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Chapter 769 - Confidence

The ancient thunder dragon was born from thunder. It was currently flickering within the divine retribution clouds. Its thoughts were echoing in the area like thunder.

The Blood Ancestor's eyes suddenly widened. At the moment Wang Lin's origin soul moved, all of the clouds whistled and the might of the divine retribution spread.

Shortly after, Wang Lin's ancient thunder dragon origin soul appeared from the clouds with countless bolts of thunder following closely after.

"You're courting death!" The Blood Ancestor's expression was gloomy as he quickly retreated. He threw the two balls of blood in his hand and shouted, "Blood Explosion!"

With a bang, the balls of blood exploded and a powerful force spread. Wang Lin's ancient thunder dragon origin soul immediately dissipated.

However, the Blood Ancestor didn't relax at all and became even more cautious.

Countless bolts of thunder formed where Wang Lin's origin soul disappeared. They rained down on the Blood Ancestor like crazy from all directions.

"You want to obtain my blood body? You overestimate yourself!" The Blood Ancestor's eyes narrowed as his hand formed a seal and blood light covered his body. The rain of thunder didn't rush into the blood light but circled around it.

The Blood Ancestor was startled. His expression changed when he realized that something was wrong, but it was too late. The divine retribution thunder that was chasing after Wang Lin now descend like crazy toward the Blood Ancestor.

"Wang Lin!" The Blood Ancestor clenched his teeth as the blood light flashed brightly and immediately pushed Wang Lin's origin soul back. However, during this process, the divine retribution thunderbolts continued to fall. They went through Wang Lin's origin soul and directly landed on the Blood Ancestor. He quickly retreated and wanted to leave this divine retribution cloud.

"Senior Blood Ancestor, your blood planet has been destroyed, and even your concubine, Zi Xin, has died after betraying you!" Wang Lin's divine sense echoed, which caused the Blood Ancestor's expression to become even more gloomy.

"Also, your blood pavilion is quite interesting!" Wang Lin's voice came from the void.

"You were here killing me, but I wonder if you know that when your daughter Yao Xixue goes back to the blood planet she will be like a sheep walking into the tigers jaws!" Ever since Wang Lin first saw Blood Ancestor after waking up, he had not seen a trace of Yao Xixue. It was impossible to protect her from the collapse of the storage space. Wang Lin deduced that the most likely scenario was that Yao Xixue had already been resurrected with the help of the Blood Ancestor.

Wang Lin's words were like an invisible divine retribution that landed in the Blood Ancestor's heart. His origin soul was also damaged from before, so under this unstable state, he was shocked.

Yao Xixue was his weakness!

"Wang Lin!!" As the Blood Ancestor's mind trembled, the blood light around him began to flicker, showing signs of instability.

A laughter echoed and then the void where Wang Lin's origin soul was located immediately turned into countless bolts of thunder. The thunder charged toward the Blood Ancestor from all directions like crazy. They penetrated the blood-colored light and directly went into the Blood Ancestor's body.

At this moment, the divine retribution descended like crazy, and there were even seven-colored thunderbolts mixed in. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul let out a mad roar and wanted to rush out. However, Wang Lin's origin soul was now inside his body, and it had started a life and death battle.

The two of them battled with the Blood Ancestor's body as the battlefield. Originally, the Blood Ancestor's origin soul wasn't his weak. However, he had half of his origin soul taken by the mysterious old man. Then he encountered Wang Lin and was seriously injured again.

But even after all this, his origin soul was still stronger than Wang Lin's.

However, Wang Lin's origin soul was filled with origin energy and he had just reached the Corporeal Yang stage. But the most important part was that Wang Lin wasn't trying to take over the Blood Ancestor's body. He was only focused on entangling the Blood Ancestor to prevent the Blood Ancestor from leaving the clouds. This allowed him to put up an even fight.

The Blood Ancestor had to die. If this person didn't die, then the person who would die was him. Wang Lin understood this very well, and that was why he was willing to keep the Blood Ancestor within the clouds at all costs, to kill him using the power of the divine retribution!

However, the divine retribution was about to dissipate and it was not as strong as before. However, every bolt of thunder that fell on the Blood Ancestor made him shiver. Half of the divine retribution's tyrannical force would damage him and the other half would be absorbed by Wang Lin.

The rumbling thunder continued to descend and the clouds quickly dissipated. A devastating power began to form inside the dissipating clouds. As the last bolt of thunder formed, it immediately sucked in all the remaining clouds and descended with a bang.

This was the last wrath from the heavens, and this attack was going to kill!

The crisis of death immediately filled the Blood Ancestor. He was being entangled by Wang Lin's origin soul and couldn't run at all. He made a ruthless decision as he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a large mouthful of blood.

