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Chapter 672 – The Karmatic Cycle, Seaking Life and Death

“Those are my conditions for protecting you!” Wang Lin’s words didn’t give the three any right to choose and his gaze withdrew from the three of them.

If the three of them agreed, then fine, but if not, then Wang Lin wouldn’t get into this mess.

The Ran family’s ancestor pondered for a moment. The danger of the Huan family was too big. If no one took charge of this matter, then his Ran family would face the danger of extinction.

He clenched his teeth and decisively said, “OK!” After that, the Ran family’s ancestor turned his head and stared at the middle-aged man that was inside the glacier.

Not only the Ran family’s ancestor, Sun Xi also looked at the middle-aged man with a mysterious light in his eyes.

The Ran family’s ancestor coldly said, “Brother Zaho, the three of us all attacked back then; do you intend to leave by yourself!?”

The middle-aged man pondered and shortly after he wryly smiled. “I agree.” After a while, he took out a bag of holding and took out some celestial jades before throwing it at Wang Lin. He then bitterly said, “My family isn’t that big, so we don’t have many celestial jades. I’ve been painstakingly saving up the celestial jades in that bag.”

The Ran family’s ancestor and Sun Xi also hand over the celestial jades. Celestial jades were precious consumables, so cultivators would often carry them around.

As for the items from the Huan family member, the three of them handed them over without any hesitation. To them, these things weren’t treasures but weights that had been making their hearts extremely heavy for the last four years.

After collecting these items, Wang Lin turned around and disappeared. He left only one sentence that lingered in the wind.

“If there is nothing important, don’t disturb me. If the Huan family appears, I will act myself.”

After Wang Lin left, the three of them all silently pondered. Sun Xi had other thoughts in his mind and was naturally the most relaxed one. He smiled as he clasped his hands. “Two fellow cultivators, I still have important matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.”

The middle-aged man also sighed and said, “I have to take a trip home to prepare for celestial jades if fellow cultivator Xu requires them.”

The two of them went north and south in rays of red light. The Ran family’s ancestor stood there by himself and silently pondered for a long time. Then he let out a deep breath as he looked into the distance and muttered, “Forget it. Going broke to avoid a disaster… The matter from four years ago will be shouldered by this Xu Mu. If he doesn’t die, then we will be fine. Although this person doesn’t look like someone who will break a promise, I still have to secretly prevent him from leaving planet Ran Yun.”

At this moment in the southern part of planet Thousand Illusion in the Huan family’s ancestral home, the Huan family’s head, Huan Fenshen, was respectfully standing next to an old man. This old man was rather skinny and was the same old man who had brought Liu Mei back from the Alliance Star System.

The old man’s voice was cold. “If he disappeared four years ago, why is it only being handled now?”

Huan Fenshen said, “Ancestor, that man was merely a member of a branch family, but his talent was good, so his cultivation reached the mid stage of Ascendant. This was how he got foreign duty. Ancestor, you know that our Huan family is too large. Aside from the direct disciples, it is impossible to keep track of all of them, even if they go missing.”

The ancestor frowned and asked, “There is no one with higher cultivation level?”

Huan Fenhen whispered, “Ancestor, the time you gave us was too short. If you give me another three months, then I can find a more qualified person. However, I am unable at the moment.”

The old man pondered for a moment decisively said, “Fine. I’ll give you three more months!”

Huan Fenshen raised his head and asked, “What about the family member that disappeared four years ago?”

“Since we know of this matter, send the guard assigned to Huan Mei to deal with it. Exterminate anyone involved! We have to show the might of the Huan family!”

Huan Fenshen nodded and left.

After leaving the room, there was hint of darkness in his eyes as he thought to himself, “The ancestor is really getting old. He is actually willing to perform the bloodline ritual for an outsider. He is even letting this Huan Mei go show off the might of the Huan family. Could it be that he wants her to lead the Huan family!?”

Three days later….

Liu Mei was inside her house. She looked outside at the sky and softly said, “Planet Ran Yun… Since Adopted Father asked me to deal with this matter by sending someone then…Huan Dong you go…”

“Yes!” A person suddenly appeared from Liu Mei’s shadow. He was about thirty years old and was very handsome. He appeared kneeling on one knee and looked up at Liu Mei’s back with fanaticism in his eyes.

Liu Mei turned around and softly said to the man, “Your cultivation has reached the peak of the mid stage of Ascendant, so there should be no problem. Although this matter is small, it will be my first time doing something at the Huan family. You must finish this as fast as possible. Do you understand, Huan Dong?”

“Lady, rest assured; Huan Dong will not disappoint your trust!” Huan Dong took a deep breath and the fanaticism in his eye increased. When he first saw this Liu Mei, he was shocked. He thought that she was someone from the heavens.

