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Chapter 638 – Dead Heart

“The sword spirit’s seal…” Ling Tianhou’s eyes had a profound gaze.

“The place I sealed that sword spirit was extremely well hidden; how could it have been discovered? However, as long as the sword spirit wishes to die, then the seal will never be broken.” Ling Tianhou pondered for a moment before closing his eyes.

In the Tide Abyss where Zhou Yi was sealed, Wang Lin’s clothes were being swept back by a violent wind and were flapping in the wind. With his hair floating in the air, he was forced back several steps, then his eyes became cold.

The attack earlier destroyed the third divine sense left by Ling Tianhou. However, the price was great. The thunder beast had shattered and the pieces had to returned to the God Slaying War Chariot.

An opening was made in Ling Tianhou’s divine sense, but it quickly began to close and was about to disappear.

The blood inside Wang Lin’s body surged and many of his meridians were blocked. The celestial spiritual energy was no longer flowing smoothly though his body, but he didn’t immediately adjust his condition. Instead, he took a step and charged like a meteor through the gap in Ling Tianhou’s divine sense.

This time Wang Lin used his full speed, and there was a thunderous rumble as a result!

The gap wasn’t as narrow as he had imagined, so he charged directly into the depths of the gap, and here he could faintly feel Zhou Yi’s aura!

“Trespasser, die!” Ling Tianhou’s divine sense appeared once more. This time the divine sense sent a tyrannical message that directly entered Wang Lin’s ears. This voice shook him so much that he was involuntarily pushed back.

Cracking sounds came from the entire crack in the cliff due to this divine sense, and countless small cracks appeared on the cliff wall.

Wang Lin’s origin soul weakened after being shaken by this divine sense. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face immediately paled.

“This Ling Tianhou is too powerful!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. If just the divine sense left behind to seal Zhou Yi was already this powerful, how strong would he be if he arrived personally…

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and a crystal clear brush appeared in his hand. Holding the celestial brush, his hand quickly moved before his body and a golden symbol appeared.

The moment this symbol appeared, it immediately lit up the pitch black gap.

Without any hesitation, Wang Lin once again drew. One stroke, two strokes, three strokes, four strokes… without a single pause, he drew seven strokes!

This was the first time Wang Lin had drawn more than one stroke with the brush. Although he drew more than 10 symbols earlier when dealing with the bugs, they were all the most simple one-stroke symbols.

With each stroke, Wang Lin could feel that a part of his origin soul had entered the symbol. The seven-stroke symbol contained seven portions of his origin soul.

Seven strokes was Wang Lin’s limit. When he refined the brush back in the Soul Refining Tribe, he tested it out. He couldn’t draw the eighth stroke because his origin soul couldn’t split into nine parts!

There was a copy in his body, and there was one copy in each of the seven symbols. Unless he gave up his body and had all of his origin soul merged with the symbols, he wouldn’t be able to draw the eighth stroke!

At the moment he drew the seventh stroke, all of the celestial spiritual energy charged out of his body like runaway horses and surged into the seven-stroke symbol.

The seven strokes fused into one and became a circular symbol. This symbol looked extremely strong as if it contained the universe. It appeared as if the sun had descended from the sky and fell in the gap. Not only were the rays of golden light dazzling, they even hurt the soul.

The celestial symbol that was created with the celestial brush using celestial spiritual energy was considered a complete celestial spell! Its light pierced through the cliff of the Tide Abyss like a sword.

At this moment, if one were to look from the outside, they would be able to clearly see the golden light coming out from the crack. This golden light continued to spread and soon lit up the Water Demon Country Tide Abyss entrance that hadn’t been lit up in countless years.

The seven-stroke symbol contained seven portions of Wang Lin’s origin soul, allowing him to control it like it was his own body. He drifted it directly toward the depths of the crack.

Ling Tianhou’s divine sense began to show signs of disappearing after being pierced by the golden light. However, it immediately stopped dissipating and Ling Tianhou’s divine sense let out a roar before charging out. This time the divine sense took the appearance of Ling Tianhou!

A Ling Tianhou wearing a daoist robe with a tyrannical gaze on his face closed in step by step. He then became blurry until he turned into a ray of sword energy and charged directly at the symbol.

When the symbol and sword energy collided, violent shockwaves spread like crazy. The intense rumbling caused countless cracks to collapse. The shockwave was so powerful that it even caused many places in the Water Demon Country to shake and shocked countless people of the Demon Spirit Land.

Wang Lin’s expression was extremely pale and he coughed out six mouthfuls of blood. The blood contained celestial spiritual energy, and when it landed on the ground, it created six deep marks.

The symbol shattered and six of the seven divine senses shattered. The last one returned to Wang Lin’s body before the symbol collapsed.

