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Chapter 3

It was already late at night by the time they arrived . The night was as black as ink, and Janus’ door lamp flickered like ghostly fire, guiding them through the darkness .

Zong Yu followed the group with an unhappy expression .

He, who usually muttered and snickered to himself from time to time, had fallen silent ever since they assembled . The look on his face was complicated, mixed with disgust, anticipation, indifference, and concern .

After passing through the door and descending to the deep spiral staircase, what awaited them was the sound of screeching and gun noises .

“Good evening, everyone! Long time no see!” Shen Yang was dressed in a fluffy hoodie with bear ears, sucking on a colorful candy cane, with both legs crossed on the chair as they played with the game controls . “Are you here to wish me an early Happy New Year? Are you here to get hongbao? I can go get you guys some gold teeth from the freezer! Hahahahaha! Ah, how hateful, I got killed by those damn zombies!”

Shen Yang gave a disappointed groan, then casually flung the game console to one side .

The table was as untidy as ever, with a few similar candy wrappers placed into a pile, food wrappers, and a few empty bottles of soda . However, in one corner of the long counter, there was an incomplete jigsaw puzzle which was kept clean . In the innermost corner of the table was a broken mug, looking like it had been glued together once again after falling to the ground .

“I have pudding . ” Shen Yang said the group of people, then smiled, “Want some?”

Zong Yu, who stood behind the group, slightly stilled, then turned his head away .

“Oh, no need, thanks!” Feng Ping Lan declined, “I don’t have much appetite after smelling Conglong’s vomit on the way here . Hahaha! Oh, right, I received a love letter! Hehehe!”

“Really?! What did the letter talk about? Is she pretty? Aiya, I love listening to love stories the most!” Shen Yang propped their head on both hands, giving a soft girlish laugh, “Which dating spot are you taking her to? Will you go to the movies or the amusement park? Have you held hands? Kissed? Do you like the screw or granular type[1]? Would you prefer a double burial or separate graves? Hahahahaha!”

“Ah?” The last two questions seemed a little difficult to answer?

“Our time is limited . ” Yin Su Shuang cut off their chat, saying to Shen Yang in a commanding tone, “Let’s get straight to the point . ”

“Lord Su Shuang is a really boring man . ” Shen Yang shook their head, then placed down their feet before stretching languidly, “Don’t you want to experience an unforgettable romance?”

Yin Su Shuang’s expression chilled, “I know the rules, I won’t do anything I’ll regret . ”

Shen Yang shot him a disapproving look, “I’ve never done anything I ever regretted . ”

Turning around, their gaze coincidentally met Zong Yu’s eyes . With a helpless curl of their lips, they quickly walked to the archive room .

Five minutes later, Shen Yang returned while hugging a box filled with stacks of documents .

“I mentioned this mission briefly to you guys in the past, Horban Shipping’s Yakone Cruise Liner . ”

“Didn’t we already discover that the death of the person in charge, Fedman, had nothing to do with the Green Lion?” Conglong frowned, “You have really bad efficiency…”

Before his death, Fedman had his face skinned by the skinner demon, who then used his identity to transfer all his authority and gains to someone else . When they went to Japan, the Opposer controlling the demon had already been caught, and logically, this matter should have come to a conclusion .

“You have such a smelly mouth . No offense, I’m purely stating the truth . ” Shen Yang revealed a mischievous smile, then continued explaining, “The Yakone is Harbin Shipping’s biggest cruise liner for sightseers, and at present, the person in charge is a distant relative of the current head of the Harbin family – Simon Zieph . Although his way of promotion is suspicious, he isn’t the key point of this mission . The problem lies in the cruise liner itself, the number of people who arrived at the port isn’t adding up . ”

“Did someone murder a few people on board?”

“If that was true, things would be much simpler . ” Shen Yang flipped through the documents, “The numbers did not decrease, on the contrary, they increased . The number of people who disembarked is higher than those who boarded . ”

If the numbers had just decreased, the missing person would be quickly identified, then they could lock onto the suspects and investigate for any clues . However, since the numbers had increased, it was very hard to speculate the reason and ways they had increased .

