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"Even if Fang Zheng has bitter strength Gu, the strength he can release is at most eight beast phantoms. Bitter strength Gu cannot raise his strength limitlessly."

"Shang clan leader ordered me to not take all-out effort Gu, I can only choose this bitter strength Gu!" Ju Kai Bei's eyes brightened as he thought of this.

Whether it was all-out effort Gu or bitter strength Gu, they were both extremely attractive to strength path Gu Masters.

"I still haven't lost! I am at rank four initial stage, I am superior in terms of primeval essence, and I also have my killer move."

Ju Kai Bei possessed plentiful experience and was able to put his disorganized mind in order after pondering for a short period. He was invigorated and his low morale rose up.

The two began exchanging moves again.

The battle could not longer be described as intense; desperate was more suitable.

The two punched and kicked one after another, attacking and defending.

Ju Kai Bei's ivory armor was being broken continuously and while repairing itself. From time to time, he would spurt out mouthfuls of blood.

Fang Yuan was also not much better, he was restraining self-reliance Gu which caused his whole body to be full of injuries and blood seeped out continuously, his bones fractured and endless pain continued to assault his mind like tides.

The heavier the injuries he suffered, the stronger he got. Not long later, he could bring out five beast phantoms.

Ju Kai Bei fell into a much more dangerous situation and was almost suppressed to the state where he could not even lift his head.

This was something he had never experienced at the battle stage.

Even Yan Tu was only his equal.

"Junior, you are too arrogant!" Ju Kai Bei furiously swept his arms.

Three dragon-elephants!

He suddenly erupted, as the enormous dragon-elephant phantom appeared behind him.

Fang Yuan was sent flying.

Three dragon-elephants could suppress five beast phantoms.

Fang Yuan's arms were twisted due to the attack, they were completely fractured. His left arm was even folded into a right angle and the fractured bones were exposed with fresh blood flowing down.

Fang Yuan clenched his teeth and endured the pain as he activated self-reliance Gu.

Such injuries already affected his combat capability and he had to heal it.

He first healed his right arm before twisting his left arm back to its proper state, forcefully joining the broken parts as he activated the self-reliance Gu.

The broken bones began to grow again and join together. Then it was the pieces of flesh and finally the skin.

During the healing process, Fang Yuan constantly evaded Ju Kai Bei's attacks using horizontal charge Gu and vertical crash Gu, contending with Ju Kai Bei by doing three tasks at once.

When he attacked, he attacked fiercely with a domineering might. But when he dodged, it was a completely different style; he was calm and not flustered in the face of danger, like a slippery loach.

He used the black stone forest terrain to his maximum advantage, so although Ju Kai Bei's dragon travel tiger steps Gu was faster than Fang Yuan, he could not catch Fang Yuan.

After the healing was finished, Fang Yuan turned around and started attacking again.

Time passed by, the battle situation became more desperate. Fang Yuan's phantoms gradually rose from five to six then seven until there were eight phantoms!

At the start of the battle, there were spectators who commented and shouted from time to time, but as the match progressed, the audience had gotten silent.

Fang Yuan and Ju Kai Bei's terrifying strength caused their hearts to feel cold and astonished.

"Too terrifying!"

"Such power, one can only imagine how flourishing the ancient strength path must have been."

"If it was me, I would have already turned into meat paste no matter which one I fought among them."

The spectators were speechless but even more secretly felt admiration towards the unyielding spirit of Fang Yuan and Ju Kai Bei. These two were true warriors of steel.

No one had predicted such a result.

Fang Yuan was strong and after he brought out eight phantoms, he was suppressing Ju Kai Bei most of the time.

However, Ju Kai Bei was not weak, his healing Gu was also quite outstanding. The combination of dragon guts Gu, dragon travel tiger steps Gu, and dragon-elephant Gu formed a resonance of Dao marks due to their similar law fragments; this greatly raised the probability of bringing out his dragon-elephant phantom.

Sweat formed in Shang Xin Ci's clenched hands.

Wei Yang's frown became deeper and was turning into a knot.

He could see Fang Yuan was getting exhausted.

Even Fang Yuan's iron body could not endure unleashing the strength of eight beast phantoms; sweat fell down his body like rain and his muscles were already aching and turning numb.

There was another even greater danger.

Being able to simultaneously summon eight phantoms signified his injuries were extremely severe and he was in danger.

Fang Yuan was walking on a steel wire, if he was struck by Ju Kai Bei's three dragon-elephant phantoms, he might die from the attack!

He was risking his life in battle!

This was a battle of extremes.

From start till now, it had already been over two hours.

The match gradually reached the climax, the two had reached their limits; their attacks were clearly starting to slow down.

However, the match was instead becoming more thrilling and even Bai Ning Bing's expression was solemn.

The whole scene was silent, all the spectators were concentrating on the match.

Ju Kai Bei finally lost his patience.

He might be able to strike with three dragon-elephant strength, but it all depended on luck and there was no assurance.

Sometimes, the phantoms came out at the wrong timing and Fang Yuan would easily dodge or resist it.

"Why has his primeval essence not been exhausted?"

Even the rank four strength path Gu Master Ju Kai Bei did not have much primeval essence left at this stage.

However, Fang Yuan, a rank three Gu Master, actually appeared to have abundant primeval essence and was very energetic.

"Could it be, he really has a heavenly essence treasure lotus?" Ju Kai Bei could not help but recall that secret letter sent by Shang Yan Fei.

