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"That's right, information business. Shang clan's battle stage has over a hundred battles daily, there are so many opportunities hidden in the battle stage that we can use. I've thought about it, we can collect the Gu Master information of the battle stage participants, and sell them. We can hire a few famous people to do predictions before a battle, and critique after the battle, and so on." Shang Xin Ci smiled as she answered.

"Brilliant!" Bai Ning Bing cheered.

This idea was ingenious!

Bai Ning Bing had participated in many battles, she knew deeply how brilliant this idea was. Immediately, she knew this idea could bring in huge profits for them.

Even Fang Yuan looked at her in surprise.

He has thought of this idea in his previous life, even using it in Wu clan. Wu clan's battle stage was grander and had an even livelier atmosphere. Fang Yuan's idea created a huge commotion and earned him lots of money everyday. But not long after, Wu clan interfered, and all sorts of competition and suppression came, in just a few months, his profits sank and his business was forced to close after half a year.

Fang Yuan reflected, he was able to come up with this idea because of his memories of Earth. But Shang Xin Ci being able to think of that as a native was extremely impressive, it showed her superior talent in business and trade!

Although this idea was good, Fang Yuan shook his head.

Shang Xin Ci gritted her teeth: "Does brother Hei Tu think this idea is bad?"

"The idea is good, but it won't work. Xin Ci, do you trust me?" Fang Yuan looked at Shang Xin Ci deeply.

Shang Xin Ci smiled gently.

"My life was saved by brother Hei Tu, what is there not to trust?"

Bai Ning Bing snickered in her heart, but remained silent.

She was an insider, along the way, she was extremely clear: Shang Xin Ci's misery was singlehandedly caused by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Since you trust me, listen to me. We just need twenty days to triple your primeval stones."

"Really!" Shang Xin Ci expressed her curiosity: "Then I will listen to brother's instructions."

"What scheme is he coming up with this time? Who is he planning to harm?" Bai Ning Bing looked at Fang Yuan with the corner of her eye, guessing in her heart.

San Cha mountain, situated in the middle of Zuo clan's Leng Zhan mountain, and Che clan's Fei Lai mountain.

Zuo clan and Che clan, the former had six hundred years of history, while the latter had five hundred and eighty.

The two were enemies, centuries of hatred and grudge, causing the two clans to be mortal enemies.

For the past hundred years, the two clans were expanding, and in order to occupy San Cha mountain, they fought.

On the mountain waist of San Cha mountain, an intense battle had occurred, and it was nearing the end.

Blood flowed on the ground, as tens of Gu Master corpses laid on the ground. There were seven people still standing.

Three from Zuo clan, four from Che clan.

Zuo clan elder Zuo Wu Sheng's chest had a deep hole, as blood flowed out. He pressed down on his injury as he stood in front of Zuo Chan Yu, with a solemn expression: "Big Missy, leave now, we will block them!"

Zuo Chan Yu was Zuo clan leader's eldest daughter, having A grade aptitude and was the future hope of Zuo clan. She was young and pretty, rank three middle stage cultivation before even twenty years old, she could not afford to die here.

"Elder Wu Sheng…" Zuo Chan Yu showed deep hesitation and dismay.

"Want to leave? Dream on!" Che clan elder Che You Yin sneered as he walked out.

"Old man Wu Sheng, to think this day would come. Hehehe, today, I will make sure all three of you die without a proper burial!" His killing intent burst out.

But after saying so, he instructed a young female Gu Master beside him: "Xiang Er, you have an injury on you, later when we fight, stay back and keep a lookout for us."

Che Qiao Xiang instantly frowned: "Father, I only have a slight injury, it is no matter. I want to fight beside you!"

She was very worried.

Zuo Wu Sheng was her father's rival for tens of years, they were about the same strength. Although Zuo Wu Sheng was injured, it would not be easy to kill him, his dying counterattack would be terrifying.

"Nonsense!" Che You Yin chided: "Be obedient and listen to father, this is an order."

Che Qiao Xiang pouted, about to rebuke, but suddenly heard a laugh.

"Hahaha… hehehe…. huhuhuh…"

This was a weird laugh, making someone feel an evil wind blowing when they heard it.

Following this laughter, someone appeared on a mountain rock.

This person was extremely handsome, wearing a flowery robe that had pink butterflies. He wore a floral crown on his head, and there was a red flower ball sewn onto the crown. As he laughed, the ball vibrated, causing him to look like an extremely hilarious clown.

But be it Zuo Wu Sheng or Che You Yin, when they saw him, there was no laughter but intense fear instead.

"Ah, you are the 'Pink Butterfly Gentleman'…"

"Kong Ri Tian!"

The two spoke out, revealing his identity.

This moment, the other people's expressions also changed. Especially Zuo Chan Yu and Che Qiao Xiang, their faces went pale and they became extremely nervous.

