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Living Steel Gu is a Rank two Gu, looking like a charcoal briquette, fist-sized and black all over. On the surface, there were numerous holes.

Fang Yuan injected his primeval essence and this Living Steel Gu started floating, rotating on its own, black smoke pouring out from the holes on it.

Chainsaw Golden Centipede coiled around Fang Yuan’s leg, its dark-gold colored armor full of injuries, the two rows of razors on its sides tattered and damaged.

But when the steel smoke came over and covered these wounds, they gradually healed.

The black smokey steel essence continued to be used, as the two rows of razors on the Chainsaw Golden Centipede could be seen growing at an observable rate.

Healing Gu varied in a few types. There were some that healed Gu Masters, some that specialised in certain injuries, and those that healed Gu worms.

To the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, the Living Steel Gu is its healing Gu worm.

An hour later, the Living Steel Gu became smaller and smaller. It went from a fist-sized charcoal to a pearl size, eventually vanishing.

It was an expenditure-type Gu.

But its sacrifice brought about the recovery of the Chainsaw Golden Centipede.

At this point, the Chainsaw Golden Centipede was good as new. Its two rows of razors were shiny as new, glowing with a sharp and cold flash. On its dark gold exoskeleton, the injuries were mostly healed, and only five to six light scars remained.

But this was nothing to worry about. In about a few weeks, these scars would vanish through the natural recovery of the centipede.

However, if not for the Living Steel Gu and just relying solely on the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, it would take at least half a year for the razors to fully grow back.

The Chainsaw Golden Centipede was more strong than it was flexible. Although it used little primeval essence and had great attacking power, its weakness was a lack in the healing aspect.

All living beings are equal, in this world there is no all-rounded Gu, there has to be weakness and advantages. Even Rank six or seven Gu and above followed this natural law.

"This way, the Chainsaw Golden Centipede’s battle strength is completely recovered..." Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, touching the cold exoskeleton of the Chainsaw Golden Centipede, his face slightly pale.

On his pale face, cold sweat was forming.
"Damn it, it had to come at this time..." Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his left hand subconsciously pressing his stomach.

His mind entered his aperture, only to see that the white silver primeval sea was still, the entire aperture filled with an oppressed feeling.

All the other Gu had been suppressed to one side. Only above the sea, within the aperture, the Spring Autumn Cicada was glowing with a yellow and green lustre.

At this time, the Spring Autumn Cicada not only had both wings recovered, but its main body also recovered much of its energy.

Just like an object falling from the sky, the closer it gets to the ground the faster it falls, and the Spring Autumn Cicada’s recovery rate was the same. After the initial difficult period, as time passed, its recovery speed accelerated.

Thus, the problem came.

The Spring Autumn Cicada was Rank six, while Fang Yuan was only a Rank three Gu Master. His aperture was gradually unable to hold the Spring Autumn Cicada.

Back then, when the Spring Autumn Cicada was weak, the burden on the aperture was not as huge. But now that the Spring Autumn Cicada gradually recovered, regaining its Rank six ability, it caused this tiny temple of Fang Yuan’s to be unable to hold this high god.

"If this goes on, I might even die from the Spring Autumn Cicada before the Tie family father and daughter find out the truth! Truly, when your roof has a hole it just has to rain non-stop for days….."

The best solution was to raise his own cultivation level. When he gets to Rank six, the aperture will have the capacity to store the Spring Autumn Cicada again.

But this method takes too long. In his previous five hundred years of life, he also used more than four hundred years to attain Rank six.

He was now a C grade talent with Rank three cultivation. To cultivate to Rank six, he had a severe lack of time.

Other than that, there was another way to solve the problem.

It was to take the Spring Autumn Cicada out of his aperture and raise it outside his body.

But that act had great disadvantages.

Firstly, the Spring Autumn Cicada was not a battle-type Gu, so it could not protect itself. Keeping it in the aperture was safer. Secondly, when a Rank six Gu appears, it would interfere with natural laws and cause a mirage at the location it is at.

Fang Yuan was now at the village where there were many people, and the Tie family father and daughter was on to him as well. Once this Spring Autumn Cicada leaves his body, everyone would find out.

Therefore, he could only feel troubled."The Spring Autumn Cicada’s recovery is getting faster. At this rate, I don’t have much time. Once I get the forty thousand primeval stones from Gu Yue Mo Chen, I’ll take the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus and leave this place. As for the Tie family father and daughter, I can resolve it at a later time."

Fang Yuan sighed.
Tie family father and daughter’s matter was something that he could only put off and delay. But now, the Spring Autumn Cicada was not giving him time to stall.

He was at his wits end. As time urged him, wasting every minute and second is reducing his lifespan.

A Gu Master being killed by their own Gu worm was not uncommon. Many Gu Masters who forcefully activate their Gu get a backlash from their Gu worm’s power and lose their life. Such incidents were everywhere. Gu Yue Qing Shu was the prime example, buried not far away.