“So, our mission is to capture these stowaways?”

“The Yakone is a top-level cruise liner . A venue with entertainment for the rich will always have strict supervision, so it isn’t possible for the liner to have stowaways . Additionally, it travels through the ocean route, so there isn’t an opportunity to sneak on midway . ”

“How did they realize that the numbers were increasing? Through the customs?” Liu Yi Chen asked . “If the numbers have increased, they’d be discovered very quickly the moment they disembarked . ”

“That’s the strange thing about it, the customs didn’t realize the abnormalities in the numbers . They let in every single person come ashore with an oddly relaxed attitude . The passengers were more unlikely to notice the change in numbers since there are about 3000 passengers on board . The reason why it was discovered was due to a petty thief . ”

Shen Yang turned to the next page, showing them a picture of a gloomy-looking middle-aged man .

“Mr . Paro Gall disguised as a substitute steward to commit theft, even investigating the number of guests as well as the locations of unoccupied rooms on the very first day . However, on the second night when he got ready to steal, he realized that all the rooms were already occupied by guests . ”

In the beginning, this thief thought he had made a mistake, but while misremembering one or two rooms was possible, making a mistake on ten rooms was a little too unusual . Besides, the people in the rooms did not take a single step out of their rooms .  

Out of curiosity, on the fourth night, he secretly headed to the floor where these rooms were located, placing his ear onto one of the room doors—

“He heard strange monstrous growls from within . He was unable to describe what the cries sounded like, as those were sounds from a wild beast he had never heard before . In addition, he also heard some mixed conversation . ”

Shen Yang smiled, “He thought someone was smuggling an endangered wild species, since rich people really love keeping rare animals . The little thief was captured on the last day after attempting to steal a particular lady’s jewellery and sent to the police . The information I gave you is everything he blurted out at the police station, he thought providing this information could lessen his penalty . Humans really shouldn’t flatter themselves, thinking they’re being clever . Hahaha!”

“What happened to the thief?”

“He was released on bail not long after getting sent to the police station . The person who bailed him out had a false identity that can’t be traced, that little thief hasn’t been seen ever since . However!” Shen Yang placed a hand into the document box, deliberately acting mysterious, taking out a glass bottle before displaying it before everyone like they were showing off a treasure, “Tda! Look at this!”

There was a cream-colored material the size of a shell .

“What’s that?” Feng Ping Lan leaned in curiously, “White chocolate?”

Zong Yu recognized the thing in the bottle with just a glance, “The epiglottic cartilage…”

“Correct!” Shen Yang glanced at Zong Yu with a smile, “You didn’t forget the things I taught you…”

Zong Yu turned his head away again .

“It was found in the vicinity of the police station,” Shen Yang continued smilingly, “What a thorough ‘silencing’ . ”

Everyone looked at the photo in the file, then at the bone in the small bottle .

“Let’s hope he had a quick death…” Morris muttered .

To Paro Gall, this was the best blessing they could offer .

“So, your mission is to infiltrate the cruise liner, investigating the secrets on the Yakone, then bringing the intelligence back to me!”

“Does this mission really need bounty hunters? Why are you so sure this has something to do with Summoners?” Liu Yi Chen spoke out her doubts, “He might have really been silenced by the guys who smuggled an endangered animal onto the cruise liner, since bigwigs having connections with the mafia isn’t exactly rare . Besides, other than the way the director got promoted and his suspicious background, there isn’t a need for Summoners to investigate the cruise liner itself, can’t you let the police handle it? Even if it was really related to the Summoners, this scouting mission would be a D-rank at best, there’s no need to send so many people out . ”

“D-rank? Haha . ” Shen Yang placed both hands on the document box, swiveling it around to present the S+ label on it to everyone, “See this? This is the highest ranked mission you guys have ever received!”

“It’s just a search mission by infiltrating aboard a cruise liner, why is it S+ ranked?”

“Did a Summoner die in the middle of the mission?”

