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Chapter 978 - Narrow Road

His peak mid stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator origin energy swept across planet Da Lou like a storm. A vortex formed with Wang Lin as the center. This vortex howled as it surrounded the entire planet.

This suddenly made every Da Lou Sword Sect disciple feel like a mountain was pushing down on them. Their spiritual energy began moving on its own to resist. It was as if they wouldn't be able to withstand it if they didn't do this.

From a distance, there seemed to be a crazy vortex above planet Da Lou. Wang Lin was at the center of the vortex with his hair flowing in the wind. His hand was behind his back as he raised his head up and looked at the sky.

His eyes shined brightly, as if they contained the brilliant starry sky within.

This gaze fell into the eyes of the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples, and he was like an eternal existence to them!

Wang Lin just calmly stood. He calmly looked at the sky and calmly comprehended the comprehension in his heart.

"Could that life be my previous life…" As Wang Lin pondered, he was immersed in everything he saw when he raised his foot before the heaven defying door.

"Source origin, what is source origin… That bird… Is not my previous life, but a living symbol of my mentality! That bird died to a python; what does that mean…" Wang Lin frowned. He still couldn't figure it out, but he seemed to have grasped some clue.

"This was merely a small completion due to the heaven defying bead absorbing the extreme Yang. If I want to see all of it, I need it to absorb Yin energy and reach full completion. Presumably, I'll have an answer then!" Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes shined.

"It doesn't matter if the All-Seer was scheming against me or Ling Tianhou; he was wrong this time! The trap has been broken!" Wang Lin sneered and stepped toward the void. His gaze swept past the giant tower Ling Tianhou was in.

A giant hole had appeared on the side of the giant tower. There were still remains of origin energy fluctuations.

"Every time the heaven defying bead opens, it requires an enormous amount of origin energy. When it activated this time, the origin energy in the area wasn't affected, yet Ling Tianhou escaped in a hurry. The time of his escape matches when the two rays of light shot out from the heaven defying bead. It is obvious one of them went after Ling Tianhou!"

Wang Lin took a step and left planet Da Lou.

"Who was the target of that other ray of light from the heaven defying bead…" Wang Lin pondered, then his eyes lit up as he muttered, "It would be good if it was the All-Seer…"

He withdrew his thoughts and no longer thought about this matter. Then he turned into a ray of light and flew off in the depths of space.

"The All-Seer's scheme has been broken, so there is no need to stay on planet Da Lou. Now I need to make some preparations for heading to the Demon Spirit Land! I control of one the four caves, so I can take several people!" As Wang Lin flew, several thoughts flew through his mind.

Wang Lin didn't use Spatial Bending, so he wasn't fast as he flew through space like a ray of light. A few hours later, he saw an abandoned planet.

"Here is it!" Wang Lin's figure didn't stop. He charged out, toward the abandoned planet creating sonic booms.

The shape of this planet was very strange. It was not round, but crescent-shaped, as if something had taken a bite out of it. Every now and then, pieces of it would fall off and drift off into the distance.

Wang Lin arrived near the planet in an instant, and in a flash, he charged through the atmosphere of the planet.

There wasn't any spiritual energy coming from the planet, and even the atmosphere was extremely weak. When Wang Lin intruded, the atmosphere collapsed and disintegrated.

As a result without the protection of the atmosphere the dust from space fell on the planet without protection. Dust storm raged across the planet.

The earth was covered in cracks and there was no sign of life. It was filled with an aura of death.

When Wang Lin landed, two rays of light flew toward him. One of the rays was large and the other small, and they quickly headed toward him. The big ray of light was obviously slower and was left behind.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he even revealed a faint smile.

The smaller ray of light instantly closed in. When the light dissipated, it revealed a strange figure. This person had a huge head but very thin body. There wasn't much hair on his head, and one could clearly see the shadow of the veins under his skin.

"Greetings, Master!" This strange cultivator was Big Head. When Wang Lin went to planet Tian Yun, he and Lei Ji were left here to wait for Wang Lin's summon.

Lei Ji soon arrived, and when he landed, he looked respectfully at Wang Lin. He said, "Lei Ji greets Master."

Big Head hesitated for a bit and asked, "Did Master's trip go well?"