As for the sword energy created from Ling Tianhou’s divine sense, it had dimmed, but its sharpness had not decreased. However, the symbol that collapsed was, after all, a real celestial spell. Although the symbol had collapsed, countless golden specks had surrounded the sword and formed a golden cage.

Although it couldn’t trap the sword energy for long, it could still trap it for a moment!

Damage to the origin soul was considered a great injury for cultivators!

Wang Lin’s eyes were completely red, and the heart of slaughter appeared. Since he had already arrived at this point, there was no backing out. He leaped over the trapped sword energy and charged directly toward the depths of the crack!

He closed in with just one step!

There was a purple spirit body hanging before him. This spirit body was Zhou Yi!

Zhou Yi’s eyes were closed, and his face was filled with confusion. Aside from the area between his eyebrows, his entire body was covered in purple. This purple seemed to be alive, as it continuously squirmed. The purple on Zhou Yi’s face was like a bunch of silk threads that seemed like they were trying to devour the golden light from between his eyebrows.

There was a 30 foot formation on the ground under Zhou Yi. Strands of purple gas were coming out from the formation and entering Zhou Yi’s body.

There were four treasured swords stabbed into the ground at the four corners of the formation. The light the four treasured swords emitted slowly fused with the ground.

At the same time, there were fist-sized balls of light on three of the four swords. The balls of light gave off the aura of a powerful divine sense.

“Senior Zhou Yi…” It had been many years since Wang Lin had seen Zhou Yi. However, at this moment, Zhou Yi was surrounded by this purple gas. If that golden light between Zhou Yi’s eyebrows was devoured by the purple gas, then Zhou Yi would forever belong to Ling Tianhou with no chance of awakening.

The formation that was sealing and refining Zhou Yi was something that Ling Tianhou made personally. He called it the Celestial Refining Demon Transformation Formation. This formation was very powerful, but the main focus was on the four swords on the ground!

Ling Tianhou once refined four small worlds into four origin soul swords. These four swords were a projection of those four origin soul swords. In order to increase their power, Ling Tianhou left four divine senses above the swords, making the formation even more powerful.

As for the purple gas, it was a demonic aura! It came from the Water Demon Country’s remnant ancient demon soul!

The reason why Ling Tianhou secretly came all those years ago to seal Zhou Yi here was because he had some dealings with the ancient demon in the Water Demon Country; they had a good relationship.

The location of this crack was in a hidden vein. This vein was hidden underground and was directly connected to the capital of the Water Demon country. This allowed the ancient demon to send demonic energy through the hidden vein at any time. The demonic spiritual energy would then be absorbed by the formation. Then the formation would convert it into the celestial refining seal and slowly invade Zhou Yi’s spirit.

Ling Tianhou and the ancient demon of the Water Demon Country had made a deal. This deal was considered complete after Ling Tianhou sealed Zhou Yi here.

Each of the ancient demon remnant souls in the nine countries had their own plans. The ancient demon of the Water Demon Country was looking for a spirit body that could withstand his own demonic spiritual energy. This process was very slow but also very stable.

As long as the golden light between Zhou Yi’s eyebrows was devoured, he would become the Water Demon Country’s ancient demon’s body!

Ling Tianhou didn’t plan this ahead of time, but he was constantly chased by Zhou Yi after leaving the Celestial Realm. Zhou Yi was forcibly made the celestial sword’s spirit by the white-robed woman and had gained powerful spells. In addition to that, Ling Tianhou had already suffered injuries from the white-robed woman after they fought several times, so Ling Tianhous was in an extremely embarrassing state.

In Ling Tianhou’s view, this sword spirit wanted to die and even use the limited life sword energy of the celestial sword like crazy. It has to be said that the Rain Celestial Sword was the number one treasure of the Rain Celestial Realm. Although he obtained one, he didn’t dare to take it out before Zhou Yi. He knew that the moment he took it out, it would be controlled by Zhou Yi.

Although Ling Tianhou was powerful, he was injured by the celestial print. This print was simply too powerful, and its prestige was even greater. Ling Tianhou concluded that this celestial spell was definitely not something a mere celestial general could use. This celestial spell was definitely a high quality celestial spell and was something only the Celestial Emperor could use!

One finger was able to injure him. Then, adding the fact that Zhou Yi had attacked without any regard to his own life and the constant use of the Rain Celestial Sword’s life sword energy, Ling Tianhou was forced into such an embarrassing state.

However, there was no doubt about Ling Tianou’s power. After all, he was only in an embarrassing state temporarily. Then he lured Zhou Yi to the Demon Spirit Land and sealed him there, completing his agreement with the ancient demon in the Water Demon Country.

This way it was two birds with one stone. However, Ling Tianhou didn’t expect that hundreds of years later, Wang Lin would appear and change everything.

Inside the crack, Wang Lin looked at Zhou Yi, who was sealed within the formation. Zhou Yi’s body gave off a thick death aura. Back when Ting Er disappeared, his heart had already died!

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