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Chapter 692 – Evolution

Although water covered most of planet Ran Yun, there were still a lot of mountains and land. Although the catastrophe years ago made the spiritual energy on the planet a lot weaker, it was still slightly better than planet Suzaku.

The figures of a father a son always be seen between the famous mountains on planet Ran Yun. They were climbing the mountains and standing on the top of the world.

They were watching the changes of the earth and the overlapping clouds. The earth had shrunken down a lot; it was as if they could see the end with but a gaze.

When they were at the peak, the wind was whistling in their ears. Wang Ping stood at the peak, looking down at the word. It was as if his soul had evolved.

As they climbed mountain after mountain, his weak body gradually gained strength. In his eyes, everything about his father was great, whether it was the nineteen years of peace, or their current challenge against the world.

After crossing peak after peak, Wang Ping’s mind expanded greatly. It was as if he had forgotten everything wandering the world. Although the only person accompanying him was his father, the mountains, the water, the sky, and this land seemed to be able to feel his presence and followed him.

There wasn’t any sense of loneliness, only a freedom of spirit!

No matter how dangerous the mountain was, it couldn’t stop this father and son duo. No matter how big a mountain was, they all fell under their feet.

Although Wang Ping’s body was a mortal, his heart was molded again and again until it reached a new height.

To experience life through the mountains, to calm one’s mind through crossing them, and to feel might from crossing over each mountain. However, he should never stop or yield to this might, so he continued to climb over each mountain he faced. He used the body of a mortal to inherit Wang Lin’s heaven-defying ideals.

Wang Lin didn’t impart Wang Ping any cultivation methods, but he used his own method to help refine Wang Ping’s mind.

Thirsty? Drink some spring water. Hungry? Eat some fruits and while beasts. Tired? Rest on the ground. Sleepy? Lie down on the earth and the sky will be your blanket.

Three years of time quickly flashed by. During these three years, Wang Ping’s respect for his father grew even stronger. In his eyes, his father was the most amazing person in the world.

After conquering the mountains, the rivers were next!

The shadow of this father and son duo would appear across rivers everywhere. They looked at the majestic rivers and listened to the almost heaven-defying roars of the water.

A solitary boat held Wang Ping’s gaze and gradually evolving mind. As it crossed the river, it continued to push forward and challenge the raging waves.

Wang Lin and Wang Ping left their shadows everywhere across this large river that went around most of planet Ran Yun. More laughter came from Wang Ping’s mouth, and accompanying this laughter was Wang Lin’s hearty laughter.

This kind of laughter was very rare from Wang Lin. His laughter seemed contagious and made Wang Ping even happier.

It was as if as long as his father was by his side, everything would be alright!

“Father, I will spend my life accompanying you. Even in death, if there is reincarnation, even if we are no longer father and son, I’ll never forget you!” In the river, Wang Ping’s voice was very determined.

This solitary boat traveled down the river across more than half of planet Ran Yun and headed toward the ocean.

The journey on land was over, but the voyage over the sea had just began. As the ship sailed through the ocean breeze, Wang Ping’s world expanded indefinitely.

Islands and waves passed by one by one. He saw heavenly lightning strike down on the surface of the water. He saw a huge whale the size of a village. He even saw a mirage.

The sea’s vastness was far greater than land. Wang Ping felt that the vastness of the sea was like his father, it seemed to stretch on forever.

After integrating with the boundlessness of the sea, the fierceness of the mountain, and the endless extension of the river, he was able to feel the might of the world. When Wang Lin and Wang Ping returned to land five years later, Wang Ping had been reborn.

Although he was still a mortal, his soul accommodated the world!

When they returned, the last mountain they crossed was Quilian mountain next the Fallen Moon Village.

The childish nature was completely gone from the twenty-seven-year-old Wang Ping’s face. Instead, his eyes were filled with determination. During these eight years of travel, the hint of demonic nature gradually disappeared and was replaced with absolute handsomeness.

This sharp and handsome face contained a smile as bright as the sun and even brighter eyes.

Looking at Wang Ping, Wang Lin revealed a smile. This journey was a method that Wang Lin had been thinking of for a long time to help Wang Ping completely expel the resentment in his body.

Liu Mei’s pill and Wang Lin’s spell could only eliminate a majority of the resentment, as the resentment was too integrated with his soul. Throughout the twenty years of peace, the resentment gradually eased, and the eight years of soul evolution allowed Wang Ping to purify his soul. Unknowingly, Wang Ping gradually removed the resentment in his soul until there was only a sliver remaining.

