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Chapter 293: Heaven is blind

"We've finally reached Shang clan city . " Staring at the mountain of buildings, Bai Feng sighed .

He was a Bai clan elder, when he was young, he roamed the southern border, and had once came to Shang clan city . But this time round, he was already old, the buildings were all unfamiliar to him, and even his goal was to arrest the two demonic Gu Masters .

"Do you guys think those two demonic scoundrels really chose this direction?" Bai Lian sounded worried .

"It should be this direction . We split into a few groups at the place where the footless bird landed, but the other directions were all dead ends . Only this path left behind traces . " Tie Dao Ku said .

He was uncertain in his heart .

Although Tie clan was the number one investigator in the southern border, he was an attacking type Gu Master . Moreover, the southern border had many forests and mountains, complex terrain that made it easy to hide oneself and difficult to trace them .

"Maybe the two of them died long ago along the way, becoming food for wild beasts . " Someone said optimistically .

There was a huge possibility in this, they had found many traces of skeletons along the way, and all the remains of the caravan assaulted by beast hordes .

"I do hope they are alive!" Bai Zhan Lie gritted his teeth, his grandfather was killed by Fang and Bai, he wanted to kill them with his own hands, taking revenge for that intense hatred in his heart .

"Alright, let's enter the city first . If there are no discoveries, we shall spend some primeval stones to send a letter to clan leader, and see what orders she has for us . " Bai Feng took the first step .

The few of them arrived at the city gate looking like travellers on a long journey .

Coincidentally, this gate was the one Fang and Bai had once gone through .

"To enter the city, each person has to pay ten primeval stones . " The city guard stopped them from entering .

Bai Feng took out a yellow pear token, waving it .

The guard looked at it, and after inspecting it, said: "Yellow pear token can exempt three people from the fees . "

Bai Feng's group of six handed in thirty primeval stones .

"This brother, did you see the two

of them entering the city?" Bai Zhan Lie pointed at an arrest warrant on the wall, asking .

This was the arrest warrant for Fang and Bai .

But the surface of this arrest warrant had been covered by another new arrest warrant, almost half of the surface was covered .

This was common .

Once in a while, new arrest warrants would appear .

The city guard's expression changed, howling at Bai Zhan Lie: "What are you saying? A city gate with me guarding, how can there be a demonic Gu Master entering? Do you think I am blind? This is slander, you are slandering a righteous young man from Shang clan!"

Bai Zhan Lie's expression froze .

Clan elder Bai Feng quickly apologised, in Shang clan city, even if he was a Bai clan elder, he had to lower his head .

The city guard saw Bai Feng's rank three cultivation, and did not dare to pursue the matter, only muttering under his breath .

Only until Tie Dao Ku showed an unhappy expression, and displayed his identity: "Enough, shut up . Do you think my Tie clan is unclear of what your Shang clan is like?"

The city guard stopped speaking .

After facing this initial display of authority, Bai clan entered the outer city grimly .

"Let's get some food, we are all tired after these few days of travelling . We need to rest, it will not affect our mission . I know a good restaurant in fifth inner city, it is at the battle zone, I had participated in it back in the day, and reach fourth inner city . " Bai Feng recommended .

This suggestion was well received .

The gang arrived at fifth inner city, at the battle zone . Bai Zhan Lie, Bai Lian and the other juniors were instantly awed by the atmosphere of the battle zone .

As they walked, they could hear the people's excited conversations .

"Tan Jing finally took revenge, and defeated Shi Nan Sheng . Shi Nan Sheng vowed to take revenge, their grudge is growing . "

"Sang Kong controls the virus cloud moth, his battle strength has risen again, he can almost dominate the fifth inner city . "

"Dominate? Hehe, he will have to wait until Gu Yue Fang Zheng ascends to fourth inner city . "

"Gu Yue Fang Zheng!!!"

Bai clan's gang stared with wide opened eyes, like they were struck by lightning .

They quickly stopped, and stared at the talking passerby .

They scared the shit out of him .

After three minutes .

On the battle stage, Fang Yuan walked up to the stage . His opponent was a middle aged man, tall and burly, thick waist and shoulder, with a long moustache on his face, looking extremely fierce and aggressive .


The bell rang and the battle officially started .

"I admit defeat!" The middle aged man shouted at the first second . He was swift and direct, causing the audience to feel unsatisfied .


"Aren't you embarrassed, admitting defeat before fighting . "

"Embarrassment is better than dying, in the entire fifth inner city now, who dares to fight against Fang Zheng? The all-out effort Gu is too powerful!"

The crowd was noisy as usual .

The battle ended as soon as it started .

The hosting Gu Master took both their vine information Gu and edited the information inside before returning it to them .

The middle aged man turned to leave, admitting defeat was a humiliation, but circumstances forced him to, after all Fang Yuan was cruel and ruthless, he never spares his opponents . He did not dare to fight just to save his reputation .