Wang Lin nodded toward them and slowly said, "It was fine, but a few problems occurred. I came here today to take you two to find a planet to go into closed door cultivation. The environment on this planet is harsh and not suited for cultivation."

Big Head nodded and said, "This place is indeed not suitable for closed door cultivation. Not only is this place abandoned, a part of it collapses every so often."

Wang Lin stopped wasting time talking and waved his sleeves. He took Big Head and Lei Ji off this abandoned planet and flew off into the stars.

Among the stars, Lei Ji stretched out his limbs and knelt down. As he let out a roar, his body grew until he was 1,000 feet tall.

Wang Lin landed on Lei Ji's back and sat down. Big Head followed Wang Lin and stood beside him like a guard. A shadow flickered behind Wang Lin and Ta Shan came out with an indifferent expression.

Wang Lin's right hand pointed forward and Lei Ji charged out with a roar. Along the way, Wang Lin was calm, but it was impossible to avoid encountering cultivators that belonged to planet Tian Yun. Startled by Lei Ji, they would all get out of the way. No one dared to obstruct them.

"Which old monster is this to have such a big Giant Demon Clan member as a mount!?"

"That cultivator sitting there seems familiar; I think I've seen him somewhere before…"

"Forget about the mount, look at that two guards next to the old monster. What cultivation level are they? I am unable to see through them. I fear not even the head elder of our sect has this kind of aura!"

Along the way, everyone who saw Wang Lin would began chattering and look at Wang Lin with respect. In the cultivation world, the strong had respect!

Wang Lin sat on Lei Ji's back. Along the way, he was immersed in his origin energy and comprehending his peak Nirvana Scryer cultivation.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he thought in his heart, "Back then, my cultivation was at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, and along with my ancient god body, I could battle early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators… Now that my cultivation level has increased to mid stage Nirvana Scryer, early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators are no longer a problem. I can now even stand up to mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivators!

"Back then, Blood Ancestor was at the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser. If the current me went back in time, I should be able to fight him! Although the chance of victory is still small, if a mid stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivator wants to kill me, it won't be so easy!"

At this moment, there was a boat-like object slowly moving forward about 5,000 kilometers away from Wang Lin. This boat was completely black and 300 feet long, and it emitted waves of fluctuations.

Dense spiritual energy came from it. This made anyone who saw it realize it wasn't ordinary.

There was a huge armchair on this boat, and there was an old man sitting on it. His body was extremely large, as if he was a mountain of flesh.

Beside him were seven or eight beautiful woman. Each of them were extremely flirtatious and wore silk dresses that were very revealing. They circled the old man with sweet talk that would occasionally make the old man laugh.

Some of these women were holding wine jugs or fruits. Although some of them weren't carrying anything, they were behind the old man massaging his back.

There were even two women laying in the old man's arms. They didn't seem to dislike this old man's mountain of flesh and spoke sweetly to him.

There were seven men in black robes standing around the old man and these alluring women. They stood there motionlessly, as if they were corpses, but a fierce aura came from them. Their cold gazes stared ahead, and they didn't utter a single word the whole time.

There were hundreds of cultivators around the boat. They all wore blue and each one stood on a ray of sword energy. They were guards for the old man.

The old man's big hand slapped the buttocks of one of the women in his arms. He laughed as he grabbed a cup of wine and drank. Just as he was about to speak, he frowned and looked ahead.

No one else noticed the abnormality. The old man pondered for a bit before his eyes turned cold. He extended the cup in his hand to a woman nearby and calmly said, "Pour wine for me."

The woman quickly picked up the wine jug and poured a full cup.

Just at this moment, waves of fluctuations came from the distance. A figure was heading this way.

"It indeed is him!" The fat on old man with the mountain of flesh body trembled and his eyes shined brightly. He took the cup of wine in his hand and drank it all in one gulp.

At this moment, the seven black-robed people on the boat raised their heads at the same time. Their eyes lit up and the seven of them flew out in seven rays of light at the same time.

"Person approaching, you have three seconds to get out of the way. Any offender will be killed!"

Coldness appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. Although he was immersed in his origin energy, his divine sense was spread out. The moment that old man with the body of a mountain of meat found Wang Lin, Wang Lin also found the old man.

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