This silver was something that no pill or spell could remove. It could only be erased through the reincarnation cycle.

Under Quilian peak, Wang Lin looked at the mountain village far away and asked, “Don’t you want to look?”

Beside him, Wang Ping shook his head and said, “Not going.”

Wang Lin didn’t speak anymore and stepped toward the mountain’s peak. Wang Ping chased after his father and laughed. “Father, back when I was a child, I once heard people say that Quilian peak has celestial clouds. They said that just sucking one mouthful would make me immune to sickness for ten years. I have always wondered when Father would bring me here.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and gently looked at Wang Ping.

This father and son duo gradually reached the peak of this tall Quilian mountain. Countless clouds floated at the peak; it was as if they were stepping on the clouds.

Wang Ping took a deep breath and then looked at his father. Although Quilian mountain was huge, it couldn’t compare to this father. Although Quilian mountain was tall, it couldn’t compare to his father!

The cloud in the distance seemed to darken, and there were bursts of lightning and rumbling thunder coming from it. This power of the heavens and earth attracted Wang Ping’s gaze.

Not long after, the thunder grew louder. A wet wind blew by followed by rain. As the dark cloud began to spread, the rain began to get heavier.

Because it hadn’t rained for a long time, the dust on the earth began to float into the air. However, before it flew up too high, it rapidly merged with the falling rain and returned to the earth once more.

The dust was just like heaven-defying cultivators that desired to reach the heavens but were put down by the rain. Just like cultivators, how many specks of dust could actually ascend to the heavens…

The thunder and rain passed by. The father and son on the mountain peak calmly watched it all. This rain seemed to fall everywhere, but none of it landed on their bodies.

Aside from the rumbling thunder and swishing rain, there was no other sound.

The thunder and rain came fast and left just as fast. Soon, the cloud dissipated and a rainbow that looked like it was hanging from the sky appeared before the father and son duo.

The rainbow was beautiful and colorful. The seven colors in such close proximity seemed to contain a hint of the heavens’ dao.

However, at this moment, this quietness was disturbed by a whistling sound. From a distance, a flying sword whistled by with a thunderous boom, as if it was going to shatter the rainbow when it flew through it.

A middle-aged man was standing inside the sword light. This person had the air of a celestial as he stood on the green flying sword that gave off a cold glint.

As he flew by, he immediately spotted Wang Lin and Wang Ping at the top of Quilin peak and was surprised.

For a mortal to climb up here was not normal, it required great determination. He revealed a look of admiration but didn’t stop. He flew over the mountain and headed into the distance.

Wang Ping stared at the middle-aged man until he disappeared over the horizon. This was the first time Wang Ping had seem something like this. This shocked his heart greatly, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Wang Ping murmured, “Father that.. Is that an immortal?”

Wang Lin sighed and slowly said, “Yes.”

Wang Ping pondered for a long time before he raised his head. He then looked at his father with his bright eyes and softly said, “Father, can I really not cultivate…”

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the gradually dissipating rainbow. Deep within his eyes, he revealed a hint of sadness. He didn’t speak and only shook his head.

Wang Ping didn’t speak anymore but stared at where the middle-aged man disappeared.

After leaving Quilian peak, Wang Ping was completely silent. They walked on the main road into a town before taking a carriage toward the big city. Along the way, Wang Ping didn’t say a word.

Aside from the coachman, there was only Wang Lin and Wang Ping. Wang Lin looked outside, and in his eyes, the sadness became even stronger and there was a hint of unspeakable bitterness.

The carriage was completely quiet for a long time. Wang Ping lowered his head and whispered, “Father, I want to cultivate…” This was the second time he said he wanted to cultivate.

The first time was when ten years ago, that year he was seventeen years old.

Wang Lin didn’t withdraw his gaze as he kept looking outside and calmly said, “You are not suited for cultivation!”

Wang Ping looked at this father’s silhouette and unwillingly asked, “Father, why?”

Wang Lin turned his head. Like ten years ago, he didn’t speak, he only calmly looked at Wang Ping.

The sound of the wagon’s wheels rolling over things slowly came from the outside and replaced the passage of time. Finally, Wang Ping lowered his head and whispered, “I understand, Father.”

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