“Did you conceal some kind of information from us?”

“The information received by the Association was just those mentioned . ” A profound smile lifted on Shen Yang’s lips, “The S+ rank label represents the difficulty while executing the mission, it doesn’t necessarily mean the mission’s difficulty itself . Just like playing the game Snake in 3 . 5 inch floppy disks, the hardest part of playing it isn’t the game itself, but finding a computer that will fit the 3 . 5 inch drive . ”

They were still at a loss .

“If the mission itself isn’t difficult, what part of it is difficult?”

“The qualifications of those who accept the mission . ”

As if presenting them with a treasure, Shen Yang took out a piece of document from the box . There were several official stamps on the document, the bolded letters on the paper giving everyone a strong sense of cautiousness .

“This is a ban given by the higher-ups, forbidding all Summoners under the Association from boarding the cruise . It was due to those head honchos from the ‘Watch Spire’ clamping down on us . For some reason, several transnational enterprises and important political figures have directly expressed their wish for the Association’s Summoners to not ‘bother’ the distinguished guests on the ship . The official ranks some of them hold are quite influential . ”

“What was the reason given?”

“They said, a certain Summoner’s actions on the previous voyage caused several passengers to become quite displeased… Hahaha!”

Saying this, Shen Yang burst into laughter . No one knew what was so funny about that . After laughing for some time, Shen Yang finally continued .

“Apparently, some idiot alarmed the guests on the ship . Coincidentally, that guest came from quite a large background, so the Harbin Family ‘politely’ requested through a third party that they wished for a private space to not be disturbed by the Summoners, so the Association’s Summoners have been banned from boarding their ship until they are willing to remove this prohibition . ”

“How ostentatious . ” Ivan chuckled .

“Since Summoners aren’t allowed on board, why are we receiving this mission?” Feng Ping Lan was puzzled .

“In truth, the only ones able to receive this mission are you guys . ” Shen Yang raised a hand to point at Feng Ping Lan’s group, “You’re students, not actual Summoners, nor are you officially under the jurisdiction of the Association, so you’re not violating the Harbin Family’s ban at all . ”

No one was more skilled at finding loopholes than the one who enforced the law .

“Even if we qualify, is there really a need to send so many people out for such a simple case?” Ivan furrowed his eyebrows, seemingly uninterested in this mission, feeling as if he was being looked down upon .

“If the Yakone was really that simple, they wouldn’t be forbidding Summoners from boarding the ship . ” Feng Ping Lan said with a smile .

“That’s right!” Shen Yang reached out to prop their head up, saying in a slightly regretful tone, “To tell you the truth, I like you quite a lot . ”

However, more than that, they liked watching a spectacle . Seeing them slowly take one step after another towards a farce, a tragedy .

“Thanks! Hahaha!” Feng Ping Lan scratched his cheek with some embarrassment .

“Originally, it was just a small case, one nobody would notice . The previous Summoner boarded the ship out of some unknown reason, accidentally alerting the Harbin Family . And for the Harbin Family to make such a large movement such as forbidding Summoner to board, it has also alerted the Association . ”

Shen Yang became increasingly excited the more they spoke, and got overjoyed . “Both sides acted rashly and alerted the enemy, it’s just too interesting!”

“If this mission is really that dangerous, is it fine just sending us?” Liu Yi Chen questioned .

“Indeed . ” Yin Su Shuang, who had been silent all this while, spoke, “So, Seno and I will be accompanying you . ”

“What?!” Everyone was shocked .

However, what Feng Ping Lan was astonished about was not the matter of the Class Advisor accompanying them .

Weren’t the Summoners forbidden from boarding the ship? The class advisor and Seno-laoshi weren’t Summoners? Could they be demons? Then, who was their Summoner?

“Do we only have these two options?” Liu Yi Chen asked, seemingly to dislike this idea very much .

“On paper, I am your voucher and guarding during your mission, so I have to go . ” Yin Su Shuang looked indifferently at Liu Yi Chen, “If you don’t want Seno to come along, the other option will be Yerde—”

“Seno-laoshi is very good . We’ll take him . ” Liu Yi Chen said decidedly .