"Blood seal!" The blood quickly formed a huge seal that fell on his body like a net. The moment the net fell, there was a flash of red light from between the blood ancestor's eyebrows. His origin soul charged out and in a flash appeared outside the clouds.

"Wang Lin, I give up this blood body. You won't be able to escape with the seal, so withstand the divine retribution yourself!" He was filled with unimaginable hatred as he rushed out, but he didn't look back as he quickly feld.

This time he was in an extremely miserable state. He was missing more than half of his origin soul and had lost his body. If he didn't escape now with his broken origin soul and if Wang Lin didn't die, the consequences would be unimaginable. He even felt regret. If he had agreed to Wang Lin's promise, he could have saved Yao Xixue and not be in such a sorry state.

However, right now it was too late.

Wang Lin's origin soul was locked inside the Blood Ancestor's body by the blood seal, but he didn't want to escape. His origin soul became active as the divine retribution landed.

The thunderous rumbling quickly spread across the area. The blood seal was broken and the Blood Ancestor's body was in pieces. Wang Lin's origin soul was forced out, then he turned into an ancient thunder dragon and roared at the sky.

The cloud completely dissipated and the divine retribution disappeared.

Wang Lin's origin soul took the Blood Ancestor's body back to the fragment. This fragment was now only about 1,000 feet wide. It no longer looked like a fragment, it was more like a large stamp.

When his origin energy returned to his body, his eyes opened and a powerful aura swelled within his body. He took a deep breath and put away the blood body. At the same time, he looked down at the stamp below him. His eyes lit up and he hit the ground with his hand.

The fragment immediately trembled, then it began to shrink until it was the size of a grain of sand and was devoured by Wang Lin. He then flew off into the void while laughing.

At this moment, Wang Lin was at the Corporeal Yang stage. Although he was not at the peak, he was not far off. His body was filled with origin energy, but most of it hadn't been absorbed. Once he absorbs it he will immediately be at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage and be infinitely closer to becoming a real second step cultivator.

Aside from a limited few people, no one else was a match for Wang Lin in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The current him, with his spells and magical treasures, like this Celestial Realm Fragment and the beast tones, even though he might not be able to win when he encounters someone who has just entered the second step, he would be qualified to fight.

The pressure from escaping from the Alliance Star System to the Allheaven Star System disappeared completely. Wang Lin's divine sense spread out and he quickly went toward where the Blood Ancestor ran off to.

"Exterminate the root to leave no trouble in the future!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. His Corporeal Yang cultivation activated and his speed was several times faster than before.

He was like a meteor charging through the void.

A powerful sense of self-confidence appeared on his heart. This kind of confidence didn't have much to do with his cultivation; this was a confidence from someone who was a heaven-defying cultivator.

"It turns out that even powerful cultivators like the Blood Ancestor, the All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, and other are not… invincible!" Wang Lin's gaze was firm and he revealed a sneer.

Even the All-Seer could not have imagined that his disciple from a semi-wasted planet would have forced the Blood Ancestor into such a state due to a series of opportunities.

"However, someone has probably been helping me… Otherwise, the Blood Ancestor wouldn't have been as weak as he was when I found him!" Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. This doubt still existed in his heart.

At this moment on a fragment in front of Wang Lin, Li Yuan was escaping with a pale expression. His right arm was gone and blood was seeping out of it.

There were many sword wounds on his body, the most shocking one being the one on his stomach. Even his origin soul was injured and showing signs of collapse. If not for his family's spells, he would have already died.

A death aura filled Li Yuan's body. He revealed a bitter smile and an unwilling expression. He wanted to fight back, but the other party had an ancient mirror that broke restrictions. He had also helped Wang Lin and had used his heart restriction, and it still hadn't recovered. Unless he could create some distance, he couldn't hide himself in a short period of time.

"Only a family that have inheritances from the Celestial Realm can have an ancient mirror that can break restrictions. If my Li family was still powerful, these people would be mere clowns, but now… Alas, Brother Xu, I won't be able to complete my promise of giving you the restriction heart… This is not my wish!"

"Cousin, this person sure has a lot of treasures, and they are very powerful. I very much like this celestial sword." Behind Li Yuan were three people casually chasing him.

Among the three people were two men and one woman. The woman was very beautiful and her eyes contained an alluring charm. She was currently holding one of the celestial swords that Li Yuan got from the celestial storage space!

The two males were one young and one old. The younger one smiled as he looked at her and calmly said, "This person still has eight more. Since Junior Sister Xia likes them, once I take them and ask where he got them, I'll gift them all to you." This person's cultivation was also at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, but the old man's was not simple.

If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately be able to tell that this old man was at the peak of the Illusory Yin stage.

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