant Great Sun was born from his left eye and has ample spiritual energy. The way I see it, the refinement will succeed this time!"

"Throw him into the cauldron quick, we will obtain eternal Gu and live for eternity…"

Verdant Great Sun turned pale from fright at these words; immediately shouting out and struggling with all his strength.

However, these savage people remained unmoved.

At this very moment, Verdant Great Sun again heard the voice from before in his mind.

"Sigh, it is no use. These savages are the hairy men, loved by the world. They have an innate talent in refining Gu worms."

Verdant Great Sun instantly forgot his predicament and curiously asked in his mind: "Who are you?"

That voice laughed: "I am divine travel Gu, as long as any person drinks four different top-tier wines in the world, they will give birth to me in their hearts. I can let you teleport to any place you wish."

Verdant Great Sun was exulted: "Then, please quickly bring me out of here."

Divine travel Gu sighed: "It is no use. You can only use me when you are drunk. Your mind is sober now and so you can't use me."

Verdant Great Sun suddenly realized: "So that is why I was trapped in the isolated island and almost starved to death that time. Fortunately, I obtained reputation Gu and could leave the ordinary abyss. So it was you who harmed me!"

Divine travel Gu replied: "Sigh, human, I did not have any intent to harm you, it was all because you used my strength after you became drunk. You don't need to blame me, last time you were almost captured by the tiger-striped honey bees, but you were able to escape thanks to me. One harm and one rescue, we can call it even."

Verdant Great Sun also thought of the tiger-striped honey bees and no longer blamed divine travel Gu.

He was thrown into the cauldron by the hairy men.

The huge fire was burning hotter under the cauldron and the liquid temperature inside also soared.

"Add agates and red pepper!" A hairy man threw precious agates and red pepper into the cauldron.

The liquid inside the cauldron immediately changed to red and dyed Verdant Great Sun's body red.

"Add blue smoke fox child !" A hairy man grabbed a small fox and threw it into the cauldron.

The small fox's whole body was hairy and looked extremely cute with its eyes like black diamonds. But the moment it touched the liquid, it turned into blue smoke and blended into the water.

The liquid in the cauldron slowly boiled and Verdant Great Sun also felt more despair, feeling it would be difficult to escape the disaster this time.

Hairy men continued to add in many supplementary materials and Gu worms.

"Add vanity Gu!" A hairy man threw a Gu into the cauldron.

This Gu was strange and looked like a huge blue crab. But different from real crabs, its crab shell was hollow.

The moment it saw Verdant Great Sun, the huge crab like vanity Gu was very excited: "You, you are Verdant Great Sun? I have heard about you, but had never expected I would meet you here, it is really my good fortune. I am too happy, too excited."

Verdant Great Sun gave a bitter smile: "How can it be good fortune when we are about to die."

"I don't care about death. I only wanted to ask, how did you become so famous? I really admire you! I have the utmost admiration for people like you." Vanity Gu asked with urgency.

"I am not in the mood to talk about this now, I need to escape." Verdant Great Sun struggled in the cauldron and tried to climb up, but was quickly pressed down into the cauldron by a watching hairy man.

"Quick, tell me, tell me quick!" Vanity Gu was not tactful and wholeheartedly wanted to ask for guidance.

Verdant Great Sun furiously rebuked: "Can't you see the situation we are in now?"

Vanity Gu opened its eyes wide and started at Verdant Great Sun before it beamed with pleasure: "I understand, I understand now. If I want to be popular, I need to endure the heat. Thank you for the guidance, thank you. Verdant Great Sun, as thanks, I will do a favor for you."

Saying so, the vanity Gu exploded.

This explosion was not intense and was very light, only giving off a soft 'bang' sound. The vanity Gu turned into a formless poisonous wind and attacked the hearts of all the hairy men.

The crystal clear dark blue eyes of the hairy men turned red.

Verdant Great Sun was dazed for a good while, before coming back to his senses. He could not help sighing at vanity Gu's sacrifice, and immediately shouted: "Although you hairy men can refine Gu, but it is nothing. Even if you all live for eternity, so what? You are so ugly with hair all over your body, you are simply an abomination."

The hairy men were stupefied.

If it was before, they would not care about Verdant Great Sun.

But now, the poison of vanity had spread in the depths of their hearts, shrouding their intelligence.

Hearing Verdant Great Sun's shouts, the hairy men started refuting loudly: "Nonsense, nonsense! We hairy men are the most perfect, there can be nothing more beautiful than hair all over the body!"

Verdant Great Sun was suddenly hit by an inspiration: "No matter how beautiful your hair is, could it be as beautiful as my hair?"

Because he had drank vajra monkey's strong wine, his hair had become blazing fire.

The hairy men were baffled at his words.

The beautiful fire was flickering and changing all the time. Even they could not help but admit the movement of Verdant Great Sun's hair was beautiful.

Verdant Great Sun continued to stimulate them: "Even if you obtain eternity, you won't be as beautiful as me! Look at my hair, it is as colorful and charismatic as fire."

The hairy men were spurred on by Verdant Great Sun, and finally someone could not endure it: "You have such amazing hair, I will have it too. Look at mine!"

He then used a fire torch to ignite his whole body.

The hair on his body burned and he became a fiery man.

"Hahaha, you only have beautiful hair, but my whole body is beautiful now." This hairy man shouted.

Soon, the other hairy men also rushed to do the same.

All of them became fiery men, the fire burned them and the intense pain caused them to howl in pain.

But when they realized this, it was too late for them to extinguish the fire, and bombastically displayed their beauty.

Divine travel Gu was overjoyed and praised Verdant Great Sun endlessly: "Human, you are really clever, actually thinking of this method."

Verdant Great Sun escaped out of the cauldron and succeeded in surviving. He replied in his mind with a cold smile: "It is not me who is clever. It is the vanity in people that have turned them stupid. They often silently endure pain for false beauty, giving up the goals they should truly pursue."

Grand white moon gold, skull stones, dragon-side tooth, young autumn grass along with fifty primeval stones, a flower boar Gu and a boar cage Gu.

This was handed to Fang Yuan as the materials for Gu refinement.

In front of him, the hairy man was already sitting cross-legged on the ground and refining Gu.

Although Fang Yuan was not a refinement path Gu Master, he had ventured into the refinement path in his previous life and knew many recipes.

Right now, he had three choices, every choice would refine a new Gu.

The inheritance did not mention which Gu he had to refine, this meant the Gu he refined needed to be better than the hairy man.

Fang Yuan looked at the process of the hairy man refining Gu and could already guess what he was going to refine.

He sneered inwardly, but on his face appeared a respectful and flattering smile: "Lord hairy man, you are really amazing. The method of your Gu refinement really makes this one sigh in amazement. You are a Gu refinement grandmaster, there is no Gu in this world which you can't refine."

"Ah? Haha! You… tactful." The hairy man laughed loudly, clearly happy.

This distraction immediately caused the Gu refinement to fail.

The hairy man's expression suddenly changed and shouted in fear: "No!"

But it was already late.

Heavenly power descended as lightning and struck the hairy man into ashes.

"Hehe." Fang Yuan indifferently laughed and collected the materials in his hand. Under the paper crane Gu's lead, he slowly walked towards the next round.

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