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Chapter 258: Separation as planned

The crescent moon hangs high in the night sky, as moonlight flowed down like water.

Shang Xin Ci stood on a boulder and gazed far away, her face filled with worry: "Why has Brother Hei Tu still not returned?"

"Did something happen?" Xiao Die added.

"How could anything happen to him, don't worry." Bai Ning Bing leaned on a withered tree, wondering what Fang Yuan was up to again.

Minutes and minutes passed, as Shang Xin Ci's brows furrowed while her worry kept increasing.

Bai Ning Bing also started feeling something amiss, almost eight minutes had passed, did something really happen to Fang Yuan?

She didn't care about Fang Yuan's death, what she cared about was the Yang Gu on Fang Yuan.

Anxiety grew in her heart. Half of this was because of Fang Yuan's disappearance, the other half was because of her own helplessness. As Fang Yuan's cultivation continued to advance, she found it incredibly difficult to deal with him and get the Yang Gu. This meant that if Fang Yuan reneged on his promise, she had no way to deal with him.

Bai Ning Bing knew what kind of personality Fang Yuan had after travelling with him for so long. Fang Yuan's cultivation was nearing rank three; the promised time was coming and her heart was becoming increasingly fretful.

The three discussed and just when they decided to return to assist Fang Yuan, he appeared in their sights on the mountain passage.

Shang Xin Ci let out a breath of relief, but her heart pounded again when Fang Yuan walked in front of them: "Brother Hei Tu, you are injured again!"

Fang Yuan had intentionally made some more injuries on his body. He drew in a breath of cold air: "When you guys had just left, a green-hair zombie appeared. Fortunately, I ran quickly, we should leave immediately, it might still be chasing me."

The three naturally didn't dare to stay any longer when they heard that and hastened their journey that very night.

So far, Fang Yuan's objectives were achieved and he behaved appropriately along the way.

After crossing Mu Bei mountain, they arrived at Shuang Jiang mountain.

This mountain had two peaks separated by a deep ravine, the peaks were similar to each other and gave off a majestic aura.

The four no longer had the caravan's protection now, so it seemed to take a lot more effort when they moved through the mountain.

Fortunately, after crossing Shuang Jiang mountain, it was Xue Lei mountain.

Xue Lei mountain had Zhao Clan and

could not be considered to be a wild area since there were human inhabitants on it.

The most dangerous part of the trade route was already over, so the danger had greatly decreased.

Fang and Bai were wanted by Bai Clan, so they didn't go to Zhao Clan. The four moved on relentlessly; after passing through Xue Lei mountain, they continued to cross Qian Ku mountain, Ju Ren mountain, Lu Zao mountain… crossing over six great mountains.

During this time, Fang Yuan's cultivation advanced from rank two middle stage to peak stage.

On the whole journey, they only stopped by some remote hamlets to replenish their supplies.

As they neared Shang Liang mountain, the mountain path became wider and there were more people moving through the path.

And finally, on this day, Shang Liang mountain finally appeared in their sights.

"Puff, that is Shang Liang mountain?" Shang Xin Ci put her hand on her forehead to shield her from the sunlight and looked at the horizon before letting out a breath of turbid air.

"Missy, we are almost there!" Xiao Die laughed happily, and excitedly shook Shang Xin Ci's arm.

Bai Ning Bing only looked and did not speak.

"We will go our separate ways when we arrive at Shang Liang mountain. Lady Zhang, I have paid your favor." Fang Yuan suddenly said.

"What?" Xiao Die gasped, not having expected Fang Yuan to say that, she stood on the spot at a loss.

Shang Xin Ci's expression changed, her eyelashes slightly trembled as she looked at Fang Yuan.

These days, while Fang Yuan remained silent, he had already become a pillar of support for her. Now that he is leaving, Shang Xin Ci immediately felt a sense of emptiness and loss.

"All things must come to an end." Fang Yuan heaved a long sigh.

"True…" Shang Xin Ci pursed up her lips, her breathing was becoming heavy. After being in contact with Fang Yuan all the time these days, she knew his character; he was a someone acts upon his decisions, a resolute man.

"Let's go, it isn't quite safe yet, we will part our ways when we reach the city gate." Fang Yuan started walking in front.

The atmosphere of the group had decreased to a freezing point, even the incessantly chattering Xiao Die was silent.

The closer they were to Shang clan city, the nearer their parting; Shang clan city unconsciously slowed down Shang Xin Ci's steps. Shang clan city was her destination for this trip and she should have been happy as she neared

neared her target, but right now, she didn't want to reach Shang clan city.

However, the path was after all limited; they eventually arrived at the foot of Shang Liang mountain.

Shang clan city's huge gate was right in front of their eyes.

It was time to part ways.

Fang Yuan gazed deeply at Shang Xin Ci and nodded his head, only saying two words.

"Take care."

It was simply two words, but it made Shang Xin Ci's beautiful body tremble.

Fang Yuan turned around and left.

"Wait." Shang Xin Ci summoned her courage and suddenly spoke.

It was a sea of buzz and commotions around the city gate with people moving to and fro.

Shang Xin Ci's beautiful pupils gazed at Fang Yuan as the crowds moved rapidly around them.

"We will meet again some day. Benefactor, you might have repaid my favor in your heart, but you have saved me over and over again, this favor you have given to me is as deep as the sea and as heavy as the mountain. Benefactor, you said a drop received in need will be repaid with whole river. I will definitely repay you!" The young girl's tone was firm and revealed her resolute heart.

