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Bai Ning Bing's appearance caused the attention on Fang Yuan to divert.

The contrast was simply too great, causing everyone to focus on her.

Fang Yuan had an ordinary appearance, but when he first appeared, even Wei Yang praised him. Bai Ning Bing however, looked stunning, the contrast was much more evident.

Next, Bai Ning Bing also received the purple thorn token.

During the clan banquet, everyone interacted with each other, portraying a cohesive gathering on the outside, but secretly, there were storms brewing.

In large clans, young masters often fought opening and secretly. Because large clans had the resources for them to compete.

On the other hand, normal clans like Gu Yue clan village, Bai clan village, focused on nurturing one successor. It was not a problem of fertility, but because they wanted to avoid internal conflicts between young masters which could cause the clan to decline.

Fang Yuan displayed his forthright and hotblooded side, these young masters were influential people, nurturing a good relationship with them would greatly aid him in his stay on Shang Liang mountain for the next few years.

He clarified his past, as the former Gu Yue clan future clan leader, similar to Bai Ning Bing.

Immediately, he closed the distance he had with the other young masters.

Obviously, there were people who asked about the reason why Qing Mao mountain turned into an icy hell, but Fang Yuan did not explain it.

He only mentioned that the past was a nightmare, and showed a painful expression. He had the purple thorn token in his hand, so no one dared to force him.

A few young masters toasted Bai Ning Bing, but she did not bother responding to them, acting as she pleased.

If it was before, the young master would definitely be secretly angry, but now that she showed her true beauty, no one got angry about it.

They only felt that this woman was beautiful like a fairy, resembling a ice fairy, paired with her cold behavior, it fitted her image perfectly.

The clan banquet lasted for an hour before ending.

"Can I still call you brother Hei Tu?" As they parted, Shang Xin Ci stared at Fang Yuan with glimmering eyes.

"Whichever you like." Fang Yuan smiled warmly.

Shang Xin Ci blinked, saying softly: "Brother Hei Tu's injuries are healed, it is worth celebrating, but I feel like we are quite far apart. Brother Hei Tu has the purple thorn token now, you can freely leave and enter the second inner city, are you currently staying at Nan Qiu garden?"

Shang Xin Ci was very chatty, from deep in her heart, she felt that Fang Yuan was very close to her, thus she had many things to say.

In a foreign environment, people subconsciously found a sense of security from people they know.

Fang Yuan knew her mental state, initiating: "Yes I am staying at Nan Qiu garden, when you are free, you can come over to visit. Shang clan city is huge, we can go shopping together."

Shang Xin Ci's eyes glowed brightly, happily nodding.

Xiao Die was beside her, happily shouting: "It has been so boring stay at home these days!"

After Fang Yuan regained his looks, Xiao Die no longer found him so scary.

Soon after, Shang Yan Fei brought Shang Xin Ci away, being the first to leave the place.

The young masters lost the restrain on them, and started to show their true colors.

Many gave invitations to Fang and Bai; Fang Yuan did not reject them but promised to visit when he had time.

These were all empty promises.

When everyone started leaving, the two also went back to Nan Qiu garden.

"Are you happy now?" Bai Ning Bing went to Fang Yuan, laughing coldly.

"Happy about what?"

"Hmph, you know the answer, do you really want me to say it?" Being in Shang clan city, some things were not meant to be said, it would hurt both parties.

Fang Yuan smiled and did not respond.

Bai Ning Bing stared at Fang Yuan with a flickering gaze: "I have to admit, I underestimated you. Even though I want to chop you into pieces, I greatly admire your tactics."

She paused, then continued: "Let's not beat about the bush, under what conditions will you return the Yang Gu to me?"

"Hehe." Fang Yuan laughed lightly, Bai Ning Bing looking for him meant she had lost her bearings. Shang Xin Ci's matter had a great impact on her, this was no doubt a chance.

Since she wanted to lay their cards on the table, so be it.

Thus, Fang Yuan said: "We are both smart people, if you were in my spot, what would you do?"

Bai Ning Bing immediately gave a cold snort, her eyes closing into a line, as she shot daggers with her gaze: "Let me warn you, do not go overboard. Otherwise, I will disregard the consequences and act, let's see who loses out more then!"

Fang Yuan laughed: "You are right, I have been thinking these days, we each hold the other party's weakness. At this point, how can we struggle among ourselves and let a third party take advantage of our conflict?"

Bai Ning Bing was silent.

Fang Yuan continued: "How about this, assist me to rank five peak stage, and I'll return the Yang Gu to you."

"F*ck you!" The corner of Bai Ning Bing's lips twitched, immediately snickering: "You think I am an idiot like Shang Ya Zi? Rank five peak stage, I can't believe you have to face to say that!"

They agreed upon rank three earlier, but now it seems Fang Yuan was really going to go back on his words!

Although Bai Ning Bing was ready for it, seeing Fang Yuan's shameless smile, she felt anger rising in her.

"Bai Ning Bing, don't be ungrateful, I saved your life. If I did not use the Yin Gu, you would have perished on Qing Mao mountain long ago." Fang Yuan's expression turned cold.

Bai Ning Bing did not relent, immediately retorting: "Hmph, if I did not block first generation Gu Yue's hit for you, you would have died before me!"

