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Chapter 612 – Second Origin Soul

In the Dragon Lake outside of Sky Demon City!

There was a large number of demons soldiers guarding the Dragon Lake year-round. There were also many hidden experts of the capital that spent their time cultivating here. No matter how big of an event happened, unless it was targeting the Dragon Lake, they wouldn’t appear.

Thanks to the powerful demonic spiritual energy here, even the divine retribution ten years ago didn’t cause any damage here.

The water in the Dragon Lake was filled with demonic spiritual energy. There was another world at the bottom of the lake. A screen of demonic spiritual energy blocked the path to the underground cave.

There was a statue in the underground cave. This statue was completely black and looked exactly like the Ancient Demon.

Right now there was a demonic glow coming from the statue’s eyes.

There was another pond below the statue. This pond didn’t have much liquid, but the liquid had become very sticky. Wang Lin was currently sitting in the lotus position inside this pond. He was still wearing the armor, but his eyes were closed.

The large man that looked like Ling Tianhou was sitting in front of Wang Lin. He was completely encased in a purple crystal, and the erosion on his body was slowly healing.

Strands of demonic light came out from the statue and entered Wang Lin’s body. Every time the demonic light entered Wang Lin’s body, he trembled.

The devil inside his origin soul had already been suppressed with the help of the Ancient Demon.
The devil was currently in a coma, but Wang Lin’s goal wasn’t just to suppress but to devour!

He was going to devour this scattered devil to help improve his own cultivation!

However, this scattered devil was simply too large and was not something he could easily devour. Wang Lin had been sitting in this pool for several months as he slowly devoured the devil, but he still hadn’t managed to completely devour it.

Although this was the case Wang Lin continued to create countless restrictions and placed them on the devil. After these few months, countless restrictions had been placed on the devil.

Also, with the help of the Ancient Demon, Wang Lin was able to leave an imprint in the scattered devil’s soul. However, the scattered devil was simply too powerful, so the imprint was very weak. Only with the passage of time could Wang Lin continue to carve the imprint on the devil until he could completely control it!

On this day Wang Lin opened his eyes. There was a flash of devilish light in his eyes.

“I’m unable to devour this devil with my current cultivation. I can only continue to engrave the imprint on the devil’s soul and one day I’ll eventually be able to control it. When that time comes, rather than devouring this devil, another option is to refine it into my second origin soul!”

The second origin soul is a unique spell that cultivators can use once they reach the Ascendant stage. However, this is not a spell that everyone can successfully use. The main reason is the embryo used for the second origin soul!

The strength of the embryo determines the success rate of the creation of a second origin soul. Once a cultivator fails to create a second origin soul, they are hit with a powerful backlash!

Also, a second origin soul causes the cultivator to suffer heavy losses, which is why most Ascendant cultivators choose not to refine a second origin soul. None of the Ascendant cultivators Wang Lin had met so far had a second origin soul, and very few of the cultivators above Ascendant that he had met had one.

Wang Lin thought, “This is one of the scattered devils of an ancient devil. There is almost no other embryo more fitting for creating a second origin soul. I’m 100% confident I can successfully create a second origin soul with this!”

“Right now my origin soul and body have completely merged, solidifying my Ascendant cultivation. Now that there is no longer any danger, there are some things I must immediately do! I must obtain the remaining pieces of sword energy Ling Tianhou made. It is simply a waste for them to be in the hands of his trash disciples!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stood up inside the pond.

The armor on his body made him look like a demon general, and paired with his long, flowing black hair, it gave him a demonic feel.

After touching the armor, there was a trace of excitement in Wang Lin’s eyes. This set of armor was very powerful! There was a thick layer of devilish energy coming out from the armor. However, it was a pity that Wang Lin couldn’t absorb it.

“Although this is the case, if I use the Demonic Finger with this armor, then I’m afraid it will be even more powerful than my Underworld River! My cultivation level isn’t high enough to make this armor acknowledge me as its master, so I can only use some of its abilities. However, once I refine the scattered devil into my second origin soul, I will be able to use the full power of this armor!” Wang Lin touched the armor before taking out a bracelet from his bag of holding.

The moment this bracelet appeared, it turned into a ray of black light that wrapped around Wang Lin’s arm and took form.

“Are you going to leave…” The Ancient Demon’s voice came from the statue.

Wang Lin turned around. He clasped his hands at the statue and said, “Senior Ancient Demon has helped me three times now. I will remember this in my heart! This time I’m going to fulfill the agreement from before! However, before this, there are a few matters I need to take care of, and I require Senior Ancient Demon’s help.”

The Ancient Demon pondered a bit before slowly asking, “What matters?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before slapping his bag of holding. He took out the pagoda Zhou Yi gave him back then.

“I want to find a sword spirit. This tower has his divine sense. I request Senior Ancient Demon’s help to find it.”