"Six purple gold stones, each fist-sized. With Fang Yuan’s cultivation, he actually opened five on the spot. How could he have so much primeval essence at that time?" Tie Ruo Nan stared at the information on the letter, laughing smugly.

Tie Xue Leng nodded, "You finally found this suspicious point. Indeed, only when you are meticulous can you discover what normal people cannot see. But what can you derive from this suspicious point?"
Tie Ruo Nan closed her eyes, activating the Intuition Gu secretly.

In the darkness, she felt an enlightenment in her mind, and she opened her eyes abruptly. "Instinct tells me, Fang Yuan must have had the Liquor worm from long ago!"

"But instincts are sometimes wrong, they cannot represent truth," Tie Xue Leng reminded.

"Isn’t it easy to get evidence? Hehe, as long as he has the Liquor worm, he has to feed it. If he feeds it, there has to be evidence." Tie Ruo Nan’s mouth curled into an arc, "Let’s go! We’ll find Gu Yue Fang Zheng, Fang Yuan’s brother once again. As the little brother, he has to be the most familiar with Fang Yuan."

"You’re asking about big brother’s actions back then?" Fang Zheng showed a complicated expression.

He sighed, recalling, "Back then, big brother was a very outstanding individual. Since young he constantly displayed his talent, making many poems, causing the entire village to put their attention on him. Back then, I admired him and held him in awe. In my heart, he was like a tall mountain that I couldn’t climb. Maybe because he was at such a high point, when he tumbled down, the despair was greater. Afterwards during the awakening ceremony, he was tested to have only C grade talent, thus he became discouraged for a long time, sleeping in class and not returning to the hostel at night, buying wine and getting drunk all the time. From that moment on, I realized, big brother was also human..."

"Wait you said, buy wine?" Tie Ruo Nan heard this crucial phrase and caught on to it, squinting.

"Yes, for a period of time, he was dead drunk. Sigh, maybe reality was too harsh. He only had C grade talent, but his brother turned out to be A grade, and he could not accept the truth. Actually, if I was in his shoes, I would understand his feelings and emotions as well," Fang Zheng said.

"Wait let me ask you, from that moment on, Fang Yuan would buy wine to drink every few days?" Tie Ruo Nan asked again.

"Yes, from that moment on, brother fell in love with alcohol, spending a lot of money for wine. For a time, he was in love with the bamboo wine, which is our clan’s speciality, a very expensive wine. He snatched primeval stones from his classmates in order to buy wine to drink. This is an overbearing act, thus not a single student liked him. Why, is there a problem?" Finally, Fang Zheng asked in confusion.

"There’s a huge problem. I suspect that your brother’s Liquor worm wasn’t obtained from the gambling rocks, but he had it long ago. Your brother’s drunkard act was merely a performance. His real motive was to conceal the fact that he had the Liquor worm, and was feeding it," Tie Ruo Nan replied solemnly.

"WHAT?!" Fang Zheng hearing so, jumped from his seat in shock.

This was shocking information!

"What you just said made me even more suspicious. Where did your brother buy wine normally? I need to investigate." Tie Ruo Nan stood up as well. she was racing against time, moving quickly to solve the case.

"In our entire village, there is only one place selling Bamboo wine, it is that sole inn."

"Then I’ll take my leave." Tie Ruo Nan turned around and left.

"Wait, I… I’ll go with your guys!" Fang Zheng hesitated, chasing after them.

An hour later.

Tie Ruo Nan walked on the stone pavement, concluding, "Earlier the innkeeper already told me everything, and the situation is clear as day. Fang Yuan buying so much wine, his true motive is to feed the Liquor worm. After that, he purposely went to gamble rocks, and that is to expose the Liquor worm logically in front of everyone. All this, is according to his plans."

On one side, Fang Zheng appeared a little distraught, his face looking a little lifeless.

He did not expect that the truth was really like this!

Long ago, he had once looked down on Fang Yuan, thinking he was a loser, giving up on himself. From that moment on, he felt that the tall mountain was no longer so hard to scale.

But the truth was, everything was Fang Yuan’s disguise, his performance, his scheme!

The surrounding people were played by him like fools, believing his lies.

Even he Gu Yue Fang Zheng was no exception!

Looking at it now, his disdain and despise towards his big brother back then, was like a giant mockery of a joke.

"Big brother... in your heart, what place do I hold? In those eyes of yours that pretended to be drunk, was I a huge hoke? Big brother! You are such a scheming fox, in your heart, was I childish enough for you to sneer at?!" Fang Zheng screamed in his heart.

He was humiliated, he was furious.

He felt that he was played by Fang Yuan. From the start, he was a clown putting on a childish and laughable act.

He felt the disdain Fang Yuan felt towards him.

"Big brother, how can you treat me like this?!"

"If not for lady Tie, I would still be in the dark. How long do you intend to lie to me, and to the clan? You killed the innocent, taking lives as you wish. Deception and lies, indifferent and inhumane, is that the real you?"

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