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"This is the all-out effort Gu?"

In the secret room, Wei Yang held this Gu in his hand as he exclaimed, strange light shining in his eyes.

All-out effort Gu, it was shaped like a rhinoceros beetle.

Now, it was sitting quietly in Wei Yang's palm, its body was almost the size of Wei Yang's palm, and was quite heavy.

It was oval in shape, and had a strong armor exoskeleton. There was a strong horn on its head, looking heavy and powerful.

It had three pairs of legs, all strong and thick. Its body was dark brown, and glistened with a metallic surface. People only needed one glance to know it was not ordinary.

"That's right, this is the rank three all-out effort Gu. Once used, it would summon a beast phantom, able to move according to my will." Fang Yuan was sitting on a cushion opposite Wei Yang, as he explained.

Wei Yang breathed in deeply, handing the all-out effort Gu back to Fang Yuan.

"At this timing, is it fate? Brother Fang Zheng, are you truly bent on the strength path?" He gave his last attempt.

Fang Yuan nodded, not speaking, but his determined expression said everything.

Wei Yang sighed again.

If previously, he was confident of changing Fang Yuan's mind, at this moment, after obtaining the all-out effort Gu, he knew that Fang Yuan's decision was final, there was no hope in changing it.

"Fate is really mystical, obtaining the all-out effort Gu would greatly help you on the strength path. The all-out effort Gu is undoubtedly the core Gu worm in assembling your set. If you are so determined, I shall say no more. But I have one final thing to remind you, just treat it as my nagging."

Fang Yuan became serious: "Not at all, please give me your advice!"

"Although you have the all-out effort Gu, times are different now. If this all-out effort Gu is your core, you have to ensure its safety. It is only a rank three Gu now, if you want to refine it into rank four or rank five in the future, there is too much danger in refining it if it is not your vital Gu. If the all-out effort Gu is destroyed in the process of refinement, your entire set would collapse without the core. Thus, my first advice to you is to convert it into your vital Gu. Shang clan can help you to achieve this."

"To make a set, just one core is not enough, you need several important support Gu. Regarding this, you need to choose carefully, and think ahead. If your choice is wrong, it will not allow you to display the full value of all-out effort Gu. Sigh, actually, during ancient times, when strength path flourished, there were much more Gu worms that complemented the all-out effort Gu. Now, most of them are extinct, if you want to assemble a Gu set, you cannot use ancient methods, but can only explore this yourself."

"I have another extremely important matter that you have to take note of. Although you have the all-out effort Gu, you have no corresponding refinement recipe. But thankfully, most of the recipes from the Olden Antiquity Era were passed down. There should be some in certain recipe masters' hands, you have to collect them. If not…"

Saying so, Wei Yang hesitated.

"You can try your luck in exploring ancient strength path inheritances. Wu clan found such an inheritance several years ago, if you can find one, your future would be set. I really want to see the strength path flourish in your hands!"

After saying these things, Wei Yang took his leave.

Fang Yuan sent him off, and watched Wei Yang turn into light and fly away.

Fang Yuan stood at the door of the secret room, his gaze concentrating.

The advice Wei Yang gave, he had considered all of them long ago, and had plans already.

He already had a copy of the all-out effort Gu's recipe, obviously from Li Ran.

Wu clan provided Li Ran the all-out effort Gu, they naturally gave him the recipe.

But this recipe only allowed the rank three all-out effort Gu to reach rank four. Any higher, Fang Yuan needed to find out himself.

But in this aspect, Fang Yuan was only rank three initial stage now, in the short run, he had no worries about the rank five refinement recipe.

As for what Gu to choose, in order to complement the all-out effort Gu, and become support for the core, Fang Yuan had his plans.

He had always been the type to walk one step and plan ten ahead, he was extremely confident.

"The strength path Gu set, should use the all-out effort Gu as the core, self-reliance Gu and bitter strength Gu as the support. With a few other Gu worms accompanying, this set of Gu worms can be considered initial success. But to reach greater success, I have to rely on the three kings inheritance."

Spending two to three years in Shang clan city, assembling a set of Gu and reach initial success stage.

When the three kings inheritance activates, he will use the advantages of rebirth and add in useful Gu worms to cause his Gu set to reach greater success stage.

This was Fang Yuan's plans for the near future.

"This plan has to be executed perfectly. Because after the three kings inheritance, it would be the righteous demonic battle at Yi Tian mountain, if my battle strength is not high enough then, I would not be able to gather enough benefits for myself. Time, is really tight…"

As for the third, his vital Gu.

Fang Yuan's vital Gu is Spring Autumn Cicada, this cannot be changed.

Then the refinement of the all-out effort Gu would be much more difficult. Since there is a risk to the Gu, the refinement would need to be done extremely carefully.

If Fang Yuan was unlucky, and caused the all-out effort Gu to die during refinement, his set of Gu worms would lose their foundation, like a human without a soul.

If that happens, the outcome would be disastrous, almost equivalent to Fang Yuan's strength path cultivation being crippled.