Next, Shen Yang briefed them on a few details and what they had to look out for, then took out a form for Yin Su Shuang to write . The others took this chance to read through the basic information on this mission .

Zong Yu secretly took out the glass bottle from the document box .

“That’s evidence, you can’t borrow it . ” Shen Yang said with a smile, “If you like it, I can give you something else . Do you want a section of a brain? I can cut one up, and add in a few pickled cucumbers and mustard for you, hahahahaha!”

Zong Yu’s face darkened, “No need…” He lowered his head to place the bottle back into the box .

Shen Yang smiled wryly, then turned to see Feng Ping Lan poking his head into the spot beside the counter, as if he was looking for something .

“What are you looking at?” Shen Yang propped their head on one head, asking languidly, “Trying to find a souvenir for your lover?”

“Oh! No!” Feng Ping Lan scratched his head, then asked hesitantly, “Um… do you like plants?”

“What?” Shen Yang raised an eyebrow, puzzled by this question .

“Oh, it’s nothing . ” Feng Ping Lan smiled awkwardly, “I was just asking . Hahahaha!”

Shen Yang gave a light laugh, “Are you tired?”

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They reached into one side to pull up a multi-colored plastic container, opening it, revealing translucent yellow candies filled to the brim in it, “Eat one . ”

“Oh, thanks!” Feng Ping Lan took a candy, throwing it into his mouth . A second later, he let out a painful groan, both hands clutching his mouth .

Everyone’s attention was caught by Feng Ping Lan’s abnormality, turning their heads simultaneously .

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you choke? Do you need a Heimlich maneuver?”

“What’s a Heimlich maneuver?” Morris asked curiously .

“It means that you give him a huge punch at his diaphragm . ” Ivan answered seriously . “Hit him until he spits out the thing that’s choking him . ”

“Oh, that’s simple . I’ll handle it!” Morris gripped his fist, looking eager to give it a try, not noticing Ivan’s crafty smile .

Wait! He’d die!

Feng Ping Lan hurriedly lifted his hands to prevent his companion’s next action . His eyes were filled with tears, looking as if he was holding back a lot of pain .

A few seconds later, something unclear came out of his mouth .


Liu Yi Chen glanced at the container on the table, rebuking crossly, “The words ‘Pranking Sweets’ are written on the container, can’t you pay attention before eating it?”

“I’ll… watch out… next time…” Feng Ping Lan’s entire face was scrunched up, then his face suddenly turned delighted, “Mm! It’s sweet now! Doesn’t taste bad at all, delicious!”

Everyone looked at Feng Ping Lan, shaking their heads .

“Hahahahahahaha!” Laughter rang out from the counter .

Shen Yang lay over the counter, laughing incessantly . Their laughter was incredibly crazed, like a madman .

“Is it really that funny?” Feng Ping Lan scratched his head with some embarrassment .

Shen Yang finally got up after laughing for quite a while, using their sleeves to wipe the tears away, then took in a deep breath .

Looking at Feng Ping Lan, Shen Yang said sincerely, “I really, really like you . Thank you for bringing me so much entertainment . ”

“Oh, you’re welcome, hahaha!” Feng Ping Lan scratched his head embarrassedly .

After completing the form, Yin Su Shuang left with the entire Society Research Club .

Shen Yang smiled, waving goodbye, but their gaze was fixed onto Quetzal from the start to the end, a strong sense of mockery and ridicule present in their eyes .

Quetzal ignored it completely, as if nothing had ever happened, melting into the darkness like a cyclone to leave .

The reason why Shen Yang had been laughing wasn’t because of Feng Ping Lan .

They had laughed, because they had discovered a secret .

The instant Feng Ping Lan ate the sweet and let out a pained groan, only they knew that the shadows on the ground had curled out their throat, transforming into spines to linger at their back, prepared to penetrate the skin and stab into the heart at any time .

Aiyaya… What to do, it was just too interesting .

