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"Wait a second, red soil?"

Fang Yuan’s mind jolted at the sight.

He stretched his hand out and grabbed the wall beside him, taking out a lump of red soil.

This red soil was very soft and emitted a faint red light. Fang Yuan merely pressed it lightly, but it crumbled down.

"So, it was like this." He seemed to have come to a realization.

The first time he had entered the secret cave inside the rock crack, he saw that the secret cave was full of this red soil which emitted faint glow; there was no need for any other lighting source.

He had felt it weird at the time because Qing Mao mountain’s soil was blue-black in color. He had thought this was arranged by the Flower Wine Monk, but now it seemed that the source was this strange blood lake.

Fang Yuan felt even more wary; his five hundred years of experience had almost become an intuition.

"This place is not only strange, but also dangerous. I don’t have the time to dilly-dally, I need to think of how to leave here." Fang Yuan raised his head and looked at the cave walls, where hundreds of holes were in the top part of the wall; which was the one connected to the spirit spring?

Fang Yuan hesitated for a moment.

Water could flow down here, but it didn’t mean that the passages were wide enough for a human to pass through.

"And…." Fang Yuan looked grave as he tried shaking his two wings.

However, he couldn’t control these thunderwings perfectly like before, and the originally clear blue thunder was now stained with some scarlet; it gave off a contradictory feeling of power and weakness existing at the same time.

The Thunderwings Gu had become unreliable, it was very possible for it to screw up and drop Fang Yuan in the middle of flight.


An inexplicable undercurrent surged up from within the blood lake, giving off the enormous aura of Rank five gu.

"That is…." Fang Yuan’s pupils shrunk; a long shadow gradually appeared in the blood lake.

Its length surpassed forty meters and its width over six meters.

This was an enormous python; it dwelled in the depths of the blood lake, but now that it had smelled out the scent of flesh on Fang Yuan, it came out to begin the hunt!

"Damn it….." Fang Yuan felt a pressing urge in his heart.

Right now, he was relying on the Chainsaw Golden Centipede to puncture the wall, barely managing to hang onto the soft red soil. And with his long hair and black gown, he looked like a black ant compared to the enormous blood lake.

Hundreds of black dots appeared in the blood lake and rose up, just like a travelling shoal of fish.


They were much faster than the giant python and flew out of the blood lake within moments, revealing their appearance.

These were not fish, but bats.

These blood colored bats had two long pointed ears with two pairs of wings. The main pair of wings were rather big, whereas the secondary pair of wings was on the smaller side and was below the main wings.

They didn’t have claws, but the edges of the two pairs of wings were as sharp as steel blades.

"Rank three — bladewing blood bat Gu?" A name immediately appeared in Fang Yuan’s mind.

These bladewing blood bat groups were directing their intense murderous aura towards him, but the first thing that appeared in his mind was ‘that’ image.

In the image from the Photo-audio Gu, the Flower Wine Monk’s whole body was covered with blood, with severe injuries to the point of being near death.

Moonshadow Gu was not able to cause such injuries, but these bladewing blood bats were a different matter.

"Could it be that the Flower Wine Monk had come to this place and was injured by these bladewing blood bats?" Fang Yuan’s thoughts revolved rapidly.

Flower Wine Monk’s death had been shrouded in riddles. Now, it appeared extremely likely that it was due to this place.

"Bladewing blood bat…." Fang Yuan murmured. In fact, this Gu wasn’t a stranger to him.

Even though this Gu was a Rank three Gu, it was very easy to feed, its food being blood.

In his previous life, he had established the Bloodwing Devil Sect, and the symbol of the sect was precisely the bladewing blood bat. The resources from the devil sect were more than enough to support close to ten thousand bladewing blood bat Gu, allowing the sect to establish a terrifying might and spread terror.

More precisely, he owed his success to bladewing blood bats.

After over four hundred years in his previous life, he had accidently obtained an inheritance from the Blood Sea Ancestor. With the colonies of bladewing blood bats and his own Rank five cultivation, he became an overlord of a region.

This Blood Sea Ancestor was a Rank seven demonic path Gu Master who took lives as easily as cutting grass, and his evil reputation was such that it resounded throughout the world, having his name recorded in history.

At the beginning, he was just a mortal, but through luck and destiny, he became a Gu Master of demonic path. He started out from the lowest of levels and rose up in ranks, before becoming an authority of demonic path after eight hundred years.

He didn’t have high aptitude, thus he had limited primeval essence in his aperture. Therefore, he had a crazed interest towards researching the fusion of Gu worms.

Wild Gu worms possessed their own will and could absorb the natural primeval essence in the air by themselves. However, after a Gu worm was refined by a Gu Master, its willpower would be dominated by the Gu Master, and it would lose the ability to absorb the surrounding primeval essence. It would be able to only absorb the primeval essence in the Gu Master’s aperture.

Blood Sea Ancestor had invested a lot of efforts in researching Gu which could absorb natural primeval essence even after being refined by a Gu Master.

The righteous Gu Masters were very afraid of this. They were extremely worried that the Blood Sea Ancestor would succeed in his research. As a result, they organized countless traps before moving in for the kill.

In the end, Blood Sea Ancestor wasn’t able to succeed, but it also wasn’t a complete failure.

He succeeded in producing the fusion recipes of bladewing blood bat, blood guillotine and blood frenzy Gu.

Rank three bladewing blood bat Gu was his first accomplishment. It was very easy to feed, but it still needed the Gu Master to provide primeval essence. The colony of bladewing blood bats was very special; a Gu Master just needed to control a male bat, and they could indirectly command all the other female bats.

