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Chapter 203: Each with their own objectives

"Divine investigator died in battle, this is the glory of a man of the Tie family. Lady Ruo Nan, my condolences," a young Gu Master behind her consoled.

On the snowy grounds, Tie Ruo Nan kneeled as her crying voice became weaker, her shoulders shivering and her fists tightly clenched as the snow melted in her hands into water.

The young Gu Master frowned, continuing, "Throughout the past few days, we have scoured the entire battlefield. We saw some traces left behind, and it seems there were a few that managed to escape this battlefield. Divine Investigator's letter talked about the blood sea inheritance. I'm worried that the demonic Gu Master who inherited the blood sea inheritance might be among these survivors."

When Tie Ruo Nan heard this, she stopped crying.

She stood up from the icy ground as the freezing winds blew, her hagged face showing determination. "The feud of killing my father is greater than anything. Whoever the killer is, I will definitely find out the truth!"

The young girl's voice was hoarse, but when she spoke, her gaze and tone became very determined.

The young Gu Master sighed, "Investigations definitely have to be done. Our Tie family people cannot die with injustice. But Lady Ruo Nan, you don't have to go. Before coming here, the clan leader already informed us to bring you back to the village safely."

Tie Ruo Nan stared with wide opened eyes, "What, don't think of chasing me away!"

The young Gu Master smiled, looking at the sky.

In the azure sky, there were several clouds floating.

Tie Ruo Nan was about to argue some more, but suddenly her iris shrunk, "You…... "

Before she finished, her eyes closed and she laid on the snow softly, falling asleep.

"Gui Yi." The young Gu Master called.


"I order your group to escort lady Ruo Nan back safely."

"Yes..." Gui Yi hesitated. "Then what about you, young master?"

"Me? I have to follow the Yellow Dragon River and chase after them," The young Gu Master laughed arrogantly.

The waters from the Yellow Dragon River raged on and winds blew as several hundred six legged crocodiles ascended the beach, attacking Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing.

"Damn...." Bai Ning Bing gritted her teeth, feeling a strong pressure in her heart.

If it was before, this crocodile group was nothing to her. One iceblade storm and they would be finished. But now, she only had the Sky Canopy Gu and Chainsaw Golden Centipede, while also lacking the Northern Dark Ice Soul physique.

Her blue irises quickly swept the environment as Bai Ning Bing scolded: "What a great place you chose! WIth three sides as cliffs, how can we escape?"

"Why so frantic? It's only a hundred beast group, not a thousand one, otherwise we would be dead meat. A hundred beast group means we still have a chance of survival, we can kill them all." Fang Yuan quickly kept his clothes, racks, metal pots and retreated behind Bai Ning Bing.

Fang Yuan was extremely confident, causing Bai Ning Bing's heart to feel slightly at ease."What are you staring at? Go kill them!" Fang Yuan swept his gaze at her, urging, "Why else did I lend you Gu worms? Don't forget I have the Yang Gu."

"Bastard!" Bai Ning Bing's stared in rage, her heart burning as she cursed. No one knew if she was scolding the six legged crocodiles, Fang Yuan or both.

But no matter what, she held the Chainsaw Golden Centipede and rushed up.


Razors rotated violently as the aggressiveness of a Rank three Gu worm appeared, causing the six legged crocodile to halt in their steps.

"A group of ugly maggots!" Bai Ning Bing chuckled, rushing up and slashing.

A six legged crocodile was hit on its stomach, crying out as sparks flew, cut into two by the razors.

Fresh blood spewed on Bai Ning Bing's face and clothes, as she felt the stimulation of blood, and intention of battle appea

red on her face.


Chainsaw Golden Centipede hacked and slashed, like a tornado passing through. Twenty or so six legged crocodiles died in succession.

The situation became better instantly, but Fang Yuan's expression grew dim, shouting loudly, "Avoid the six legged crocodile's back, and attack their stomach!"

"Hahaha, what an aggressive Gu worm, much better than the iceblade Gu! I like it!" Bai Ning Bing ignored him and laughed loudly.

Even though she turned into a woman and was a jade beauty like an ice fairy, the moment she battled her male instincts would cause her to turn into a battle maniac.

But eventually, her attacks started to become slower, and weaker.

"What's happening? Earlier, I could slash a six legged crocodile in half, but now even after three hits, I can only severely injure it?"

Bai Ning Bing raised the Chainsaw Golden Centipede and looked, only to see that the razors were dented, and the sharpness was greatly reduced.

She was born smart, immediately thinking of Fang Yuan's advice, clicking her tongue.

A large six legged crocodile rushed up to her and leapt.

It opened its large, bloody mouth, covering Bai Ning Bing with its shadow.

"You are looking for death!" Bai Ning Bing moved her tiny body, raising the Chainsaw Golden Centipede and slashing at the six legged crocodile's belly.


After a light noise, the six legged crocodile's belly was cut open, forming a severe injury.