They couldn’t wait to see what happened next .

The next day, Feng Ping Lan discovered a second letter under his drawer .

Once again, Feng Ping Lan’s friends secretly ran off to the staircase, like they were junior high school kids sneaking off to smoke, carefully taking out the letter .

Just like before, it was a letter with an elegant style with light-colored inks, the words ‘To Feng Ping Lan’ written in cutesy letters, and after tearing the envelope, they caught a whiff of a bewitching and mature fragrance . After opening the letter, they caught sight of adorable handwriting .

To you, who is as warm as hot cocoa on a winter night:

I really want to know your thoughts on receiving my letter, but I’m also worried that you’d get angry or offended after reading the contents… I really wish a little bird would fly into your classroom, snatching the letter away before you notice >w<

Actually, I am a very shy and introverted person (really, it’s true), and writing a letter to you was the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life! I stayed up all night yesterday, not because I longed for you, but because I was troubled by how you would answer . I still do not have the courage to listen to your answer face to face . Regardless if your answer is a YES or NO, both options are a weight on my heart .

If your feelings toward me are positive, please prepare yellow cloth and white zinnias . In American folk songs, fastening a yellow cloth represents longing and desire to meet, and white zinnias symbolizes pure and elegant feelings .

I hope that you will prepare these two items and place them in Classroom 103, Activities Center of the school’s west wing, at noon the day after tomorrow . After seeing these items, I will understand .

Yours sincerely,
The naughty, gawky, foolish Cinderella

P . S . Please do not stay behind to take a peek at my appearance . If I’m seen, I’ll fly away just like the white crane in the folktale .

After Feng Ping Lan was done reading the chapter, everyone fell silent once again .

This Cinderella had something wrong in her head…

Liu Yi Chen was the first to speak, unable to endure, “Is that woman sick? That request—”

Su Li Wan tugged lightly on Liu Yi Chen’s sleeve, shaking her head . However, there was worry and bewilderment on her face .

“It’s so special! She’s really creative!” Feng Ping Lan was full of praises, then nodded as he looked at the letter .

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Liu Yi Chen and the others exchanged glances .

Never mind, as long as the person involved in this was happy… Let’s not wake him up from his dream first .

“If she spent the whole night yesterday awake, we can just search for someone within the school grounds who looks exhausted, bloodshot eyes and dark circles under their eyes to find Cinderella . ” Conglong speculated .

“If we go with your criteria, everyone in the gaming club has a possibility of being Cinderella . ” Ivan rebuked .

Feng Ping Lan did not pay attention to his friends’ words, staring at the letter and smiling foolishly all the while .

That night, during the Shadow Academy lessons, Feng Ping Lan and the others came in late, because there wasn’t any cloth sold nearby the school, and went to several places before finding a shop that sold cloth .

Feng Ping Lan bought 10 yards of cloth at a sitting . The fabric was rolled up, looking pretty thick and solid .

“What are you buying so much for? She didn’t mention anything about the cloth’s length . ”

“It’s because she didn’t mention it that I have to be cautious! What if her heart shatters because it’s too short! I don’t want to cause that innocent girl to stay up all night tossing and turning in bed!”

The next day, Feng Ping Lan asked for two pots of zinnias from Seno .

He was planning on paying, but Seno wouldn’t accept it .

“Ah? I’ll feel bad for not paying for it, I already took your plants for free before this!”

Seno scratched his disheveled hair, and after considering for a moment, said, “You could help me clean up my office . ”

“No problem!” Before Feng Ping Lan could open his mouth, Dongya agreed readily, his eyes sparkling with excitement .

The day after that was the promised date .

Feng Ping Lan rode his bicycle to the school early in the morning, transporting the two potted plants and cloth he had left in Seno’s office to the Activities Center . Dongya and Su Li Wan had originally planned on helping, but Feng Ping Lan insisted on fixing it himself to express his regards .

He started by arranging the tables, then cut the cloth into parts before hanging them up and putting the flowers on display . After some hard work, he was finally done, the arrangements all complete .