Blood frenzy Gu was his second accomplishment. This Gu was formless; as a ball of blood essence, it survived by attaching itself to other beings. It was a Rank four Gu and had a very unusual ability. Every Gu worm infected by its aura could absorb natural primeval essence every now and then. But it had a great disadvantage — the Gu worms affected by the Blood frenzy Gu would gradually leave the control of the Gu Master and would turn into a pool of blood after a period of time.

Blood guillotine was the Blood Sea Ancestor’s last accomplishment. This Gu was a Rank five Gu and was no doubt more advanced than the previous two. Its usability and feeding were fused into one. Usings wars to sustain itself, it multiplied by swallowing Gu Master’s blood. It didn’t need the Gu Master to provide it with any primeval essence.

Unfortunately, after the Blood Sea Ancestor created the blood guillotine, due to the many battles and the entrapment by the righteous path, he was defeated.

He suffered from fatal wounds that could not be healed, and he carved out a bloody escape from the layers of entrapment.

The righteous path figures were worried about his final counterattack which could endanger themselves, so they didn’t have any inclination to chase after him and looked on as he made his getaway. Since then, these righteous path figures would regret the moment every time they recalled it; they regretted that they let him get away.

The Blood Sea Ancestor knew his death was a sure thing, so he started setting up a large scale inheritance. In the limited time before his death, with the strength of his Rank seven cultivation, he unexpectedly set up hundreds of thousands of inheritance grounds; his inheritances extended everywhere from the Middle Continent to the Southern Border and other places.

Right before his death, he smiled devilishly, "The blood path is not alone, the legacy will continue for all eternity!"

This statement was not in the least false, for countless Gu Masters benefited from his inheritances, and thus the demonic path flourished greatly.

No matter the bladewing blood bat Gu, the blood frenzy Gu or the blood guillotine, they were all very easy to raise and multiply. Maybe in some unremarkable valleys, at poor villages, at no-man deserts, or beside some mountain paths, you might find two or three Gu left casually by the Blood Sea Ancestor.

These Gu were easy to raise and didn’t have a high demand for primeval essence, thus they could easily be used by Gu Masters with ordinary aptitudes.

Survival was a difficult thing in this world, so which Gu Master wouldn’t thirst for stronger powers? The Gu worms left by the Blood Sea Ancestor represented a whole new strength; this strength was a quick and easy way to rise in power, and it became more welcomed than other Gu worms.

Power itself had no sins; it became good in the hands of good, and evil in the hands of evil. But in the world, how many people could have a resolute mind after a sudden increase in strength?

A man who got money would often become fickle. A sudden rise in strength would certainly nourish ambitions that weren’t there before.

As a result, many Gu Masters that obtained the Blood Sea Ancestor’s legacy would become a devil that massacred everything. Even many righteous path figures had changed their sides.

The inheritances of blood Gu brought great turmoil and danger towards the whole world.

In each inheritance of the Blood Sea Ancestor, there were often only two to three Gu. However, these inheritances were like a spark of fire that could cause a prairie fire if left alone!

There would be demonic path Gu Masters who would come into possession of the blood Gu every so often and cause chaos. Some of them would fail; killed away in some villages. Some would succeed temporarily and become a huge figure, harming a whole region.

No matter if they succeeded temporarily, or failed, at the moment of their exhaustion, they would also leave behind new blood inheritances.

Thus, the blood calamity continued endlessly. Not only did it not end with the death of the Blood Sea Ancestor through the combined strength of the righteous path, it instead thrived even more greatly with the foundations left behind, unable to be eliminated as it continued for eternity.

It was to the extent that the righteous path figures would frequently curse, "These accursed Blood Gu Masters! We have already killed waves upon waves of them. But if we become even a bit careless, we will see a new one coming up from nowhere!"

By now, the Blood Sea Inheritances were already publicly recognized as the most popular in the whole world, with the greatest number of inheritances. There was no competition!

In the strictest sense, Fang Yuan had received a favor from the Blood Sea Ancestor.

"In my previous life, only after over four hundred years, I found a blood sea inheritance and was then able to begin my rule. Now, if I can subdue these blood bats, it will be like completing four hundred years of effort."

Blood bats charged at him but Fang Yuan was not afraid.

He had the Spring Autumn Cicada, so these bats would submit without question in front of the Rank six aura. The only problem was the Rank five Blood Python that was still concealed, hiding within the blood lake.

"But this situation is somewhat fishy. The Blood Sea Ancestor’s inheritances normally only have two-three Gu worms. How come this place has hundreds of bladewing blood bats? Could it be... that rumor is true?"

The rumor said that the Blood Sea Ancestor’s hundreds of thousands of inheritances were diversions, and the true inheritances were only a few.

In these few inheritances, the Blood Sea Ancestor was said to have concealed his best Gu worms, or research insights or fusion recipes.

"Could this place be a true inheritance ground of the Blood Sea Ancestor?" When Fang Yuan thought of this, his heart started to beat loudly.

His thoughts moved like lightning and although he thought of many things, only a little time had passed in reality.

Bladewing blood bats charged at him one after another; Fang Yuan was calm, his long hair and black gown fluttering in the air as he climbed up the wall and was going to summon Spring Autumn Cicada.

But right at this time, there was a sudden change!

"As expected, this place is hiding the blood calamity!" A deep and firm voice, loud like the clash between iron and stone, came from the top of the cave and echoed within the blood lake.

Divine Investigator Tie Xue Leng!

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