The Ancient Demon spread out his divine sense and said, “There is no presence of this sword spirit in my Sky Demon Country. As for other places, I have no idea. The Demon Spirit Land is simply too big for me to search. If you can help me take one of the Ancient Demons, I will be able to cast a wide range search spell after I absorb it. Right now it is impossible for me to do it with my current strength. If you have an ancient devil tower, you can spread out your divine sense as well.”

Wang Lin withdrew the pagoda and nodded. Then he pointed at the large man surrounded by purple crystal and said, “I want this person!”

The Ancient Demon pondered for much longer this time and then said, “I’ll give him to you, but you must retrieve an ancient demon for me within 100 years!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he nodded. “I want to enter the Ancient Demon inheritance and comprehend that mysterious realm! Using it to refine my spells!”

“This matter isn’t difficult, but I have already helped you many times and fulfilled my promise to you. You, on the other hand, haven’t done anything yet, so we can talk about this once you have retrieved an ancient demon!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “Fine, but it will be difficult for me to do this with just one person.”

“From today onward, you are my messenger. Your identity is now above the Demon Emperor’s. My Sky Demon Country will officially begin war with the Fire Demon Country as a way to help you. Once you have reached the demonic spring in the capital of the Fire Demon Country, don’t forget the chant I gave you!”

Wang Lin clasped his hands and reached toward the large man surrounded by purple crystals. He then took a step and directly left the Dragon Lake. In an instant he disappeared without a trace.

The reason he asked the Ancient Demon to look for Zhou Yi and allow him to go into the inheritance was because the Ancient Demon had already done a lot for him. If he were to act like he had no more wishes to fulfill, the Ancient Demon might suspect his sincerity.

These two requests were indeed things he wanted the Ancient Demon to help with and were not just things he had used to stall the Ancient Demon. This way, the Ancient Demon would have more patience!

Wang Lin appeared from the void 5,000 kilometers from Sky Demon City. He looked at the crystal in his hand before putting it inside his bag of holding.

“This person must have some relation with Sword Saint Ling Tianhou. There might be some use for him in the future!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a pondering expression. He then stepped out once more and used the greater teleportation spell.

Wang Lin continued to teleport. His target was where Zi Shu died. He was unwilling to give it up so easily, so he had to check. After all, Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was simply too precious!

The greater teleportation spell was a powerful spell. After casting it several times, Wang Lin entered the Fire Demon Country.

Zi Shu had died in a jungle, and most of the plants here had withered. There was debris and rotting corpses all over the place. After all, it had already been several months.

However, Zi Shu’s corpse was still here!

There was a faint, golden glow coming from his corpse, and there were countless animals and birds around him. At first they came here to feast on the corpses, but as soon as they came close to Zi Shu’s corpse, they instantly died.

On this day, a ray of blue light came from the distance. It was a middle-aged man who wore a blue robe. After he spread out his divine sense, he found Zi Shu’s corpse on the ground. Then he immediately descended and arrived 100 feet from Zi Shu’s corpse.

“This is the place. Just as I expected, this person must have a treasure on his body, or else there would be no way for this kind of sword energy to be released!” The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with joy as he stared at Zi Shu’s corpse.

Zi Shu died at a very remote location. Unless one looked carefully, it would be very difficult to find this corpse. This middle-aged man’s cultivation method allowed him to take over birds and beasts. Although his divine sense wasn’t powerful, when he was cultivating, the bird he possessed found this corpse.

This person was startled and immediately noticed that something was off, so he quickly came looking for the corpse.

He looked at Zi Shu’s body and took a deep breath. Then he slapped his bag of holding and a large number of black beetles came out. They immediately flew toward the corpse.

However, when these black beetle came within 100 feet of the corpse, the body immediately emitted bursts of golden light. After the flashes of golden light, all of the black beetles were exterminated.

The middle-aged man wasn’t shocked and in fact was happy. He looked at Zi Shu’s body and muttered, “There must be a treasure here!” He took a deep breath, but just as he was about to continue casting spells, a cold snort came from behind him.

The man was shocked. He suddenly jerked around and waved his right hand. A large number of black clouds flew out from his sleeves. These clouds were actually countless rice-sized insects. Then the black cloud pounced at the person behind him.

Using this opportunity, the man backed up a few steps and took a look, but then he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

There was a person wearing black armor standing there, and he was surrounded by waves of monstrous devilish energy. Those insects that he threw out immediately died after getting close to this person.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed and he took a few steps back. Then he clasped his hands and asked, “Why is this friend preventing me from retrieving my junior apprentice brother’s body?”

“Your junior apprentice brother?” The person in armor was Wang Lin. After he arrived via teleportation, he saw this person filled with joy while looking at Zi Shu’s body.

“Of course he is my junior apprentice brother. We are disciples of the He Yun Sect. This person is called Zhou Qu, and my name is Tong Yun. The two of us came to the Demon Spirit Land together. One month ago Junior Apprentice Brother Zhou and I separated. I didn’t think that he would be killed! If it wasn’t for the fact that Junior Apprentice Brother carried a tracking object from the sect that releases a golden glow, I would not have been able to find him today.“ Tong Yun had a sad expression, and his demeanor revealed sadness.

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