In the spacious classroom, the desks were arranged in the shape of a smile, the two pots placed in the position of the eyes, looking like two eyeballs . The cloth had been tied into bowknots, encircling and hanging off all four corners of the room .

Feng Ping Lan admired his own masterpiece, very satisfied .

Miss Cinderella would probably be very touched if she saw this! He truly hoped that the innocent girl who wrote him the letters would feel happy .

He really looked forward to receiving her reply!

Yet, before he could get a response from Cinderella, Feng Ping Lan received a response from the class advisor .

Halfway through the second period, Feng Ping Lan was summoned to the staffroom .

What awaited him was his class advisor and an enraged student affairs director .

“Classroom 103 in the Activities Center, did you do it?” the student affairs director questioned harshly .

“Oh, that’s right—”

“Do you have a problem with the Parents’ Association? Is it fun pranking middle-aged women?”

“Ah? Parents’ Association?” Feng Ping Lan was bewildered .

“Don’t act like a fool! Many people testified that they saw you coming out of Classroom 103!”

“I did go there, but what does this have to do with the Parents’ Association?”

Yin Su Shuang could see Feng Ping Lan’s puzzlement, and asked, “Why did you turn the classroom into that state?”

“Uh, to answer a girl’s wish…” Feng Ping Lan scratched his face, “What’s wrong? I filled out the form to use the classroom as stipulated, was it not delivered?”

“That classroom was booked a long time ago by the parents to hold the end-of-year social event, how could we possibly let students use it!” The student affairs director yelled .

Yin Su Shuang said indifferently, “You were unaware?”

“I didn’t know!” Feng Ping Lan was astonished, “But, since it’s a social event, my arrangements should be cheerful and lively? Did they not like the yellow colors?”

The student affairs director thought that Feng Ping Lan was being a slick talker, and became hopping mad, “Stop fooling around—”

Yin Su Shuang could feel something fishy going around here, and interrupted the student affairs director . “How did you arrange the classroom? Did you take any pictures?”

“No . ” Feng Ping Lan started narrating his arrangement with lively gestures .

“It’s completely different from what you said!’ The student affairs director denounced .

“Ah? It’s not the same?” Feng Ping Lan scratched his head, bemused, “Did the flowers wilt?”

Looking at Feng Ping Lan, who seemed at a complete loss, Yin Su Shuang sighed, “Take a look at it yourself . I’ll notify you later for your punishment . ”

Feng Ping Lan was shocked .

“Punishment?” Why was it so severe? “Does the chairman dislike yellow?”

“Just go to the classroom and take a look for yourself . ”

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Carrying his doubts with him, Feng Ping Lan headed to Classroom 103 of the Activities Center .

Pulling the door open, a bright yellow scene entered his sight— However, the arrangements were completely different to what it appeared in the morning .

The bowknots had been completely unfastened, each piece of fabric drooping low, surrounding all four corners of the classroom like a tent .

The desks arranged into the shape of a smiley face had vanished, and his two white zinnias were placed on the podium . On the blackboard was a poster of the social event, featuring the chairman .

 On that day, that afternoon, when the student affairs director led the group of madams into the classroom, the cheerful atmosphere instantly froze .

The portrait of the chairman on the blackboard was smiling brilliantly, giving them the air of someone deceased . Compared to the picture, the actual chairman looked like Ashura from the depths of hell, emanating alarming rage .

The student affairs director hurriedly placated the members of the Parents’ Association, placed them in another empty classroom, then quickly mobilized people to investigate the people who entered the classroom before this .

Feng Ping Lan looked at the empty classroom, scratching his head .

Aiya, how could this happen…

He circled around the room, then looked at the portrait of the chairman, forcing a smile .

“Your arrangements were altered into a mourning hall?”

“Not a mourning hall, it just happened to look like a mourning hall, since the chairman is still alive and well, hahahaha!”

Faced with his friends’ grave expressions, Feng Ping Lan’s attitude seemed much more relaxed, as if this had nothing to do with him .