This unlucky six legged crocodile was still in the air as a large amount of blood poured out from its wound, and its intestines fell out.

With a plop, it landed on the beach, dyeing the sand red. Its body twitched a few times before it stopped moving completely.

It was completely dead.

"So easy?" Seeing such effectiveness, Bai Ning Bing raised her eyebrows in shock.

Six legged crocodile's back was tough as armor, but comparatively its belly was very soft. The white belly was their weakness.

With 500 years of experience Fang Yuan was clear of such information. But Bai Ning Bing was born on Qing Mao mountain, never being outside and only had narrow education, thus she did not know much.


The crocodiles cried out.

After tens of crocodiles were killed, the wild beasts were infuriated and started to turn wild under the threat of death.

Countless red eyes stared at Bai Ning Bing in hatred.

Wild beasts had limited intelligence. The lightning lycan had human intelligence but it was an exception among the many species of wild beasts.

These wild beasts would always treat the most dangerous enemies as the biggest threat, and the first to eliminate. As for Fang Yuan who stayed at the back, they ignored him.

"Come." Bai Ning Bing moved forward instead. She was not someone stubborn, and after that hit, she immediately changed her tactics.

The centipede tail stabbed onto the beach as its body shrunk, then expanded and slashed at the field with the razors. Six legged crocodiles' stomach were easily slashed, as blood and intestines spewed.

Crocodiles after crocodiles fell as Bai Ning Bing killed as she wished.

"At the rate this is going, the crocodile group will be nothing to be afraid of. What truly threatens me is not these beast groups, but Fang Yuan." As the situation turned better, Bai Ning Bing considered in her heart, having second thoughts.

The Yang Gu was in Fang Yuan's hands, causing Bai Ning Bing to be restrained and she had to obey Fang Yuan.

But he was the Bai clan genius, thus there was great arrogance in his heart, how could he resign himself to this?

"If I slaughter Fang Yuan, will I be able to get that Yang Gu?" Bai Ning Bing's eyes shone with coldness as a thought appeared in her mind.

But once this thought emerged, it was rejected.
She understand Fang Yuan like she understood herself!

With Fang Yuan's personality, which was tough as steel along with his ruthless methods and meticulous thoughts, if he really was going to die, he would destroy the Yang Gu 100% of the time, there were no other possibilities.

"Moreover, I do not have a Gu worm at all. Sky Canopy Gu, Chainsaw Golden Centipede, they are all his... no, no matter what, I have to get my own Gu worms!"

Fang Yuan's lips curled, staring at the battlefield.

Bai Ning Bing's movements became slower while her eyes turned more shiny, and he saw all of it.

Towards her little thoughts, Fang Yuan was crystal clear.

He did not find it strange; he understood Bai Ning Bing's predicament, he would have had the same thoughts if he was in that situation.

They were both arrogant fellows, how could they submit to others and be another's puppet?

"But, situations surpass men, so what if its a genius? Hehehe." Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart.

Fang Yuan was confident — with such a strong bargaining chip in his hand, Bai Ning Bing was like a butterfly trapped in a net. It was natural to struggle at first, but eventually she would land in his palms, understanding the situation and becoming tamed, turning into a useful pawn piece.

The battle continued.

Large numbers of six legged crocodiles laid on this beach.

Bai Ning Bing breathed roughly, sweating profusely as her attacks slowed down.
Out of stamina!

Strength was always her weakness. When fighting Fang Yuan back then, many times did she have the disadvantage due to the strength of two boars.

Now that she fought for an hour, her stamina was running out.

After all, they did not sleep for almost five days when floating on the bamboo raft, and even after the rest, it was too short to recover.

What caused her to be even more frustrated were those two lumps on her chest. Every time she moved, these two burdens moved along, causing her to feel very uncomfortable!

"Fang Yuan, are you not helping?!" She breathed roughly, calling.

Saying so, she dodged the attack of a six legged crocodile narrowly, pressing on her weak knees and standing up.

Fang Yuan said coldly, "Once I help, I will attract the attack of many six legged crocodiles, you want me to die? If I die, you will never get the Yang Gu."

Three six legged crocodiles approached and Bai Ning Bing had no choice but to retreat.

She was tired to the point of fainting as her stamina reached its limits, and she saw darkness in front of her. The Chainsaw Golden Centipede appeared even more heavy, constantly dragging her towards the ground.

She gritted her teeth, "Fang Yuan, if I die, can you live?"

"Rest assured, I am behind you." Fang Yuan rested his back on the cliff, as he willed and a Blood Moon Gu flew out of his palm, flying towards Bai Ning Bing.

"Take it, and use it well."

Blood Moon Gu originated from Moonlight Gu, so Bai Ning Bing was very familiar with it. With just a few uses, she got used to it and the bright red moonblades stabilized the situation.

But good situations did not last, and although Bai Ning Bing regained her footing, her primeval essence was starting to become insufficient.

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