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Chapter 771 - Yao Family (2)

As he resisted the black cloud, he continued to be knocked back as it contracted. This cycle continued until the black clouds showed signs of collapse. Wang Lin's eyes became cold and he open his mouth to spit out origin energy.

This origin energy entered the black cloud and suddenly made it feel like it was filled with endless power, causing it to contract like crazy. However, at this moment, the resistance coming from the Blood Ancestor also grew endlessly.

Sounds of explosions came from inside and the black cloud actually began to collapse. The Blood Ancestor's muffled roar came through and sounded like roaring thunder in Wang Lin's ears.

The Blood Ancestor's roar came out. "You brat, Wang Lin, are not qualified to seal this old man!" The dense, black clouds collapsed again. They were now very thin and were about to disappear.

Once the the black clouds disappeared, it meant that the one-billion-soul soul flag was destroyed!

Wang Lin shouted, "Three primary souls, appear!" Inside the cloud, the three primary souls, including the Qilin and fourth soul, immediately condensed and began their attack on the Blood Ancestor.

Through the clouds, Wang Lin could see the qilin turn into black smoke and surround the Blood Ancestor. The qilin's head took shape and bit down on the Blood Ancestor's neck. The fourth soul was constantly flying in and out of the Blood Ancestor. Every time it  penetrated the Blood Ancestor's origin soul, it would leave with a large amount of origin energy.

There was still that human figure that the last primary soul formed. It turned into black gas that surrounded the Blood Ancestor, making his movements slow.

The Blood Ancestor's face revealed a fierce expression and red light flashed from his body while he chanted a complex chant. The red light shined like crazy from his body and gradually filled the black clouds until they looked purple!

A roar came out from the Blood Ancestor's mouth. "Blood soul, collapse!" The red light around his body was almost demonic and his origin soul suddenly released unimaginable power. The qilin immediately let out a miserable groan and the impact of the force caused it to dissipate rapidly. Terrified of this, it immediate let go and backed up.

The primary soul around the Blood Ancestor collapsed and quickly retreated. Even the fourth soul that penetrated the Blood Ancestor's origin soul was caught by the Blood Ancestor. With a merciless pinch, cracks appeared on it before it dissipated and retreated.

"Little brat Wang Lin!" The Blood Ancestor's eyes were bloodshot as his hand ripped open the black clouds before him.

From beginning to end, Wang Lin's eyes were calm. When the Blood Ancestor was about to step out, he opened his mouth and spat out a ray of yellow light. There was a grain of sand inside the yellow light.

The moment the sand appeared, a powerful pressure immediately shrouded the area. In an instant, this grain of sand immediately grew until it was more than 1,000 feet wide. It was like a mountain, but it looked more like a stamp!

This object had used a celestial fragment as material and was refined in a furnace formed by the heavens with divine retribution!

The moment it appeared, it pressed down on the Blood Ancestor with enormous amount of celestial spiritual energy!

Crackling sounds immediately came from inside the Blood Ancestor's body and the blood light around him weakened. The step he was taking to step out was forced back.

The stamp formed by the 1,000 foot fragment descended from the sky. The Blood Ancestor charged out, but after a series of rumbles, he was pressed down under the stamp.

When the stamp rose up, the Blood Ancestor looked weaker, but he was still fierce and red light flashed brightly around him. At this moment, the Karma Whip suddenly appeared and lashed toward him.

With a bang, the Blood Ancestor's origin soul became more unstable. Just as he was about to retaliate, the stamp smashed down. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul was about to collapse.

He let out a miserable smile and his eyes were filled with madness. Just at this moment, Wang Lin's voice came.

"Blood Ancestor, I will not kill you and will give you a chance to see Yao Xixue again! If you explode, you will never see Yao Xixue again!" Wang Lin's voice was cold.

The Blood Ancestor silently pondered and the madness in his eyes slowly disappeared. Wang Lin's eyes lit up as his hand formed a seal and he shouted, "Collect!"

The surrounding black cloud immediately surrounded the Blood Ancestor. The Karma Whip also appeared and wrapped around the Blood Ancestor. The damaged three primary souls also appeared and began to devour like crazy.

The stamp floated above, Although it didn't press down again, the pressure was still there. This pressure cause the black cloud to contract even more rapidly. It contracted to a ball in almost an instant before turning back into a 30-foot-long flag in Wang Lin's hand.

The 100-feet-wide flag spread out and there was a radical change. Before, it was just a black flag with nothing on it, but now there was an image.