Fang Yuan did not leave immediately, but took out forty thousand primeval stones and handed them to Li Ran .

This caused everyone to go into discussions again .

"Another forty thousand, he really gave it!"

"Although this Gu Yue Fang Zheng is ruthless, he keeps his word . Two hundred thousand, he has repaid most of it already . Only thirty thousand remain . "

"Li Ran used these primeval stones to purchase Gu worms, he is starting to display his strength in the battle zone . I am so envious . "

"Repaying kindness and taking revenge for hatred . From this aspect, I truly respect Gu Yue Fang Zheng . "

"With this win, he is at twenty-nine net wins . Just one last match, and he would be in fourth inner city . "

"The faster the better, how dares to challenge him? Even Li Hao died by his hands…"

"Gu Yue Fang Zheng, after all these hardships, we've finally found you!" Among the crowd, Bai Zhan Lie gritted his teeth, as his face contorted with anger .

His companions also showed an ugly expression .

They had chased after him for so long, suffering along the journey . In

In the end, they found that the person they wanted to arrest had been living luxuriously in Shang clan city, making a name for himself .

Before this, they had continuously guessed if he had died under the beast hordes, digested into faeces and defecated .

The scene now, was a huge contrast to their expectations .

Not only did Fang Yuan not have problems, he was living well, even changing his Gu worms and raising his battle strength and cultivation .

What were they supposed to feel!

"Oh heavens is blind, how can such a vile scoundrel live so well?" Bai Feng raised his head and cried out .

"His luck is too good, saving the illegitimate daughter of Shang clan leader and receiving the purple thorn token! In Shang clan, we can do nothing to him, he is protected by Shang clan!" Bai Lian gritted her teeth, she had learnt much from the passerby .

The enemy who killed the two young masters were right before them, but there was nothing they could do to him .

"Not only him, even that Bai Ning Bing received the purple thorn token . Now, she has also joined the battle stage, and has good battle records . " A companion beside her sighed .

"What world is this, evil people live well while good people die . Sigh!"

"Actually, it is not like we have no way to deal with them . They could join the battle stage, so can we . " Tie Dao Ku spoke with a low voice, his gaze sharp as daggers .

He had heard from Bai clan leader that Fang Yuan had the charred thunder potato mother Gu .

Right now, he could confirmed that Fang and Bai were the ones who killed his young master!

But arresting them was impossible now, so why not just kill them! That way, young master's revenge can be taken, and Tie Dao Ku can return to Tie clan .

"That's right! This is a good idea . " Bai Feng's eyes shone, as his spirits were lifted .

Using the rules of the battle stage, even if Fang Yuan had the purple thorn token, he could not be protected . Even if they could not kill him, taking away his all-out effort Gu would halt his growth .

The truth is, his growth speed was too scary, it struck fear in them . He cannot be allowed to grow anymore!

"Wait, where is Bai Zhan Lie?" Bai Lian Lie?" Bai Lian suddenly asked .

Fang Yuan walked out of the battle stage, as numerous people gave way to him .

Numerous gazes landed on him, there were fear and respect, indifference and animosity .

"Although I killed many Gu Masters, my reputation is not bad . Every time I give Li Ran primeval stones, it is a performance that improves my reputation . Out of the two hundred thousand, only thirty thousand remain . "

Fang Yuan walked as he considered his options .

After battling Li Hao, he earned three Gu worms, but did not gain the mountain back toad or the position swap Gu .

He beat the mountain back toad to death, and the position swap Gu is Li Ran's vital Gu, it perished after Li Ran died .

But that battle had many spectators, Fang Yuan earned over six thousand primeval stones .

This month, his consecutive victories earned him enough to return forty thousand to Li Ran and still save a small sum of primeval stones for himself .

Because of his actions, and Li Ran's response, Wu clan did not do anything to Fang Yuan for now .

This earned him precious time for development .

"I have twenty-nine victories now, just one more and I'd be in fourth inner city . The pressure there is much higher, with experts everywhere, but wins also give me much more reward . After using the steel tendon Gu, I can increase the number of my beast phantoms already, but…"

To increase the number of beast phantoms, it is a long process, there will only be effect after two to three months .

After getting to fourth inner city, Fang Yuan's pressure would be greater, he needed more strength to deal with the situation .

"A large size auction will be held soon, and there is an instant success Gu up for bidding . If I can get it, I would be able to obtain new beast phantoms overnight, but my primeval stones are too little, I don't even have the qualification to participate in the auction…"

Money is always insufficient when one needs to use it!

Just as Fang Yuan was considering who to borrow from, a young man appeared and blocked his path .

"Gu Yue Fang Zheng, do you recognise me?!" Bai Zhan Lie screamed .

"Zhan Lie!"

"Zhan Lie, don't be rash . "

Bai clan and gang arrived, forming a semi circle around Fang Yuan .

A stand-off!

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