This Kong Ri Tian was a demonic Gu Master, having a vile reputation. He loved to wear a flower robe that had pink butterflies, thus he was called 'pink butterfly gentleman'.

But the truth is, he was a serial rapist, targeting virgin women. He was extremely hated by everyone, and thus was a loner.

Most importantly, he had rank four cultivation, once he appeared, the battle situation changed.

Zuo clan and Che clan were at their wits end, their main fighter Che You Yin and Zuo Wu Sheng were injured, and only had rank three cultivation.

"Hahaha… hehehe… huhuhu… That is right, I am Kong Ri Tian!" Although he was exposed, pink butterfly gentleman was extremely happy, laughing in that weird manner again.

Suddenly, he waved his sleeve, and injected his primeval essence, causing a flower petals to rain on the battlefield.

The pink petals turned into butterflies, flying in the air.

At once, fragrance spread throughout the battlefield.

Zuo clan and Che clan quickly defended and unleashed their abilities.

Kong Ri Tian used this opportunity to attack, causing the flower rain to intensify as his body moved around quickly.

After eight to nine rounds, Kong Ri Tian's body flashed, as he retreated and left the battlefield.

"He retreated!"

"That was close…"

Che You Yin and Zuo Wu Sheng sighed together, but their expressions changed soon.

"My dear Chan Yu!"

"Qiao Xiang! Scoundrel, release my daughter!!"

The two elders were burning with anger.

"Hahaha… hehehe… huhuhu…" Kong Ri Tian laughed, as two ladies were on his left and right hand respectively.

It was Che Qiao Xiang and Zuo Chan Yu, having fallen unconscious as they were captured by him during the chaotic battle.

Kong Ri Tian specialized in dealing with female Gu Masters.

"Great rewards today, to think I'd find two beauties here. Hahaha… hehehe… huhuhu!" Kong Ri Tian was extremely satisfied, when suddenly a change occurred.

The entire San Cha mountain started trembling, as mountain rocks fell due to the tremors!

"What is going on?"

"What in the world is happening?!"

As everyone shouted in shock, three light pillars burst out from the three mountain peaks of San Chan mountain. Three giant light pillars, yellow, blue, and red extended all the way into the sky, above the clouds.

At this point, a voice was heard among all present on San Cha mountain —

"Three Kings Inheritance opens today, regardless of righteous or demonic, only fate matters."

Everyone stared at this scene in shock.

Even Kong Ri Tian forgot the two beauties in his arms.

Three kings inheritance… it is actually the three kings inheritance!

Everyone reacted and showed an extremely excited expression.

Three kings inheritance, oh god, all three kings were rank five Gu Masters, this is their inheritance, this is actually their inheritance!!!

Three days later, in Shang clan city.

Nan Qiu garden, study room.

Placing a document lightly on the table, brilliance shone across Fang Yuan's eyes.

"Three kings inheritance has finally opened…"

Looking at the date, it was the same as his previous life. This shows that in this world, even though rebirth can alter history, significant events cannot be changed easily.

"Now that the three kings inheritance has opened, I have little time left. Once Shang Xin Ci becomes the young master, I will have to set off."

Fang Yuan felt an urge in his heart, he needed to act faster.

The three kings inheritance was different from ordinary inheritances.

The flower wine inheritance and white bone inheritance he took previously were only one inheritance each. But this time, it was three collective inheritances in one place.

If he could obtain all three, Fang Yuan's strength would increase by many times, and the rank four Gu worms he needed would be mostly filled. At least before rank five, he would not need to worry about resources anymore.

But the three kings inheritance was a demonic inheritance, it was dangerous. There were many dog groups inside, and many checkpoints to pass through. In his previous life, countless lives were sacrificed, and only after half a year did someone reach the end and obtain the inheritance.

Thus, there was no point in going at the moment.

"News of the three kings inheritance cannot be hidden. How can those three pillars reaching into the sky be concealed?"

Fang Yuan knew these three pillars were the inheritance entrance. But to enter, there were certain requirements.

"Now, I can finally mass purchase dog enslavement Gu, paper crane gu, and exploding egg Gu." Fang Yuan analyzed.

Before this, although he had cash on hand, he secretly bought the three types of Gu in the market.

He had a vigilant nature, he did not go all in.

Only when the news of the three kings inheritance was released, he knew the time was ripe.

Bulk purchase!

Five days later, Fang Yuan bought a large number of rank one dog enslavement Gu, rank two paper crane Gu, and rank one exploding egg Gu. Not only Shang Xin Ci's hundred thousand primeval stones, but also the three hundred thousand he had just gotten from Bai clan.

Fang Yuan had once extorted three million primeval stones from Bai clan, they had paid almost half of it already.

Adding in Bai Ning Bing's money, Fang Yuan's purchasing plan was a big success.

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