The Blood Ancestor's figure was lifelike with the Karma Whip around him like a lock and the three primary souls fiercely surrounding him. The Blood Ancestor's expression revealed indignation and unwillingness.

Just like this, the image on the flag took form.

Looking at the one-billion-soul soul flag, Wang Lin was silent. He didn't feel pride in defeating the Blood Ancestor, and his heart felt melancholy.

He had struggled a lot to defeat the Blood Ancestor and was not nearly as calm he seemed on the outside. This fight was filled with life and death moments, and a moment of carelessness would have meant death. This battle was no less dangerous than his escape from the Moongazer Serpen. In fact, it was even a bit more dangerous.

After all, the Moongazer Serpent's intelligence was very limited.

"There is no great hatred between the two of us. If you had just taken Yao Xixue with you, you wouldn't have ended up like this…" Wang Lin sighed.

Unless it was the last resort and he was crazy, he won't have forced the Blood Ancestor down like this. He was helpless on his matter because if he wanted to live, he had to resist. If he wanted to continued to exist, he had to kill the Blood Ancestor that swore to destroy him.

Yao Xixue was the Blood Ancestor's weakness. In order to seal the Blood Ancestor, Wang Lin had to use this! In the face of survival, there was no such thing as despicable!

Wang Lin looked at the soul flag and said, "Blood Ancestor, I respect your fatherly love. I also have a son. If someone were to act against my child... I can understand your anger… However, did you give me a chance to explain? I didn't touch your daughter once while I had her captured. If it wasn't for your daughter plotting against me, why would I dare to provoke the Blood Ancestor?"

He knew that the Blood Ancestor could hear!

"Could it be that your daughter, Yao Xixue, is allowed plot against me, but I'm not allowed to retaliate!? You love your daughter, so you don't think about right or wrong and don't think about the cause. Although this is love, it is spoiled love!

"I gave you a chance, but senior Blood Ancestor held the idea of killing me. In my eyes, your actions are no different from Yao Xixue's. I understood the job of a father 1,000 years ago, but you still don't understand it even today!" Wang Lin looked up at the distance and put the flag away. He didn't bother considering if the Blood Ancestor understood.

He only needed to have a clear conscience, and this was enough!

He raised his right hand and pressed against the celestial fragment. There was a flash of yellow light as it shrank to the size of a grain of sand before Wang Lin swallowed it.

He patted his clothes as if he wanted to sweep away all the gloominess from the past several days. Then his body turned into a ray of light and he flew far away.

"I'll make myself as strong as possible in the Thunder Celestial Realm. My spells are still very lacking. Before, my cultivation level wasn't high enough to be eligible for celestial spells. However, with my current cultivation, I am strong enough to participate in the battles for celestial caves.

My goal is a celestial spell! Wan Er, don't worry, I will definitely go to planet Dong Lin! Whenever there is a trace of hope for you to awaken, I, Wang Lin, will do everything I can to fight for it!"

Wang Lin placed his right hand between his eyebrows. His increase in cultivation made him even more confident in reviving Li Muwan! Aside from escaping from those old monsters,  the other reason he had come to the Allheaven Star System was to revive Li Muwan!

Wang Lin was constantly thinking of Li Muwan as he stepped through the void. His goal was the fragment before him.

From this moment on, there was one more powerful person to fight over treasures in the Thunder Celestial Realm: Wang Lin!

On the fragment before Wang Lin, Li Yuan's escape was reaching its end. His body was like a lamp without oil.

If it wasn't for the people behind him taunting him, he would have already died. What made him even more humiliated was that the man behind him was using him as target practice for various spells.

The elder beside the youth gave off a ruthless aura. He would sometimes give pointers to the youth, and every time he did, Li Yuan would suffer even more.

Only three of the eight flying swords remained. The rest were lost when he used spells with them. The old man had casually caught them, wiped the divine sense off them, and threw them at the youth.

Shortly after, the youth would gift them to the woman beside him.

A feeling of indignation brewed inside Li Yuan's heart. The woman's crisp laughter and whiny voice made it even worse for him.

Along the he way, he had suffered even more injuries. He had no time to heal himself and his right arm was beginning to rot. There were white insects moving inside his flesh. These weren't maggots, they were poisonous insects released by the youth behind him.

Li Yuan felt that these white insects were inside his body, even inside his origin soul. It was as if his body had become a breeding ground for these insects.

Li Yuan's speed became slower and slower. His whole body felt tired and death aura filled his body. His face was no longer pale but a sickly red.

Behind Li Yuan, the old man withdrew his gaze and calmly said, "Young Master, this person is out of energy!" 

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