But, there were ways to ensure the all-out effort Gu survives during refinement even if it was not his vital Gu.

Wei Yang did not know because he was a frog in a well.

Fang Yuan knew three methods.

First method was to head to the "Land of Bu Bai". This was the Bu Bai inheritance, far away in central continent, the sacred land for refinement masters.

Secondly, he could use the undefeated hundred battles Gu, when refining Gu, it could ensure a hundred percent success rate.

The third was also a Gu, called "green mountain remains". 'As long as the green mountain remains, one need not worry about firewood.' Only by keeping something vital is there a chance for a comeback. Using this Gu, it can protect the core Gu, even if refinement fails and the other Gu are destroyed, the all-out effort Gu will still remain.

The land of Bu Bai was too far away, it was impossible to get there. Undefeated hundred battles Gu, an extremely rare rank five Gu even during ancient times, right now it was extinct. "Green mountain remains" was in the hands of several refinement masters, this was a rank four Gu, it was difficult to obtain but there was at least some hope.

"There is one undefeated hundred battles Gu in the three kings inheritance. If I can get it, the all-out effort Gu's advancement to rank four would be ensured. Next, I can only think of other ways… now, it is time to replace everything."

Fang Yuan had a careful nature, before he obtained the all-out effort Gu, even though he had hundreds of thousands of primeval stones, he did not spend them.

Now that it is in his hands, he finally decided to act.

He did not need to leave Nan Qiu garden, instead going to the study room and taking out a large number of invitations.

Ever since he 'gambled' and won the all-out effort Gu, rumors flew about in Shang clan city, and everyone were acting like cats who saw fish, swarming at Fang Yuan's place.

Fang Yuan had the purple thorn token, and attended Shang Yan Fei's clan banquet before, he had a unique identity and no one dared to force him.

They had sent all sorts of invitations, but Fang Yuan stayed in his house for several days, not meeting a single guest.

Now, Fang Yuan took out the invitations, and saw that a portion were from recipe masters, hoping to meet Fang Yuan and become acquaintances, so that they can borrow the all-out effort Gu for research. A Gu from the Antiquity Era would be great help towards their recipe creation.

Another portion were established Gu Masters, holding all sorts of titles, they either wished to spar with Fang Yuan or wanted to exchange Gu worms with him.

But mostly, the invitations came from all the famous shops, and all the large clan's Gu Masters, hoping to purchase the all-out effort Gu.

Fang Yuan chose a small portion of them, and instructed his servants to send a message to them.

Not long after, a group of Gu Masters came running.

Fang Yuan met them at the reception hall: "I am not selling the all-out effort Gu, I am meeting everyone here today for other trading purposes."

This caused everyone to be disappointed, but some did not give up, only after Fang Yuan's firm attitude did they give up.

Three hours later, a few business were settled, and everyone left.

Two days later, the Gu worms arrived.

Fang Yuan's battle strength surged, but he paid a huge price.

Gu worms were seriously too expensive, he spent several hundred thousand primeval stones for them. The old man made of clouds in the primeval elder Gu was already hunching his back as he showed a painful and worried expression, in an extremely pitiful state.

Another day later, Fang Yuan stepped into the battle stage.

At once, everyone went wild.

Outside the battle stage, people were crowding to the point where there was no walking space.

His opponent was none other than Li Ran.

He stared at Fang Yuan, his expression twisted and his eyes burned with fire, as he screamed: "Gu Yue Fang Zheng, you stole my opportunity, that is extremely despicable! Today, I will take back what belongs to me."

"Hmph, who told you to knock into me? I asked for compensation but you refused to pay primeval stones. Those stones covered your debt, you were willing as well." Fang Yuan laughed coldly as he answered.

The viewers outside started to discuss among themselves as they became extremely noisy.

Fang Yuan and Li Ran's conversation testified the truth behind the rumors these days.

"Ahhh!" Li Ran grabbed his hair, screaming to the sky: "Fang Zheng, you tyrant, I was forced by you! I only knocked into you by accident, but you refused to let me go. Today, I will seek justice for myself!"

Saying so, Li Ran pounced at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, seeing him get close, he willed.

Vertical crash Gu.


The winds blew as he took a step, and his body charged forward by fifty steps.

Li Ran felt his vision blur as Fang Yuan had already charged up to him.

All-out effort Gu.

Fang Yuan willed, and light burst forth, forming the phantom image of a wild boar charging in mid air behind him.

The wild boar was black and had sharp tusks, showing a fierce expression as the winds blew!

"Not good!" Li Ran screamed, dodging.

Fang Yuan charged right past him, although Li Ran was not hit head on, his arm was scratched.

Next, with a 'crack', his forearm bone broke, and the defensive light on Li Ran's body vanished, as he fell to the ground, unable to get up.

"Just one hit!"

"Was that the all-out effort Gu?"

"That Li Ran is too weak, he is definitely not Fang Zheng's match!"

Outside, the spectators exclaimed, expressing their shock.

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