Fang Yuan smiled towards her, then turned around and left, gradually disappearing within the crowd.

Shang Xin Ci stood on the spot for a long while.

"Miss, they are really heartless, leaving just like that." Xiao Die walked over and held her hand.

"They do not want to implicate us, their demonic path identity cannot be exposed even on Shang Liang mountain." Shang Xin Ci's nature was kind, always thinking of people positively.

"Oh, it was like that!" Xiao Die realized.

"They might be demonic Gu Masters but they are good people. I have decided, I will make it big on Shang clan city. There is definitely a place for my talent. I might just be a mortal who can't cultivate, but I can hire Gu Masters to work for me. I will definitely repay their favor in future!"

"Yes! I believe in you Missy."

"Strange, you have protected Shang Xin Ci all the way, why are you intentionally parting ways now that we reached Shang Liang mountain? I have to remind you that there is a huge flow of people in Shang clan city and you don't have an investigative Gu; if you are just playing hard to get, make sure you don't lose track of her. If not, you will just be shooting yourself in the foot, it would really be a

be a great joke."

Bai Ning Bing coldly reminded Fang Yuan from the side.

Fang Yuan ignored her, his gaze followed Shang Xin Ci and Xiao Die till they walked through the city gate and only then did he retrieve his gaze.

As per his previous life's memories, Shang clan leader should detect his bloodline in Shang Xin Ci once she entered Shang clan city. However, for confirmation, the tyrannical Shang clan leader would round up all the people of the caravan, which Shang Xin Ci joined at that time, and keep them in house arrest as he interrogated and investigated them.

When the truth was cleared up and Shang Xin Ci's identity was confirmed, Shang clan leader generously compensated all the caravan members by twice the amount of their goods.

Shang Xin Ci directly jump from being a mortal girl to being Shang clan leader's beloved daughter. This event caused a sensation and became a popular conversation topic.

This is why Fang Yuan needed to part ways with Shang Xin Ci.

Fang Yuan had many Gu in his aperture which could never be exposed to others; especially the Spring Autumn Cicada. If he was investigated and his aperture searched, it would become a huge trouble.

If it was an ordinary clan, Fang Yuan would have no worries because the clan leaders who usually had the highest cultivation would only be at rank four stage in such clans. However, Shang clan leader had rank five cultivation and that wasn't even the highest cultivation here. There were supreme elders in the Shang clan possessing rank six cultivation; if they were to search Fang Yuan's aperture, the Spring Autumn Cicada would be discovered even if it hid deep within.

Saying his farewell had another advantage; he would appear to have no desire or need anything from Shang Xin Ci, this would deepen the impression of 'only repaying favor' in her heart. Later, when he meets Shang Xin Ci, he would definitely obtain her trust.

Actually, the quickest way to form an inseparable relation to Shang Xin Ci is through sexual relation.

Fang Yuan could sense Shang Xin Ci had good feelings towards him. If he took her chastity, the future Shang clan leader would fall deeply in love with him.

Fang Yuan might appear ugly, but the charisma he released already moved Shang Xin Ci's heart.

He knew Shang Xin Ci would not refuse him if he wanted it.

But this way absolutely could not be carried out!

If he did it, he would become Shang clan's son-in-law Shang clan's son-in-law and would be bound to the chariot called Shang clan. Then Fang Yuan would no longer be able to do things his own way, his every movement would be watched by others, his hands and feet bound, even his cultivation would have to be purposely suppressed.

As his cultivation increased rapidly, it would expose bone flesh unity Gu which was sure to cause an upheaval and attract all kinds of attention. Fang Yuan understood how much bone flesh unity Gu was worth, even Shang clan could not keep it for themselves.

And if Spring Autumn Cicada was revealed on top of that, hehe, those reclusive rank six Gu Masters, even rank seven Gu Masters would jump out one after another. After reaching rank six, the Gu Master would experience a qualitative change in their strength, each of them able to contend against the strength of a whole clan.

Once he had sexual relations with Shang Xin Ci, after Shang Xin Ci confirmed his identity, even if she was Shang clan leader, they would all come looking for Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan was moreover a demonic Gu Master with unknown origins, it was unavoidable for him to be investigated and interrogated.

If he escaped, he would have to face Shang clan's pursuit and arrest warrant. This was a completely different concept from Bai Clan's arrest warrant.

Bai Clan was in dire straits and didn't have enough strength, but Shang Clan was one of the overlords of Southern Border.

Fang Yuan would only have one way out if that happened, that was to escape from the Southern Border.

Shang Yan Fei was sitting cross legged in the air, his whole body bathing in flames.

The flames were scarlet like blood and were burning silently in the dark void.

As the leader of Shang clan, he is occupied with clan affairs everyday and does not have much time to cultivate. Even so, with his domineering aptitude and comprehension, he was able to cultivate to rank five upper stage and was only a step away from peak stage.

Today's cultivation was about to end...

The scarlet flames slowly dispersed and shrunk, finally changing back to long crimson hair on Shang Yan Fei's head.

Without the illumination from fire, darkness spread, becoming the sole master of the area.

Suddenly! Shang Yan Fei opened his eyes, his pupils were dyed color of blood and his gaze shone like lightning as it pierced through the darkness.

"A new bloodline that originates from mine… how did this appear out of nowhere?"

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