"On Bai Gu mountain, if I did not…"

"That time you fell into the swamp, did I not save your life?"

The two bickered in the room, exchanging blows against each other until they both went silent.

Their relationship was a huge mess already. But one thing was sure, they relied on each other's strength to arrive at Shang Liang mountain. If not for their mutual assistance, they would not have lived until today.

The two fell into silence, as the atmosphere in the room became less tense.

"Next, what plans do you have?" A moment later, Bai Ning Bing broke the silence.

"Stay a few years in Shang clan city, now that we have the token and primeval stones, we can get ourselves a set of complementary Gu worms. You also fought against that Wei Yang, only when we have a set of Gu worms can we display our true power." Fang Yuan said.

Bai Ning Bing snorted: "At most, rank four peak stage. My contributions were high on Bai Gu mountain, you have to give me half of the primeval stones."

Fang Yuan nodded: "Okay, let's hi-five as a promise."

Bai Ning Bing's stared at him, furiously growling: "You think I am a fool, hi-five?! Use the poison vow Gu, poison vow, understand?!"

Fang Yuan nodded: "No problem, poison vow Gu it is."

Bai Ning Bing squinted, a dangerous feeling emerging in her heart. Fang Yuan's quick response caused her to feel that she had been scammed. She seemed to have fallen into Fang Yuan's trap again.

"But." Fang Yuan's words shifted.

"But what?" Bai Ning Bing was extremely vigilant.

Fang Yuan continued: "From now on, if we have any gains, it will be split 3:7. You 30%, and me 70%. If we have any Gu, I have choosing priority, I will use primeval stones to compensate you. This is my baseline, you must accept it."

Bai Ning Bing breathed out in relief, now this is Fang Yuan. If he did not have any terms, it would be too weird.

She had travelled with him for so long, he had never lost out in a deal!

This person was too devious, especially today, he caused Bai Ning Bing's vigilance to surge to an all-time high.

3:7, this was too much. Especially when Bai Ning Bing's cultivation was much higher than Fang Yuan.

But if Fang Yuan did not list an overbearing condition, Bai Ning Bing would have felt uneasy. She would think this person was scheming again. Thus, after Fang Yuan gave his terms, Bai Ning Bing felt at ease.

"So be it." Bai Ning Bing agreed immediately.

Gains or benefits, she did not care about them. Her only goal was Yang Gu.

After getting information from Doctor Su Shou, her final hope was crushed.

The two conversed for an entire night.

Bai Ning Bing looked at the agreement over ten times, finally concluding that Fang Yuan did not have any loopholes left to use.

Thus on the second day, their first job was to buy the poison vow Gu.

Poison vow Gu was a rank three Gu, with wide uses, almost every shop in third inner city sold it. One cost forty-five hundred primeval stones, and needed at least a yellow pear token.

But when Fang Yuan showed the purple thorn token, the shopkeeper immediately cut the price by fifteen hundred. Fang Yuan paid three thousand and obtained the poison vow Gu.

The nine tokens, held differing discount for different Gu.

"Let me refine it this time." Bai Ning Bing immediately took the poison vow Gu.

She was very careful, personally refining the poison vow Gu to prevent Fang Yuan from making sneaky moves.

This poison vow Gu had originally been refined by the shopkeeper already, with his assistance, Bai Ning Bing spent fifteen minutes to refine the Gu and kept it for her own use.

"Does this shop sell the primeval elder Gu?" Bai Ning Bing asked again.

Shopkeeper shook his head, respectfully explaining that the primeval elder Gu was a precious rank three Gu, it would only be sold in auctions. But the two had the purple thorn token, they could easily pre-order it before an auction as long as it isn't a large size one.

The auction zone in third inner city, Wei Yang had brought them there long ago. They easily got to the area, and spent sixty-seven hundred primeval stones to purchase the primeval elder Gu.

"We spent ten thousand just like that. We shall split the cost of the poison vow Gu, but the primeval elder Gu's cost will come from you." Fang Yuan reminded.

"Such small details, I'm not going to nitpick." Bai Ning Bing waved her hand, not interested in calculating. She had been used to spending casually, not caring about monetary fortune. In fact, she looked down on Fang Yuan's stingy behavior.

Afraid of dragging on, the two returned to Nan Qiu garden and used the poison vow Gu.

This way, a new agreement was established.

According to the agreement, Fang Yuan distributed half of the nine hundred thousand over primeval stones to Bai Ning Bing, placing it in her primeval elder Gu.

Fang Yuan lost half his fortune, but gained an alliance mate Bai Ning Bing. It was a worthwhile trade.

And Bai Ning Bing also saw hope in regaining the Yang Gu, the two were wary of one another, scheming against each other, it was difficult to get to this stage where both was satisfied.

"Next, can you finally help and aid me in reaching rank three?" Fang Yuan's expression was solemn.

Bai Ning Bing laughed smugly, seeing Fang Yuan's ugly expression, she felt extremely happy.

For the last few days, she had not helped Fang Yuan in cultivating. However, with the new agreement in place, it was another story all together.

"Sure, I'll help you advance to rank three today." She agreed immediately.

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