“The most powerful cultivator on planet Ran Yun is the Ran family’s ancestor. His cultivation level is the same as mine, mid stage of Ascendant. Even if you multiply his boldness by one hundred times, he won’t dare to resist. My trip this time will definitely not make Miss lose face.”

Liu Mei revealed an extremely beautiful smile. Huan Dong was startled by the smile and stayed frozen for a bit. The fanaticism in his eyes became even stronger, and there was even a hint of obsession.

After Wang Lin teleported, he arrived back in the Sun family’s city. He didn’t directly go back to the house but walked the streets, thinking about his domain comprehension. His life and death domain had already merged with his origin soul. His origin soul was his comprehension of his life and death domain.

“Above life and death could be karma… I’m unable to determine… The dao of karma is too big. When I reached the Ascendant stage, I gained enlightenment and created the underworld river. However… this is only death.”

Looking at the bustling city around him, Wang Lin frowned slightly.

“But where is the dao of life…”

While pondering, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He soon arrived in the northern part of the city. When he saw the youth sitting under the rock, he revealed a smile.

“This woman’s heart is very kind. There aren’t many cultivators like this in the cultivation world.”

The youth seemed to notice something and opened her eyes. When she saw Wang Lin, she was shocked and asked, “You… Didn’t you get captured?”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “He let me go after asking me some things.”

The youth gave Wang Lin a puzzled look and didn’t ask more. Everyone had their own secrets; if he didn’t want to speak, asking would be pointless.

“You better take your time to cultivate. I can see that your cultivation hasn’t changed at all since you were last here. Remember the things I told you last time.” The youth earnestly looked at Wang Lin and said, “Diligence can make up for lack of talent!”

Wang Lin nodded and smiled. “You work hard as well and strive to reach the Soul Formation stage.”

“Soul Formation…” The youth shook her head and said, “I heard from the elders in the family that the Soul Formation stage is different. No matter how diligent you are, if you can’t comprehend the heavens, then you can’t reach that half-god-like existence, a realm you can never truly reach.

“I’ll be very content with reaching the peak of the Nascent Soul stage in my life.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. The sun was currently behind him and its light was falling on his body. It seemed like this smile also contained some of the sunshine.

“If yeep your current mentality, you will be able to reach the Soul Formation stage.”

The youth clearly thought that he was comforting her and she smiled. “Fine. If I reach the Soul Formation stage, I’ll remember your enlightenment from today. Now, you better go back and cultivate.”

Wang Lin smiled and nodded his head. He walked through the entrance and disappeared.

The youth under the rock muttered to herself, “Can I really reach the Soul Formation stage…”

After returning to his room, Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position. His body was filled with celestial spiritual energy. Until his domain evolves, devouring more celestial spiritual energy would be useless.

After pondering for a while, he took out the stuff left behind by the Huan family member. All of the items were in one bag of holding. There were some clothes and trivial things.

What made Wang Lin’s eyes become serious, aside from the rank 8 pills, were two magical treasures, a piece of jade, and a token.

There wasn’t any divine sense left in the two magical treasures. In fact, there was a sliver of the resentful spirit of the Huan family member that died.

It was obvious that the Ran family’s ancestor and the middle-aged man who obtained them didn’t dare to leave their divine senses in them.

One of the treasures was a black comb with a total of nineteen teeth that gave off a bloody aura. The moment it appeared in Wang Lin’s hand, he could feel the ferocity coming from it.

“Attacking type pseudo celestial treasure! There is even a formation on it. The power of this treasure is not simple.” Wang Lin gently touched the teeth of the comb and then his gaze fell on the other treasure.

This was a pair of metal element flints. The two were completely red and they floated in Wang Lin’s palm. He could feel the burning heat coming from them.

“This…” Staring at the flints Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Then he grabbed one of them and rubbed them against each other. A spark appeared and a wave of heat suddenly spread out.

“A naturally formed magical treasure!” Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air and his mind focused on the flint.

Most treasures were refined by cultivators, but there were some that formed naturally. However, there were very few of these treasures, even less than inheritance treasures.

Wang Lin knew this from the ancient god’s memory. However, to the ancient god, this wasn’t considered a treasure, only a material for refining treasures.

Flint was one of the naturally formed refining materials. It was originally metal element, but due to its toughness, it contained some mysterious ability, so when two were rubbed together they would create sparks.

These flints weren’t like the things mortals used to start fires; they actually started a type of golden fire that was somewhat similar to the Yang fire used by the Sky Demon Country’s chief stewart It could be used as a magical treasure instead of a refining material and its power was no weak.

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