“What did the class advisor say?” Liu Yi Chen asked, “Do you need us to testify for you?”

“Class Advisor has already helped me clear up the situation, I just have to write a personal statement as a record . ” Feng Ping Lan dangled the piece of paper in his hand, “He says that I’m on probation, that I have to lay low for a while . It’ll be fine after the end of the term . ”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but they still felt that Feng Ping Lan’s treatment was undeserved .

“Could it be that this was done by that Cinderella?” Ivan spoke out the thought on everybody’s minds, “She was the only one apart from us who knew that you went to Classroom 103 to decorate it . A person that would write such a strange letter is suspicious in itself—”

Igor sighed softly . He reached out from behind Ivan, circling to his front, and lightly covered Ivan’s mouth, stopping him from speaking .

Ivan let out a faint grunt, lifting his head to look at Igor . When he saw Igor shaking his head slightly at him, he let out a discontented low curse, then bit Igor’s finger in a fit of rage before obediently shutting up .

Feng Ping Lan scratched his head, looking a little troubled, “Is that so?”

“But the classroom’s door was unlocked, and there is a huge timeframe in between the morning and afternoon, so it’s easy to get in and out to do something . ” Su Li Wan spoke out to redress the situation in Cinderella’s favor .

It wasn’t because she trusted that person, but because she couldn’t bear to see Feng Ping Lan so disappointed .

Feng Ping Lan said with great pity, “Rather than guessing who did it, I care more about whether Miss Cinderella saw my work . ” He glanced down at his watch, “Oh, the bell rang, I have to check in with the director . See you later!”

After Feng Ping Lan had left, Ivan said with certainty, “He’s being pranked . ”

“But we can’t be sure if it was really done by that naughty and foolish Cinderella . ” Conglong took a leisurely sip of his milk . “I wonder if Cinderella plays Aquarium, I want to see what’s hidden in her clamshell . ”

Liu Yi Chen raised an eyebrow, “Do you know just how vulgar your words are?”

She glanced at Feng Ping Lan’s Contracts .

Byriel was scrolling through his phone, using a messenger app to chat with several women at the same time, looking uninterested in this topic; Morris was leaning against the wall, bending a coin in half before flattening it again; Dongya seemed to be participating in this discussion, but his reaction was pretty indifferent .

Only Simo seemed pretty keen on this .

“Don’t you guys care about this?” Liu Yi Chen was puzzled, “Feng Ping Lan is head over heels with this girl, aren’t you worried about Cinderella becoming your mistress?”


Facing the question Liu Yi Chen had thrown at them, the Contracts stilled for a moment, not knowing how to answer .

After all, Feng Ping Lan wasn’t an actual Summoner, they didn’t need to worry about things like family status .

Feng Ping Lan wasn’t their master, so they didn’t need to worry about this affecting their future rights .

“The future has many possibilities, we mustn’t worry about troubles of our own imagination . ” Dongya gave out a sensible explanation with a smile, “What we need to focus on right now, is who exactly is playing tricks on Ping Lan?”

“Um…” A tiny voice cut into the conversation . Simo shyly raised her hand, “It might have been done by someone who likes Cinderella…”


“To obstruct her from getting together with Ping Lan . “ An excited glint flashed across Simo’s eyes, “The person who likes Miss Cinderella might be a rich boy from a wealthy family who frequently bullies her for fun, but that is actually a way for him to express his love and concern . This wealthy boy didn’t think that Cinderella would fall in love with Ping Lan, and his possessiveness caused him to forcefully seize and lock her away, turning her into his exclusive property, humiliating her day after day…”

“So, should we call the police?” Conglong asked .

“Of course not!” Simo refuted, “Cinderella will gradually become addicted to physical pleasures under his discipline and cruel treatment . She did not love him from the start, but when she is given freedom once more, she realizes that she has long since been swayed by his demented and obsessive love…”

“Urgh, what’s with that development?!” Liu Yi Chen furrowed her eyebrows .

“There is no use making wild guesses . ” Su Li Wan said objectively, “Let’s see what she replies with . ”

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