"If Fang Zheng really has it, his luck is simply too heaven defying!" Ju Kai Bei gritted his teeth, the expected superiority in primeval essence did not exist, causing his fighting spirit to dampen.

But the truth was, Fang Yuan not only had heavenly essence treasure lotus, but also blood skull Gu and four flavor liquor worm. If Ju Kai Bei knew this, his expression would definitely be spectacular.

"I can't lose! It seems I can only use my killer move!!" Ju Kai Bei made his decision.

Dragon travel tiger steps Gu!

He suddenly retreated and this unusual movement immediately attracted Fang Yuan's attention.

However, Fang Yuan could not catch him.

Dragon travel tiger steps was really fast, far surpassing horizontal charge Gu and vertical crash Gu. Even considering this terrain, it was disadvantageous to pursue him.

Almost instantly, all the spectators gazed at Ju Kai Bei, many realizing something.

"This is bad…" Wei Yang's expression suddenly changed at this scene and he could not help but cry out in surprise.

"What is it?" Shang Xin Ci immediately looked at him.

"Ju Kai Bei is about to use his killer move! This match has finally reached the climax." Wei Yang's voice was deep and sweat seeped out of his forehead.

He was extremely nervous as he explained hurriedly: "Ju Kai Bei's killer move has a flaw. If Fang Zheng can grasp this flaw, he could clinch victory! If not, I am afraid Ju Kai Bei will be the winner."

Wei Yang had just finished speaking, when there was a change in the stage.

Djinn heart Gu!

Djinn body Gu!

Djinn mind Gu!

Three rank four Gu were simultaneously activated.

Body, heart, and mind combined; essence, qi, and spirit merged!

Ju Kai Bei's physique suddenly enlarged by three times, a white aura appeared around his body as if signifying the descent of a deity. Along with it, his domineering presence increased greatly.

This was his killer move — Djinn transformation! It increased the Gu Master's strength by three times and even his mental energy was raised by three times.

Gu Master consumed their mental energy to control Gu worms. If they overused it, their mind would feel sluggishness.

But Ju Kai Bei's mental energy was raised now and he became energetic again.

At the same time, his strength was increased by three times; three dragon-elephant strength became nine dragon-elephant strength!

Once the nine dragon-elephant phantoms burst out, the eight beast phantoms would be crushed and Fang Yuan would certainly lose.

Ju Kai Bei reached his strongest state.

However, right at this moment, the ivory armor covering his whole body broke due to his size.

Many defensive Gu could not be stretched with the user and ivory armor was one of them.

"At this moment, he is completely defenseless. His strongest moment is also his weakest! Quick, grab this single opportunity for victory!" Wei Yang's eyes widened as he mumbled with clenched fists.

At another corner of the room, Bai Ning Bing's eyes also suddenly brightened.

As if he heard Wei Yang's suggestion, Fang Yuan adopted a posture of attacking, but suddenly his movement stopped.

The excited and happy look that had just appeared on Wei Yang's face froze.

"Strike!" He could not help but shout, his heart pulsed rapidly. Unfortunately, the barrier around the stage isolated sound; the spectators nearby casted strange glances at him.

Fang Yuan did not move but calmly observed.

The broken ivory armor was starting to grow, the new armor covered tightly around Ju Kai Bei's whole body.

Fang Yuan's chance at victory was slipping and becoming indistinct.

Wei Yang stomped his feet with anxiety but it was no use.

He raised his head and heaved a long sigh: "Sigh, Fang Zheng lost, he lost his only chance…"

Fang Yuan did not attack and that was quite a surprise to Ju Kai Bei. He had expected Fang Yuan to attack him, and had already made preparations for that, but Fang Yuan, however, made no such attempt.

It was a real pity!

Because, just earlier, he had activated hard qi Gu.

Hard qi Gu turned into a ball of formless air covering his whole body. At that moment, he looked like he had no defense, but in truth his defense was extremely tight and solid like a boulder.

He had covered up his greatest weakness with the hard qi Gu.

If Fang Yuan had attacked, he was certain to meet with Ju Kai Bei's frontal assault and was likely going to lose.

However, Fang Yuan did not move.

Ju Kai Bei had even slowed down the regeneration speed of the ivory armor to entice Fang Yuan, but he did not move and quietly watched like a spectator.

"Did he detect it? Impossible. Hard qi Gu is formless. I got it just recently and have never used it before."

"Hmph, since you are not attacking, then let me make the move." Bright rays exploded and flashed in Ju Kai Bei's eyes.

Djinn transformation was a killer move created from using three rank four Gu; whether it was his yellow gold primeval essence or mental energy, they were both decreasing rapidly.

Physical strength and mental energy were both increased by three times. But at the same time, the consumption was also increased by three times.

Ju Kai Bei's djinn transformation could not be maintained for long.

Dragon travel tiger steps!

Ju Kai Bei charged at Fang Yuan.

Horizontal charge, vertical crash!

Fang Yuan retreated and avoided the attack.

Ju Kai Bei was bewildered.

Fang Yuan changed his style and suddenly retreated, was it to stall for time?


"My body is three times larger now and every step I take is three times as far. With dragon travel tiger steps Gu, my speed is even faster!" Ju Kai Bei scoffed inwardly.

It was pointless even if Fang Yuan used the black stone forest terrain.

By now, almost all the black stone pillars were destroyed. Moreover, djinn transformation could completely crush everything in its path; to the current Ju Kai Bei, the terrain was as flat as a pancake!

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